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I ? ?- i? -? '? COLWYN BAY. Pcwish SUNDAY SERVICES. eltui-c7b, Llaitdi-illo.-Ii,iiglish Services, 11.0 "-In. aylcl 6.30 p.m. Welsh Service, 9.30 air. lq?d-day Celebration of the Holy Coi-tiniuriioii oii the I st.8, nday in the month. Rev W. Veiiablep, Wiil,anls I M.A., Oxon., Vicar Surro?rat(- Mi,. Bernard Organist. This interesting Old Cliiir(,?li, built" in the 13tb century, is l' mile froin Q.Iwy,l 2 Bay, on the Llardudno Road. Churc7i,, Coltvqjit Bay.-All Seats are free. l?nglish Services: (Sundays) 8 a.m., Holy Coyr?- ol'Ilioii I- 11 a.m., Service and Sermon; 3.30 p.m Lit.4nY (ex-ept on the IrLst Sunday in the month, N?"?ell ther' i .0 s a Children's Service at 3.0 p.m.) 2,,30 rvice and Sermon; Sunday Scliool, 411 dP.m. Welsh Services: 10.0 a.m., ',?.ervice 2.30 Sermon in Mission Room; Sunday School, P.m.; 6.0 p.m., Service and Sermon in Mission tn. (AYeeli:-days) Daily Services at 11.0 a.i-n. 7.0 p; Holy Communion on Saints' Days, after -m. the 11.0 a.m. Service, and on Thursdav. e'tnon on Wednesday nights. Singing Pract.'ice 'D" l?riday ni,bts at 7.30 p.m. Children's Meeting Oll Mondavs -at 6 p.m. The Clergy: The Pev Roberts, B.A., Vicar. The Rev Mere(-Iitli A? C,,s, F.R.H.S., and the Rev J. H. Astley, It nglis4 ,rates. 811'e,?leyaiL-St. Johit's,-7'he Avenue.-Next I'lidav morning 11.0, evening 6.80, Rev. 1'. Alacdonald, of Brixton. Prayer meetin.- "'Or'lilig 10.15. Sunday School, afternoon 2.30 Wedi,esday evening, 7.0, Rev. S. Switheiabaiik, Trnnby. .knglls l'i,esbylei,iai7,. -Next Sunday: morning, 11.0 eveiiin- 6 30, Rev. Dr. Thain Davidsor. "In,lay School, afternoon 2.30. Mondayeveniiig, 6*15, l?and of Hope. Wednesday weeIK-evening- verli". 7 0. Thursday evening, 7.0, Young pe, Ple']3ible Cl,,iss; 7.45, Y. P. S. Christian l?"de-v-li,. Rev T?ain David-on, D.D. c ()"Iql-egationat-Moriiing, 11.0, evening 7.0. 'Sullday ?cbool, afternoon 2.30. Monday evening, 7.3o *Christrian Endeavour Society. Every Tl,'sd.y ofs 3.15, United Meeting for the promotion cri uralholiness. Wednesday evening, 7.30. J. D. Jones, M.A., B.D., of Lincoln. BaPtist Church.-Next Sunday: mor 11*0; evening, 6.30. All seats free. RenlnHg' v. 11 D"7's, of Halifax. Sunday School, after. 001, 2 30. Wednesday evening, at 7.30, Prayer hild Bible Reading; all are cordially invited, Prosici,l over by the Rev H. T. Cousiis, F.R.G,S., ociet 4*tor 'I If 11'rieiid.q.-Mecting for Worship, every First ba cY (Sunday) morning, at 11.15, at a room in ?el'ttal Buildings, facing Station Road, Colwyri 0', 3"y- Open to the Public and Visitors. 9" "titttte -Divine Services, Sunday, 11.0 a, m.; hild 6 30 P. eve],, ra. Sunday School, 2.30 p.m. TnesdA?.?, 1119, a Prayer Meeting at 7. Services will be cond ilcted by the Director, One of the Tutors, or other ?linistei-, All are cordially invited. 'Vis'till, hours for friends and visitors evoi-y ,wt,e. -k -clay, -frora 2.30 to 3 30. I tip XV gi\, FLSH WESLEYANS.-A coffee-supper was en bY the follow- en, at the. Welsh esle itig young m Chapel, on Wednesday evening, July All J. Kelly iiid Messrs J. 0. Jones, e" Jones terra 1 0. Sauva,e, W. Willianis (Sea view j W. Brookes Jones, J. K. Williains, ("'Y Btiilding,,), I'x. 0. Jones (Tatiybi-yii), bo ,,es (Mochdre), jaiiies Davies, W. ;4rl h's (Pak rod), John Davies (Sea view), th P- 1'\oberts (Secretary). The ladies at M? table, ,7, P :-Mrs J. P. Jones, 3, Ivy street 188 s, Ai-(Ieiidale; Miss Evans, Riverdale; ]?iviot ll\'aiis, Ai-iiesby Miss Roberts, Glai) A'Iiss Pi-ice Mrs l?obei-ts, The Cafe 188 Staiiley Temperance Mi-s ?trid Q,I)t,,Jo"e, Ciiiiiberlaiid Stores; and Mi-s ,adog Villa. At the provision table I, Pai,ry, Kersal Villa Mi-s Robet-ts, ,Yti i, J. "'101 and INIrs Jones, Woodhill. The Rev terl??eii ra alld Nlessrs Robert Davies (Sea viexx, OI)ece)l J- 0. Joties (Cumberland Stores) and 1'. rts, -,N'ere busily engaged (not oiilv during btit also 'beforehand) arranging' tables, COLWYN BAY POST OFFICE. The HEAD OFFICE is in Station Road. Hours of attendance :—For sale of Postage Stamps, Postal Orders, Payment of Postal and Money Orders, Sav- ings Bank, Annuity and Insurance Business, Issue of Licenses, from 7 a.m. to 8.45 p.m. Sundays, from 8 to 10 a.m. (for sale of Stamps and Registration of Letters only). DELIVERIES OF LETTERS AND PARCELS. 