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1- OLD COLWYN. Parish Church, Colwyn.—English Services, 11.0 a.m and 7.0 p.m. Sunday School, 2.15 p.m. Celebra- tion of the Holy Communion, 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month. Evening prayer and sermon, in Welsh, every Wednesday at 7.0. Evening prayer and sermon, in English, every Friday at 7.0. Special preachers. liev John Griffiths, M.A., Vicar. Kev D. Stephens, B.A., Curate. English tfaptint Chapel, Old Cotivyit.-Sanday Ser- vices, Morning 11.0, Evening 6.30. Sunday School, 2.30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 7.0. p.m. Pastor, Rev. J. B. Brasted, GAZETTE NEWS. From Tuesday Night's London Gazette."—DISSOLUTION OF PARTNER- sHip.-Henry Kneeshaw, Henry Lupton, and William Lupton, qnarry proprietors, steamship owners, &c., Liverpool, Port Nant, Llysfaen, and Widnes, so far as regards Henry Kneeshaw. THE COURT OF ESTRAYS.—A correspondent writes :-The annual Court of Estrays for the Lordship of Denbigh was held, at the Back Row Hotel, Denbigh, on Saturday, July 14th. This is one of the oldest existing relics of feudal times, its purpose being to restore to their rightful owners the sheep, cattle, ponies, or other animals that have strayed during the year. Colonel Hughes, of Ystrad, the Lord of the Manor, pre- sided. The Lordship of Denbigh is a most extensive one, including the whole of the Hiraethog mountains, and reaching as far as Cerrigydruidion, Llanrwst, and Old Colwyn. Two Bailiffs are employed by the Crown, and they seize all trespassing sheep and impound them on a certain pasture. On the second Saturday in July of each year, the Court is held at Denbigh. The Bailiffs bring in all their captures during the year, and secure them in pens. Every sheep-owner who suspects that he has a sheep amongst the Bailiffs' herds, is requested to put into a basket a copy of his particular ear-mark. Three Judges—appointed technically by the Lord of the Manor, but in reality by a vote of the farmers—sit in judgment on each sheep, and hear evidence for and against. If the verdict is favourable, the claimant gets the sheep upon payment of is 6d or 2s for its keep, according to the time it has been in possession of the Manorial Bailiffs. If the verdict is adverse, or if nobody claims the sheep, it is sold by auction after the termination of the Court, and the pro- ceeds are handed over, minus the expenses, to the Crown. This year's Judges were W. Pierce, John Roberts, and John Williams. They had to determine the ownership of forty-eight sheep, and were paid 10s each and a dinner for their services. Scores of farmers and shepherds attended, many of them from a distance of over forty miles. LAWN TENNIS. PENSARN V. OLD COLWYN.—Played at Old Colwyn, Old Colwyn winning by 6 matches to 3, 13 sets to 6, 97 games to 62. Scores Miss Whitle and Humbley (O.C.) beat Miss W. W. Evans and Willianis-6 4, 6 4; Miss E. W. Evans and J. C. Pipon—6 o, 6 o; and Miss J. Earwaker and W. F. Thomas—6 1,60; Mrs Shawcross and Griffiths (O.C.) lost to Miss W. W. Evans and Williams—1 6, 4 6; and beat Miss E. W. Evans and J. C. Pipon-6 1,64; and Miss J. Earwaker and W. F. Thoinas-6 1, 63; Miss Wilkes and Whitle (O.C.) lost to Miss W. W. Evans and Williams-4 6, 4 6 and to Miss E. W. Evans and J. C. Pipon-6 4, 36, 36; and beat Miss J. Earwaker and W. F. Thomas—6 1, 6 3.—A second round was played at Pensarn, Pensarn winning by 11 matches to 4 (one unfinished), 23 sets to I I, 170 games to 120. Scores :—Miss B. W. Evans and Wallis Davies (P.) lost to Miss Whitle and Humbley—3 6, 3 6; and beat Mrs Shawcross and -Griffiths 6 2, 4 6, 6 1; Miss Clayton and Ramsay -6 2, 2 6, 6 4; and Miss Wilkes and Whitle —6 2, 6 2. Miss E. W. Evans and J. Pipon (P.) beat Mrs Shawcross and Griffiths-6 2, 6 1 Miss Clayton and Ramsay—6 1,60; and Miss Wilkes and Whitle—6 2, 6 4 and lost to Miss Whitle and Humbley—6 4, 5 7, o 6. Miss G. Scott and J. C. C. Pipon (P.) beat Miss Clayton and Ramsay— 6 2, 2 6, 6 4; and Miss Wilkes and Whitle-6 4, 8 6; drew with Mrs Shawcross and Griffiths (not played out); and