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DIRECTORY AND LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in this List, but Residents and Visitors can greatly assist us in this matter by sending direct to our Offices (8, Station Road, Colwyn Bay, and Rose Hill Street, Conway), as early as possible, any Arrivals, Removals, Departures, or Altera- tions desired, for which no charge is made. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, Proprietor). Dr T. Openheim, Berlin Mrs Openheim and family, do Miss K. Dyer, do Mr and Mrs R. Taylor, baby and nurse, Leicester Miss Turner, do Mr and Mrs Arnhold, family, gover- ness, and maid, Berlin A. C. White, Esq, and servant, Cheltenham Miss Wolff and maid, London Miss Ethel Wolff, do Mr and Mrs Mellor, Rochdale Miss Barron, London Miss G. Barron, do Mrs Hillet, do Mr and Mrs Halliday, child and maid, Harrow The Misses Halliday and maid, do Messrs Halliday, do Rev M. Rodgers, D.D., St Andrew's Fife Mrs Rodgers, do Miss H. Jackson, Southport Mr and Mrs C. W. Hazlehurst, family and maidj Liverpool Mi-s Sneade Brown and maid,London Miss Hill and maid, do Rev F. W. Macdonald, do John S. Frangopulo, Esq, Liverpool Andrew Fachiri, Esq, do Anthony Fachiri, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Janson, London The Misses Janson, do The Messrs Janson, do Mr and Mrs E. H. Gorst, Liverpool Mr and Mrs C. Arthur Pearson, London David Dows, Esq, New York Norman Watney, Esq, Westerham Mr and Mrs Val Smith, Liverpool Miss Higginson, Monton Ivan Levinstein, Esq, Fallowfield The Messrs Levinstein, do Mr and Mrs Enthoven and maid, Harrow The Misses Enthoven and maid, do The Messrs Enthoven, do The Misses Wallis, Reading Mr and Mrs Burrows, Greenhill COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). Mrs Pennington Poynter and maid, Bath Mrs Southam Howard, do Mr and Mrs Schilizzi, Manchester Dr Moffett, Queen's College, Galway Mrs Moffett, do John Moseley, Esq, Walsall Mrs Moseley, do Mr and Mrs Galloway, Liverpool R. E. Meredith, Esq, Dublin Mrs Meredith, do S. J. Stephenson, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Stephenson, do J. A. C. Nonhebel, Esq, Rio de Janeiro S. Moss, Esq, Rossett, S.O. F. W. Brampton, Esq, Sutton, Cold field Miss Brampton, do Frank Moss, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Moss, do F. W. Pim, Esq, Dublin H. E. B. Greene, Esq, Liverpool A. Bowring, Esq, do H. J. C. Winterton, Esq, Lichfield W. Black, Esq, Bowdon, Cheshire Miss Black, do H. G. Ford, Esq, Clifton C. Haskins, Esq, Eastbourne S. Harley, Esq. Hull Miss Higson, Plas Madoc, Llanrwst Miss Williams, do Hugh Rowland, Esq, Manchester C. G. Dean, Esq, Northwich Miss T. Dean, do L. J. Mackenzie, Esq, Liverpool W. A. L. Gorst, Esq, do Norman Hill, Esq, Coventry J. H. Cooke, Esq, Winsford F. Litchfield, Esq, Liverpool F. L. Cooke, Esq, Crewe J. Downing, Esq, Dublin Cecil Hill, Esq, Coventry E. J. Timperlake, Esq, Worsley Miss Timperlake, do A. E. Timperlake, Esq, do Rev James B. Sayer, Prenton, Birkenhead Mrs Sayer, do R. Creswell, Esq, London Mrs Cresswell, do M. W. W. Perrett, Esq, Clifton E. M. Jones, Esq, do Mrs Booth, Lincoln Mr and Mrs Hardy, Knutsford Master Hardy, do Miss Harley, do W. B. Collis, Esq, Stourbridge Mrs Collis, do G. C. Collis, Esq, do W. Ewing, E..q, Belfast Mrs Ewing, do John Baldwyn, Esq, Gloucester J. V. Smith, Esq, London CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL