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School Life at Colwyn Bay.


School Life at Colwyn Bay. The following, taken from The Children's Hour column of the Manchester Weekly Times (Sept. 14th, 1894), is of local interest :— FROM AN OLD FRIEND. I am always especially glad to hear from those who in past years were interested in my columns. It is nearly nine years since Aunt Mary, Laugha- way, and I began to gather the young folks about us, so that many who were children when we be- came acquainted with them are now grown men and women and to learn that these still remember us, and find pleasure in the Children's Hour, is highly gratifying. For this reason, among others, we were charmed to see the appended communi- cation, and Aunt Mary and Laughaway join with me in heartily congratulating Hilda and Oscar on the success they have attained. L-ope isar.k, Roiton-le-Moors, September. Dear Uncle Oldman,-Although I am one of your old members, I still take an interest in your G. G., and feel I should like occasionally lo write to you if by so doing I shall not trouble or hinder w you. I have left school now, and hope to compete for your Christmas prizes if, as formerly, yo,J offer such for those who are too old to do so re- gularly. Hilda returns to school on Tuesday, Oscar on Monday, though his is only a day school. Hilda, I think, is having another year at Colwyn Bay. For the last two years she has passed the College of Preceptors' examination, and next year we expect will enter for the Senior Oxford. These holidays she also came home with two prizes—the drilling and mathematics. She had the drilling last year, too. Oscar has also two prizes-the drawing and shorthand, and a certifi- cate for reading. They are all to be presented next term. Hilda's at school, where the" head will invite a number of friends, the minister of the chapel we attend to present them, and attogetfic" they are delightful afternoons, when, between times, the different girls play, sing, &c. I wish I could be there to clap. Oscar goes to the Church Institute, and there, too, the prizes are given annually, and as at Pen-Rhos, at the end of every summer term, but are presented in Novem- ber at the town hall, where the mayor presents them, and the place is always thoroughly crowded, though you can only go by tickets," which, of course, the boys get for their relatives and friends. I shall be there this year, I am glad to say, as it is a splendid sight to see. Sometimes 100 or evert more go up one by one for their valuable prizes. When it is over I will write and tell you all about it, and what Oscar's were. You see. thev both came home laden with honours. The annuat Lancashire agricultural show has this year been held in Bolton. It was open for the first three days of our holidays. We went on the first tor the whole day it was splendid. Mother, Hilda, and I had tickets for the horse jumping, while father and Oscar studied the machines. 1 Earl of Derby gave a splendid silver cup for the best cart horse, and the Countess presented it- There was almost everything you could think Of, from horses to vegetables and grasses. I fell 11 love with a go-it the carriages and carriage horses were magnificent and we all enjoyed the day very much. One Monday we went to Ent- wi^tle, a lovely little country place a few rniles from heie. We walked round the reservoir, which is a lai ge one, and there close to the waters edge was a hedegog, dead, but quite flexible. Poor little thing Perhaps if we had been a felv minutes earlier we might have saved it. Next we went into the glen, where we had our buns, &c.» and from there right on to the moors. Oh, hoW lovely Nothing but mounds covered with almost full blown heather, for miles around; you cart imagine how nice the colour was. It was wild' rugged, lonely, and a beautiful stillness lay over all and it was here that we made our longest rest. Father found a t'iny spray of white heathr in full bloom, which, of course, we all treasure- On fine days we sometimes go on to the moof* here for the d?iy, and take our books. Oscar and I are anticipating going next Wednesday he has a half-holiday on Wednesday. You see, we have to content ourselves with half days during term. Oscar is very fond of natural history, is now taking in Warne's Natural History. He has one volume bound all the numbers of tlle second are not out. Have you read Westwa Ho ? I have just begun it, and like it immensely so far. We read very few novels, as father di" approves of novel reading. With love to Ann Mary, Laughaway, and Runible-gt-umble.-Yo"f loving old member. FLORENCE WHITTAKER-

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