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DIRECTORY AND LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in this List, but Residents and Visitors can greatly assist us in this matter by sending direct to our Offices (8. Station Road, Colwyn Bay, and Rose Hill Street, Conway), as early as possible, any Arrivals, Removals, Departures, or Altera- tions desired, for which no charge is made. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, Proprietor). Miss Wolff and maid, London Miss Barron, do Miss G. Barron, do Mr and Mrs Barron, Chertsy Mr and Mrs Halliday and maid, Harrow Miss Monica Halliday and maid, do. The Messrs Halliday, do Mrs Sneade Brown and maid, London Miss Hill and maid, do Mr and Mrs A. Sturt, family and maid, Shortlands Mr and Mrs Enthoven and maid, Harrow The Misses Enthoven and maid, do The Messrs Enthoven, do Mrs James Sidney Peck, Milwaukee U.S.A. Miss Katherine Peck, do Mrs Griffiths, Dublin Miss Moline, do E. J. Figgis, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Sternberg, family and maid, Manchester Mr & Mrs Radford, Whalley Range Mr and Mrs E. O. Schneider and baby, do Nurse Sneyd, do Mr and Mrs Bodden, Ashton-under- Lyne Mrs King, Sydenham Hill Miss King, do Miss L. King, Highgate Mr and Mrs Godfley, London Miss Godfrey and maid, do Mr and Mrs Ashworth, Bolton A. H. Ashworth, Esq, do G. H. Ashworth, Esq, do D. Jones, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Topham, Oxton The Misses Wallis, Reading John Birkett, Esq, London Miss Birkett, do Miss Gregory, do Mrs Coathupe, do Mr and Mrs Ellis A. Franklin, Hyde Park, London Miss Edith Franklin, do Miss Beatrice Franklin, do Mr and Mrs Frank H. James, do Mr and Mrs James S. Dennis, New York, U.S.A. A. L. P. Dennis, Esq, do Fred M. Hertz, Esq, Manchester Mr and Mrs E. Packard, Brooklyn, U.S.A. Miss M. W. Packard, do Miss E. H. Packard, do Miss C. H. Packard, do Mr and Mrs Shanks The Misses Shanks COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). Charles Romer, Esq, London Mrs Romer, do Richard Cresswell, Esq, London Mrs Cresswell, do S. Edwards, Esq, Newcastle Mrs Edwards, do Miss Edwards, do Miss Ethel Edwards, do Miss Mabel Edwards, do Master T. Edwards, do Atherton, Esq, London J. V. Vaughan, Esq, Manchester Rev R. A. Wilkinson, Cheltenham Rev R. P. Rea, Coventry William Groves, Esq, Eltham, Kent Mrs Groves, do Miss Groves, do Mrs Howard Lloyd, Birmingham C. E. Lloyd, Esq, do S. F. Lloyd, Esq, do Lord Maitland, London Lady Maitland and maid, do The Hon. C. Maitland, do Miss Lowe, do Charles J. Galloway, Esq, Knutsford Mrs Galloway, do Capt. Lascelles, Bedale, Yorkshire Mrs Lascelles, do Miss Lascelles and maid, do James G. Ford, Esq, Manchester DrStillet, Handsworth, Birmingham Mrs Stillett, do John T. Worth, Esq, Rochdale Mrs J. T. Worth, do Miss May Worth, do N. J. McLean, Esq, London W. H. Baddeley, Esq, Stoke-on- Trent Mr and Mrs Wyndham, Thornton Heath Miss Wyndham, do R. Sanderson, Esq, Wokingham, Berks Mrs Sanderson. do A. J. Tod, Esq, Mossley Hill, Liver. pool Dr Edwin Osborn, Spital Lionel Osborn, Esq, do Thomas Howe, Esq, Manchester Gilbert Harrison, Esq, Seascale A. E. Starkey, Esq, Edgbaston Edward Pritchard, Esq, London Fred Cook, Esq, Crewe Mrs Cooke, do Mrs Sinclair, Manchester The Misses Sinclair, do E. Pursee, Esq, London R. Marshall, Esq, do Capt. Galloway, Knutsford IMPERIAL HOTEL. (Mrs Lowe, Proprietress). CENTRAL HOTEL. (Miss Robinson, Proprietress). Mr Jessop, Oldham Mr Moore, do Mr Ansom, do Mr and Mrs White, Leicester HYDROPATHIC. Colonel Watkin, Woolwich Mrs Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Mr H. Watkin, do Master Watkin, do F. Hampson, Esq, Manchester Mrs Sworder, Loughton 4 Master Sworder, do Master Sworder, do Master Smyth, do Mr and Mrs Parsons, London Mrs Gordon, Enniscorthy, Ireland G. Stocks, Esq, Lancaster Mrs Stocks, do Miss Stocks, do Mr Booty, Folkstone Master Booty, do Mr and Mrs Luke, Heaton Moor, Manchester Mr Robinson Mr and Mrs Humble, Leeds Mrs Fell, Kirkburton Miss Fell, Huddersfield Miss Swallow, do Mr and Mrs Finnimore, London T. Staut, Esq, Wrexham H. A. Pierson, Redditch MOON'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Miss Stevens, Manageress). Wm. Lowe, Eccles W. F. Dennis, London Mr and Mrs Sumner, Liverpool Miss Bovey, Torquay Miss Kingwill, Paignton Miss F. Bowden, Plymouth Mrs Templeton, Birkenhead Misses Templeton, do Mr J. Burdett, Stratford-on-Avon Mr and Mrs Edwards, Liverpool CHESTNUTS PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr J. M. Taylor, Proprietor.) G. N. Price, Esq, Croydon Mrs Price, do