Mrs C. Robinson. J. H. Farrar, Esq, White Holme, Hoylake Mr and Mrs T. Chadwick, Heaton Chapel Miss Chadwick, do Masters Chadwick (2), do Baton, Esq, London Miss Baton, do Mrs Hunt, do Mrs and Miss Macouney, Southport Mrs Wilders, Edgbaston, Birming- ham Mr Wilders, do Mr and Mrs Brooke, baby and nurse, Huddersfield — Stedon, Esq, Hoylake Mr Strangeways, Edgbaston Misses Thomason, London BELLE VUE-LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr G. J. Lockyer, Proprietor). Paul Connolly, Esq, South Ken- sington, London Mrs Connolly, do Miss Elmes, do Mr and Miss Shakespeare, Yardley, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Worth, Rigmount gardens, London Mr and Mrs Turner, Moseley, Bir- mingham Miss Turner, do Miss Jessie Turner, do Mr and Mrs Ingledew, West Hamp- stead, London A. Uhle, Esq, Manchester Misses Prichard and Phillips, London R. V. Bealtie, Esq, Birmingham Rev J. P. H. Clark, Oakley crescent, London Miss Clarke, Huntingdon Miss Ullie Clarke, do Miss Winnall, Leominster Miss Marris, do Mr and Mrs McEnlee, Sydenham, Kent Master Jack McEnlee, do Messrs Worthington (2), Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent M. Walton, Esq, Wednesbury Oakley, Esq, do Mrs and Miss Vincent, Harold house, Moseley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Dodgson, South Ken- sington, London CENTRAL HOTEL. (Miss Robinson, Proprietress). A. F. Hanbury, Esq, Worcester F. G. Acton, Esq, do Miss Robinson, Leeds R. Anderton, Esq, Warrington T. Boezvvitz, Esq, W.R.C.C. H. Chaffers, Esq, W.R.C.C., Waterloo HYDROPATHIC. Mr and Mrs Abraham, Birmingham Master Abraham and maid, do Mr and Mrs Davis, do Master Davis, baby and maid, do Mrs Friedlaender, Wiesbaden, Ger- many Mr and Mrs Devis, do Master Devis, do Miss Devis, do Miss Dupins, do Mr and Mrs Finnigan, Manchester Mr W. Finnigan, do Mr H. Finnigan, do Master B. Finnigan, do Master V. Finnigan, do Master J. Finnigan, baby and maid, do Miss Finnigan, do Master F. Finnigan, do Dr and Mrs Reynolds, Dublin Miss Reynolds, do Miss Reynolds, do Dr and Mrs Larder, London Miss Grigg, do Mrs and Miss Whitfield, Birmingh'm Mr Whitfield, do T. H. Lawson, Esq,' Clifton Mr and Miss Lawson, do E. Taylor, Esq, Liverpool Miss Taylor, do Miss Taylor, Manchester Miss Barrows, do H. Lange, Esq, do J. Davies, Esq, Birmingham Miss Frankland, Seacombe Mr and Mrs Coldwell, Dublin Master Coldwell, do Master A. Coldwell, do Miss Coldwell, do Mrs Hammerton, Coventry Miss Hammerton, do Miss L. Hammerton, do Mr and Mrs Sendrum, Huddersfield Miss Sendrum, do G. H. Cottan, Esq, Hanley Miss Cottan, do C. S. Thomas, Esq, Oswestry CHESTN JTS PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr J. M. Taylor, Proprietor.) B Davies, Esq, London Miss Davies, do Miss Allen, Walsall Miss Bebb, do Mrs and Miss Hood, Birmingham J. Chapman, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Chapman, do E. Guermont, Esq, do Miss Reeve, do H. H. Monckton, Esq, Birmingham W. L. Monkton, Esq, Wolverhampton H. H. Lloyd, Esq, do R. G. Weston, Esq, London J. F. Hewitt, Esq, Burslem Miss Dain, do S. Hewitt, Esq, York Miss Hewitt, do Rev E. E. Law, Uppingham Miss Rankilor, Birmingham Miss Foley, London Miss M. Folley, do Miss Taylor, Moseley Miss Dora Taylor, do "HOME FROM HOME,THE DINGLE. (Mrs Brackstone, Proprietress). Miss Daniels, Manchester Misses Atkinson (2), do Miss Turner, do Miss Little, do