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DIRECTORY AND LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in this List, but Residents and Visitors can greatly assist us in this matter by sending direct to our Offices (8, Station Road, Colwyn Bay, and Rose Hill Street, Conway), as early as possible, any Arrivals, Removals, Departures, or Altera- tions desired, for which no charge is made. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, Proprietor). Miss Wolff and maid, London Mr and Mrs Enthoven and maid, Harrow Miss Enthoven, do Miss B. Enthoven, do Miss L, Enthoven, do Chas. Enthoven, Esq, do Leslie Enthoven, Esq, do Mr and Mrs A. S. Hargreaves, baby and maid, do Mr and Mrs E. O. Schneider and baby, Whalley Range Nurse Sneyd, do Mr and Mrs Godfrey, London Miss Godfrey and maid, do John Birkett, Esq, London Miss Birkett, do Miss Gregory, do Mrs F. A. Coathupe, do J. S. Shanks, Esq and family, do The Misses Shanks, do L. Groome, Esq, Manchester Captain and Mrs Oldfield and maid, Winchfield The Misses Oldfield, do A. W. Tatlow, Esq, Wolverhampton J. Nidd-Smith, Esq Mr and MrsT. B. Haywood, Reigate Miss Haywood and maid, do Haywood, Esq, do A. D. Trippe, Esq, London Mrs D. Lindsay Coates, Belfast Miss Coates, do Harold V. Coates, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Park Yates and maid, Sandiway, Northwich Mr and Mrs Scowcroft and nurse, Bolton-Ie-Moors Mr and Mrs Collier, Alderley Edge Mrs Marklove, Leamington, Spa Mrs Pierce, do COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). Richard Cresswell, Esq, London Mrs Cresswell, do S. Edwards, Esq, Newcastle Mrs Edwards, do Miss Edwards, do Miss Ethel Edwards, do Miss Mabel Edwards, do Master T. Edwards, do William Groves, Esq, Eltham, Kent Mrs Groves, do Miss Groves, do Sir Charles Wolseley, Wolseley, Stafford Lady Wolseley and maid, do Charles J. Galloway, Esq, Knutsford Mrs Galloway, do Capt. Lascelles, Bedale, Yorkshire Mrs Lascelles, do Miss Lascelles and maid, do Gilbert H. W. Harrison, Esq, Sea- scale Edward Abram, Esq, Hampstead, London Mrs Abram, do F. Kitchen, Esq, Liverpool Capt. Galloway, Knutsford J. London Strain, Esq, Buxton Mrs J. London Strain, do R. Hevworth, Esq, Manchester J. H. Edge, Esq, Q.C., Dublin Mrs Edge, do Hague, Esq, Disley, Cheshire Mrs Hague, do Miss Hague, do W. Hague, Esq, do B. Hague, Esq, do Miss Greenwood, do Rev R. A. Wilkinson, Cheltenham Rev R. P. Rea, Coventry W. J. McLean, Esq, London Fred Cook, Esq, Crewe Mrs Cooke, do Mrs Sinclair, Manchester The Misses Sinclair, do J. Monkhouse, Esq, Liverpool Miss Howson, Chester Miss M. Howson, do Lea, Esq, Burton-on-Trent Mrs Lea, do Mrs Howard Lloyd, Birmingham C. E. Lloyd, Esq, do S. F. Lloyd, Esq, do A.. H. Mainwright, Esq, Knighton William Smith, Esq, Aylesbury, Bucks Mrs W. Smith, do James Fisher, Esq, do Mrs J. Fisher, do IMPERIAL HOTEL. (Mrs Lowe, Proprietress). CENTRAL HOTEL. (Miss Robinson, Proprietress). HYDROPATHIC. Colonel Watkin, Woolwich Mrs Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Mr H. Watkin, do F Master Watkin, do Mrs Fell, Kirkburton Miss Fell, do Miss Swallow, do T. Staut, Esq, Wrexham Mr H. A. Pierson, Redditch Mr and Mrs Stanley, Bowdon, Cheshire Mrs Eshelby, Birkenhead Miss Eshelby, do Mr Davies, Liverpool Mrs