7 a.m. Letters. 7.30 a m. Parcels. 2 p.m. Letters and Parcels. 7 p.m. Letters and Parcels. a.m. DESPATCH ES.-WEEK DAYS. 8.30 General (Letters and Parcels.) 1120 North Wales (Letters). 11.20 Manchester (Parcels). 11.50 General (Letters). Ireland. 11.50 Liverpool and Manchester, etc. p.m. 1.10 Llandudno. 1.40 Chester and forward places (Letters and Parcels). 7.30 General despatch of Parcels. 8.35 Box cleared for the night mail (Letters). With -Ld. stamp up to 8.45 p.m. 2 SUNDAYS (Letters) Box cleared at 8.35 p.m. With extra -|-d. stamp 8.45 p.m. TELEGRAPH OFFICE. WEEK DAYS From 8.0 a.m. to 9.0 p.m. SUNDAYS From 8 0 a.m. to 10 0 a.m. WANTED all good housewives to know that Davies's Teas are Excellent and his Coffee Per- fection.. Boston House. ad 265 -52 THE WELSH CONGREGATIONALIST PASTORATE. -Last Monday's Manchester Guardian say's:— It was yesterday announced at the Welsh Con- gregational- Church, Colwyn Bay, that Mr John Evans (Llechryd), of Bangor Independent College had decided to accept the invitation to the pastor- ate, and would commence his ministry on the first Sunday in October." EDUCATIONAL SUCCESSES.—We are pleased to learn that two young townsmen have just passed successfully the Preliminary Examination of the Pharmaceutical Society, namely, Mr Morris Wynne Lloyd (eldest son of Mr Edward Lloyd, Chemist), and Mr Arthur M. Evans (the Rev Owen Evans's eldest son), who is also apprenticed to Mr Lloyd. THE ENGLISH CONGREGATIONALISTS' GOOD FORTUNE.—The English Congregationalists have been very fortunate in inducing the Rev J. D. Jones, M.A., B.D., of Lincoln, to take pastoral charge of the Hudson's Memorial Church, Col- wyn Bay, during the holiday of their Pastor (Rev Thomas Lloyd), this extending over the first three Sundays in August, on all of which the English Congregationalist pulpit will be occupied by the Rev J. D. Jones, who is an excellent preacher and Professor of Church History at Nottingham Theological Institute. TELEPHONIC COMMUNICATION FOR NORTH WALES.—Up to the presedt the united action of Rhyl and Llandudno has failed to induce the Post Office to telephonically connect these towns with the trunk-lines of England. Mr J. Thomas D. Evans, of Rhyl, who has been most indefatigable as Secretary to the North Wales Committee, has now received authoritative information that the General Post Office will at once construct a trunk-line from Holyhead to Chester, and enable Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Bangor, Denbigh, &c., to obtain through communication with the existing trunk lines in England. AN EMINENT DIVINE'S VISIT TO THE BAY.- The pulpit of the English Presbyterian Church, Colwyn Bay will (D.V.) be occupied, for the next five Sundays, by the Rev Thain Davidson, D.D., London. Dr Davidson is one of the best known preachers in the Kingdom and he has made a name not only as a popular preacher and lecturer, but he is also known as an author of considerable repute. We understand that Dr Davidson has promised to give one of his popular lectures during his stay in the Bay. THE C.S.S.M.—As usual during August, the Children's Special Service Missiqn are holding meetings at Colwyn Bay, the leading Missioners this year being the Revs Martin Hall, W. S. Standen, and Stanley R. Morse. The Mission work commences on August 7th and ends on September 4th, and during the period indicated the ordinary week-day meetings will be held twice daily (except Saturdays), a Worker's prayer-meeting (at Rydal Mount) at 10.15 a.m. appropriately prefacing the half-past eleven Young People's service on the beach. Cricket, tennis, and other games, will be played at Rydal Mount Grounds four afternoons a week, and at six o'clock on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, a Children's Service will be held on the beach. Special meetings will be held on Tues- day and Thursday evenings :—For boys only, at Carlton Lodge, at 6.30 and for young ladies, at Rydal Mount, at 7.0, Miss Etches (of Bath) con- ducting. The Sunday afternoon Children's Services will be held at 3.30, in the Public Hall.


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