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The Gentle Art of Germicide.


The Gentle Art of Germicide. Increasing enlightenment on health subjects, causes it to become year by year more widely recognised that some theoretical knowledge of germicide (or disinfection) is highly desirable for most people, for, although practical acquaintance with noxious germs is seldom sought voluntarily, one never knows how soon one may be brought face to face with infection (or the presence of rapidly-multiplying disease-producing germs), and it is therefore desirable to know (from experiments made by experts) what substances will thoroughly destroy the pathogenic microbes as well as the poisonous substances (ptomaines) which these microbes indirectly produce. Under these cir- cumstances, it is well to profit by Dr A. B. Griffiths's conclusions in his Report on Certain Experiments Undertaken to Ascertain the Disin- fecting and Germicidal Power of "Sanitcl;" Preparations and Appliances, an interesting little booklet published by the Sanitas Comp lny. Limited, of Be.hnal Green, London.

The 2nd V.B.R.W.F.

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