Miss Tobin, Liverpool Miss Marks, do Miss Anderson, Manchester Mr Anderson, do Mr Capsey, Birmingham Mr J. Capsey, do Misses Capsey (2), do Mr D. Bell, do Miss Bell, do Miss Fletcher, do Misses Cripwell (2), do Miss Slass, do Mr Slass, do Mr Maddock, Manchester Mrs Carherry, do Miss Carberry, do Mr Carberry, do Master Carberry, do Misses McCoy (2), Liverpool Miss Gilchrist, Lr), don Misses McCartney (3), Belfast Mrs Edmonds, London Miss Edmonds, do Miss O'Donoghu, Dublin Miss Mannion, do Miss Hackney, Manchester Mr Bell, Birmingham Mr E Baldwin, London Mr Moore, do Mr Greaves, do Misses Greaves (2), do Miss Lane, do Mrs hombury, Kidderminster Mr Wood, Leeds Misses Chadderton, do Miss Meldrum, do Mr Tom Williams, Liverpool Miss Williams, do Mrs George Williams, do Master Stanley Williams, do Master Balfour Williams, do Master Williams, do Misses Ranstead (2), Egremont Miss Brown, Manchester MisseslvVaterhause (2), Bradford Miss Slade, Seacombe Mr Slade, do Miss Mitchell, London Miss Mitchell, .do Miss Couzens, do Misses Peake (4), Birmingham Mr Herbert Baldwin, London Misses Walton (2), Manchester Miss Brodie, London Miss O'Connell, Manchester Miss Roberts, do Mr Williams, Queen's Gate, London Mr E. R. Williams, Liverpool Mr Wynne, do Mr J. Kirkpatrick, do Mr Garman, Birmingham Mr J. R. Garman, do Master Garman, do Sister Katie (Deaconess), Dublin Miss Mumford, Dublin Captain Platton, London Miss Ainsworth, Buxton Mr Firth, Bradford Mis Child, do Miss Firth, do Mr Stansfield, do Mr and Mrs Clarke, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Mowbray, Manchester Miss Longhand, Waterloo Mr Eaton, Stone, Staffs Miss Hinley, do Misses Cartwright (2), do Miss Poynton, do Miss Sharpe, do Mr Wharton, Liverpool Misses Brennan (2), Dublin Miss Hodgson, Liverpool Mr Walton, Leeds Mr Vene do Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, Grantham Miss Bamacle, do Mr Andrew, (junr.), Co. Durham Mrs Andrew, do Miss Joplin, do Air Anderson (junr.), Manchester Miss Faulkner, do Miss Brazn, do Miss Stott, Manchester Miss Dobbs. do Mrs Gibbs, Liverpool Misses Gibbs (2), do Miss Clark, do Miss Halstead, Irlams'o'th'Height Misses Brookes (3), Manchester Misses Coates (4), do Mr Ackerley Mr Ellison, Manchester Mr Abram, do Mr and Mrs Cooper, London Mr Armour Misses Baker (2), Liverpool Mr and Mrs Oldham, Manchester Miss Grindrod, Liverpool Miss Pilling, Manchester Miss Buckley, do Miss Swindly, do Miss Goddard, do Miss L. Goddard, do Miss Woodruffe, do Miss G. Cartwright, do Mr Stony, do Mr Rhind, do Miss Tomkinson, do Mr Mosby, Derby Miss Clarke, do Miss Hale, Liverpool Miss Lee, do Miss Foden, do Miss Cutton Miss Cave Miss Reece, Manchester Miss S. Reece, do Mr Reece, do Mr Barker, do Miss Parrott, Birmingham Miss Jones, Manchester Miss C. Jones, do Misses Biggs, London Mr Andrew PENSION EDELWEISS. (Misses Retemeyer). Miss Foster, Edgbaston Mrs Freyer, Howth, Dublin Miss Montyn, Utrecht, Holland Miss Hopkins, Boston, Mass, U.S.A. Miss Marie Gray, via Porta Pinciana Rome Miss Robbins, Arlington, Mass, U.S.A. Miss Carra Robbins, do Miss Lloyd, Belfield, Oxton, Bir- kenhead Miss Alice Gray, Boston, Mass, U.S.A. Miss Ambridge, Edge lane, Liverpool Miss Katie Ambridge, do Miss Nonhebel, Utrecht, Holland Miss Van Toorenbergen, Flushing, Netherlands Mrs Urquhart, Lansdowne House, Bedford Miss Urquhart, do Miss Elink Schinrmen, Utrecht Miss A. G. Elink