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Bodafon-Miss Owen Miss Field, London Mrs and Miss Wardle, Crewe Miss Vickers, do Mr and Mrs Burton, London Drayton villa-Mrs Mason Mrs Brookshaw and family, Eccles J- Brookshaw, Esq, Eccles Trevor House-Miss Worthington Mrs Thomas, Oxford Misses Thomas (2), do RIverdale-Misses Evans Mr F. Painter, London Mrs F. Painter, do Master S. Painter, do Mr J. Titley, do Mrs J. Titley, do Miss Titley, do St. Piran's—Mrs and the Misses Wadsworth Mr and Mrs Braithwaite, West Bromwich Mr A. E. G. Braithwate, do Miss Braithwaite, do Miss Irvine, do Miss Gillock, London Mr and Mrs Thrift, Brighton, Leicester Misses Thrift, do Master Thrift, do Mr and Mrs Lee, Birmingham Master Lee and maid, do Glanconway villa-Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Vercoe and child, London Mrs Gorse and family, Rock Ferry Abbeyville-Mrs Rowley Mrs Ravner, Liverpool Mrs Mills, Liscard Miss Lightbound, do Mr and Mrs C. B. Mills, children and nurse, Roby Mr and Mrs Hanson and family, London Miss Biggs ttiedley house-Mrs Rowbottom Mrs and Miss Makin, Birkenhead Mrs and Miss Donally, M'chester Miss Chatham, Liverpool Mrs J. Catlow, do Mr and Mrs Bostock and grand- daughter, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Miss Gray, do _elsh Wesleyan Chapel (Shilo) M'1 'louse—Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Armitage and family, Salford Mr and Mrs Massey, do Mr Whittaker, Eccles Master Whittaker, do Miss Whittaker, do Grove Road. nose villa-Mrs Davies Miss Grimley, King's Heath, Qrcestershire Miss R. Grimley, do Mjss M. B. Grimley, do Miss E. Grimley, do Harrv C. Whitlev, Esq, Didsbury Mrs H. C. Whitley, do Master Whitley, do ^Master L. G. M. Whitley, do W^kin villa—Mrs Exell Mr and Mrs Cottrell, family and niaid, Princes Park, Liverpool Jrs Bayley, St. Anne's-on-the-Sea MjSs Rayley, do Yliss Orton, do nshton viHa — Mrs H. Hughes jj'Private) pUyton villa—Mrs Baker 7,ern cottage—Mrs Collins jj liss Brown, Birchensale, Reditch awthorn cottage—Mrs Hughes ^adoc villa—Mrs Senter *rs Thomas and family, Liverpool Easton villa—Mrs Jones Abbey villa- Monton villa—Mrs A. Hughes Mrs Coap and family, Manchester Misses Colling Mr Colling Miss McLean Bay View Road. Fern bank—Mrs Roberts Mr Edmondson, Aintree, Liverpool Mrs Edmondson and family, do Rev E. Anning, Oldberry Miss Anning, do Mr & Mrs Bland, family & nurse, Kehale Clwyd villa-Mrs E. Jones Mrs Charmock, Halifax Mrs Calvert, do Mr and Mrs G. Walford, Tipton, Staffs Master Frank Walford, do Miss M. Walford, Crewe Mrs Wood, Halifax Glatidwr-,I,lt-s R. Jones Misses Hancocks, Wolverley, near Kidderminster Osborne house-Mr T. Williams Mrs Sneath and niece, Sutton Coldfield D. P. Davies, Esq, J.P., Aberdare Mrs Davies and family, do Mrs Padday and family, Hyde Park, London Rev C. J. Sneath, Birmingham The Limes-Misses Williams Mr and Mrs G. Clarke, baby and nurse, Liverpool Mr Holt, Bolton Mr T. Holt, do Misses Holt, do Mr and Mrs Jones, do Miss Wiseman, do Convalescent Home—Miss Symons Miss Bown, Woolton Master Alfred Haywood, do Misses Hopkins Oxford house- Rev G. M. Troughton, Higher Bebington Vicarage, Cheshire Mrs Troughton, do Misses Troughton, do Miss Willis, Beckenham, Kent Clifton house-The Misses Green Mrs Gee, family & party, London Mr and Mrs Tippins, Manchester Mr Tippins, do Miss Tippins, do Miss Roughsedge, Birkenhead Mr Roughsedge, do Devon House—Miss Davies H. Hearn, Esq, Burton-on-Trent Mrs Hearn and family, do Miss Gresty, Altrincham Miss Derbyshire, do Olive house—Mrs Roberts Miss Belliss, Birmingham Mrs Belton, do Mr and Mrs R. Wynne Jones and family, Liverpool Mrs Kinkelin, Edgbaston, B'ham Miss Evans, Moseley road, do Sea View Crescent. Shop-Mr C. Chaplin, photographer Central Chambers— Office, Mr F. Nunn, solicitor Telephone Company Dore house—Miss Davies Mr and Mi s Dyer, Halifax Gronant house—Mr Jones (private) Glanavon—Mr Jones Mrs MacNicol, Oyton, Birkenhead Daisy Bank—Mrs R. Parry Mr Peter Hayes and family, Leigh, Lancashire Mrs Haworth, do Miss Smith, do Sea View Terrace. 