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COLWYN BAY. SUNDAY SERVICES. Parish Church, Llandrillo.—Knglish Services 11 0 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Welsh Service, 9.30 arc. Mid-day Celebration of the Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday in the month. Rev W. Venables Williams, M.A. Oxon., Vicar Surrogate. Mr. Bernard, Organist. This interesting Old Church, built in the 13th century, is It mile from 2 Colwyn Bay, on the Llandudno Road. St. Paul's Church, Colwyn Bent.—All Seats are free. English Services: (Sundays) 8 a.m., Holy Com- munion 11 a.m., Service and Sermon 3.30 p.m., Litany (except on the last Sunday in the month, when there is a Children's Service at 3.0 p.m.) 7.0 p.m., Service and Sermon; Sunday School, 2.30 p.m. Welsh Services 10.0 a.m., Service and Sermon in Mission Room; Sunday School, 2.30 p.m.: 6.0 p m., Service and Sermon in Mission Room. (Week-days) Daily Services at 11.0 a.m and 7.0 p.m.; Holy Communion on Saints' Days, after the 11.0 a.m. Service, and on Thursdays. Sermon on Wednesday nights. Singing Practice on Friday nights at 7.30 p.m. Children's Meeting on Mondays at 6 p.m. The Clergy: The Rev Canon Roberts, B.A., Vicar. The Rev Meredith J. Hughes, F.R.H.S., and the Rev J. H. Astley, M.A., Curates. English Wesleyan-St..Tohn's,f'he Avenue.-Next Sunday: morning 11.0, evening 6.30, Rev. H. H. M'Cullagh, B.A., Colwyn Bay. Prayer meeting, morning 10.15. Sunday School, afternoon 2.30. Wednesday evening, 7.0., Rev H. H. M'Cullagh. English Presbyterian. — Next Sunday morning, 11.0.; evening, 6.30, Rev. Dr. Thain Davidson. Sunday School, afternoon 2.30. Monday evening, 6.15, Band of Hope. Wednesday week-evening- service, 7.0. Thursday evening, 7.0, Young People Bible Class; 7.45, Y. P. S Christian Endeavour. Rev Thain Davidson, D.D. English Congregatioital.-Mornitig, 11.0, evening 7.0. Sunday School, afternoon 2.30. Monday evening, 7.30, Christrian Rndeavour Society. Every Tuesday, 3.15, United Meeting for the promotion of Scriptural Holiness. Wednesday evening, 7.30. Rev Thomas Lloyd, Pastor. English Baptist Clhurch.-Next Sunday: morning, 11.0; evening, 6.30. All seats free. Rev. Isaac James, Llanfwrog. Sunday School, after- noon, 2 30. Wednesday evening, at 7.30, Prayer and Bible Reading; all are cordially invited, presided over by the Rev H. T. Cousins, F.R.G.S., Pastor. Society of Friends —Meeting for Worship, every First Day (Sunday) morning, at 1115, at a room in Central Buildings, facing Station Road, Coiwyn Bay. Open to the Public and Visitors. Congo Institute.- Divine Service*, Sunday, 11.0 a.m.; 2.30 p.m.; and 6.30 p.m. Tuesday evening, a Prayer Meeting at 7. Services will be conducted by the Director, one of the Tutors, or some other Minister, and occasionally some of the students will take part. Ail are cordially invited. Visiting hours for friends and visitors every week day, from 2.30 to 3 30. THE PUBLIC HALL.The Public Hall, since it has been in the hands of Mr Chaplin (caretaker), has commenced a very successful career, having had a decidedly propitious season so far, company after company on the boards, and the public enjoying the programmes which have been so frequently varied during the last few weeks. DR THAIN DAVIDSON'S FAREWELL SERMONS.— The Rev Thain Davidson, D.D., who has been conducting the services at the English Pres- byterian Church, during the past month, will preach for the last time during his present visit on Sunday next, September 2nd THE CONGO INSTITUTE GARDEN PARTY.