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E. H. DAVIES NOW SHOWING THE LATEST NOVELTIES in CHILDREN'S MILLINERY, CAPES, COATS & COSTUMES, Also, a Great Assortment of LADIES' TRIMMED and UNTRIMMED MILLINERY. UXBRIDGE HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. LLANDUDNO. A Grand Fancy Fair & Summer Fete, In aid of the DUKE OF CLARENCE MEMORIAL CHURCH, will be held in Riviere's Concert Hall and Grounds, On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, August 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25, 1894. LIST OF PATRONS AND PATRONESSES The Duke of Argyll, K.G., P.C., K.T. The Duke of Westminster, K.G., P.C. The Marquis of Abergavenny, K.G. The Earl and Countess of Dundonald. Jane, Countess of Aylesford. The Earl and Countess of Darnley. The Dowager Countess of Seafield. The Dowager Countess of Winterton. The Earl and Countess of Cranbrook. The Lady Lavinia Bickersteth. The Viscount & Viscountess Falmouth The Lord and Lady Henry Nevill. The Lady Rose Leigh. The Lady Idina Brassey. The Lady Hilda Finch. The Lady Alexandra Finch. The Ladies Tumour. The Lady Augusta Mostyn. And Others. The Bazaar will be Opened each day at 3 p.m., and the following have consented to take part in the proceedings The Countess of Dundonald Lady Hope The Lady Isabel Bligh The Lady Augusta Mostyn The Lady Florentia Hughes The Lord and Lady Mostyn THE BAZAAR WILL CONSIST OF Twenty Elaborate & Artistically- Designed Stalls Presided over by the following Ladies 1 The Lady Augusta Mostyn, The Lady Mostyn, and the Hon. Mrs. Henry Mostyn. 2 The Lady Price-Jones. 3 Mrs. Broome, Sunny Hill, Llandudno. 4 Clergy Stall—Mrs. Fincham, Deganwy, as- sisted by Mrs. Rees, Deganwy Mrs. Tudor Owen and Mrs. Healey, Llandudno; and Mrs. Adey Wells. 5 Ditto. 6 Ditto-Mrs. Bellamy, Llandudno, and Mrs. Fincham. 7 Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Platt, Mrs. Dalton, and Miss Williams, Llandudno. 8 Ditto. 9 Mrs. Mayler, Llandudno. 10 Mrs. Spibey, North parade, Llandudno 11 Miss Cox, Llanrhos. 12 Mrs. Roberts, Huyton, Llaududno Mrs. Ashe, Deganwy Street, Llandudno and Mrs. Roberts, Bronwylfa, Llandudno. 13 Miss Barker, Sefton Gate, Llandudno. 14 Mrs. Hugh Gough, Caerhun (Indian Stall). 15 Fruit and Flower Stall-Mrs. Hugh Gough. 16 Refreshment Stall-Miss Williams, Broseley House. 17 Sweet Stall-Misses Pountney-Smith, Llan- dudno. 18 Mrs. Edminson, Tanybryn, Llandudno. 19 Miss Hives, Misses Reeves, and others. 20 China Stall—Miss Williams, Broseley House, and Miss Thursfield. Riviere's Celebrated Orchestra OF 42 MUSICIANS. TWO GRAND CONCERTS DAILY: The following Vocalists will take part :—■ MDLLE. TREBELLI, MISS DEWS, AND OTHERS. Special Programme of Entertainments During the week, under the direction of MR. J. VINCENT WALKER. Ventriloquism and Mirthful Mysteries. Magical Illusions and Miscellaneous Concerts. Messrs. Perry & Allan's Minstrels. Mr. Ferrari's Performing Birds. Curiosity and Live Stock and Farm Produce Tent, Rev. D. W. Davies Mr. T. J. Jones Mr. E. B. Jones, Central Buildings and Mr. A. W. Jones, Bryn Corach, Conway. The Cameron Pipers. The St. Tudno Brass Band. The Town Parade Band. OLD ENGLISH SPORTS, including the Archery, the Shooting Gallery, Battery, Juvenile Sports, &c. Extensive Illuminations in the Gardens. Electric Light. Fireworks and Balloon Ascents. Special Train Arrangements—see L. & N. W. Railway Bills. ADMISSION :—WEEKLY, 2/6 and 3/6. Daily, Monday, 3 to 6 p.m., 2/ after 6 p.m., 6d.; ditto, with Reserved Seats, 1/- All Other Days, 3 to 6 p.m., after 6 p.m., admission 6d.; ditto, with Reserved Seats, i/- Hon. Treasurers: f Rev. FRANCIS G. JONES, Vicar of Llanrhos. ( The Hon. H. MOSTYN, Bodysg-allen, Llandudno. Hon. Secretaries: f Rev. FRANCIS G. IONES. Vicar of Llanrhos. (Rev. D. W. DAVIES, Llanrhos. ) RESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY PREPARED WITH DURE DRUGS, PRESCRIPTIONS t AND BY c HEMICALS, W. G. WILLIAMS, Chemist, CASTLE STREET, CONWAY. 