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D. ALLEN & SONS, aMnet Makers, Upholsterers, Undertakers, &c., 6 & 7, STATION RD., COLWYN BAY. ing room and Drawing room Suites, from £6 15s. foom Suites (including Wardrobe), from £5 os. ^Peciai Carpets and Rugs. Linoleums and Mats. Bedsteads and Bedding. i I attention is paid to the Upholstery and Bedding- Department. Old Furniture Re- p upholstered and Re-polished equal to new at the most reasonable prices. £ a, ^TIMATES GIVEN. FURNITURE CAREFULLY REMOVED BY ROAD OR RAIL. iVy street. ,Es-tablished. S73. PATRONISED BY THE NOBILITY. J" o ii isr j" oasr'E s j GRIMSBY HOUSE Hom Opposite St. Paul's Church, vvii II III Dill, e-cured Hams and Bacon, and Genuine Pork Sausages always on hand. Corned Beef. Pickled Tongues. ICEST QUALITY OF MEAT ONLY SUPPLIED. r'f! I 5'" '_<£=;;= Conway Castle and Bridges. JONES & SON, R.P.O., A.G.F., Plumbers, Gas Fitters, &c., Sanitary and Hot Water Engineers, Ironmongers, MELBOURNE HOUSE, CASTLE STREET, CONWAY. Electric Bellhangers and Telephones. Registered Plumbers. COLWYN BAY & CONWAY. "The Millinery & Dressmaking" AT Kugli BRITANNIA HOUSE, COLWYN BAY, (Mi* Can. be relied upon. "Style," "Fit," and "Economy" combined. Special attention given to Wedding and Mourning Orders. — *57 ONE OF THE FINEST SELECTION OF VIEWS SC IN NORTH WALES, Opals, Medallions, Opalines, Plush Mounted Porcelain, &c., FROM THE BEST PHOTO PUBLISHERS. tylJlTl? ^NCY GOODS: -• ■ WWD WITH VIEWS, SHELL GOODS, PHOTO FRAMES, WORK BASKETS AND BOXES, GLOVE & HANDKERCHIEF BOXES, GAMES, Piep Machie Trays, &c., &c. STATIONERY s PLAIN, PERFUMED, AND FANCY NOTE, 3è1." Soxes. ARTISTS' MATERIALS: PAINTS, SKETCH BLOCKS & BOOKS. Please Note the Address:— R E. JONES & BROS., "WEEKLY NEWS & VISITORS' CHRONICLE" OFFICE, I CENTRAL LIBRARY, 8, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY, AND ROSE HILL STREET, CONWAY. 't t CIRCULATING LIBRARY. BOOKS: A well selected Stock. Prices ranging from 4d. upwards. BIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, CHURCH SERVICES, HYMN BOOKS. LEATHER GOODS: Purses, Albums, Writing Desks and Cases, Ladies' and Gents' Dressing Cases, Wallets, Jewel Boxes & Cases, Ladies' Companions, Hand Bags, &c. Ivory Porcelain Ware, Linthorpe Ware, Terra Cotta and Japanese Ware. =4'=:=;¡:=:Z:=:===,