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Colwyn Bay Lawn Tennis Club.




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DIRECTORY AND LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in this List, but Residents and Visitors can greatly assist us in this matter by sending direct to our Offices (8, Station Road, Colwyn Bay, and Rose Hill Street, Conway), as early as possible, any Arrivals, Removals, Departures, or Altera- tions desired, for which no charge is made. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, Proprietor). Mr and Mrs Meade-King-, West Derby Miss Meade-King, do R. R. Meade-Kine:, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Sternberg, family and maid, Manchester Mr and Mrs Knight, Newcastle- under-Lyne Dr and Mrs Tawse Nisbet, Liverpool T. W. Bone, Esq, Fiixton T. W. Bone, Esq, junr, do W. P. Drabble, Esq, Northenden Fraulin Lina Nachod, Leipzig Miss Suffield, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Braddyll, Liverpool Joseph Galloway, Esq, Monktown, County Dublin Miss M. C. Galloway, do J. W. Galloway. Esq, do Mrs James Sidney Peck, Milwaukee U.S.A. Miss Katherine Peck, do Mrs Griffiths, London Miss Moline, do The Rev W. and Mrs Cockin, Dur- ham Mr and Mrs Radford, Manchester Mr and Mrs Schneider, do Child and maid, do Mr and Mrs King, Sydenham, S.E. Poche, Esq, and friend, Bettws-y- coed Miss Wolff and maid, London Miss Barron, do Miss G. Barron, do Mr and Mrs Barron, do Mr and Mrs Halliday, child, and maid, Harrow The Misses Halliday and maid, do The Messrs Halliday, do Mrs Sneade Brown and maid, London Miss Hill and maid, do Mr and Mrs Janson, do The Misses Janson, do The Messrs Janson, do Mr and Mrs Norman Watney, Westerham Mr and Mrs Enthoven and maid, Harrow Mr and Mrs H. Enthoven, do The Misses Enthoven and maid, do Enthoven, Esq, do The Misses Wallis, Reading Mr and Mrs H. W. Burrows, Green- hithe Mr and Mrs H. H. Stavely, Driffield Mr and Mrs Chas Jones, Rossett Captain and Mrs Proctor, Darlaston Mrs Robinson, Ilfracombe Miss Dorothy Lee, do Mr and Mrs R. W. Beard, Lynn Mr and Mrs Arthur Sturt, family and maid, Shortlands Mr and Mrs Chadwick, Cheltenham Mrs E. Beck, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Williams, Derby COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). Mrs Pennington Poynter and maid, Bath Mrs Southam Howard, do W. B. Graham, Esq and maid, Leicester G. Steeds, Esq, do Rev James L. Cheshire, Wribbenhall Vicarage, Beweldy Miss Chesshire, Rotten Park, Bir- mingham L. C. K. Chesshire, Esq, Battenhall, Worcester C. B. Chesshire, Esq, do S. R. Masser, Esq, Coventry Mrs Masser, do B. R. Masser, Esq, do Miss Mabel Camwell, Walsall C. E. Oi ton, Esq, Coventry C. Pendlebury, Esq, London Mrs Pendlebury, do C. S. Thomas, Esq, Oswestry W. R. Kirkham, Esq, Stoke-on- Trent Dr T. A. Kennedy, Freshfield W. Hulbert, Esq, Richmond, Surrey Thomas Evans, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Evans, do C. Stuart Varcoe, Esq, Blyth Bridge E. H. Powell, Esq, Basford Charles Romer, Esq, London Mrs Romer, do E. Young, Esq, Chester W. E. Piercy, Esq, S.oke-upon- Trent G. S. Eunson, Esq, Northampton Mrs Eunson, do G. P. Steeds, Esq, Thurnby Grange, near Leicester Mrs Steeds, do Miss Steeds and maid, do W. Lamb, Esq, Birkdale Miss Lamb, do C. P. V. Pointing, Esq and party, Marlborough A. E. Starkey, Esq, Edgbaston