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J. M. PORTER, THE ESTATE OFFICE, Colwyn Bay. TO BE LET UNFURNISHED. A First class Lodging House occupying excell- ent position, close to the Beach and Bathing, &c., and convenient for Station. Entirely re-decorated throughout, and fitted with modern sanitary ar- rangements, &c. 4 Sittingrooms, 12 Bedrooms, and domestic offices. Rent £ 50 first year, £60 afterwards. A Semi-detached House in good position in Abergele Road, within easy reach of the Beach, Station, Woods, &c. Contents:—3 Reception rooms, 7 Bedrooms, Bathroom, capital dry Cel- lars, Kitchen, Back kitchen, and other domestic offices. Possession at short notice. Rent:— £ 50 per anntim. "Trouville," Promenade.—This first class Lodg- ing House to be let 25th March. Close to the Beach, Station, &c. 4 Sitting rooms, Servants' do., 13 Bedrooms, and usual domestic offices. Plent, -85 per annum. First class detached House, in the West end, easy reach of Promenade, Beach, Station, &c., suitable for private residence or first class lodging house, replete with all most modern arrangements. Good views. Contents 4 Entertaining rooms, 11 large Bedrooms, 2 small do., Dressing room, Lavatory, Bathroom, &c., &c. Outside: Garden, Greenhouse, Verandah, &c. "Fairfield," Llewelyn Road.—Small detached House, pleasantly and conveniently situated. Contains 2 Sitting rooms, 5 Bedrooms and domes- tic offices. Possession early in March. Rent, L32 per annum. Apartments to Let. OLWYN BAY-EDEI.WEIS, Pi-ivate Boarding COLWYN BAY—EDELWEIS, Private Boarding House—The Misses Retemeyer.-£2 2s. per eek. 156—52 SUPERIOR APARTMENTS, situated near the Sea and Woods. Good Cooking, &c. Terms moderate. Apply" N. Office of this Paper, Colwyn Bay. 262-]3 To Let. HOUSE TO LET. Washington," Llew- -[jL elyn Road. Well furnished. Low rent. 257— To be Sold. OLD NEWSPAPERS. Quantifies of 25lbs. and upwards. Weekly News Office, Conwav. To Tradesmen and others. ACCOUNTS of all descriptions made up, &c. A Rents and Debts collected by a competent Person. Apply, "Accountant," Office of this Paper, Conway 152— THE MISSES NODEN, irst-class Confectioners HEFHESHMBNT H00 M S, Wellington House, Station Rd. COLWYN Late with Messrs. SIMMS & WAI^E, of LanD ST. SOUTHPORT. ALL KINDS OF FANCY CAKES, INCLUDING MADEIRA. SPONGE, AND PLUM. Plain and Fancy Bread and Pastry Fresh Daily RAISED VEAL AND HAM PIES AND POTTED MEAT. Wedding, Christening, and Birthday Cakes. CREAMS & JELLIES. ICES DAILY. DISH, FRUIT, AND pIGEON pIES TO ORDER. Tennis, Pic-nic & Tea Parties REASONABLY SUPPLIED. 157 — M.& J. WILLIAMS, (PLAS MAWR), HIGH STREET, CONWAY. CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, IRONMONGERS, PICTURE-FRAME MAKERS, JOINERS, and OFFICE FITTERS. Undertakers. 252-52 To IMPROVE THE SIGHT You should wear only HENRY LAURANCE'S IMPROVED SPECTACLES AND FYE GLASSES, WHICH HAVE PROVED BENEFICIAL TO THOUSANDS. UNDREDS of uiisol'c*ted Testimonials Iiave -L been received from grateful wearers, in- l-I UNDREDS of unsolicited Testimonials have ^[uding- many of the leading Oculists, Medical ^entlemen, the Clergy, &c., whose sight has een benefited by their use when other Spectacles ad failed. A lengthened list of Testimonials on application to LLEWELYN JONES, Chemist and Optician, LANCASTER SQUARE, CONWAY, y-h°m these celebrated Spectacles are sold. Ask for Henry Laurance's Spectacles this e G'asses; all are. stamped H.L., without ^^°ne are genuine. 