Green, Stourbridge Mr Green, do Miss Green, do Rev Porter, Macclesfield Mr Anderson, Eccles Mrs Anderson, do Mr and Mrs Cooper, Stourbridge Mr T. Cooper, do, do Mr and Mrs Hill, Chorlton-cum- Hardy Miss Stott, Stretford Mr Jones, do Dr Davies, Liverpool Mr Lohenann, Manchester MOON'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Miss Stevens, Manageress). Mr and Mrs J. Watson, Walton Mr John Green, Pendleton, Man- chester H. Roberts, Bangor Mr and Mrs Adams, York J. H. Boulton, Burton-on-Trent G. H. Davies, Lichfield Bishop Johnston, do J. P. Edwards, Sheffield S. H. Burrows, Rusholme Mrs Templeton, Birkenhead Misses Templeton (3), do Mr A. Bluebottle, Dyffryn Aled CHESTN JTS PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr J. M. Taylor, Proprietor.) BELLE VUE—LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr G. J. Lockyer, Proprietor). J. Erskine, Esq, Ryde, Isle of Wight Miss Austin, do Miss Erskine, do Miss Jervis, Dublin F. Gimblett, Esq, London Mrs Ward, Hinckley Miss Ward, do F. Ball, Esq, Hanley Mrs Brooks, Birmingham Miss Brooks, do Masters Brooks (2), do E. Bickley, Esq, do Miss Carter, Dublin Miss Morton, do Mrs Ravenhill, Birmingham Miss Fulton, London CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL Mrs C. Robinson. Mr Leslie N. L. Wilders, Edgbaston Mr L. R. Strangeways, Edgbaston Mrs Strangeways and family, do Misses Barnes (3), Bury Mr Oscar B. Hill, Manchester Miss Litley and niece, Albrighton PENSION EDELWEISS. (Misses Retemeyer). Dr and Mrs Wyse, St. Helens Mrs Carr, Endcliffe Mount, Sheffield Miss Barrowclough, Devonshire Miss Fox, Brompton, London Miss Eda Barclay, Claughton, Birkenhead "HOME FROM HOME,"—THE DINGLE. ( Mrs Brackstone, Proprietress). Station Road. Uxbridge house, Shop-Mr E. H. Davies, draper London House- Mr J. O. Jones, draper Moon's Hotel-Miss Stevens 6 & 7, Staffordshire House, Shop- Mr D. Allen, Glass and China Warehouse & Cabinet Maker House—Mrs Allen 8, Shop—Messrs R. E. Jones & Bros, Weeklv News and Visitors Chronicle Office, Stationers, Newsagents, &c. House—Statia's Haircutting Saloon Mrs Wright, Meanwood, Leeds Miss Wright, do Roumania House—Messrs Lewis & Thompson, drapers Dick's Boot and Shoe Warehouse Office-Mr Percy Hignett, solicitor Metropolitan Bank—Mr Hughes 12, Talhaiarn House Shop-Mr J. Williams, Boot and Shoe Ware- house H ou^e—Mrs Williams 13, Shop- Jackson, draper House — Mrs Jackson (private) Cumberland Stores-Mr W. Littler, grocer Central Buildings-Messrs J. Jones and Sons, butchers 16—Mr Wm. Owen, ironmonger House—Mr Davies, billposter Offices-Mr J. W. Richards, solicitor, and Messrs J. E. Roberts & Co., auctioneers Wellington House—Misses Noden, confectioners Shop-Mr Horobin, fancy goods dealer -Mr E. Juhy, fishmonger Central Hotel-Miss A. Robinson I, Queen's Buildings, Shop-Messrs W. Williams and Co., grocers House (Cheltenham House)—Miss Williams Mr and Mrs Oliver, Staleybridge Miss Oliver, do Mr and Mrs Rawlins, Rugeley, Staffordshire Master Rawlins and nurse, do 2, Queen's Buildings—Mr W. S. Williams drapers 3, Queen's, Buildings, Shop—Mr Adamson, chemist and druggist House—Mrs Adamson Mrs Robertson, Sheffield Miss Robertson, do Master Robertson, do Yarmouth House—Mr Arundale, fishmonger Post Office-Mr Jones, postmaster