159-521 @æBIa I-sowsat ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Germ, Constitution, and Fresh Bread Daily. PURE KIEL AND DENBIGH BUTTER. HOME CURED HAMS & BACON. GK BEVAJM" & 00_, General and Furnishing Ironmongers, Gas Fitters, BELL HANGERS & PLUMBERS, CONWAY ROAD COLWYN BAY. BATH CHAIRS, PERAMBULATORS, COTS, BATHS, AND SEWING MACHINES FOR SALE OR HIRE. A large stock of Paper Hangings, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, &c., always on hand. 209- It will Pay you to go there!" "WHERE!" J. JARED WILLIAMS' Glass, China and Earthenware Warehouse, Prospect House, Conway. 15 p.c. Cheaper than any other house in the county. Specialities: TOILET SETS, TEA SERVICES, DINNER-SERVICES. List of Prices on Application1/ 215- I DAVIES & CHAPLIN, PRINCIPAL Bill Posters & Town Criers Under Colwyn Bay Local Board, Tegid House, 16, Station Road. Private Hoardings in the District free of charges. Members of the United Kingdom Bill-posters Association. 157- Mo-uiated and Unmounted PHOTOGRAPHS ATR. E. JONES & BROS., COLWYN BAY & CONWAY. RODERICK DHU, OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY. The Favourite Scotch Whisky of the Day. Has now an established reputation, obtained through genuine merit alone. AWARDED PRIZE MEDAL WHEREVER EXHIBITED. SOLD EVERYWHERE In the firm's own labelled and capsuled bottles. WRIGHT & GREIG, LIMITED, GLASGOW. 286-13 Es hablished at Late with Mr T. Edge, Llan- Colwyn Bay, 1879. dudno, for 12 years. J. W. THOMAS, PHOTOGRAPHER, KENSINGTON HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD COLWYN BAY. ONLY FIRST CLASS WORK DONE. STUDIO ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Views of the District always in stock. After 15 years business in Colwyn Bay, J. W. T. desires to thank the residents and visitors for their patronage in the past, and hopes for a continuace of the same in the future. 157- NOTICE OF REMOVAL. Mr. A. Alford Sarson, L.D.S., DENTAL SURGEON, Has Removed to HEATHFIELD, (OLD POST OFFICE). ATTENDANCE DAILY, 10 to 6 O'CLOCK. The People's Boot Shop is JOHN WILLIAMS', THE > Great Boot Provider for Colwyn Bay and L Neighbourhood, for many years. Large Stock at Lowest possible Prices for Cash. 12, Station Rd., ColY/yn Bay. Mr-s. FOX, Scientific Dress Maker, Primrose Hill, Colwyn Bay. Ladies' own materials made up on moderate terms. 154-52 Purchase your Goods from the Makers. Messrs. MERRIDEW & CO., (FROM COVENTRY), ESTABLISHED 1857, WATCH MANUFACTURERS. GOLD AND SILVERSMITHS, THE ELECTRIC CLOCK, (Adjoining Post Office), C O TU W YN BAY. One of the Largest Stocks AND Cheapest Houses in Wales. All Repairs done on the Premises by Skilled Workmen. Messrs. M. & Co. have added their Cycle Works to these Premises. ANY TYPE MACHINE BUILT TO ORDER. REGISTERED OFFICIAL REPAIRERS TO C.T.C. Cycles on Hire. 165- MORRIS, BILL POSTER Under the Local Board, and appointed by the Denbighshire County Council. TEGID HOUSE, COLWYN BAY —: 15 PRIVATE BOARDS. 1:- 145- WILLIAM ROBERTS, Abergele Road, (Opposite the Mission Room), COLWYN BAY. GENERAL IRONMONGER, JOINER, AND CABINET MAKER. House, Shop, and Office Fittings made to order. FUNERALS FURNISHED, &c. 157- W. WILLIAMS & CO., HIGH CLASS GROCERS, Italian Warehousemen, Wine and Spirit Merchants, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. MAKERS OF PLAIN AND FANCY BREAD. In consequence of the substantial reduction in the price of Flour, Bread is now retailed at a very low price. W. W. & Co. are now receiving daily consignments of some very Choice DEVONSHIRE BUTTER. 157- Manager, E. J. DAVIES. LIDBETTER & LONGMAID, Family Grocers, Bakers, and Provision Merchants, Abergele & Belgrave Roads, COLWYN BAY, Sole Manufacturers of Montgomerie's Patent Malt Bread. Finest Danish, Irish, and Welsh Butters. Special Agents for Colombo Ceylon Tea, 2/- lb. Families waited upon for Orders daily. 