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Presentation to Canon and…

Conway Board of Guardians.


Conway Board of Guardians. At the Conway Board of Guardians' meeting on September 21st, the Chairman (Rev W. Venables- Williams) presided, and there were also present County-Councillors John Davies and John Porter (Vice-Chairmen); Mr Morris Jones, J. P., ei -ovicio; County-Alderman Edward Jones, and Messrs A. Borthwick, R. Lloyd Jones, J. Cutts, David Jones, John Roberts, and W. F. Jones, and the Clerk (Mr T. E. Parry). THE PARISH COUNCILS ACT. It was announced that the number of Parish Councillors for Denbighshire rural parishes would be as follows:—Llanelian, seven; and Llansant- ffraid-glan-Con way, seven. A resolution was passed desiring the Carnarvon- shire County Council to defer, until March 31st, 1895, the operation of the section of the Local Government Act referring to highways. THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HOUSE. Mr Bircham, Local Government Board Inspector, reported having visited the Workhouse. The beds and rooms generally were in good order, and he heard no complaints from any of the inmates. He had no complaints to make, but would suggest to the Guardians the advisability of appointing a trainer to look after the girls and infants especially. Such an officer would be a great aid to the matron generally, and, if she took a mixed class of boys and girls out of school hours, and taught sewing and other useful instruc- tion, her salary could be repaid two-thirds to the Guardians upon a favourable report.—In a sup- plementary report. Mr Bircham recommended instead of a trainer the appointment of a trained nurse, with reference to which he should com- municate with the Local Government Board. He considered the House under-officered. The Chairman said they had 50 children in the House, upwards of 40 of whom went to School. Mr J. Roberts said that a trained nurse would be a costly officer. It was decided to defer action until an official communication had been received from the Local Government Board, in the meantime the Clerk to get information as to whether in the case of the appointment of a trained nurse, the Guardians could recover two-thirds ot the salary. The Rev E. Roberts, Deganwy, and the ReV Barrow Williams, Llandudno, wrote in eulogistic terms of the management of the workhouse. FINANCE. The Board's balance-in-hand was reported to be j £ 8oo. Mr Robert Rowlands, Manager of the National Provincial Bank, Conway, was appointed Treas- urer in succession to Mr Hugh Owen, who IS becoming Manager of the Bank's Bala Branch. THE HALF-YEARLY CONTRACTS. The Board proceeded to consider the tenders received for the supply of the groceries, meat, &C-t needed during the ensuing six months. The Chairman, who had to leave to catch his train, in- stalled the Senior Vice-Chairman for the remainder of the meeting. THE MEAT CONTRACT. For butchers meat, &c., three tenders had beert received, namely, from Messrs Roberts Brothers, 1, Queen's Buildings, Llandudno; Messrs Johill Jones and Sons, Central Buildings, Llandudno; and Mr Thomas Foulkes, Conway. The Board accepted the tender of Mr Foulkes, which was as follows: -Beef, 4d per lb; roasting beef, 6d; mutton, 6d; beef and mutton suet (half and half). 4d; beef suet, 4d; leg and shin bone, free. The other tenders were as under:- Messrs John Jones and Son, Llcindiedno. -Beef, 3t; roasting beef, 8d; mutton 8d beet and mutton suet.si; beef suet, 3td; leg and shin bone free. Messrs Roberts Brothers, Llandudno.— Beef, 4d and nine-sixteenths of a penny per lb; roasting beef, 6d; mutton, 6xd; mutton suet, zJ,d: beef suet, 4d; leg and shin bone, free. -.c BREAD AND GROCERIES. For the supply of bread and groceries, five tenders had been received, the tenderers being Mr Maurice Roberts, Conway; Messrs TetleY Sons & Layton, 3 Mincing Lane, London; Mr Hugh Hughes, Ivy Buildings, Colwyn Bay; Messrs E. P. Jones, Son and Co., Conway; and Mr Stephen Dunphy, Llandudno. The prices quoted were as under, the quotations being per pound unless otherwise stated:— Mr Maurice Robe,-ts.- Bread, id, also at seven- eighth of a penny (two samples) Hour (per 240 lbs), 205; oatmeal (per 240 lbs), 23s 6d; cheese, Sid; best hard yellow soap, 2±d; tallow candles, 4d; salt butter, is and IIA; tea, is 4^d and is 6§dj sugar, 2d; coffee, is 3^1 and is 6^d; rice, if and 2 2 rid; treacle, id; split peas (per pint), Id. Messrs Tetley Sons and Layton.-Tea, is Id; Coffee, is 3; sugar, 2d; rice, ifd. 2 Mr Stephen Dunphy.— Bread, thirteen-si*' teenths of a penny per lb; flour, ditto; oatmeal* 1 id; cheese, 6d; best hard yellow soap, 2t; 4 2 tallow candles, 3d; salt butter, iod; tea, is Sd, and is 2d; sugar, 11; coffee, is 6d rice, Ii, and 2d; treacle, id; split peas (per pint), ii. Messrs E. P. Jones, Son, and Co.-Bread, id, flour, (per 240 lbs), 205 6d; oatmeal, (per 240 lbs). 23s 6d; cheese, 6d; best hard yellow soap, 2d; tallow candles, 3|d; salt butter, "1 ifd tea, is 2d, and is 4d; sugar, if; coffee, is 4d; rice, igd and lid; treacle, id; split peas (per pint), id. Mr Hugh Hughes, Colwyn Bay.-Bread, seven- eighth of a penny per lb; flour (per 240 lbs), 23s' oatmeal (per 240 lbs), 23s; cheese, and 5d; best hard yellow soap, 2^; tallow candles, 4d;salt butter, is £ d, and is id; tea, is 3d and is 5 £ d> 2 sugar, 2d; coffee, is 6d and is Sd; rice, 2d, and ii; treacle, id sp:it pes (per pint), Il, After the samples and prices had been com- pared at some length, the Board accepted E. P. Jones's tender for the supply of bread and all the articles named other than flour, oatmea'» cheese, and salt butter, for which four items gr Maurice Roberts's tender was accepted, in every alternative instance at the lowest price quoted. COFFINS. The Board accepted the only tender for the ? supply of coffins, that of Mr Robert Jones, joillort Chapel-street, Conway, at 16s. Chapel-street, Conway, at 16s. -fl MILK. « The Board accepted the only tender (that ft Councillor Tosdevine, Conway) for the supply 0 milk, the prices quoted per quart being :-Sweet milk, 3^d; butter milk, fd. 2 COAL. For the supply of coal two tenders were receive4'' that of Mr Maurice Roberts, Conway, being accepted, at the following quotations per ton Wigan coal, 155 3d best North Wales, 13s 9d. be The other tender was unsigned, and quotations were as follow:—Wigan Pembeft0 coal, 16s Welsh main coal, 14s "]d stack IOS.