—A tea and garden party was held within the grounds of the Congo Institute, on Thursday afternoon, August i6th, when there were about 250 persons present. Tea was served in the Schoolroom, the tables being presided over by the following ladies: —Mrs and Miss Griffiths, Elianus; Mrs Thompson, Liverpool; Mrs E. J. Davies, Salop House Mrs J. Roberts, Fern Bank; Mrs Brasted, Mount Clear, Colwyn Miss Jones, Ty Newydd and Miss Harris, Ellersdale. Assisting them were the Revs W. Hughes and E. J. Davies, and the Congo Students. An entertainment was held in the even- ing, when the following programme was gone through, very much appreciated :March. The spirit of the storm," Colwyn Brass Band solo, "The lost chord'" Miss Jennie Mansell; pianoforte solo, Mr Carl Melville solo, Ballingarer," Miss Connie Arden; tritone polka, Coiwyn Brass Band; song, Mr E. Colwynian Evans grand march, "Scipio," Colwyn Brass Band; solo, "Killarney," Miss Jennie Mansell pianoforte solo, Mr Carl Melville; solo, "The kissing bridge," Miss Connie Arden solo, "The song that reached my heart," Mr J. O. Davies sacred march, Colwyn Brass Band; song, "Let me like a soldier fall," Mr Llewelyn Jones (Old Colwyn); solo, Mr J. O. Davies chorus, Give a thought to Africa," The Student; finale, God save the Queen," The Band. The whole of the artistes displayed much skill in the realms of music, fully sustaining their previously well-merited acceptabilities. The pro- ceeds were in aid of the funds of the previously announced Bazaar te wipe off a £400 debt on the Congo Institute. THE BLUE BELL, RHOS.- The Blue Bell Hotel, Llandrillo yn Rhos, has been taken by Mr Joseph Robinson, who has recently retired from a long official career on the Great Northern Railway. He is well known to the public and to business men throughout the Noi thern District of that line, comprising Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Doncas- ter, owing to his former connection with the Superintendent's Department; and for the last 15 years he has had charge of the Central Station of the Great Northern Railway at Leeds. COLWYN BAY AND COLWYN SPORTS.—The hon. secretary (Mr Williams-Rees) is asked by the committee of the sports to express regret that they have been unable as yet to issue a balance sheet. The indisposition of the chairman through illness, the difficulty of getting the collecting books returned, and the apparent unwillingness of several firms to render their accounts for pay- ment, are the causes of delay. Up to the present. the expenditure has been £ 87 and the receipts (including LSo from gate-money, entries, and sale of programmes). ^96. The subscriptions thus, show up very poorly, and, as it is anticipated that another Lio will be required to leave the account on the right side, the committee urgently ask all 9 intending subscribers to kindly pay the amount to their Bankers (The National Provincial Bank of England, Colwyn Bay) as ea^ly as possible. As soon as ever practicable, the usual authenticated balance sheet will be published in our columns. GREAT NAUTICAL CATASTROPHES ON THE COLWYN BAY STAGE. -The wreck and foundering of the ocean greyhound White Star," and rescue of the shipwrecked voyagers, will be realistically represented OIl the stage at the Public Hall, next Wednesday and Thursday evenings, September 5th and 6th, by Miss Maggie Morton's renowned Organisation, the performances commencing at eight o'clock. SHAWLS MADE WHILE YOU WATCH.—A novel attraction has been added to the many already in Colwyn Bay, in the shape of the public exhibition of shawl-making, Mr E. H. Davies, Uxbridge House, having had erected in one of his windows a spinning-jenny of "ye olden tyme," and upon this shawls are made in view of the large crowds who throng in front of the window. We wish Mr Davies every success in this new enterprise. SPECIAL SESSIONS. COLWYN BAY, TUESDAY, AUGUST 28TH. -Before the Rev W. Vetiables-Williaiiis (chairman) and John Lewis, Esq. A WARNING. One David Edwards, a native of Northwicn, was brought up in custody, by P.C. Roberts (36), upon a charge of being drunk and disorderly on the previous evening, by the disorderly conduct including the insulting of a lady visitor. The prisoner was fined £ and costs, or, in default, three weeks hard labour. The Chairman warning the prisoner that if his class of people came to the town to insult the visitors, the Bench were determined to deal with them severely. COLWYN COI,WYN BAY POST OFFICE. The HEAD OFFICE is in Station Road. Hours of attendance:—For sale of Postage Stamps, Postal Orders, Payment of Postal and Money Orders, Sav- ings Bank, Annuity and Insurance Business, Issue of Licenses, from 7 a.m. to 8.45 p.m. Sundays, from 8 to 10 a.m. (for sale of Stamps and Registration of Letters only). DELIVERIES OF LETTERS AND PARCELS. 