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COLWYN BAY AND COLWYN LOCAL BOARD. The postponed monthly meeting of the Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Local Board, was held on Tuesday, July 17th, Mr John Roberts (Vice- Chairman) presiding-, in the absence of the Rev W. Venables-Williams (Chairman). The other members present were Messrs John Porter, A. O. Walker, Thomas Parry, Geo. Bevan, W. H. Roberts, William Jones, Owen Williams, and James Wood, and there were also present Mr James Porter (Clerk), and Mr William Jones (Surveyor). THE PROPOSED PROMENADE. On the,item "Proposed Promenade" which appeared on the minutes of the last Board meeting, the Clerk read a letter from Mr Hull, suggesting- that it might be better for the Board, should there be objections to the proposed rent and outlay, to pay the Railway Company a rent of £ 1 per annum as an acknowledgment, and undertake to keep the slopes free from tresspassers. It was not the Company's wish to charge the Board anything except the actual cost of the work. Mr Wood thought that that was a very fair offer. It showed a very good disposition on the part of the Company. Mr Porter proposed that the offer be accepted. The Chairman considered it better to refer the matter to a Committee. Mr Walker, taking the same view, moved that it be referred to the Road Committee, but, Mr Bevan adopting Mr Porter's motion as an amend- ment, it was decided, by 4 votes to 3, to accept the suggestion contained in Mr Hull's letter. A NEW FOUNTAIN. Mr Porter submitted handsome designs for a new ornamental fountain which he proposed to present to the town. One of these (a very beautiful one) was approved of, and Mr Porter Was given permission to place the fountain at the top of Station Road. The fountain will take the form of a handsome lamp rising out of a circular Water-trough, into which water for human consumption flows from taps opened by the pressu a spring. The minutes of the last Board were then confirmed. THE ROAD AND PROMENADE COMMITTEE. Mr Porter moved the confirmation of the Road and Promenade Committee's minutes, which substantially were as under Board's Yard.- The Board having considered particulars and estimates of plots of land received from the Estate Company and Mr John Roberts respectively, it was recommended that the Estate Company's offer be accepted, that being the lowest tender. Rhiw Road.-It was resolved that the two lowest of the following tenders for the making of Rhiw Road, be recommended to the Board for selection:—Roger D. Hughes & Co., £ 342 its 3d; Thomas Davies, £ 347 5s id Rowland E. Williams. £ 369 5s id David Jones, £3644s lid; David Jones and Richard Rowlands, L301 ns6§-d; Jones and Eliis (Colwyn Bay), £ 286 19s 2d. 2 Niggers.—It was recommended that a proper demand be sent m for the amount due for rent herein, namely, £10. ,6 Bands.-A complaint having been made as to the nuisance caused by strange Bands visiting the District, it was decided unanimously that the matter come before the Board at the next meeting to discuss the best method of abating the nuisance. -—It was also resolved that the following resolution 'n favour of Mr Schofield's Band, be recommended for approval by the Board The Board having Unanimously decided that Mr Schofield be asked to provide a Promenade and Town Band for the Present season and having undertaken to give every facility and patronage to his Band, the Board earnestly hope that residents and visitors will support Mr Schofield's Band and no other." J-'rovender for horses.It was decided to advertise for further tenders for supplying Provender for the Board s team. Chaff-cutter.—The Surveyor was instructed to Procure a chaff-cutter for L4- Tenders for a cay,t.-It was resolved that Mr David Jones's tender for supplying a cart, be ^ccepted, the tenders being as follow :—Mr Bartley, £ \3 Mr David Jones, £ i\ IOS 5 Mr Barden, ^13 Mr Thomas Davies, £ 14. Lamps.—The Surveyor reported that the lamps Wanted painting. Tenders for this work were 'ead from Mr W. H. Thomas, gd each lamp Mr Ihomas Whitley, gd each lamp; Mr Thomas Griffiths (Elianus), is 9d each lamp.—It was carried unanimously that Mr Whitley's tender be Accepted. Railings on Rhos Promenade. — It was resolved that tenders for painting these railings be advertised for. Queen's Road, Colwyn.—A memorial signed by Several of the abutting owners was read as to the state of this road, and it was resolved that the "latter be deferred. Rhi- Ro(id.