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THE COLWYN BAY LOCAL BOARD AND THE BOATS. SIR. -In your issue of the 14th, I notice that the Colwyn Bay Local Board has decided to engage a qualified person to interest himself in the safety of pleasure-seekers in boats on the water, for the sum of 30/. This I consider a step in the right direction, and not a moment too soon. The duties of this appointed gentleman I gather are to be, that he appoints men qualified to take charge of pleasure-boats (open or decked, I presume) and also certifies boats of different dimensions to carry passengers according to their various sizes. May I ask, Mr Editor, how much work does the above Local Board expect to get done by this imporant officer, for the sum of 30/. Surely the inspection of men and boats, with the safety of the public in view, ought to be of more value than 30/. The disasters at Barmouth and Morecambe this sum- mer, ought to stimulate our Commissioners and Local Boards to look well after the inspection of men and boats who are hired by the public for their pleasure. And what, may I ask, are the qualifications of a licensed boatman to be? If it is simply paying a few shillings per year, for the renewal of a license, by any one who may chance to have a boat, I think the Local Board would serve the public much better by investing their 30/ in some more profitable outlay. And with regard to the boats, what rule is used when measuring the carrying capacity of such boats; for it was stated at the inquest held after the Barmouth dis- aster, that the boatman said his boat was certified to carry ten, whereas she capsized with nine. Probably the Committee appointed by the Colwyn Bay Local Board, whose duty it is to look after the beach boats, etc., can give a definite reply to my simple (but very important) questions for the benefit of residents and the visiting public.- Yours etc., T. E.


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