House—Mrs Jones Misses Synge (2), Dublin Miss Hanley, do Miss Warners, Leicester Kronos Hoti-e-Messi-s Merridew & Co., watch & cycle manufacturers House-Mrs Merridew Burlington Arcade—Mr Homan 8, Queen's Buildings-Mr J. Dicken, furnishing warehouse Municipal Building-s- Offices-Messrs Wm. Jones, Porter, and Amphlett, solicitors National Provincial Bank of England, Limited. Colwyn Bay and Pwllycrochan Estate Office-Mr J. M. Porter, agent. Messrs Booth, Chadwick, and Porter, surveyors Imperial Hotel-Mrs Lowe Penrhyn Road. Penrhyn Temperance Hotel-Mrs Roberts Mr Warner, Leicester Mr and Mrs Gothard, Stockport Mr and Mrs Hiron, London Mr Batt, Manchester Miss B. Batt, do Master F. Batt, do Hawarden Road. Malvern villa-Miss Thomas Rev W. Martin, M.A., St. Chad's Vicarage, Derby Mrs Martin, do Mr C. B. Martin, do Mr W. N. Martin, do Miss Martin, do Miss Lathbury, Sheffield Miss E. Lathbury, do Mr and Mrs Pearson, family and maid, Llanrwst Craig-lands-Miss Campbell Mr Parkin, Buxton Miss Parkin, do Barrowfield-Mi-s Hirst Mr and Mrs Cay, Lichfield Lady Dixie, Stanton Miss Dixie, do Lady Edward Somerset, Bedmon- ton Rev W. A. Webb, Alrewas Hazels-Miss Jones AlIendale-Mrs Ellis W. B. Leane, Esq Mrs Newman and family, Man- chester Bodenyd-Mrs O'Neill (private) Herbertdale-Miss Roberts Miss Jones, Carnarvon Miss Tomkinson, Tednol Wood, Wolverhampton Silverdale-Miss Ankers Mrs Mason, Manchester Miss G)8dys Mason, do Mr and Mrs Morgan, Oxton, Birkenhead Miss J. Morgan, do Mrs Reeves, Oxton, Birkenhead Miss Atkinson, do Highgate—Mrs Thompson Mr and Mrs Robertson, Longford, Warwickshire Miss Gwendoline Robertson, do Master Sidney Robertson, do Mr Dobins, Manchester Mrs Southgate, do Selby Villa-Miss Lloyd Mrs Goodall and baby, Liverpool Miss Stainistrut, do Miss Mackenzie, do Buxton House-Mr Ritchie (private) Newton Villa-Miss Hughes Gorphwysfa- Mrs Young, child and nurse, King's Norton, Worcestershire Danesbury—Mr T. E. Roberts, Plumber, &c. House —Mrs Roberts Mrs Wadilow, London Misses Wadilow (2), do Ellerslie-Mi-s Owen and Williams Miss Williams, London Miss C. Williams, do Miss Harris, Brierly Hill Miss Harris, Erdington Gloucester House-Mrs Billingham Mr and Mrs Charles Bickmore and family, Oxford The Grove—Mrs Mason Mr Grimshaw, Stretford Mrs Grimshaw, do Miss Grimshaw, do Mr A. Grimshaw, do Miss Florence Grimshaw, do Miss Lilly Grimshaw, do Stretford Villa-Mrs Hulme Mr Bostock, Wolstanton, Stoke Mrs and Master TunnicJiff, do Mr and Mrs Shenton, Buxton Misses Shenton (2), do Wynnstay Road. Bessborough house-Miss Eardley Ty'ntwll villa—Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Dinn, West Kirby Miss B. Dinn, do Miss A. Dinn, do Masters Dinn (3), do Mrs J. Simkins, Solihull, War- wickshire Master Simkins, do Mrs Bower and family, Knowles, Warwickshire Miss Howe, do Grosvenor house—Mrs Davies Bryn—Dr M. Venables-Williams Wynncote—Miss Bailey Mrs Walcot and party, Sydenham, London Masters Brooke (2), Paris Ben N evis- M rs Niven Ben Lomond—Mrs M. J. Jordan Fallow field- M i-s Richardson Miss K. Price, Altrincham Miss K. Bailey, Manchester Delaware villa-Misses Hughe and Bartley Miss Davies Mr and Mrs Price Jones, family and maid, Mold Mrs Chalcratt, Nottingham Miss Chalcraft, do Bronhyfryd-Mrs Thomas Mrs