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Correspondence. [In no case are we responsible for the opinions expressed in this column.] To the Editor. THE PARISH COUNCILS ACT. SIR, -In your paper of September 14th, inst., you had some interesting reading on the Parish Councils Act, by our worthy townsman Mr J. Biud, and a Colwyn Bay old Rydalian (Mr VV. Allen, M. P.) who has proved himself a consistent promising Radical statesman. It seems to me that you gave us them out in the nick of time, and none too soon, and I hope that Colwyn Bay and district have read them, and will benefit by Mr Allen's advice to the Cheadle electors, that is, that they must heckle their candidates when they come forward, trusting we will do the same; we have had too much of buying cats in bags, the time has come that we must get to know what they intend to do for the place if returned, and, if we cannot get plain statements from them, I hope every elector will consider such candidates unworthy of our votes. I believe many like myself have made their minds up that we must scatter the present Colwyn Bay District Local Board. Now we have the oppor- tunity with other parts of the country, we never had before, we have got the Monopolists on the level of the rest of the electors, with the protection of the ballot-box, so we ought to be careful of what we do at this next election, because it will be our own faults if we return men to the District Board and Board of Guardians to watch their own interest again in the future, as they have done in the past, instead of the interest of the whole Dis- trict. We ratepayers have very important ques- tions that will have to be grappled with very soon, and I think the ballot-box is the place to settle them, such a question as the cemetery for this district, which is a question that has been before the Local Board for nearly two years, and cannot be put one side and delayed much longer; I, a ratepayer, some 18 months back through your paper protested, and I am still of that opinion, that is, against buying land for a burial ground with the rates, toward or in connection with either Established Church or any other Church or Chapel, without it being all and entirely in the hands of the future District Council. I am certain that the Bishop of St Asaph will not improve my body or soul nor the ground that I am to be buried in. We have several other questions that we ought to open our eyes to. We have here monopolists that are costing the ratepayers scores of pounds every year; at present they are powerfully represented on the Board. I trust that every elector will be alive to his duly and to the benefit of the whole district and not (as hitherto) to a vacillating policy towards the well-to-do, and degrading the poor and helpless though they stood in the rate-book superior to even some members of the Board itself. Glyndwr, WILLIAM DAVIES Colwyn Bay.



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