222—26 y,E,A,<50EXJS> intelligent, persistent advertising line JiArgest possible success in any particular Sales by Mr F. A. Dew. F. A. DEW, AUCTIONEER, SURVEYOR, VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, Llewelyn Chambers, COLWYN BAY. Ten years ( including five years' articles) with two of the largest firms of Land Agents in the country. AUCTIONS of Landed Estates, Freehold and Leasehold Business Premises, House Property, Building Land, Hotels, Live and Dead Farming Stock, Household Furniture, Pictures, Books, and Plate. VALUATIONS of Estates, Business Premises, Private Residences, Building Land, Standing Timber, Agricultural Property (including Tenant Right Valuations under Agreement or the Agri- cultural Holdings Act) Dilapidations, See,, for Probate, Mortgage, Trustees, Business Transfers, Hotels, &c. MORTGAGES ARRANGED. SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. HOUSES TO LET- Furnished & Unfurnished. Information given of Houses, Building Estates, Farms, Country Residences, and Business Pre- mises for Sale or to let in all parts of North Wales. FIRE, LIFE, AND GENERAL INSURANCE AGENT. The Offices occupy the most prominent and central position in Colwyn Bay, thus affording unequalled publicity to all Auction Announce- ments. 120- PUBLIC HALL, COLWYN BAY. UNRESERVED SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. The next Sale of FURNITURE, the property of Householders who are leaving, and others, will take place on FRIDAY, 16th FEBRUARY, 1894. FURTHER ENTRIES ARE SOLICITED. F. A. DEW, 260— Auctioneer, Colwyn Bay. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. TROUVILLE, THE PROMENADE, COLWYN BAY. The contents of Thirteen Bedrooms, Four Reception Rooms, Servants' Hall, and Domestic Offices, The property of MADAME GASCOIGNE, who is leaving, On TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY, 20th & 21st, 1894. GORSFIELD, PRINCESS DRIVE, COLWYN BAY. The contents of Fourteen Bedrooms, Four Reception Rooms, and Domestic Offices. The property of MRS. BULLOCK, who is leaving, On TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th & 27th, 1894. Catalogues in due course. F. A. DEW, Auctioneer, 260— Llewelyn Chambers, Colwyn Bay. FOR SALE. BY PRIVATE TREATY. FREEHOLD.— Several very choice PLOTS of BUILDING LAND also a large selection of Superior RESIDENCES, suitable for occupation or investment in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. HOUSES WANTED.—Almost daily applica- tions for Furnished and Unfurnished Houses.— No charge made unless actual business results. MORTGAGES.—Wanted to advance at low interest on sound freehold investments, sums of ^3°°> £ 600, £ 800, and £ 1,200. FOR INVESTMENT.—Several substantially built and well let Residences for Sale, shewing 6 per cent interest on purchase money. FOR SALE. The only available corner Building site in the centre of the town. Freehold. Price and full particulars on application. Fire and Life Insurance in all its branches. Agent for the Alliance Fire and Life, the Man- chester Fire, the Norwich and London Accident, and other old established Offices. TO LET. FURNISHED. Several Houses in good positions in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. Rents varying accord- ing to accommodation. Full particulars of F. A. DEW as above. DR. ROCK'S FEMALE PILLS, THE MOST EFFECTUAL, Coated, tasteless, and quite harmless to the most delicate constitution, but married ladies should adhere stricti to the directions. No obstruction stands against them. i/iJ, 2s. 9d., & 4s. 6d. per Box. 2 By Post, under cover, ld. extra, OF ALL CHEMISTS, OR DIRECT FROM THE UNIVERSAL DRUG CO. (New and Only Address), 75, Fleet Street, London, E.C. 258-39 SALES BY MR. W. F. WILLIAMS REES. W. F. WILLIAMS-REES, LANDAND ESTATE AGENT, AUCTIONEER, &c., COLWYN. Resident Agent for the Colwyn Land Co. Lirn. CHOICE BUILDING PLOTS For Sale in Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, and Llandudno HOUSES TO BE LET AND SOLD, Furnished or Unfurnished. SALES BY AUCTION & VALUATIONS of all classes of Property undertaken. 