Walker, Corwen Miss Roberts, London Mayfield-Miss Dennis Mr and Mrs William Lucas, family and maid, Dronfield Eccles house—Miss Bateman Mr and Mrs Andrew and family. Patricroft Miss Matley, Ashton-under-Lyne Broughton villa-Mrs Maclean Somerset Boarding House—Misses Wright Master Wolseley, Wolseley, Staffs. Master Willie Wolseley, do Miss Power, do Tranmore—Mrs Haram Miss Davies, Birmingham Moat Mount—Miss Jones Mrs Goody, Cambridge Misses Goody, do Mr and Mrs W. G. Blackham, Water Orton, Birmingham Miss Violet Blackham, do Master James Blackham, do Master Sam Blackham, do Miss Pauline Hotchkiss, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs Naismith, Manchester Miss Naismith, do Morden—Mrs Clarke Mrs & Miss South, Wolverh'mpton Miss R. B. South, do Mr F. A. Willcock, do Mrs Idiens, Evsham Bodcilan -Mrs H. Roberts Celyn house— Kersal villa-Mrs J. Parry Mr and Mrs Hilton, Stockport Miss Hilton, do Masters Hilton (4), do Gwersyllt-Misses Upton and Lowe J. Stanley Ellison, Esq, West Kirby Misses Ellison (3), do Mrs Bramall, Barton-under- Needwood Miss Bramall, do Mrs Roberts, Holywell Frankton villa-Mrs Dunning Mr and Mrs Taylor, Wavertree Mrs and Miss. Chapman, Conning- ton Holmedale-Miss Moss Miss Carlton, Horncastle Dr Pooley, Rochdale Mrs Pooley, do Master Pooley, do Mrs Vice, Nottingham Miss Vice, do Master Vice, do Miss Peacock, Chester Mr and Mrs Hooson, Bolton Mostyn Road. Dalefield-Mrs Atkinson Captain Sankey, Wimbledon Mrs Sankey, family and nurse, do Longford—Miss Preston and Mrs McKeever Mrs Haarbleicher, Didsbury, Manchester Miss Haarbleicher, do Miss Wrigley, do Mr and Mrs Dale, Stretford, Man- chester Miss Milne, do Master Milne, do Mr and Mrs Field, Manchester Miss Bradshaw, Urmston Ikorana Boarding House Mr. Wright Mrs Kay, Toronto Miss Kay, do Frank Kay, Esq, do Miss Rea, London Mr and Mrs Hyslop, Ashton-under- Lyne E. F. Blakeley, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Blakeley, do Miss Blakelev, do Mrs Blakeley, do Alexandra villa-Mrs Salmon James Bancroft, Esq, Broughton Park, Manchester Misses Bancroft (3), do Edmund Farrar, Esq, Eccles Mrs Farrar, do Misses Farrar (2), do Alyn Moullt- Mrs Beeson Mrs Wilson, Birkdale, Southport Grazebrook, Esq, The Court, Stourbridge Mr S. Grazebrook, do West Leigh Boarding House Miss Speers, Manchester Mrs Rogers, Scotland Master Rogers, do Bryn Odol-Miss Jones W. Lees, Esq, and family, Lang- tree. Grange, Standish Mrs Hammersley Miss Williams Miss Mason, London Mr and Mrs Coots, London Miss Coots, do Miss Hoare, do Glen Gordon-Mrs Fletcher J. H. Tyson, Esq, Manchester Mrs Tyson and family, do Mr and Mrs Grant, Longsight, Manchester Mr and Mrs Kenyon, Urmston Master Percy Kenyon, do St. Winifred's—Mrs J. R. Gray Miss Godsiil, Manchester, Mr and Mrs H. Godsill, do Mr C. H. Uttley-Todd, Derby Miss E. W. Uttley-Todd, do Mr H. Brewer Wheeldon, do Miss Craig, Belfast Miss Kerrisde-Lynn, do Mr and Mrs Craig, Dublin Master Cecil Reeves, Wantage Glenridg-e- Angorta-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Williams, family and nurse, Manchester Beechwood villa-Miss Roberts Mr and Mrs Cartwright and family, Birmingham Abbotstord-Misses Jones & Collin Hon. Annabel Crewe-Milnes Hon. Celia Crewe-Milnes Hon. Cynthia Crewe-Milnes Miss Chancey Mrs