7 a.m. Letters. 7.30 a m. Parcels. 2 p.m. Letters and Parcels. 7 p.m. Letters and Parcels. a.m. DESPATCIIES.-WEE-& DAYS. 8.30 General (Letters and Parcels.) 1120 North Wales (Letters). 11.20 Manchester (Parcels). 11.50 General (Letters). Ireland. 11.50 Liverpool and Manchester, etc. p.m. 1.10 Llandu lno. 1.40 Chester and forward places (Letters and Parcels). 7.30 General despatch of Parcels. 8.35 Box cleared for the night mail (Letters). With id. stamp up to 8.45 p.m. SUNDAYS (Letters): Box cleared at 8 35 p.m. With extra td. stamp, 8.45 p.m. TELEGRAPH OFFICE. WEEK DAYS: From 8.0 a.m. to 9.0 p.m. SUNDAYS From 8 0 a.m. to 10.0 a.m. THE OXFORD LOCALS. The results of these examinations came out on Tuesday. So far as the Colwyn Bay Centre is concerned, they are as follows SENIORS (21 entered, 13 passed). FIRST CLASS HO.VORS. A. C. F. Osborn, Rydal Mount (9th), Excused Stated subjects at Responsions, Distinction in Arithmetic (2nd), Religious Knowledge, Mathematics (roth), Mechanics, and Hydrostatics (the only one). J. Harlow, Dinglewood (15th), Excused Stated subjects and also French at Responsions, Distinction in Religious Knowledge, English, Latin, and French. SECOND CLASS HONORS. W. W. Gibbs, Rvdal Mount (25th), Distinction in French. W. A. Melting, (36th), English, and Mathematics (14th). THIRD CLASS HONORS. S. Raby and P. W. Thompson, Rydal Mount. H, W. Sinclair, private tuition, Excused French at Respon- sions, Distinction in Religious Knowledge. PASS LIST. R. Remfry, Rydal Mount. E. J. Greenwood, Penrhos. B. A. Jones, Plas Menai, Upper Bangor. G. P. Williams, B. O. Rowlands, Mount House, Upper Bangor. E. M. Wilkinson, Coed Pella. Mr Osborn's second son (of whont-as son of a 10th and brother of an 8th Wrangler,—great things are naturally expected) it will be seen gets this year into the first class, and is very well placed, too. Harlow, whose brilliant achievements last year as a junior made him so conspicuous at the Prize-giving, this year keeps up his reputation and more,—at his first try at the Senior Exam taking a good place in the first class. JUNIORS (54 entered, 37 passed). FIRST CLASS HONORS. M. G. Sykes, Rydal Mount (27th), Distinction in Arithmetic (toth), English, and Mathematics. A. Marsden, Rydal Mount (33rd), Distinction in Arithmetic, Latin, and Mathematics. H. M. Osborn, Penrhos (40th), Distinction in English (13th). SECOND CLASS HONORS. E. S. Waterhouse, Rydal Mount (19th). A. F. Martin, (35th). K. S. Lord, Penrhos (82nd). F. Smith, (122nd). H. R. H. Bowkiey, Dinglewood (137th). P. E. Batty, (138th)-! All with Distinction in English. THIRD CLASS HONORS. H. Bedford. E. 13 roxap. G. H. Meek (Distinction in English). R. S. Rahy. All of Rydal Mount. S. Gibbs, Penrhos (Distinction in English). PASS LIST. Edgar Battersby. Ernest Battersby. O. B. Edwards. R. E. J. Edwards. F. Jefferies (Distinction in English). R. Moore A. Robinson. All of Dinglewood. H. Crook (Distinction in English). F W. Gatenbv Arithmetic). W. G. Johnson. G. C. Sawday. All of Rydal Mount. D. L. Jones, Llandudno Collegiate. W. G. Jones, St. Asaph Grammar School. H. A. Arrowsmith, Miss Everett's. I. E. Bowkley, A. E. Macaulay, private tuition. A. Mather (Distinction in English), The Firs, Ceitim36' Anglesea. E. R,botto,,i, "r E. M. Price (Distinction in French), Pia" Menai, Vppe Bangor. F. Rothwell, Coed Pella. A feature of the Junior List, is the position tako" by some of the girl candidates. Thus, N.,r Osborn's third daughter takes 1St Class HonO"" and is by far the highest junior girl candidate in th country Dr Lord's sister and Miss F. Smith, ;it^ both placed in the Second Class Honors List, a" another Penrhos girl takes 3rd Class Honors. TIME OF FISHING AT THE ROYAL FISHERY. August, 1894. a.m. p.rrt- Friday 31 — 3.38 September. Saturday 1 — 4.23 Monday 3 — 5.3^ Tuesday 4 — 6.3° Wednesday 5 — 7.4.1 Thursday 6 8.30 9.0 Friday 7 9.30 Saturday 8 Cannot draw being neap tides. J. L. PARKY-EVANS-