Miss Hind, London Miss Price Birmingham W. A. Adderley, Esq., Longton Mrs Adderley, do W. Hughes, Esq, do Charles Adderley, Esq, do Mrs Adderley, do H. H. Monkton, Esq, Birmingham R. R. Harrison, Esq, do Miss Ethel G. Taylor, Moseley BELLE VUE—LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr G. J. Lockyer, Proprietor). Mrs Worth, Ridgmount Gardens, London Miss Worth, do J. Erskine, Esq, Ryde, Isle of Wight Miss Austin, do Miss Erskine, do Miss Jervis. London T. Bates, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Bates, do H. Bates, Esq, Esq, do Miss Fulton, London Mrs Ward, Hinckley Miss Ward, do F. Gimblett, Esq, London F. Ball, Esq, Hanley Mrs Blythe & family, London, N.W. CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL Mrs C. Robinson. Mr Leslie N. L. Wilders, Edgbaston Mr L. R. Strangewavs, Edgbaston Mrs Strangeways and family, do Mis«es Barnes (3), Bury Mr Oscar B. Hill, Manchester PENSION EDELWEISS. (Misses Retemeyer). Mrs Urquhart, Lansdowne House, Bedford The Misses Urquhart, do Miss Elick Schuurman, Utrecht, Holland Miss M. Elick Schuurman, Rotter- dam, Holland Mrs Carr, Sheffield Mrs Callister, Devonshire Park, Birkenhead Miss Callister, do William Miller, Esq, Rockferry, Cheshire Miss Barrowclough, Devonshire Miss Fox, Penmaenmawr Dr and Mrs Wyse, St. Helens "HOME FROM HOME,THE DINGLE. ( Mrs Brackstone, Proprietress). Station Road. Uxbridge house, Shop-Mr E. H. Davies, draper London House-Mr J. O. Jones, draper Moon's Hotel-Miss Stevens 6 & 7, Staffordshire House, Shop- Mr D. Allen, Glass and China Warehouse & Cabinet Maker House-Mrs Allen 8, Shop-Messrs R. E. Jones & Bros, Weeklv News and Visitor's Chronicle Office, Stationers, Newsagents, &c. House—Statia's Haircutting Saloon Roumania House-Messrs Lewis & Thompson, drapers Dick's Boot and Shoe Warehouse Office-Mr Percy Hignett, solicitor Metropolitan Bank-Mr Hughes 12, Talhaiarn House. Shop-Mr J. Williams, Boot and Shoe Ware- house House-Mrs Williams 13, Shop- Jackson, draper House-Mrs Jackson (private) Cumberland Stores-Mr W. Littler, grocer Central Buildings-Messrs J. Jones and Sons, butchers 16-Mr Wm. Owen, ironmonger House-Mr Davies, billposter Offices-Mr J. W. Richards, solicitor, and Messrs J. E. Roberts & Co., auctioneers Wellington House-Misses Noden, confectioners Shop—Mr Horobin, fancy goods dealer -Mr E. Juby, fishmonger Central Hotel-Miss A. Robinson I, Queen's Buildings, Shop-Messrs W. Williams and Co., grocers House (Cheltenham House)—Miss Williams Mr and Mrs S. Dunkerley and family, Oldham Mr and Mrs Rowley, Rugeley Master Rowley and nurse, do 2, Queen's Buildings-Mr W. S. Williams drapers 3, Queen's, Buildings, Shop Mr Adamson, chemist and druggist House-Mrs Adamson Mrs Robertson, Sheffield Miss Robertson, do Master Robertson, do Yarmouth House—Mr Arundale, fishmonger Post Office-Mr Jones, postmaster House-Mrs Jones Misses Syng (2), Dublin Miss Hanley, do Kronos Houe-Messrs Merridew & Co., watch & cycle manufacturers House-Mrs Merridew Burlington Arcade-Mr Homan 8, Queen's Buildings—Mr J. Dicken, furnishing warehouse Municipal Building-s- Offices-Messrs Wm. Jones, Porter, and Amphlett, solicitors National Provincial Bank of England, Limited. Colwyn Bay and Pwllycrochan Estate Office-Mr J. M. Porter, agent. Messrs Booth, Chadwick, and Porter, surveyors Imperial Hotel-Mrs Lowe Penrhyn Road. Penrhyn Temperance Hotel—Mrs Roberts Mr Warner, Leicester Mr and Mrs H. W. Squirrel and child, Derby Mr and Mrs Gothard, Stockport Mr and Mrs Hill, Stafford Hawarden Road. Malvern villa-Miss Thomas Rev W. Martin, M.A., St. Chad's Vicarage, Derby Mrs Martin, do Mr C. B. Martin, do Mr W. N. Martin, do Miss Martin, do Miss Lathbury, Sheffield Miss E. Lathbury, do Mr Cleland, Walsall Master Cleland. do Misses Cleland (3), do Mr Holmes, do Craiglands—Miss Campbell Mr Parkin, Buxton Miss Parkin, do Mr and Mrs Lee, Burton-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Goodall and family, Newcastle-under-Lyne Barrowfield-Mrs Hirst Mr and Mrs Coy, Lichfield Hazels-Miss Jones AIlendale- M rs Ellis W. B. Leane, Esq Mrs Henstock and family, Edge Hill, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Bradbury, family and maid, Oldham Mr and Mrs Moore and family Mr and Mrs Wood, Bolton Miss Wood, do Master Wood, do Bodenyd—Mrs O'Neill (private) Herbertdale-Miss Roberts Mrs Cheetham, Wellingborough Rev W. R. Morse, Belgrave, Leicester Mrs Morse, do Silverdale-Miss Ankers Mrs Mason, Manchester Miss Gladys Mason, do Mrs Townsend, family and nurse, Waterloo, near Liverpool Mr and Mrs Morgan, Oxton, Birkenhead Miss J. Morgan, do