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Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Local…


Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Local Board. At the Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Local Board's monthly meeting held on September nth, the Chairman (Rev W. Venables-Williams) presided, and there were also Messrs John Roberts, Owen Williams, A. O. Walker, John Porter, Thomas Parry, William Jones, George Bevan, William Earp, and W. H. Roberts, and the Clerk (Mr James Porter), the Surveyor (Mr William Jones), and the Collector (Mr B. Powell). THE TOWN'S YARD. The Surveyor was instructed to proceed with the erection of a shed in the Town's \ard, upon surplus land adjoining the Water-Works at Rhiw. WARNING ABOUT FIRING CHIMNEYS. The Surveyor was instructed to draw up a placard calling attention to the byelaws as to firing chimneys. THE NIGGERS. The question of "The Niggers" was ordered to stand over. THE FORESHORE. It was reported that the Clerk had forwarded to Mr Stafford Howard the plans of the foreshore, together with particulars of the Board's require- ments, and also five guineas for Surveyor's charges, but that no reply had yet been received. NO FEVER THIS SUMMER. Mr John Roberts called attention to the fact that some alarm had been caused by an item for "Fever Report" in the Board's advertised finan- cial statement for the year ending March 25th, 1894, through people failing to notice that the accounts related to a period already ended some time. There had been no fever in Colwyn Bay this summer. THE COWLYD WATER SCHEME Mr Thomas Parry, pursuant to notice, brought up the question of publicly commemorating at Colwyn Bay the opening of the Cowlyd water- scheme. Mr John Roberts hoped that no such opening would take place until the scheme was completed. Perhaps it might be only half a scheme after all. Mr Thomas Parry acquiesced, and said that he named no day in his motion. Mr W. H. Roberts hoped that all the Colwyn Bay people would ignore the celebration at Conway. Mr Bevan seconded Mr Parry's resolution, which was carried unanimously. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. From the Finance Committee's minutes of September 7th, it appeared that the Surveyor's Cash was L80 5s 6d; Collector's Cash, ^1360 is 4d; Treasurer's Receipts, £ ,1318 6s 5d; Balance in Treasurer's hands, £ 1137 15s 7d; Payments, Z16S 14s 5d; that the Collector was instructed to make a list of those who refused to pay the rate or rates, and that he be instructed to proceed against the defaulters; that the Surveyor make one more call on the people owing for Rhiw Bank Avenue improvements, and afterwards if not paid that they be proceeded against; that the Com- mittee decided to bring before the Board the Auditor's recommendation that all payments (including workmen's wages) be made by cheque; that the Surveyor was instructed to procure a book and keep his accounts in a form recom- mended by the Auditor; and that the Committee had approved the Clerk's action in sending a cheque to the Denbighshire County Council, on account of the Groes-yn-Eirias Bridge. On Mr Bevan'f motion, a new minute was added, to the effect that demand-notes be issued for the quotas for private-street improvements in Grove-road, Back Bay View-road, and Rhiw- road. With reference to the Auditor's recommendation for all payments to be made by cheque, it was decided to let the matter stand over during the lifetime of the Board. .The minutes were adopted. THE THANKSGIVING DAY." Mr Parry moved, Mr W. H. Roberts seconded, and it was resolved unanimously, that the Chair- man name a day for the Harvest-Thanksgivings in Colwyn Bay. The day named was Wednesday October 3rd. THE ACCESS TO THE STATION. Mr Parry moved that the Board should represent to the Railway Company the crowded state of the approaches to the Colwyn Bay railway-station, during the months of July and August. Mr Porter seconded Mr Parry, and further called attention to the poor way in which the station was lighted. The Chairman said that the Gas Co. had offered gas to the Railway Company at 4s 2d per 1000 ft. The Railway Company paid 5s per 1000 ft at Conway and Abergele. The station was better lighted by a train in the station than by the ordinary lights. THE EIRIAS BRIDGE. Mr William Jones wished to call attention to the inadequatene..s of the proposed measures for fac- ilitating traffic during the work at the Eirias Bridge, but was ruled out of order. ASHPITS. Mr A. O. Walker called attention to the Medical Officer of Health's recommendations that in Urban Districts ashpit refuse should b2 placed in covered bins, which should be emptied at least once a week. BONA-FIDE TRAVELLERS AND EVANGELISTS. Mr John Roberts protested against carriages standing before a certain public-house on Sunday. The carriages came trom Llandudno, and the passengers came merely for the sake of drinking. They were not bona-fide travellers. The car- riages were left by the drivers, standing before the public-house. Mr W. H. Roberts complained of som evan- gelists obstructing at the top ofStation-road. He further complained of "Comic songs" being sung in front of his shop. Mr Thomas Parry hoped that all the public- houses would be refused more than six-days licenses, as was being attempted at Rhuddlan. The Clerk said that no such refusal would be feasible. Further discussion ensued upon Mr W. H. Roberts's complaint, and it appeared that on a previous occasion the Surveyor had been given discretionary power to take proceedings for the abatement of obstructions. Mr W. H. Roberts wished to move forthwith that the word "discretionary" be omitted from the resolution passed on August 14th, 1894, but was ruled out of order, the Chairman saying that the Surveyor must use his eyes, and form his own judgment as to the objectionableness or otherwise of the obstructions. THE PLEASURE-BOATS. It was decided that an experienced man from Conway should be appointed, at a fee of 303. in- clusive to examine and certify as to the fitness of pleasure-boats and boatmen before they were licensed each year. THE EIRIAS BRIDGE LOAN. The Clerk said that he had found that the war- rant for a loan for the purpose of erecting a bridge at Eirias was now lying at the Public Works Loan- office. The Local Government Board had author- ised the loan for thirty years, but the LQan Office would not grant it for that time. The Board's previous Clerk had been endeavouring to get them to compromise the matter by giving it for 25 years; and there the matter seemed to have dropped. The amount applied for was Z500- It was decided to instruct the Clerk to apply for the loan for 25 years.

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