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T. HOHAN, (Attendant Hairdresser at four of the principal Colleges of Colwyn Bay,) $>axvbvessev & obacconisf, (Hairbrushing by Machinery,) CIGAR STORES, CONWAY RD., AND OAKFIELD SHOP, ABERGELE RD, COLWYN BAY Fancy Repository. Umbrellas and Parasols neatly repaired. Human Hair Worker, &c. The best fitted up Hair Cutting Rooms in the Disti ict. Private Rooms for Ladies. Spleadid assortment of Foreign Cigars always in stock Walking Sticks in great variety. 157- Quality is the' Test of Cheapness. E. P. JONES, SON & CO., WHOLESALE FAMILY TEA & COFFEE SALESMEN, French & Italian Warehousemen, AND Provision Merchants. Noted for Wholesomeness and Regularity of all their Productions. THE" ENGLISH" ORGANETTE. I STOP WITH EXPRESSION 8X0P. 1 illllfoWffil WSY PAYMENTS, 4/- MONTHLY. Plajs Hymns,Popular Airs, Quad- riliea, Waltzes, Polkas, Reels, Horn* pipes. Any tune can be played I STOP WITH EXPRESSION 8X0P. 1 illllfoWffil WSY PAYMENTS, 4/- MONTHLY. Plajs Hymns,Popular Airs, Quad- riliea, Waltzes, Polkas, Reels, Horn* pipes. A117 tune can be played with artistic effect by anyone. No |jj^p j 'jjySwSSS«|[j\, musical knowledge required. A, «l/MONTHUY* M^loPWuSicaI In- Price 30 Tferraa: I/. depostt monthly. Organette delivered when first 4s. is paid. ^r mil particulars of Instalment Srstrm. THE ENGLISH ORGANETTE FACTORY, BLACKBURN. SAVE HALF Your GAS Bills "r—1 THE PATENT AUTOMATIC llupj GAS BLENDER is easily fixed on any burner, causing it to give twice the light with the ■ ■ same gas. 1«V I HOUSEHOLDERS pounds per annum by using it in their houses. Sample box of 6 post free, 1/1. game Gas with 9, ,Si>TClIIE' 70, Renshaw St., Blender. LI Y ERPOOL. Agents wanted everywhere WHITE Light Running, Speedy and Noiseless, Simple in Construction, and of Thorough Workmanship. OVER 900,000 NOW IN USE. GOLD MEDAL AT PARIS EXHIBITION, 1889. SEWING 11 For Family Use, Corset Making, Dressmaking,' Mantle-making, &c., &c. Hand Machines, convenient for carrying about, Prices from Fifty Shillings. Hand and Treadle Machines Large Machines for Tailors and Manufacturers in short, suitable Machines for all classes of work. MACHINES 1111 Guaranteed for Five Years no charge for repairs in that time, and despite the large numbers sold, the Company has never failed in a single instance to make good its guarantee. Weekly or Monthly Payments, without Additional Cost. Price Lists and Samples of Work by Post, Free. Beautiful Samples always on View. ENQUIRE FOR WHITE MACHINES Over 7,700 Agencies in Great Britain, White Sewing Machine Co., 43, HOLBORN VIADUCT, LONDON, SPECIAL SHOW = OF WINTER NOVELTIES. E. H. DAVIES is now showing the Latest Novelties in Ladies' and Children's Trimmed and Untrimmed Millinery, Jackets, Mantles, Mackintoshes, Dress Materials, Umbrellas. GRAND ASSORTMENT OF SKIRTS & SKIRTINGS. Children's Woollen Goods and Flannelette Underclothing, Hosiery and Gloves. UXBRIDGE HOUSE, Station Road, COLWYN BAY. Novelties in MANTLES, DRESSES, AND MILLINERY, FOR THE AUTUMN AND WINTER TRADE. MISSES THOMAS, 7, High Street, Conway. RESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY PREPARED WITH PRESCRIPTIONS JL DURE DRUGS, R AND BY c HEMICALS, llY. G. llVILLIAMS, Chemist, CASTLE STREET, CONWAY. 