Starkey, Esq, do A. Henry Hal se, Esq, Moseley Henry J. Osborne, Esq, Shifnal, Salop W. H. Forgertv, Esq, Limerick Mrs Forgerty. do Underwood, Esq, Hereford Richard Cresswell, Esq, London Mrs Cresswell, do S. Edwards, Esq, Newcastle Mrs Edwards, do Miss Edwards, do Miss Ethel Edwards, do Miss Mabel Edwards, do Master T. Edwards, do Miss Deakin, do Mr and Mrs Forshaw, Liverpool John Davies, Esq, Denbigh W. B. Waterhouse, Esq, Liverpool Miss Groves, London H. Prior, Esq, Sharesbrook Mrs Llovd, London Miss Lloyd, do T. G. Archer, Esq, and friend, King's Lynn J. F. Rogers, Esq, Sevenoaks Mrs Rogers, do Miss Margaret Rogers, do F. Rogers, Esq, do IMPERIAL HOTEL. (Mrs Lowe, Proprietress). CENTRAL HOTEL. (Miss Robinson, Proprietress). HYDROPATHIC. Mrs Friedlander, Wiesbaden Mr and Mrs Devis, do Miss and Master Devis, do Miss Dupins, do M. Finnigan, Esq, Manchester Mrs Finnigan, do Mr W. Finnigan, do Mr H. Finnigan, do Master B. Finnigan, do Master V. Finnigan, do Master J. Finnigan, do Baby and maid, do Miss Finnigan, do Master F. Finnigan, do Mr and Mrs Lendrum, Huddersfield Miss Lendrum, do Dr and Mrs Reynolds, Dublin Miss Reynolds, do Mr A. Reynolds, do T. H. Lawson, Esq, Clifton Mr Lawson, do Miss Lawson, do Mr and Mrs Watkin, Woolwich Miss Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Miss Watkin, do Mr Watkin, do Master WTatkin, do Mrs Knight, HeaciitigIN, Miss Knight, do Miss Pettitjrew, do Mrs Sworder, Keswick Master Sworder, do Master Sworder, do Master Smyth, do F. Hampson, Esq, Manchester Miss Hampson, do Mr Boosey, Folkstone Master Boosey, do Mr and Mrs Gordon, Enniscorthy, Ireland Miss Watten, Ludlow Miss Stewart, do Mr and Mrs Morrison, Ipswich Master Morrison, do Mr Lidgeli, Cardiff MOON'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Miss Stevens.Manageress). CHESTNUTS PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr J. M. Taylor, Proprietor.) B. Davies, Esq, London Miss Davies, do Rev E. E. Law, Uppingham Miss Rankilor, Birmingham Miss Foley, London Miss C. Folev, do Miss Hind, do Miss Price Birmingham Miss Talton-Groves, Otley Miss C. Rickards, do G. H. Price, Esq, Croydon Mrs Price, do R. Reissman, Esq, London Mrs Reissman, do P. Reissman, Esq, do E. Reissman, Esq, do W. J. Johnston, Esq, New York, U. S. A. Mrs Johnston, do W. Kennedy, Esq, Portadown Mrs Kennedy, do Mrs Benedict-Jones, Bangor Miss Benedict-Jones, do J. Massey. Esq, Burton-on-Trent Miss Massev, do Miss Ethel G. Taylor, Moseley F. Collier, Esq, Hereford BELLE VUE—LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr G. J. Lockyer, Proprietor). Paul Connolly, Esq, South Kensing- ton, London Mrs Connoly, do Mr and Mrs McEntee, Sydenham, Kent Mr Jack McEntee, do Mr Graham, South Kensington, London Miss Shaw, Manchester Miss Lilian Shaw, do Miss Johnson, do Mrs and Miss Worth, Reg-mount Gardens, London Mr J. Erskine, Ryde, Isle of Wight Miss Maud Erskine, do Miss Horton, do Mrs Stevens, Bedford Park, London Miss G. Stevens, do Miss Vincent, Moseley, Birmingham Miss Kathleen Vincent, do Mr and Mrs Read, Lincoln Mr Riley, London Rev Bracebridge-Hall, Weddington Rectory, Nuneaton Mr A. Bracebridge-Hall, do Miss Clarke, Huntington Miss Nellie Clarke, do Miss Gaibrailh, Malvern Mrs and Miss Bastable, St John's Wood Road, London CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL M rs