157- PERI MINERAL Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Soda Water, WATERS. Champagne Cider, Champagne Lime Juice, Potash Water, ——— Lithia Water, PERI ALE, Tonic and Refreshing Drink (non-alcoholic), Hop Beer. Splendid Brewed GINGER. BEER., for the Recipe of which we had to pay a large amount of money. Lime Juice Cordial, Rasp- berry Cordial, Lemon Squash. Hotels, Shops, and Boarding Houses supplied at Wholesale Prices on receipt of Post Card. Van deliveries to Llandudno, Conway, & Rhyl. We pay Carriage on 12 doz. SUPPORT LOCAL INDUSTRY. PERI MINERAL WATER CO., CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. MILLINERY. DRESSMAKING. NEWEST FASHIONS FOR THE SEASON. MISSES THOMAS, 7, HIGH ST., CONWAY. JOSEPH DICKEN, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, Etc. Dining and Drawing Room Suites from 5 to 29 Guineas, full Suite complete. Sideboards 2 to 10 Drawingroom Iinlaid Rosewood and Walnut, &c., from 16/Q to 7 Guineas. Bedroom Suites from 4 to 35 Guineas, full Suite complete. A large choice of Bedsteads, Bedding, Linoleum., Carpets, &c., arc. Estimates Free. Queen's Buildings, Colwyn Bay. 287-52 Support your Local Tailor. You might go further and fare worse. LEWIS BROS. Are now offering Splendid Value in Men's Black Coats & Vests. 30/- These Coats and Vests are Made 30/- 30/- to Measure, of fine Black or Blue 30/- 30/- Serge or Worsteds, well finished 30/- 30/- in every way we are offering 30/- 30/- at the unprecedented low price of 30/- 13/6 We are also now making some 13/6 13/6 remarkable low li.ies in MEN'S 13/6 13/6 FANCY TWEED TROUSERS, 13/6 13/6 for THIRTEEN SHILLINGS AND 13/6 13/6 SIXPENCE. These Tweeds are 13/6 13/6 very fashionable this season, and 13/6 13/6 should be seen by intending pur- 13/6 13/6 chasers. 13/6 SUMMER GOODS. LEWIS BROS. are now showing in their windows a complete assortment of summer wear, including Unlined Jackets in Alpaca, Serge and Homespun. at 4/6, 5/6, 6/11, and 8[n. Cricket Shirts in Canvas and Flannel and Silk, at j/6, 4/6, and y/6. Cricket Trjusers in Flannel and Tweed, at 6j 11, 8/6, and ioj6. Patterns of Cloths will be sent on application. OUR ONLY ADDRESS IS :— LEWIS BROS., Bradford House, Conway Rd., COLWYN BAY. 163-46 J. L. ALLDAY'S Illustrated PUBLICATIONS. Health and Holiday Resorts of North Wales 6d. Gossiping Guide to Birmingham, 6d. The making of Birmingham I5S" 2IS., -63 3s. Birmingham through a Camera .is. Exeter throngh a Camera is. Teignmouth through a Camera is. Plymouth through a Camera S. Dawlish Guide -3d. Shakespeare's Stratford (s. Many thousands of the above have boen sold, and fresh editions are constantly being printed. I 11 1-1 Of all Booksellers, and of the Printer and Publisher, J. L. ALLDAY, Shakespeare Printing and Lithographic Works. Edmund Sireet, Birmingham. 285s- PEOPLE won't and can't guesa that you have a good thing." WORTHINGTON & Co., Ld. BREWERS BY APPOINTMENT To H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, BURTUN ON" TREJ:"fT. ESTABLISHED 1750. Families can be supplied direct from the Brewery with the CELEBRATED INDIA PALE ALES, MILD ALES, DINNER ALES, AND STOUTS, Of the above well-known Company, in 9 or 18 Gallon Casks and upwards on application to their LOCAL AGENTS: J. C. SMALLWOOD, BLUE BELL HOTEL, CONWAY, AND E. H. DAVIES, UXBRIDGE HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. ALSO INDIA PALE AND DINNER ALE IN BOTTLE. Orders by Post will receive prompt attention. 220- M. & J. WILLIAMS, (PLAS MAWR), HIGH STREET, CONWAY. CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, IRONMONGERS, PICTURE-FRAME MAKERS, JOINERS, and OFFICE FITTERS. Undertakers. 252-52 COLWYN BAY GOLF CLUB. TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP. Non-Playing Membersel 1 0 per annum. Playing Members £ 1 l 0 per annum Subscription. 1 0 Entrance Fee. Visitors (if properly introduced and subject to the rules of the Club). Each Person 2/6 per day. Each Person 5/- per week. A Professional is in daily attendance. F. A. DEW, Llewelyn Chambers, Colwyn Bay, 289— Hon. Sec.

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