16—Mrs W. Roberts Misses Whitehead (2), Ashton- under-Lyne Mr Whitehead, do Mrs Duncan and family, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Brought and baby, do Stanford house-Mrs Chas. Jones Miss Mallalieu, Heaton Chapel Miss Lillie Mallalieu, do Master Joe Mallalieu, do Master Frank Mallalieu and nurse, do East Lynne—Mrs P. Lunt Mr and Mrs Marsden, Preston 13—Mrs Jones Mrs Moore. Hawarden Mr Moore, do 12—Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Whitehead, M'chester Miss Eva Whitehead, do Miss Gwladys Whitehead, do Master George Whitehead, do Misses Crossfield, do Mrs Simpson, do Miss Lilian Jones, do Seymour house- Mr McLauchlan, Coventry Mrs McLauchlan, do Miss Daisy McLauchlan, do Miss Winnie McLauchlan, do Master Fred McLauchlan, do Miss Katie McLauchlan, do Ashford house—Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Cross, children and nurse, Liverpool 9-Mrs Jones 8—Mr Parry-Evans (private) Nantllys—Mrs Davies 6—Mrs Lloyd-Jones Mr and Mrs Meacock, Chester s-Mrs Parry Mr and Mrs J. O. Ellams, family and maid, Bootle, Liverpool 4-Alrs Roberts Mrs Hall and family, Manchester Miss Hall, do Mr and Mr H. Fincken, Crewe Master Cuthbert Fincken, do Master Fritz Fincken. do Master Chris Fincken, do Master Carl Fincken, do 3-Mrs Bowen Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Moss Side, Manchester Master Horace Lloyd, do Miss Annie Lloyd, do Mr Ford, Wolverhampton Miss Ford, do Miss D. Ford, do Langford house-Mrs Williams I-Alrs T. Davies Mr and Mrs Tvler and child, Dublin Sea View Cottages. 2—Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Danby, Liverpool Miss Danby, do Master Danby, do I-Mr R. Davies Mr, Mrs and Miss Stevens, Clapham, London Master Stevens, do Mr Mayall, Oldham Rose cottage-Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Darnbrough, Man- chester Llandrillo-yn-Rhos. Thornleigh-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Lamont, Chester Miss Lamont and maid, do Rhos Abbey Boarding House- Miss Wilson Mr and Mrs Norris and maid, Coalbrookdale Mr and Mrs Murray, Hampstead Mr and Mrs Cappel, child & maid, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Holme, Chester Mr & Mrs Ould, child & maid, do Mr and Mrs Smyth, Liverpool Aberhod- Mr and Mrs Hutchinson, 3 child- ren and maids, West Derby, Liverpool Brynhyfryd- Mr and Mrs William Bingham and family, Singdale House, Birken- head Rhos and Abbey Houses-Mrs [Morgan Mrs Holden, party and maid, Bolton Mrs Barsby and party, Chester Mrs Cro,s and inaid, Bolton W. Watts Jones, Esq, do Mrs Watts Jones, do Mrs Theo. von Heyder, Liverpool Misses Von Heyder and maid, do Master H. von Heyder, do J. Lang, Esq, Higher Crumpsall, Manchester Mrs Lang and party, do OLD COLWYN. Llys Meiriadog- Mr and Mrs Norton, New Ferry Miss Norton, do Miss Smith, Rock Ferry CONWAY. Minavon-Mrs E. P. Hughes Miss Latta, London Miss Benson, do John Latham, Esq, Longton Mrs Latham, do Miss Latham, do John Bott, Esq, do Joseph Clewlow, Esq, do Mrs Joseph Clewlow, do Master Clewlow, do Lark Hill- Mr Theodore Nicholson and family, Carlisle Mr Herbert Nicholson and family, Sunderland Mr Howard Nicholson and family, London Dr Lloyd Roberts, Liverpool Mrs Roberts, do Miss K. Roberts, do Mrs Durtnall, London Miss Durtnall, do


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