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CONWAY. Parish Church (Sunday Services): 8.0 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. 9.45 a.m. Welsh service. 11.15 a.m. English service. 6.0 p.m. Welsh service. 8.0 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays, and Saturdays, Matins. 10.30 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, Matins and Litany. St. Agnes: 6.0 p.m. English service. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. -(En gli sh Services).— Next Sunday: Morning 11.0, evening 6.30, Mr W. J. Bland, Colwyn Bay. A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS.—For the best and cheapest of all classes of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairing. adv. 109- LLANDUDNO JUNCTION ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN SERVICES.—The Rev W. G. Owen, pastor of the English Presbyterian Church at Beaumaris, will take the services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. next Sunday, September 9th, at Llandudno Junction Railway Mission-room. CONWAY-CUM-LLANDUDNO GONERNING BODY. —At the Conway-cum-Llandudno Governing Body's meeting on August 31st, at the Conway Police Station, Mr Morris Jones presided, and there were also present County Alderman Elias Jones, Councillor J. P. Griffiths, Miss Barker, the Rectors of Llandudno (Rev John Morgan) and Llysfaen (Rev R. Jones), and the hon. clerk (Mr John Owen). — It was decided not to accede to a petition, from the fathers of girls who had won scholarships, for grants-in-aid of their daughters' board, lodging, and travelling whilst these scholars were in residence at Carnarvon Inter- mediate School, the nearest available for girls. MARRIAGE OF MISS JONES (BERTHLWYD) AND MR O. MORGAN OWEN.-On Wednesday morning, September 5th, at the Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Tanybwlch, near Conway, the marriage of Miss Hatty Jones, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Jones, of Berthlwyd, Conway, and of Five Elms, Grassendale Liverpool, to Mr O. Morgan Owen, Secretary to the Alliance Assur- ance Company, Liverpool, was solemnised, by the Rev William Jones, minister of David-street Chapel, Liverpool, assisted by the Rev E. O. Davies, B.Sc. (Lond.), Garston, and in the pres- ence of the Rev R. Llugwy Owen, M.A., Ph. D., registrar. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in her travelling dress ol powder-blue cloth, with vest of cream brocade. She wore a guipure hat with white plumes, and carried a bouquet of white exotics. The two bridesmaids-the Misses Bertha and Gwen Jones (sisters of the bride),—each wore a gold bangle (the gift of the bridegroom). The best man was Mr John Owen (brother of the bridegroom). After the ceremony, the guests proceeded to the breakfast, which was served in a marquee at Berthlwyd, after which Mr and Mrs Owen drove to Conway station, their destination being London, en route for the continent, where the honeymoon will be spent The wedding-cake was supplied by Messrs Bolland, of Chester. The presents, which included a handsome silver tea-service from the Liverpool employees of the bride's father, were many and costly. In the afternoon, the bride's father entertained to tea the Sunday Schools of Tabernacle and Gyffin C.M. Chapels. The country-side around the bride's home was well decorated with bunting, in token of the respect felt for the family at Berthlwyd. THE POLICE INSPECTION AT CONWAY.- On Tuesday, September 4th, Captain the Hon. G. T. Legge, Her Majesty's Inspector of Police, made his annual inspection of the men of the Conway Division. He inspected the Llandudno section at Llandudno, and then proceeded to Conway, where he inspected the remainder of the division in the old Castle. The men were drilled by P.C. J. Rowlands (56), and, in answer to the Inspector, the men said that they had no complaints to make. The Inspector afterwards visited the Police Station, and, after having inspected the Divisional Books, expressed himself as being satisfied with everything. There were a large number of visitors at the Castle, watching the proceedings. CONWAY TOWN COUNCIL. At the Conway Town Council's September meet- ing called for 2.30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 5th, at the Guild Hall, Conway, the Mayor (Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.) presided. The Council is constituted as follows, those present being indicated by an asterisk, the time of arrival being indicated within brackets follow- ing each asterisked name:- THE MAYOR: [Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.] ALDERMEN (4): Griffith Jones. *Hugh Hughes (2.29). *Hugh Jones (2.29). # William Hughes (2.29.) COUNCILLORS (12): *J. P. Griffiths. (2.29) «OM. J. Morgan (2.29). John Williams. John Hughes *John Roberts (2 29). *R. A. Prichard (2.29). *Edward Roberts. (2 29). J. W. Tosdevine. *Humphrey Lewis. (2.29). C. J. Wallace. #Charles Drover. (2.41). Hugh Jones. OFFICIALS: Town Clerk: *Mr T. E. Parry (2.29). Borough Surveyor, te. *Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E. (2.29). Sanitary Inspector: Mr. D. M. Roberts. MArN-ROADS. The Mayor and Councillor Humphrey Lewis were deputed to attend the ensuing arbitration re main-roads. FIRE-BRIGADE EQUIPMENT. Councillor John Roberts moved, and Councillor J. P. Griffiths seconded, a motion that the tender for fire-brigade equipment of Messrs Morris and Sons, Manchester, at £32. The motion having been carried, the former Committee was re-appointed, for the purpose of choosing the men to form the brigade, Councillor Edward Roberts's name being added to the Committee. STATISTICS. It was reported that on August 31st, there was X3691 4s lOd balance due to the Treasurer that the Rate-Collector had received X2017 12s 2d, and that the arrears were X2417 13s ltd., and that the Finance 2 Committee recommended the payment of accounts amounting to over £540.