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lw 1 MT 11 I P APERHANGINGS! PAPERHANGIN GS I I A Clxoic<e Selection at Low Prices. R. E. JONES & BROS.. 8, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY, ROSE HILL STREET, CONWAY. Sea Bathing. Post Horses and Carriages. loll Lawn Tennis. Billiards, &c. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL, COLWYN BAY. T^TTTO (THE LATE BESIDENCE OP LADY ERSKINE.) i HIS First-class Family Hotel ]S most beautifully situated in its own finely-wooded Park, in the Bay of Colwyn, commanding splendid views; within a short twXY'f Llanaudno, and a few minutes walk to the Beach and Station. A most desirable winter residence, nicely sheltered, also heated "uroughout with hot air. To meet the increased demand for accommodation, the Proprietor has added a win? of Sitting and Bedrooms. J OHN PORTER, Proprietor. COLWYN BAY HOTEL, N. WALES. CHESTER AND HOLYHEAD RAILWAY. THIS Hotel is delightfully situated on the border of the Bay, within a few minutes' walk of the Colwyn Bay Railway Station. It is fitted up with every comfort and convenience. THE COFFEE ROOM AND LADIES' DRAWING ROOM Are on the Ground Floor, overlooking the Bay and Terrace. The Sanitary arrangements are ,on the latest improved system. SEA WATER BATHS IN THE HOTEL. The Sea Terrace belonging to this Hotel, forms a fine Promenade for Visitors. The Hotel Porters, in Scarlet Uniform, attend the Trains, and remove LUGGAGE to and from the Hotel. STABLES, with loose boxes, and lock-up Coach House in connection with the Hotel. COACHES TO BETTWS-Y-COED, LLANDUDNO, GREAT ORME'S HEAD, viewing CONWAY CASTLE, ABERGELE MARBLE CHURCH and ST. ASAPH, Starting from and returning to the Hotel. BILLIARD AND SMOKE ROOM. COLWYN BAY is stronly recommended by eminent Medical Men for the mildness and drynPss of its climate. MISS JONES, Manageress. ESTABLISHED 1854. THE ABERCONWY TEMPERANCE & COMMERCIAL HOTEL, I, High Street, CONWAY. Visitors to Conway will find every Home Comfort at this well known Hotel. Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, &c., provided on the shortest notice, and served in the Ancient Coffee Room, built A.D. 1400. Charges Moderate. Well Aired Beds. Confectionery of every description. ALL KIND OF MINERAL WATERS. 157- J. A. JONES & SON, Proprietors. YDROPATHIC pSTABLISHMENT AND T INTER RESIDENCE, COLWYN BAY. Beautifully situated between two dingles, facing the Park and Woods, with its grounds extending to the Promenade. TURKISH, VAPOUR, SEA-WATER, OZONE, AND OTHER BATHS. TENNIS, BILLIARDS. 12-S. FOR TARIFF, APPLY, MANAGER. COLWYN BAY, the Bournemouth of North Wales BELLE VUE, MARINE ROAD. LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT. A Detached Residence, in a lovely position, with Coachhouse and Stabling, being a Branch of Mr. Lockyer's old-established and well-known House of Grenville Mansions, Llandudno. Moderate tariff, liberal catering-, good cuisine, and all home Comforts. For tariff, address-LoCKYER'S, BELLE VUE, COLWYN BAY. 175- THE MORFA BOARDING HOUSE, CONWAY. Beautifully situated on the border of the Golf Links. Within easy reach of Llandudno and some of the finest scenery in North Wales. I Apply- 66 Miss HAWORTH- WALKER, Proprietress. CONWAY COLLEGE, CONWAY, NORTH \VALES. HIGH-CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS. University Staff. Mountain and sea air. Next Term begins Sept. 12th. For Prospectus apply T. C. E. DANIELS, M.A., 285-52 HEAD MASTER. MUSIC Organ, Harmonium, Piano, Harmony and Composition. MR. T. J. LINEKAR, Organist of St. John's (English Wesleyan), Colwyn Bay, GIVES LESSONS in the above branches at his private address, "FATHER BROW, LLEWELYN ROAD. ^ervno. r OKGAN 7 „„ „ 0 HAKMONY AND „3 „ 0 ms.