Schinrmen, Rotterdam IMPERIAL HOTEL. (Mrs Lowe, Proprietress). MOON'S PRIVATE HOTEL. (Miss Stevens, Manageress). Mr F. Rayner, Leeds Mr and Mrs Jackson, Chester Misses Jackson (2), do Masters Jackson (4), baby and nurse, do John Drake, Nuneaton S. Wigley, do T. W. Sands, do G. Dennis, London Jos. Ebery, do Mr K. Johnson, Liverpool Mr H. Johnson, do Mr Skinner, Reigate, near London Rev J. Parkinson, Halifax, Yorks. Mrs Bennett, Dublin Station Road. Uxbridge house, Shop-Mr E. H. Davies, draper London House-Mr J. O. Jones, draper Moon's Hotel-Miss Stevens 6 & 7, Staffordshire House, Shop- Mr D. Allen, Glass and China Warehouse & Cabinet Maker House—Mrs Allen 8, Shop-Messrs R. E. Jones & Bros, Weekly News and Visitors Chronicle Office, Stationers, Newsagents, &c. House—Statia's Haircutting Saloon Roumania House-Messrs Lewis & Thompson, drapers Dick's Boot and Shoe Warehouse Office-Mr Percy Hignett, solicitor Metropolitan Bank—Mr Hughes 12, Talhaiarn House. Shop-Mr J. Williams, Boot and Shoe Ware- house House-Mrs Williams 13, Shop- Jackson, draper House-Mrs Jackson (private) Cumberland Stores—Mr W. Littler, grocer Central Buildings-Messrs J. Jones and Sons, butchers 16—Mr Wm. Owen, ironmonger House—Mr Davies, billposter Offices-Mr J. W. Richards, solicitor, and Messrs J. E. Roberts & Co., auctioneers Wellington House—Misses Noden. confectioners Shop—Mr Horobin, fancy goods dealer -Mr E. Juby, fishmonger Central Hotel-Miss A. Robinson I, Queen's Buildings, Shop-Messrs W. Williams and Co., grocers House (Cheltenham House)—Miss Williams Misses Greenwood (2), Stalybridge 2, Queen's Buildings-Mr W. S. Williams drapers 3, Queen's, Buildings, Shop Mr Adamson, chemist and druggist House-Mrs Adamson Yarmouth House—Mr Arundale, fishmonger Post Office-Mr Jones, postmaster House-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Bokenham and child- ren, London Kronos House—Messrs Merridew & Co., watch & cycle manufacturers House—Mrs Merridew Burlington Arcade-Mr Homan 8, Queen's Buildings-Mr J. Dicken, furnishing warehouse Municipal Buildings- Offices-Messrs Wm. Jones and Porter, solicitors National Provincial Bank of England, Limited. Colwyn Bay and Pwllycrochan Estate Office-Mr J. M. Porter, agent. Messrs Booth, Chadwick, and Porter, surveyors Imperial Hotel-Mrs Lowe Penrhyn Road. Penrhyn Temperance Hotel-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Lister, Stockport Mr J. Lister, do Mr Willis Lister, do Miss Lister, do Mr E. Pritchatt, Birmingham Mr Isaacson, London Mr Owens, Wrexham Mr Jackson, Manchester Hawarden Road. Malvern viIla- Miss Thomas Mrs Black, Kingstown, Ireland Misses Black, do Misses E. and A. Edridge, Wol- verhampton Mr and Mrs E. J. Ridges and family, do Mr and Mrs Barnesby, Derby Craiglands—Miss Campbell Mr and Mrs Toft, family and maid, Manchester Mr and Mrs Neilson, Liverpool Mr W. Neilson, do Barrowfield-Mrs Hirst Mrs McPhail and family, Liverpool Misses Goold, Rothesay Hazels-Miss Jones Rev Dr Solomon and family, Man- chester Allendale-Mrs Ellis W. B. Leane, Esq Mrs Henstock and family, Edge Lane, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Thomas Bishop, Birmingham Miss Spilsberry, Manchester Mr Shaw, do Bodenyd—Mrs O'Neill (private) Herbertdale—Miss Roberts Mrs Eglington Miss Eglington Miss Holden, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Wickham and family, Clifton, Manchester Miss Miller, do Mr George Eglington