-Thi.,¡ recommendation was was sanctioned. THE SANITARY INSPECTOR'S ILLNESS. Councillor Edward Roberts moved that the Sanitary Inspector appoint a deputy (subject to the Council's approval) to act for him during his illness. Councillor Drover protested against the principle of allowing the Inspector to appoint a deputy The Borough Surveyor offered to see after the men until the next meeting, should the Council pass a resolution empowering him to act in the place of the Inspector, who he hoped would by then have recovered. On Councillor Drover's motion, the Borough Surveyor's offer was accepted, he being given full power over the Corporation workmen. The Mayor said that he thought that it was the Council's duty to pass a vote of sympathy with Councillor Wallace on the death of his mother. He believed that nobody fully knew the affection that existed between Councillor Wallace and his mother. He moved that the Town Clerk communicate to Councillor Wallace the sympathy of the Corporation. The motion, which Alderman William Hughes seconded, was passed unanimously. THREATS OF PROSECUTIONS. It was decided that the Town Clerk cause notices to be put up threatening prosecution against children running after and shouting at carriages and against persons leaving young mussels on the foreshore. MUNICIPAL LEASES. It having been found that the Corporation could grant leases for no greater term than 75 years, it was reported that Mr David Roberts, with whom a 75 years lease (renewable) had been in course of negotiation, had been commicated with, as to whether he was prepared to accept a 75 years non- renewable lease, with the proviso that the Corpora- tion would make it a renewable lease should they be successful in obtaining power to grant leases for longer terms than 75 years. Mr Hoberts had signified his willingness, and it was now decided that the 75 years lease should be granted, and that (should powers be obtained) extensions should be granted as to all long-term and renewable leases heretofore granted in error. SPECIAL SESSIONS. CONWAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH.-Before the Mayor of Conway and Morris Jones, Esq., William Williams, travelling hawker, was charged with being drunk and with begging, in Trinity Square, Llandudno, on September 4th, and was fined 5s. and costs in each case, but, in default of payment, went to prison for 14 days.—Inspector Walters, of Llandudno, proved the case. CONWAY AND LLANDUDNO PETTY SESSIONS. CONWAY, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD.-Before Henry Kneeshaw, Esq (chairman); The Rev W. Venables-Williams; The Mayor of Conway (Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, C.C.); Dr K. H. Bold Williams; County-Alderman Elias Jones; County-Councillor C. H. Darbishire; Morris Jones, Esq; J. Allanson Picton, Esq, and Dr Dalton. Mr J. Allanson Picton said that through a technicality he was unable to take part in licensing matters. BREWSTER SESSIONS. Superintendent H. D. Williams reported that the number of licensed houses in the division was 104, viz, 81 licensed victuallers (a decrease of one on 1893), eight beerhouses, (twelve grocers' licenses (an increase of one), and three houses licensed for the sale of wine (an increase of one). The total population of the Conway Division according to the last census was 18,814, and the proportion of licensed houses already in existence was one to every 211 of the inhabitants. In the borough of Conway, the proportion was one to 137; in the Llandudno urban district, one to 163; in the Penmaenmawr urban district, one to 301. Seven licensed persons were proceeded against during the year-six convicted and one dismissed, a decrease of three in the convictions; 163 per- sons were proceeded against for drunkenness, an increase of 19-152 were convicted and 11 dismis- sed. Of the number proceeded against 132 were residents and 31 non-residents, the number con- victed being one to every 123 of the inhabitants. Two persons were proceeded against, and con- victed, for Sunday drunkenness—a decrease of 5. Both were residents. One person was convicted for falsely representing himself to be a traveller —an increase of one. Seven were proceeded against, and convicted, for being drunk on licens- ed premises, a decrease of 13. Of these persons six were residents and one non-resident. No per- sons were proceeded against for being found on licensed premises during prohibited hours, a de- creaseof6. One was convicted for being on licensed premises on Sunday, and giving a wrong name to constable. He was anon-resident, an increase of I. There were 17 tied houses in the division-five at Conway, eight in the urban district of Llandudno, one at Tywyn, one at Llandudno Junction, and two at Penmaenmawr. There were two applica- tions for new grocers' licenses, and one a full license at the Gogarth Abbey Hotel. Llandudno. Notice of objection to the renewal of their licenses were served on five licensees-for that they have during the last twelve months been convicted for an offence against the tenor of their licenses. The offences were-three for having adulterated their spirits, one for permitting drunkenness, and one for serving a drunken person. On the whole, the licensed houses had during the year been fairly well conducted.—Replying to the Chairman, Superintendent H. D. Williams stated that none of the licenses were endorsed. There were no complaints against back doors.—Mr Chamberlain, who appeared for the licensee of the King's Head, Llandudno, who had been fined for selling liquor which had been adulterated with water, contented that the offence did not come under the licensing law, but was under the Food and Drugs Act.