-A letter was read from Mr Heys, claiming compensation from the Board for the use of the sewer which the late Mr Parker had at one jnie constructed in this road. The Clerk was ■nstructed to report, as to the liability of the "°ard, at the next general meeting. Mr Thomas Parry objected to the expenditure of a large sum of money (nearly £ 3000) on the Purchase of land for a Board's yard. The money p°uld be far belter expended in improving the 'omenade, which at present was no credit to the own. He moved that the matter be deferred. After some discussion, this was agreed to. After discussing the Committee's recommenda- jl?1?55 respecting the tender for the making of \niw Road, it was decided to accept Messrs J0"es and Ellis's tender. 't was reported that the niggers, in reply to an Application (from the Clerk) for the rent of £ 10, v|'ote asking permission to attend the Board to lscuss the rent, which they thought was too much. J ^"Ir Murray, on being admitted, stated that the rent Was more than they could afford to pay. Mr Walker remarked that the season was only ] list beginning; a remark which Mr Porter ^udorsed, adding that the Board had decided that rent must be paid. ^lr Bevan No, not yet. ^lr Porter Yes, we have it's down here. Mr Bevan Well it's not fair to say that till we ear what the man has to say. -the Chairman explained that the Board had to pay rent for the beach. Nothing that Mr Murray had to urge seeming o affect the Board' s decision to insist on the rent £ lo, Mr Muray left the room, and the Board rooeeded to its discussion of the Road Commit- s minutes. With respect to Mr Heye's letter claiming s ITlpensation from the Board for the use of the j'^Ver, the Clerk now advised the Board that (as b understood) there was a sewer placed there, g 't could not be used, and his advice to the al]dI"^ Was that lire Surveyor be instructed to °W Mr Parker's trustees for anything he could use of. lle Committee's minutes were then confirmed. „ THE SANITARY COMMITTEE, th » c rn°t'on of Mr Walker, the Board adopted an 'tary Committee's minutes, from which it piPeared that it was recommended that Mr g chard be asked to inspect and report on the Parade Sewerage Scheme. En ■" ^>r'tc'iard's terms for acting as Consulting Snieer, were stated at thirty guineas. MOBSTRUCTfON OF COLWYN BAY FOOTPATHS. pja- r H. Roberts and other members com- hy "le<^ the obstructions caused on the footpaths rest?len stanciing about in groups, and it was nvitl*° c;iH the attention of the police to the "iter. Tlip R-XPENISES OF A DEPUTATION TO LONDON. E>ev firman of the Finance Committee, Mr to that his Committee wished to submit cigp e tpoard a bill of expenses of the recent five a*-lon to London, amounting to £ 47 2s 5c! for that 'embers. The Finance Committee thought tlley rather stiff. The speaker thought that aPpo; s"°uld be careful in future how fhey that c'ePl,talions. He did not know whether It arn lncluded theatre-tickets or not (Laughter). eXpen°Unted t° nearly £ 10 each member, and the ^■'fiit KeS,°fthe Chairman of the Board (when he fjj y himself) were £ j 11s 9d. dTil, presidiiig Vice-Chairman said that the atton had done very good work while in London, and pointed out that the Rhyl Commis- sioners allowed their deputations five guineas each member. Mr Bevan Yes; but this is at the rate of nearly ten guineas per head, and I don't think but that the business could have been as well done by letters. The Clerk said that he had examined the account. Second-class railway fare was charged, and the hotel bill was ^11 17s lid. This left only 6s each for cabs, and they knew what getting about London meant. He did not think that the amount was too much. Mr T. Parry thought that the deputation did one of the best things ever accomplished for Colwyn Bay, and people ought not to complain. On the motion of Mr A. O. Walker, seconded by Mr Bevan, the bill was ordered to be paid. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Board confirmed, wiLhout discussion, the Finance Committee's minutes, from which it appeared that "The Collector having reported that certain rates were outstanding, it was resolved that the matter be left in the Collector's hands to use his own discretion, and also under the heading- Water Rates," that "The Collector was instructed to do his best to get in the rates during this month, and report to the next meeting." It also appeared that the following financial statistics were presented to the Committee's meeting, which was held on July 5th:-Surveyor's cash, £ 76 igs 8d Collector's cash, ^1202 4s 6d; Treasurer's receipts, £ 1144 7s; Balance in Treasurer's hands, £ 6gg 15s 8d. THE FORESHORE. The Clerk read the following letter from Mr Stafford Howard, of the Office of Woods and Forests Colwyn Bay Foreshore. I am directed by Mr Stafford Howard to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 12th inst., stating the terms of agreement between the Local Board and the Railway Company as to the future occupation of the foreshore. Under these terms, the Railway Company will hold two Crown Leases, one of the foreshore not surrendered, and the other of the six feet strip. Mr Howard thinks, however, that the simplest plan