— J HARMONIUM 5 6 U COMPOSITION 5 A 6 U I PIANO £ 2 2 0 The Term consists of Ten Lessons, to commence at any time, and will extend over ten consecutive weeks. ——————— SCHOOLS ATTENDED. ——————— Co&jpos {"Tarantella in A Minor, played by M. Jules Keviere's celebrated Orchestra at Llandudno. er Bridal March, composed for and dedicated to Miss Gertrude Lever, Tan-y-Bryn, Colwyn Bay. '-Isora "Waltzes, dedicated to Miss Pope and the Young1 Ladies of Penrhos College. Price, 2s. net each, from the Composer, or at the office of this paper. d r> .ir>Mcc SPECIAL 'THE CHESTNUTS' PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT, MARINE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. THIS well arranged commodious Residence, handsomely furnished, replete with every modern convenience and improvement, is open for the reception of Visitors. Beautifully situated in the West-end, near Promenade, and commanding extensive Views. Superior suite of Public Rooms, also Private Sitting Rooms. Liberal Table. Good Cuisine. Moderate Tariff. J. M. TAYLOR, Proprietor. 166—43 CENTRAL HOTEL, COLWYN, BAY. HEAD-QUARTERS C.T.C. IMPORTER OF FOREIGN WINES. SOLE AGENT FOR Jules Senard's Burgundies, Otard's 1875 Brandy; "Uam Var," Melrose," and "Glenisle," Famous Old SCOTCH WHISKIES; Also, G. ROE'S (six years) old IRISH WHISKY. Dunville's Jno. Jameson's and KINAHAN'S OLD IRISH. AUSTRALIAN WINES. i Moderate Tariff for Visitors. ALE & PORTER BOTTLER. J Sole agent for SOAMES' c Welsh Ale and Stout. BASS' ALE, GUINNESS' STOUT. ) EPERNAY & SAUMUR ) CHAMPAGNES. i Light Dinner Wines, Cognac and Liqueur Brandy. ) Orders taken at Private Office. HAVANA (old crop) CIGARS. IVLiss ROBINSON, Proprietress. DAVIES BROTHERS, PURVEYORS OF MEAT, Windsor House, Abergele Road, -V -Y- -tT COLWYJSr EA- Y Fresh Meat Daily. Home Cured Hams & Bacon always on hand. Schools, Institutions, and Families supplied on the most reasonable terms. 157- Large or small Parties Catered for. Fresh Bread and Confectionery daily. MOON'S z RESTAURANT! PRIVATE HOTEL, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CONFECTIONER, 509* STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. One Minute's walk from Railway Station. ORDINARY DAILY 12 to 2.30. FREDK. J. SYKES, (Late with W. Dyer, Chemist to the Queen,) CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN DAY, (Next door to Messrs. Lidbetter & Longmaid, Grocers, &c.) 260-52 JOHN ROBERTS, Uilhtr anto Contractor, FERN BANK, CODi WTI BAT. HOUSES ON SALE AND TO BE LET. 157- __—I^_————1^—————— CIRCULATING LIBRARY, gMB- R. E. JONES & BROS., 8, STATION RD., COLWYN BAY. <O^DOIf HOtTSfc I COLWYN BAY. r SHOW OF Novelties l JOSEPH W. ADAMSON DISPENSING CHEMIST NEAR THE POST OFFICE, -r^ STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. AGENT FOR Jewsbury & Brown's, and Ross's, Belfast Aerated Wafers. Ellis Davies and Cos Teas and Coffee. Hop BITTERS; an ideal Bitter Beer Non-intoxicant HAVANNA & MEXICAN CIGARS. PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALS. 124- SOLE AGENT IN COLWYN BAY FOR THE Celebrated "K" Boots & Shoes. Melius' Paris Hand-Sewn Boots, Shoes, & Court. Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Boots and Shoes. Scafe's Patent Combination. W. R. HANDS, HIGH CLASS fiOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, I CONWAY ROAD. Also, the "Queen," Euknemidas," and "Adapted." BOOTS AND SHOES IN GREAT VARIETY. ORDERS. REPAIRS. 172- I I Funerals Furnished WITH THE NEW PATENT GLASS-SIDE HEARSE AND Closed Carriages. EDWIN JONES, wub.es, I T. BRACKSTONE, TLTOUSE, E STATE, COAL, AND QENERAL JNSURANCE AGENT For LIFE, For BURGLARY and For EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, For FIRE, HOUSEBREAKING, For FIDELITY & GUARANTEE, For SICKNESS, For PLATE GLASS, For CARRIAGE OF LIVE For ACCIDENTAL, For PICTURES, &c. STOCK &c. Central Buildings, Abergele Road, OPPOSITE STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ESTABLISHED Nelson House, Abergele Road Colwyn Bay, THE OLDEST AND ONLY PRACTICAL FISHMONGERS In Coiwyn Bay, also established in the Wholesale Business in Grimsby for the last 30 years, supplying many of the leading Fishmongers in the principal towns of England, Scotland, and Wales. Poulterers, Game Dealers, Ice & Oyster Merchants, Tinned Salmon, Lobsters, and Sardines only of the very best Brands, also many kinds of Sauces. FRESH FISH DAILY (in the season two or three times a day). First-class Goods only. Customers will oblige by giving their orders over night, to ensure early delivery, especially Breakfast Fish. First Delievry, Seven a.m. Sole Agents for Albert Wright's Potted Shrimps, (Southport), and the EDENBRIDGE DAIRY COMPANY'S CREAMS. -0 Diploma from Fisheries Exhibition. 1882. nmn ri m at width A P