—In answer to Dr Bold Williams, who commented upon the increase in the number of convictions for drunkenness and the decrease in the number^of proceedings taken against licensed houses for permitting drunkenness, Superintendent Williams said there was a diffi- culty in getting a prima facie case against a licensed house. A man might leave the house with a bottle of whisky in his pocket and be found drunk on the street. He did not like to encour- age the policemen to visit the houses, as they were laid open to temptation. Tramps came to Conway drunk and applied for relief-tickets.— The Rev Venables-Williams: And you give them an order on a lodging-house ?-Superintendent Williams No, we give them a cheap lodging in the cells upstairs, and bring them before the magistrates next day.—The Chairman said that the Bench were, on the whole, satisfied with the tenor of the report, but they hoped that in future steps would be taken to trace the houses where the persons had obtained their drink.—Mr D. Owen (Bangor) said that he was instructed to oppose all the applications for new licenses, but none of those tor renewals.—It was decided that the licenses objected to by the police should be adjourned until the 24th instant, these being the licenses of the following houses:— Railway Tavern, Conway; King's Arms, Snow- don Hotel, and King's Head, Llandudno; Albion Inn, Conway; and Ann Jane Griffith, Roewen. -Mr Chamberlain applied for a full license for Mrs Alice Jones, the Gogarth Abbey Hotel, Llan- dudno. He pointed out, in support of the application, that new roads were being opened up in the district, that extensive buildings were contemplated, and that the nearest licensed house was fully three-quarters of a mile distant. In the next few years a new suburb of Llandudno would have sprung up in that district, and there would be a large population, and a great number of visitors during the season. The applicant, who is also the owner, said that accommodation was provided for 36 visitors. The house stood in its own grounds and might be greatly extended if necessary. There was a shipwreck close to last winter, and she had to give a bottle of brandy for the lifeboat men, who were benumbed with cold, there being no licensed house near.—Mr D. Owen contended that thejfact of the house, which was a temperance one, being full, showed that the visitors suffered no inconvenience.—The Ap- plicant: If we had a license we might make an addition to the house. Many visitors complain that it is a long way to go to town to order their wines and spirits.—Mr Owen: Are any of them here to-day ? No, but I can give you their addresses. Don't you think that some of these people who have taken up the plots of land for building have done so because there is no public house near ? No, let each one mind his own business. The majority of visitors like to be near an hotel so as to have somewhere to go to?—No other witnesses were called in support of the application, against which evidence was given by Mr G. Kaye, the owner and occupier of a villa within 20 yards of the hotel. He was not a teetotaller, but he considered that a licensed house in that part of the town was quite unneces- sary.-In answer to Mr Chamberlain, the witness said that scores of excursionists, who arrived at Llandudno slightly inebriated at an early hour of the morning, drove round the Great Orme's Head and temptation would be afforded them to take another glass if the Gogarth Abbey Hotel had a license.—Mr Chamberlain: But we do'nt want this hotel for the use of casual customers, but for respectable visitors.—The Witness: But you could not refuse to serve these people.—The application was refused. -Mr Chamberlain applied on behalf of S. Dunphy for an off license for premises built at Deganwy, where a large and increasing population had sprung up, and the necessities of the public thereby increased. This application, which was also opposed by Mr D. Owen, was granted.—The only private objection of renewal was that of the license of the Vaults, Mostyn street, Llandudno, held by Captain Lester, Prince of Wales Hotel. Mr Chamberlain formally made the application, which was opposed by Mr McMaster, a ratepayer, on the grounds that the premises were not wanted for the requirements of the district; that it was merely a tippling-house, there being only one public room, that the character of the structural arrangements were not in compliance with the plans of altera- tions recently submitted to the Justices; and that the grant of this license would create a plurality of licenses granted to one licensee.—Superintend- ent Williams, in answer to Mr Chamberlain, said that the place had been licensed for a great number of years, and was well conducted. The alterations had been carried out in accordance with attic deposited plans.—Captain Lester said that the vaults were used for wholesale purpose. The retail department was, on an average, closed nightly at least one hour before the legal time, Since last winter he had expended over 1,400 in improving the premises, which were licensed long before 1873.—The renewal was granted. HAWKING WITHOUT A LICENSE. David Edwards, Colwyn pleaded guilty to hawking without a license.—P.C. Edwards (56) said that he asked the defendant for a license, and that he said he had it at home. It was arranged that the defendant should show his license to the Colwyn Constable, who was to write to Penmaenmawr. In default of hearing from Colwyn, the witness reported the case.—Mr Esther, Inland Revenue Supervisor, Rhyl, said that the defendant had since taken out a license. What was objected to, was the defendant having told the police an untruth.—The Bench fined defendant 10s. and costs (7s 6d). STONE-THROWING. Five boys were charged with throwing stones on the Gyffin road, and were reprimanded and ordered to pay costs. A DONKEY AND CART UNATTENDED. Thomas Vaughan was charged with leaving his donkey and cart unattended in Uppergate Street, Conway, on August 8th, and was fined is and costs, 8s 6d in all.-P.C. Griffith (52) proved the case.

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