209-13 CONWAY UNION. Tenders for Provisions, &c. All persons desirous of Contracting- with the Guardians for the supplying of the Conway Union House for the Half-year ending Michaelmas next, with articles consumed in the House, are reques- ted to send in their Tenders under seal addressed to me at the Board Room, Conway, on or before 11 o'clock, ON FRIDAY, THE 9TH DAY OF MARCH, 1894. The following is the estimated quantity required Lbs. Lbs. 20,000 Bread 1,354 Sugar 2,000 Flour 896 Soap 1,500 Oatmeal 24 Candles 4,000 Beef for boiling 448 Salt 100 Beef for roasting Pints. 80 Bone 800 Split Peas 300 Mutton ons^0 W; Coal 400 Suet Coke 400 Cheese Qrts J 800 Butter 3,000 Sweet Milk 400 Rice r,3oo Butter Milk 150 Tea Deal Coffins (as re- 48 Coffee required) Samples will be required of all such articles as can be given, and no Tenders will be received except in the required form, which may be ob- tained on application at my Office. It is competent for any person to Tender for any of the articles separately. All persons having claims upon the Union must send in the same to me, on or before the 28th day ot March instant, and attend at my Office, at Conwa), on the 6th day of April next, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when such claim, if correct, will be discharged. By Order, T. E. PARRY, Clerk to the Guardians. Board Room, Union Workhouse, Conway, 9th February, 1894. NOTE.—The Act 22 and 23 Vict., cap. 49 enacts, That all debis, claims or demands, which shall be lawfully incurred by or become due from the Guardians of any Union or Parish, shall be paid within the half-year in which the same shall have been incurred or become due, or within three months after the expiration of such half-year, and not afterwards." The Half- years end on the 29th day of September, and on the 25th day of March in each year. 262- Borough of Conway. TYWYN AND DEGANWY ROAD. TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the formation and construction of a Road from Tywyn to Deganwy, with Sewers and all other works con- nected thereunto. Plans and Specifications may be seen and Forms of Tender obtained upon application to Mr T. B. FARRINGTON, Borough Engineer, High Street, Conway. Tenders to be sent in under Seal, endorsed Tender for Road," before 2 p.m., on Wednes- day, the 28th inst., to T. E. PARRY, Town Clerk, Conway. 7th February, 1894. 262— Martha Mathias, Deceased. Pursuant to the Statute 22 and 23 Vic., Cap. 35. NOTICE is hereby given that all Creditors and other persons having any Claims or Demands against the Estate of Martha Mathias, late of Nantwich House, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, in the County of Denbigh, Spinster, deceased (who died on the 23rd day of September, 1893, and of whose estate Letters of Administra- tion with the Will were granted on the 26th day of January, 1894, by Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, at the District Probate Registry thereof at St. Asaph, to John Moses Thompson, of Tranby, Colwyn Bay aforesaid, Wesleyan Minister, the attorney of William Mathias. of Round House Avenue, K. Constable Hook, Bay- onne City, in the State of New Jersey, one of the United States of America, the executor named in the said Will), are hereby required to send the par- ticulars in writing of their claims or demands to me, the undersigned, on or before the 1st day of April, 1894, after which day the said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claims and demands of which he shall then shall have had notice. Dated this 28th day of February, 1894. FRAS. NUNN, Central Chambers, Colwyn Bay, 262-3 Solicitor for the said Administrator. LIST OF VISITORS.