lost to Miss Whitle and Humbley (by default)—o 6, o 6. Miss W. W. Evans and G. E. Burgess lost to Miss Whitle and Humbley -5 7, 6 7 and beat Mrs Shawcross and Griffiths —6 3, 6 1; Miss Clayton and Ramsay-6 2, 6 o and Miss Wilkes and Whitle—6 2, 6 o. NON-ADVERTISING means the limitation of busi- ness to personal influence." ness to influence," NARROW ESCAPE FROM DROWNING. On Sunday evening, July 22nd, whilst a number of children were playing near the mill pond at Old Colwyn, a little boy (the son of William Jones, Glyn terrace) fell in, and, the pond being several feet deep, an alarm was given by a yonng lady who happened to be passing at the time. David Griffiths, native of Mostyn, immediately plunged into the water, and rescued the boy, who would have been drowned, as he was powerless to save himself. Eventually the boy regained consciousness, and is now progressing satis- factorily. This is one of the many cases of narrow escapes (of children) being drowned in this pond, which certainly should be suitably fenced, as it is situated in the midst of a very populous locality. THE NATIONAL SCHOOLS' ENTERTAINMENT. At an entertainment, given, on Thursday even- ing, July 19th, by the National School children, assisted by a few older friends, at the Assembly Rooms, Old Colwyn, Mr C. F. YVoodall (Tan y coed) presided, and, by the way in which he con- ducted the proceedings, contributed largely to the pleasure of the evening. The platform and room were decorated most beautifully by Miss Lloyd, Tan y coed Miss Griffiths, Vicarage; and Miss F. Wilks, Angorfa. The same ladies, with Mrs Owen and Miss Clemond, dressed the children for the various performances. Miss Griffiths and Miss Wilks also gave material assistance in some of the items of the programme, the latter especially in the operetta. The children and all connected must feel very grateful to these ladies for their kindness. In opening the pro- ceedings, the Chairman said that they were there once more to hear their popular entertainers. He then called upon Miss Nellie Lloyd to give a pianoforte solo, and, this having been (as usual) well rendered, afterwards gave a brief explana- tory outline of the operetta about to be performed, this being entitled "The Breaking Up." The castd, which was as enumerated below, was excellent throughout :—Miss Tabitha Teacham (Principal of Sandford College), Miss Lily Jones Miss Clarissa Teacham (Preceptress of Merton House), Miss Florrie Lloyd Hon. Miss May Horden, Miss Jennie Williams Jane Matilda (a parlour maid), Miss C. J. Elias The Hon. Tom Horden (the Masher of Mashers, disguised as Osmuzzelem Bey," an Eastern nobleman), Mr D. Jones his Suite, a number of sweet creatures. The first portion of the pro- gramme wound up with a song, "0 fair dove, 0 fond dove," by Miss Lily Jones, and a chorus, Sweet day, so cool." The second part was opened with the chorus, Laughing is con- tagious," in which, ably assisting the juveniles, were Messrs J. Conway, E. Davies, and R. T. Whitley. The remainder of the programme was as follows :—Recitation, The conceited duck," Miss Ida M. Evans song, "He giveth His beloved sleep," Mr J. Williams; chorus, "Dance, little children," the Infants duett, Music sweet," Miss Lily Jones and Miss Florrie Lloyd song, See-saw," Miss Jennie E. Williams, the children joining heartily in the chorus song, "Cartref," Miss Lily Jones song, "Far away," Miss Gwladys Sanderson chorus, Baby boy," the Infants song, "Marching through Georgia Alfred O. Williams; song, Who'll buy my pretty flowers?" Miss Maria Hughes; action-song, Dancing in a fairy ring," the Children chorus, "Sweet bells ring," the Children: fiiiale, G )(I save the Queen." At the close of the meeting, the Vicar (Rev J. Griffiths) proposed thanks to the chairman and others, in a few humorous remarks. The proposal was received in a way that showed clearly how much all had enjoyed the evening. After the chairman's acknowledg- ment of the vote of thanks, the meeting dispersed. The proceeds went in aid of the School Funds.

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