C. Robinson. Mrs Wilders, Edgbaston Mr Leslie N. L. Wilders, do The Misses Thomason, Kensington Mr L. R. Strangewavs, Edgbaston Mrs Strangeways and family, do Sleddon, Esq, Hoylake Misses Barnes (3), Bury Mr Oscar B. Hill, Manchester PENSION EDELWEISS. (Misses Retemeyer). Miss Foster, Edgbaston Miss Gray, Via Porta Pinciana, Rome Miss Nonhebel, Utrecht, Holland Miss J. J. Van Toorenenbergen, Apeldoorn, Holland Mrs Urquhart, Lansdowne House, Bedford The Misses Urquhart, do Miss Barton, New Ferry, Cheshire Miss Elink, Schuurman, Utrecht, Holland Miss M. Elink Schuurman, Rotter- dam, Holland Mrs Carr, Sheffield Miss Roth, London F. Manton, Esq, Edgbaston "HOME FROM HOME."—THE DINGLE. (Mrs Brackstone, Proprietress). Station Road. Uxbridge house, Shop-Mr E. H. Davies, draper London House- Mr J. O. Jones, draper Moon's Hotel-Miss Stevens 6 & 7, Staffordsh ire House, Shop— Mr D. Allen, Glass and China Warehouse & Cabinet Maker House—Mrs Allen 8, Shop-Messrs R. E. Jones'& Bros, Weekly Neivs and Visitor's Chronicle Office, Stationers, Newsagents, &c. House-Statia's Haircutting Saloon Roumania House—Messrs Lewis & Thompson, drapers Dick's Boot and Shoe Warehouse Office-Mr Percy Hignett, solicitor Metropolitan Bank—Mr Hughes 12, Talhaiarn House Shop-Mr J. Williams, Boot and Shoe Ware- house House—Mrs Williams 13, Shop- Jackson, draper House—Mrs Jackson (private) Cumberland Stores-Mr W. Littler, grocer Central Buildings-Messrs J. Jones and Sons, butchers 16—Mr Wm. Owen, ironmonger House—Mr Davies, billposter Offices-Mr J. W. Richards, solicitor, and Messrs J. E. Roberts & Co., auctioneers Wellington Hotiiie-Misses Noden, confectioners Shop-Mr Horobin, fancy goods dealer -Mr E. Juby, fishmonger Central Hotel-Miss A. Robinson -I I, Queen's Buildings, Shop-Messrs W. Williams and Co., grocers House (Cheltenham House)—Miss Williams Mr and Mrs Swain and family, Rochdale Rev J. Evans, Whitworth Master Charles Evans, do Master John Evans, do Mr and Mrs Oldfield, do Miss Oldfield, do 2, Queen's Buildings-Mr W. S. Williams drapers 3, Queen's, Buildings, Shop—Mr Adamson, chemist and druggist Mr and Mrs Blackburn, Hull Mrs Robertson, Sheffield Miss Robertson, do Master Robertson, do Mrs Brooke Clarke, Southport Miss Brooke Clarke, do H ouse—Mrs Adamson Yarmouth House—Mr Arundaie, fishmonger Post Office—Mr Jones, postmaster House—Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Chalmers, London Mr and Mrs Rickworth and family, Yorkshire Mr and Mrs Tabbot and family, Liverpool Kronos House—Messrs Merridew & Co., watch & cycle manufacturers House—Mrs Merridew Burlington Arcade—Mr Homan 8, Queen's Buildings—Mr J. Dicken, furnishing warehouse Municipal Building-s- Officf's- Messrs Wm. Jones and Porter, solicitors National Provincial Bank of England, Limited. Colwyn Bay and Pwllyerochan Estate Office-Mr T. M. Porter, agent. Messrs Booth, Chadwick, and Porter, surveyors Imperial Hotel-Mrs Lowe Penrhyn Road. Penrhyn Temperance Hotel-Mrs Roberts Hawarden Road. Malvern villa- Miss Thomas Mr and Mrs Arthur Barnesby, Derby Master Jack Barnesby, do Mrs Booth, do Rev IX. Martin, M.A., St. Chad's Vicarage, Derby Mrs Martin, do Mr C. B. Martin, do Mr W. N. Martin, do Miss Martin, do Miss Lathburv, Sheffield Miss E. Lathbury, do Mr Cleland, Walsall Master Cleland, do Misses Cleland (3), do Craig-lands-Miss Campbell Mr and Mrs Hartley, family