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--Cowlyd Water Supply Board.


Cowlyd Water Supply Board. At the Cowlyd Board's meeting on Friday, August 31st, the Chairman (Rev W. Venables- Williams) presided, and there were also present County-Alderman Thomas Parry, County-Coun- cillor John Porter, the Mayor of Conway (Coun- cillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.), Alder- men Hugh Hughes and Griffith Jones, Councillor John Hughes, and Messrs Hugh Davies, J. Cutts, and David Morris, and the Clerk (Mr T. E. Parry), and the Surveyor (Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E.) The Surveyor reported that the contractor was making very fair progress with the line of earthenware pipes from Dolgarrog to the lake, and, provided the fine weather continued, the line of pipes would be completed in about a fortnight as far as the temporary intake from the stream near the floodgate. The connection with the Colwyn Bay main at Sarn Mynach was complete, and the line of 3-inch temporary pipes over the Conway Suspension Bridge would be completed that day. The pipe-line would then be completed from Dolgarrog to Colwyn Bay, and the water could then be turned on to supply the district at any time the Board might think fit. The Chaiiman observed that the Board had at last arrived at a successful issue to the long con- sideration which they had given to this important scheme, and the question was, whether the Board would agree to the suggestion contained in the Surveyor's report, that the water should be turned on at Colwyn Bay that day. The formal opening of the scheme would have to be postponed until the large pipes were laid, when some prominent lady or gentleman could be invited to turn the main tap tor the whole of the district, and he thought also that it would be desirable to have the completion of the work further commemor- ated by a public luncheon at Conway, his object being that they should have it proclaimed far and wide that the district had one of the finest water- supply schemes in the whole of England and Wales. [Applause]. With regard to turning on the water on temporarily for Colwyn Bay, he read a letter from the Llandudno Improvement Com- missioners, stating that they were anxious to be relieved from supplying Dulyn water to the districts of the Board. It was, therefore, the Board's duty to relieve a neighbour of this res- ponsibility, and to turn the water on temporarily as suggested. Alderman Thomas Parry agreed that a day should be set apart to commemorate this, one of the best schemes of the kind in the whole country, but, as a resident of Colwyn Bay, he questioned the advisability of turning on the water that day. The Mayor of Conway explained that though the water might be turned on it would not be utilised for drinking purposes until the pipes had been thoroughly cleansed, while the Engineer stated that a week's flushing would be sufficient to clean the pipes. On Alderman Parry protesting against the Ion!? delay in laying the pipes across the bridge, the Surveyor submitted that the fault rested with the contractor for the bridge, who had failed to send the pipes down. The contractor was responsible for the maintenance of the pipes for twelve months, and it was not for him to dictate to the contractor, to which firm he was to go for theifl* He had done his utmost and exercised every energy to get the works completed, but it was no use getting the pipes on the bridge and then find- ing them useless. He had delayed putting down the temporary pipes as long as he could in the hope that the permanent ones would be forth- coming. Alderman Parry said that the ratepayers were strongly protesting at the delay. The Chairman considered that there should not be such wild talking, but that Mr Parry should propose a direct vote of censure upon the Sur- veyor for the delay, otherwise he should rule the discussion out of order. The Mayor thought it hard lines that a member should be called upon to move a vote of censure upon any official. All he had done was to ask » question. The Chairman A question was asked and an- swered, and then Mr Parry drifted into a discus- sion. Alderman Parry Don't you think you can frighten me in that way, Mr Chairman. The Chairman: I cannot allow a rambling discussion. Alderman Parry It is not so. The Chairman I rule it so. Alderman Parry Your ruling is not right. The Chairman Then you must get another chairman. Alderman Parry I am quite convinced I alfl doing my duty. The Chairman No one says you are not. Alderman Parry Then wiiy gag me. Councillor Porter observed that Mr Parry ^aS possibly only relieving himself. It would be un fortunate to proceed to such extremes as a vote of ceasure at a time when they were about cot11 pleting a grand scheme. e Alderman Hugh Hughes complained that the Board should be disappointed, meeting after meeting, with regard to the pipes in question. The Mayor moved that the Surveyor's expla11^ be accepted as satisfactory. Alderman Parry Satisfactory, indeed Councillor John Hughes seconded the with the addendum that the Surveyor be to proceed as quickly as possible. Eventually, alter further discussion, the moti°^ was withdrawn in favour of an amendment move'1 by Councillor Porter, and seconded by Aldermlfl Hugh Hughes, to the effect that the business Ó the Board be proceeded with. l' The Board passed the Surveyor's certificate fo, L500 for the contractor, and another LIOO W25 ordered to be paid on account to the Surveyor. The Chairman, the Mayor, and Aldn11at1 Thomas Perry, were appointed a sub-committee to select evidence for the Board's side in the ensuing arbitration, and were granted power sign a cheque for such sum (if any) as the Board arbitrator may decide to be requisite to be pal into court. A letter was read from the solicitor to the GIn; llifon estate, notifying that the agreement for t'1 transfer of three acres at Cowlyd Farm ready, and applying for a cheque for £210. n Alderman Hugh Hughes asked when the Cofl- tract would be completed up to the lake. The Surveyor I cannot say. Alderman Parry In two or three years time- rJ The Surveyor said that the weather had bee greatly against the contractor. The previa e week the men only made two days, and members of the authority who visited the la £ were convinced of the difficulties under which works were carried on. If the weather kept he hoped to see the completion of the vvor about the middle of next year. I was decided to celebrate the opening rtf public luncheon, and to ask the High Sheriff Carnarvonshire (the Hon. F. G. Wynne) to form the inaugural ceremony, it being remarle that in the negotiations for the acquisition of 1 < lake and land he had been fair, friendly* a liberal. It was decided to ask the High Sh^ to fix the day, the question of the place for luncheon was decided in favour of Conway* the Chairman's casting vote, Alderman pa;be moving, and Councillor Porter seconding j motion in favour of Colwyn Bay and Alderni Hughes moving, and the Mayor seconding'. 1 f amendment in favour of Conway. The g suggested that there might be two functions, ( first at Conway. t On the Chairman's motion, it was decided t the future meetings be held alternately at t Bay and Conway, the next meeting to be hel Conway. f It was decided to employ a man to look a the water intake. R y Alderman Parry said that at the Colwy11 Local Board's next meeting he was going at move to have a second opening ceremony Colwyn Bay. The Mayor I suggested that, and will CO too. hted. Alderman Parry You must come. [Laug f -1