will be for the Railway Company to surrender the whole of their lease, and then to take a new lease for 31 years of the strip six feet in width nearest the line within the Board's jurisdiction and the whole of the foreshore included in their present lease, so far as it is not within the Local Board's boundaries, the Local Board at the same time taking a lease for a similar term of the foreshore opposite their frontage, and on the seaward side of the six feet strip. Subject to the approval of the Treasury, and on condition that the Board and the Railway Company would pay the usual Office charges, for the preparation of the surrender order, and the two leases, as well as the expenses connected with obtaining a valuation of the foreshore, Mr Howard would be prepared to accept a surrender, and to grant the proposed leases upon terms to be arranged." It was decided to communicate the contents of the letter to the Old Colwyn Land and Building Company, who objected to a sale to the Railway Company. The letter further said that the consent of Mr Howard to the arrangement was conditional upon there being no reasonable and valid objection to it on the part of the Land Company. The Clerk was instructed to communicate with the Land Company, and to place their replv before the Committee, and, if the reply was favourable, to communicate with the Office of Woods and Forests. The Board rose at twelve o'clock (noon). COLWYN BAY IN JULY. The season at Colwyn Hay, the "Bournemouth of North Wales," is now in full swing. The amusements provided for the entertainment of visitors, added to the natural attractions of this lovely locality, are of the highest order. The service of trains conveying visitors from or to London and other large English centres of popu- lation, are all that can be desired in point of expedition and convenience, whilst ths sea route (via Llandudno) from Liverpool is much patronised by those enjoying the voyage by the well-known steamship St. Tudno. Mr Schofield's fine Town Band perform daily, and each morning Murray's Merry Minstrels are "At Home" on the sands. Select entertainments (theatrical and otherwise) are given in the Public Hall. There are Golf, Tennis, and Cricket Clubs, the links and grounds respectively being in good order, and visitors being admitted to temporary membership on reasonable terms. The Newsroom is worthy of patronage. Pedestrian rambles through the woodland walks over Pwllycrochan, over the verdure-clad Denbighshire hills, or along leafy lanes, are much enjoyed, and there are excellent roads for cycling. The facilities for boating, bathing, sea and fresh-water fishing, are ample. To those who enjoy coaching, the day tour from Colwyn Bayt hrough the town and charming Vale of Conway, Trefriw, Llanrwst and Bettws-y-coed, Ogwen Valley, Pass of Nantffrancon, Bethesda, Aber, Llanfairfechan and Penmaenmawr, fifty-six miles in all, is a most enjoyable outing. Shorter coach drives to Bettws, Llandudno, Penmaen- mawr, &c., at frequent intervals. A sail up the River Conway in the steamer St. George is a pleasant half day out. Visitors can return from Trefriw either by road, river or rail. If any are undecided where to spend the summer holidays, by all means let them trv Colwyn Bay. CRICKET. RYDAL MOUNT v. DINGLEWOOD.-At Dingle- wood, Thursday, July 12th, 1894. DINGLEWOOD. Travers, b Raby 0 Emest Battersby, b Whitehouse 3 Moore, c Whitehouse, b Raby 5 Thomas, c Shaw. b Whitehouse 2 Kincaid, c Robinson, b Shaw r3 Porritt, c and b Whitehouse 4 Robinson, not out I Edgar Battersby, b Whitehouse. 2 Mather, c Raby, b Whitehouse o Ross, c and b Wh tehoiise o Edwards, b Greenhalgh. o Byes 6 Total.. 36 RYDAL MOUNT. S. Raby, b Thomas 12 E. Church, not out 25 A. Marsden, c Kincaid, b Moore 6 W. A. Melling, c Porritt, b Travers 22 A. C. F. Osborn, not out J. C. Gardner A. H. Whitehouse I T. Robinson 1 A. J. Greenhalgh fDld not bat- P. B. Shaw J. A, Nicholson J Byes 5, lb 1, w 1 7 Total (for 3 wickets) 71 RYDAL MOUNT V. LLANDUDNO COLLEGIATE SCHOOL.—Played at Colwyn Bay, Saturday, fulv 14th. RYDAL MOUNT. S. Raby. b Allen 29 W. A. Melling-, run out I E. Church, run out 16 A. C. F. Osborn, b Powell 1 J. C. Gardner, b John ■ • 39 J. Robinson, b Allen 2 A. H Whitehouse, c Allen, b Powell 40 A. J. Greenhaig-h, not out I6 E. W. Bunting-, b Allen ■ • 4 J. A. Nicholson, not out 3 P. B. Shaw, did not bat Byes 7, wickets I 8 Total (for 8 wickets) 159 Innings declared closed. LLANDUDNO COLLEGIATE. Bateman, c Osborn, b Whitehouse o Crowther, b Whitehouse 2 Jones, b Greenhalgh o Powell, run out.. Allen, run out o Issac, b Greenhalgh I Mellor, c Osborn, b Greciilaatgh o Eastwood, b Whitehouse o Mr John, c Whitehouse, b Greenhalgh 4 Clarke, c Gardner, b Greenhalgh 8 Gerrard, not out o Byes I, wickets 2 3 Total • • 39



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