and maid, Birmingham Miss Phillips, do Miss Tilley, do James Kinghorn, Esq, Liverpool Miss Kinghorn, do James Kinghorn (junr.), do Miss Middleton, Dublin Barrowfield-Mrs Hirst Mrs McPhail and family, Liverpool Misses Goold, Rothesay Hazels-Miss Jones Mr and Mrs Sambridge, Birming- ham Master Sambridge, do Mr and Mrs Haden and 3 children, do Misses Haden (2), do Miss Walker, do Mrs Walker, do Mr H. D. W. Marriott, Bowden Mr James Baker, do Miss Eckersley, Atherton, Man- chester Miss Leach, Rochdale Miss Ogden, do Alleiidale-Nlrs Ellis W. B. Leane, Esq Mrs Henstock and family, Edge Hill, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Bradbury, family and maid, Oldham Bodenyd—Mrs O'Neill (private) Herbertdale—Miss Roberts Mr and Mrs Wickham and family, Clifton, Manchester Mrs Cheetham, Wellingborough Mrs Morse, Belgrave, Leicester Miss Hobson, Huddersfield Miss Brook, do Masters Brook, do Silverdale-Miss Ankers Mrs Mason, Manchester Miss Gladys Mason, do Mrs Townsend, family and nurse, Waterloo, near Liverpool Mrs While, Acock's Green, Binning.ham Miss Flo While, do Highgate—Mrs Thompson Mr Woodhead, Halifax Misses Woodhead, do Selby Villa-Miss Lloyd Mrs Thorborn, Malvern Miss Thorborn, do Miss B. Thorborn, do Mrs Davies, Wrexham Mrs E. Davies, do Miss N. Roberts, do Rev J. W. Jones, Manchester Buxton House-Mr Ritchie (private) Newton Villa-Miss Hughes Col. Galloway, Paddington, London, W. Mrs Galloway, do Col. Simpson, do Mr H. Galloway, do Mr R. Galloway, do Gorph wysfa— Mrs and Miss Allen, Radcliffe, Manchester Mr and Mrs T. Blakley and family, do Mr and Mrs C. Sawkins Burgess and family, Warrington Danesbury—Mr T. E. Roberts, Plumber, &c. House—Mrs Roberts Misses Walker, Liverpool Masters Walker, do Elle,rstie-Mi-s Owen and Williams Misses Chilcott, Kensington, London Mr Chillcott, do Rev Vyrnwy Morgan, Stockwell, London Mrs Morgan, do Miss Dora Morgan, do Master Parker Morgan, do .Gloucester House—-Mrs Billingham Mr and Mrs Charles Bickmore and family, Oxford Mrs Robertson & family, London The Grove—Mrs Mason Mr and Mrs Flynn Stretford ViJla-Mrs Hulme Mr & Mrs Whitehead, Todmorden Mr Bostock, Wolstanton, Stoke Mrs and Master TunnicJiff, do Wynnstay Road. Bessborough house-Miss Eardley Master Wilson, Cheetham, Man- chester Master Albert Wilson, do Master A. Wilson, do Master W. Wilson, do Mrs Conway, Manchester Mr Tweedale, do Mr and Mrs Worthington, Burton- on-Trent Ty'ntwll villa-Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Harries, family and maid, Edgbaston Mrs Wall and maid, Leamington Miss Wall, do Masters Wall, do Mr John Newey, Hartborne Grosvenor house—Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Cephas Butler and family, Edgbaston, Birmingham Mrs Lucas and family, The Rec- tory, Dublin Bryn—Dr M. Venabies-Williams Wynncote—Miss Bailey C. O. Gassett, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Gassett, children and maid,do Miss Evans, Moseley Mrs Flayey, Leamington Mr and Mrs Hawkesford, Bir- mingham Miss Alford, Sussex Ben Nevis—Mrs Niven Mr and Mrs Joyce and party, Dublin Mr and Mrs Clarke, London Ben Lomond—Mrs M. J. Jordan Miss Jackson, Southport Miss Constance Jackson, do Mrs Reynolds, senr., Harrogate Miss Mabel Reynolds, do Master Percy Reynolds, do Mrs H. G. Barchard, 2 children and 2 maids, Manchester FalloNNfield-Nii-s Richardson Miss