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ST. CATHERINE'S CHURCH. A most successful entertainment was given at Colwyn Assembly Rooms, on Monday evening, February 5th, by the Band of Hope members of St. Catherine's Church. Mr M. Wilks, of Got phvvysfa, occupied the chair, and the Hall was literally crowded. All who took part went through their performances without a single hitch. In his opening remarks, the Chairman said,-Dear friends, I feel proud of the opportunity of being present to-night, and to preside, and I see by the programme that we shall enjoy a very nice evening. I am very proud to find that the Vicar has under- taken what used to be done by our worthy friend Mr Stephens (who has left us), the originator of this Band of Hope. I find that this Society also teaches kindness to dumb animals, and I think that we can do no better than patronise these meetings, as we can see excellent talent in the young ones. I shall not detain you further, but shall go on with the programme. After the Chairman's few introductory remarks, the entertainment com- menced with a song and chorus, The Children's Meeting," by the Band of Hope Choir. The remainder of the programe was as follows :— Mother's Song to her Dolly," Bessie Hughes song, Forget-me-not," Sallie Price recitation, Railway Guard of the Temperance Train," Robert Jones pianoforte solo, Miss Nellie Lloyd; song and chorus, Band of Hope Choir; song, Bow-wow," Maggie Davies, Anne Mary Morris, and Mary Owen recitation, Pollie Bardsley violin solo, Mr Abbot song, Pickles," Amy and Margery Dunning; dialogue, "Quiet cup of tea," Lilly JQnoc, janp Fto. Lloyd, and Jennie Williams; glee, "Farmer," Mr Owen's Party; recitation, Why the Stars Twinkle So," Amy Dunning flute duett, J. H. Williams and T. M. Davies; song, Mary Catherine Thomas (3 years of age); Welsh song, T. M. Davies; Weisll song and chorus, solos by Jennie Williams and Fred Davies, chorus by Band of Hope Choir song, Alf. O. Williams; recitation, "Curlew shall not ring to-night," Flo. Lloyd; song (in character), The Japanese F"an," Band of Hope Girls recitation, "Little Flo's Brother," Jane Williams; song, "Gladys and her Dolly," Gladys Sanderson; song, "The Holy City," Mr Edward Roberts; song and chorus, Water Pure," solo sung by Cissie Dunning; pianoforte duett, Jennie Williams and J. H. Williams violin solo, Mr Abbot song, Colwyn Town," Amy and Margery Dunning (encored); song and chorus, Swim, Lads, lor the Colwyn Shore," solo sung by Mr Edward Davies, Prestatyn; chorus by the St. Catherine's Choir; song, "Hush-a-by Baby," Jennie Wil- liams, Eveline and Maud Evans, Bessie Hughes, Maggie Davies, and Emma Price song and chorus, "Little Bird of Temperance," Band of Hope Choir. — The Vicar, after reminding the audience how much they were indebted to Miss Fanny Wilks, Miss Sedgwick, Mr and Mrs Owen, and others, for their noble assistance in training the children, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to their worthy chairman, Mr Wilks, which was seconded by Mr Williams-Rees. After a brief suitable acknowledgment from the chairman, the entertainment terminated with the singing of the English National Anthem.—The proceeds were in aid of procuring foot-lights and more chairs for the Rooms.