Stevens Miss Louise Chagsellier West Lynne—Miss Burrows Bascombe—Misses Groome Rev H. and Mrs Price, Normanton Rectory, Derby Miss Jones, ditto Marine Road. Erskine house—(private) Ty'tirhvii-Miss Hughes Mrs D. Paton Mr and Mrs Booth and family, Hyde, Manchester Mr and Mrs Edge, Moss Side, Manchester Mr and Mrs Cook, Hyde, do Claremont—Mrs C. Robinson Coed orros- Miss Owen Mr Montague and family and servants, York Westlands- Beachfield-Mrs Johnson Misses Woodward, Leamington Glyndwr-Mrs Davies Miss Sheldon, Sutton Coldfield Miss May Sheldon, do Master Philip Sheldon, do Master Jack Sheldon, do Mrs Wm Adcock, do Master Charlie Adcock, do Mr and Mrs W. B. Randall, South- ampton Mr Percy M. Randall, do Llwynonn-Mrs Rowe Mr and Mrs Handcock and family, Hawarden Mrs Prance, Nottingham Miss Prance, do Master Prance, do Morannedd—Mr J. Owen Tod, Esq, Burton-on-Trent Mrs Tod, family and nurse, do Mr and Alrs J. A. Bramall, Oldham Misses Bramall, do Mr H. Bramall, do Miss Nurson, do Mr A. Wilde, do Mr and Mrs Fiynn and family, Roseneath, Fallowfield, Man- chester Miss Wood, do Lockver- The Chestnuts—Mrs Taylor Penrhos Lodge—(private) Princess Drive. Colwyn Bay Tennis Court Trinity House School-Rev J. H. Astley, M.A. Gorsefield-Mrs Owen Holland, Esq, Carnatic Hall, Moseley Hill, Liverpool Mrs Holland, family and maids,do Villa Marina—Misses Hammond and Vivian B. Deaville, Esq, Nottingham Mrs Deaville and child, do Miss Hemsley, do Sea Breeze-Miss Moss Mrs Mellor, Congleton, Cheshire Mrs Bullock, do Ivy Lea-Misses Lovatt O. Hinde, Esq, Heaton Chapel Mrs Hinde and family, do Greaves, Esq, Southport Mrs Dean, do Miss Dean, do Brelsford, Esq, Manchester Mrs Brelsford, do Master Brelsford, do P. Williams, Esq, do Mrs Williams, do Miss Williams, do Promenade. Colwyn Bay Hotel-Miss Jones Trouville-Misses Jones W. Coleridge, Esq, London Mrs Coleridge, baby and nurse, do Miss Falkiner, Ireland Mrs Davey, Sheffield Miss Davev, do Miss Katie Davey, do Mrs Chadwick and maid, Beau- maris Mrs Chadwick, 2 children and nurse, do Norwood-Mrs Jeffrey Thomas Mr and Mrs Gill, 2 nurses and Miss Ridley, Elmsdale, Malvern Miss Nation, do Dr and Mrs H. E. Rayner, London Mrs Banks and family, Runcorn Dromore—Miss Charles (private) Lynton cottage-Mr T. Parkinson (private) Capesthorne Towers—Mrs Rickard Mr Vaughan, Lincoln Mrs Vaughan, do Misses Vaughan, do Mr and Mrs Messiter, 2 children and nurse, Derby Master Meyer, do Master Bertram, do Mr and Mrs Detley and family, Birmingham Capri—Mrs W. H. Thomas Mrs Bellamy, Wooley Manor, Silkstone Miss Cavley, Winchester R. W. Crawford, Esq, London Mrs Crawford, do Hawkestone—Mrs Preece Mr and Mrs Ralph Richman, Walsall Mrs and the Misses Walker (2), do Mr Sydney Walker, Sheffield The Misses Richman (3), Walsall Mr Leonard RicNnan, do Mr Ralph Richman, do Misses Anderson, Waterford Miss Percival, Queen's County Mr Anderson, Blackheath Glenrossie-Mrs E. Meir Mrs Nathaniel Powell, Blackoocks Miss Mabel Powell, do Penrhos Ladies' College- Pwllycrochan Avenue. Tranby—(private) Rydal Mount School- Carlton Lodge- Pwllycrochan Isaf Farm Mrs Humphreys Oak Lea—(private) Regent villa—(private) Llys Madog —Mrs Fox Elmwood-Miss McCullough, private Birchwood- Mr and Mrs Ambrose Lloyd and family, Manor Park, Chester