Stephens, Rathgae, Dublin Miss Hewitt, do Mr and Mrs Pagan-Lowe, Circus Bath Mrs and Miss Ding', Barton Delaware villa—Misses Hughe and Bartlev Miss Davies Miss L. A. Bartlev, Molcl Mr and Mrs J. D. Rowland, family and maid, Mold Bronhyfrvd— Mrs Thomas Slator, Esq, Burton-on-Trent Mrs Slator and family, do Mr A. Haywood, Coventry Mrs A. Haywood, do Miss Kathleen Haywood, do Mayfield—Miss Dennis Dr Carter, Potter Newton, Leeds Mrs Carter and family and 2 maids, do Eccles houe-Mi.,s Ba,e,-nan Mrs Hives, Newport, Pagnel Master Hives, do Misses Hives, do Miss Clissold, do Mr John Hives, London Mrs Shaeffer, Bishop, Stortford Mrs Ellison, West Kirbv Mr Stanley Ellison, do Miss Ellison, do Miss M. J. Ellison, do Broughton villa—Mrs Maclean Mr and Mrs Brunton and family Formby Dr Kennedy, Freshfield, Livepool Mrs Kennedy, do Miss Kennedy, do Mr and Mrs Brown, Wig-an Miss Brown, do Mr C. Brown, London Mr and Mrs Wright and family, Oldham Somerset Boarding House-Misses Wright Mrs Mosford, Tranmere Miss Mosford, do Miss Marshall, Taunton Master Edric Wolselev, Wolselev Staffs. Master Willie Wolseley, do Miss Power, do Mrs Bayley, Coventry Mrs Hodson, do Miss Orchard, Bristol Mrs Bray, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Lennox, Birkenhead Miss Krisch, Birmingham Tranmore—Mrs Haram Mr and Mrs Parker, family and nurse, Birmingham Mr & Mrs Bennion, Handsworth,do Miss Woodward, do Moat Mount—Miss Jones Mr Wood, Manchester Miss Wood, do Miss Edith Wood, do Miss Ada Wood, do Miss Bentley and maids, do Mr and Mrs Harries family and maid, Liverpool Master R. N. Thomas, Llanllechid Morden—Mrs Clarke Mr Robert Knox, Broomhill, Londonderry Miss Knox, do Miss Pollock, do Miss C. Penn, Redhill, Surrey Miss E. Penn, do Mr and Mrs Edridge, Wolver- hampton Misses E. and A. Edridge, do Bodcilan-Mrs H. Roberts Mr and Miss Walker, Stoke-on- Tren t Celyn house— Mr Noar and family, Eccles Mr and Mrs Fish, do Misses Burgess (3), Liverpool Miss Wilson, Ramsey, Isle of Man Kersal villa-Mrs J. Parry Mr Wratislaw, Reigate Misses Wratislaw (2), do Mrs Kniyht, Reigate Mr and Mrs Glendining, family and nurse, Huddersfield Gwersylit-Misses Upton and Lowe James Allen, Esq, Burton-on- Trent Fred Allen, Esq, B.A., do Mrs and Misses Allen (2), do William Sharpe, Esq, Barton- under-need wood Mrs Sharpe, do Miss and Master Sharpe, do Miss Bramhall, do Frankton villa—Mrs Dunning Miss Ridley, Clifton Misses Ridley (4), Kidderminster H. Ridley, London Mr and Mrs Halrord, 2 children and friend, Liscard Holmedale-Miss Moss Rev Cooper, Stockport Miss Cooper, do Mrs Wormald and family, Halifax Mrs Herbert Smith, Worct sict Mass. U.S.A. Mostyn Road. Dalefield-Mrs Atkinson Captain Sankey, Wimbledon Mrs Sankey, family and nurse, Borthwick, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Borthwick and family, do Longford—Miss Preston and M s McKeever Mrs Haarbleicher, Didsburv. Manchester Miss Haarbleicher, do Miss Wriglev, do Mrs Heaps, Manchester Miss Heaps, do Master H. Heaps, do Master A. Heaps, do Mrs Simminster and family. Levenshulme Misses Pettinger, Newton Heath Ikorana Boarding House — Mi-. Wright Mrs Kay, Toronto Miss Kay, do Frank Kay, Esq, do Miss Rea, London Miss Jamieson, Leicester Miss Lake, Kent H. Jamieson, Esq, London Mrs Lander, Oxton Mr Lander, do Mrs Splatt, Liverpool Miss E. Splatt, do Mrs Dyson, Bradford Miss Wallbank, do