Silverdale-Aliss Ankers Mrs Mason, Manchester Miss Gladys Mason, do Mr and.Mrs Brearley, family and maid, Halifax, Yorkshire Mrs Townsend. family and nurse, Waterloo, near Liverpool Miss Johnson, Buckley Highgate-Mrs Thompson Mr and Mrs Beard well, baby and maid, Manchester Selby Villa—Miss Lloyd Buxton House—Mr Ritchie (private) Newton Villa-Miss Hughes Gorphwysfa— Mrs Rosenblum, family and maid, Cheetham, Manchester Danesbury—Mr T. E. Roberts, Plumber, &c. House—Mrs Roberts Misses Walker Masters Walker Ellerslie-Mrs Owen and Williams Master Parker Morgan, Hamer- smith, London Misses Chilcott, Kensington, London Mr Chillcott, do Rev Vyrnwy Mogarn, London Gloucester House—Mrs Billingham W. Heap,'Esq, Broughton Park, Manchester Mrs Heap, do Miss Heap, do Master B. Heap, do Mr and Mrs J. G. Heap, Higher Brou ifhton,^Manchester Mrs Hickson, Whissendine, near Oakham Miss Hickson, do The Grove—Mrs Mason Mr J. Phillips and family Stretford Villa—Mrs Hulme Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Birmingham Miss Roberts, do Wynnstay Road. Bessborough house—Miss Eardley Mr and Mrs Brandon, Stone, Stoke-on-Trent Miss Kirkham, do Mr and Mrs Weatherby, Burslem Mr and Mrs E. Dunning, do Mr and Mrs H. Jackson, do Master Wilson, Cheetham, Man- chester Master Albert Wilson, do Master A. Wilson, do Master vV. Wilson, do Ty'ntwll villa—Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Harries, family and maid, Edgbaston Mrs Wall and maid, Leamington Miss Wall, do Masters Wall, do Grosvenor house-Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Cephas Butler and family, Edgbaston, Birmingham Mrs Lucas and family, The Rec- tory, Dublin Bryn-Dr M. Venables-Williams Wvnncote-Miss Bailey C. O. Gassett, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Gassett, children and maid,do Mrs E. A. Green, London Mrs Douglas Ducat, Leamington Spa Miss E. A. Green, do Miss Potts, Birmingham Mr Potts, do Mr Evans, do Ben Nevis—Mrs Niven Mr and Mrs Joyce and party, Dublin Misses Riley (3), Kidderminster Mrs and Miss Hobson, Wellington, Cheshire Ben Lomond—Mrs M. J. Jordan Mrs Laslett, Bootle, Liverpool Miss A. Laslett, do Miss E. E. Moss, Willaston, Chester Miss C. Francis, do Mr and Mrs P. Hayes and baby, Bury, Lancashire Miss Hutchinson, do Mrs Reynolds, senr., Harrogate Miss Mabel Reynolds, do Master Percy Reynolds, do Fallowfield-Nirs Richardson Miss Stephens, Rathgae, Dublin Miss Hewitt, do Mr and Mrs Pagan-Lowe, Circus Bath Mrs and Miss Ding, Barton Delaware villa—Misses Hughes and Bartley Miss Davies Miss L. A. Bartley, Mold Mr Fred Lee, do Bronhyfryd—Mrs Thomas Mr and Mrs Williams, family and nurse, Swindon, Wilts. Mr and Mrs D. J. Williams and child. Llanrwst Mrs Williams, Bangor Mrs Slater and family, Burton-on- Tren t Mavfield-Miss Dennis Mrs Ferriman and family, Matlock Bath Mrs Jarvis, Sheffield Miss and Master Jarvis, do Misses Barber (2), Alderley Edge Manchester Eccles house—Miss Bateman Mr and Mrs W. Lutwvche, Slaney, Colchester Miss Wilson and party, Toubridge, Kent Mrs Hives Master Hives Misses Hives Miss Clissold Mr John Hives Broughton villa—Mrs Maclean Mr and Mrs Leach, Widnes Mr and Mrs Brunton and family, Formby Somerset Boarding House-Misses Wright Miss Fry, Oxton Mr Matthews, do Mrs Matthews, do Mrs Mosford, Tranmere Miss Mosford, do Miss Marshall, Taunton Mr J. E. Jones, Cefn mawr Mr G. M. Tune, do Miss Power Wolseley Masters Wolseley (2), do