159-52 -0, V-,2;4 a ziowaxt ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Germ, Constitution, and Fresh Bread Daily. PURE KIEL AND DENBIGH BUTTER. HOME CURED HAMS & BACON. D. ALLEN & SONS, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, Undertakers, &c., 6 & 7, STATION RD., COLWYN BAY. Dining room and Drawing room Suites, from £6 15s. Bedroom Suites (including Wardrobe), from £5 os. Carpets and Rugs. Linoleums and Mats. Bedsteads and Bedding. Special attention is paid to the Upholstery and Bedding Department. Old Furniture Re- upholstered and Re-polished equal to new at the most reasonable prices. ESTIMATES GIVEN. FURNITURE CAREFULLY REMOVED BY ROAD OR RAIL. Cabinet Works, Ivy Street. Established 1873. PATRONISED BY THE NOBILITY. JOHN JONES, Family isutcltei*) GRIMSBY HOUSE, PFLTWVN RSV Opposite St. Paul's Church, VJv/JJ II Hi Dill. Home-cured Hams and Bacon, and Genuine Pork Sausao-es always on hand. Corned Beef. Pickled Tongues. CHOICEST QUALITY OF MEAT ONLY SUPPLIED. 157- JONES & SON, R.P.C., A.G.F., Plumbers, Gas Fitters, &c., Sanitary and Hot Water Engineers, Ironmongers, MELBOURNE HOUSE, CASTLE STREET, CONWAY. Electric Bellhangers and Telephones. Registered Plumbers. COLWYN BAY & CONWAY. TEA! TEA!! TEA! J. DAVIES has just received an entire New Stock, selected from the Best Growths and carefully blended on the premises. They are pure, rich, and refreshing, and few who try them will fail to become regular buyers. Pure Ceylon, 1/8 per lb. Souchong, 1/10. Pecoe Souchong, 2/ Note the Address:—BOSTON HOUSE, 234- CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. C-W IR IE P,, rr CLEARANCE SALE. A. FAWCETT & CO., Have much pleasure in announcing that they are determined to Clear off their remaining STOCK OF SUMMER GOODS BELOW COST PRICES, the whole being marked with a view to entire cjarance. Stupendous Reductions. NOTE THE ADDRESS: A. FAWCETT & Co., Manchester House, CONWAY. 157— It will Pay you to go there r "WHERE!" J. JARED WILLIAMS' Glass, China and Earthenware Warehouse, Prospect House, Conway. 15 p.c. Cheaper than any other house in the county. Specialities: TOILET SETS,: TEAi SERVICES, DINNER SERVICES. List of Prices on Application' 215- DAVIES & CHAPLIN. PRINCIPAL Bill Posters&Town Criers Under Colwyn Bay Local Board, Teg'd House, 16, Station Road. —— Private Hoardings in the District free of charges. Members of the United Kingdom BilJ-posters Association. 157- Established at Late with Mr T. Edge, Llan- Colwyn Bay, 1879. dudno, for 12 years. T. W. THOMAS, PHOTOGRAPHER, KENSINGTON HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD COLWYN BAY. ONLY FIRST CLASS WORK DONE. STUDIO ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Views of the District always in stock. After 13 years business in Colwyn Bay, J. W. 'I desires to thank the residents for their patronage t the past, and hopes for a continuace of the same in the future. 157- NOTICE OF REMOVAL. Mr. A. Alford Sarson, L.D.S., DENTAL SURGEON, Has Removed to HEATH FIELD, (OLD POST OFFICE). ATTENDANCE DAILY, 10 to 6 O'CLOCK. WORTHINGTON & Co., L. BREWERS BY APPOINTMENT To H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, IBTXJr^TOIST on TBEHT. ESTABLISHED 1750. Families can be supplied direct from the Brewery with the CELEBRATED INDIA PALE ALES, MILD ALES, DINNER ALES, AND STOUTS, Of the above well-known Company, in 9 or 18 Gallon Casks and upwards on application to their LOCAL AGENTS: J. C. SMALLWOOD, BLUE BELL HOTEL, CONWAY, AND E. H. DAVIES, UXBRIDGE HOUSE, COLWYN BAY, ALSO INDIA PALE AND DINNER ALE IN BOTTLE. Orders by Post will receive prompt attention. 220- WILLIAM ROBERTS, Alaer £ £ el@ Road, (Opposite the Mission Room), COLWYN BAY. o GENERAL IRONMONGER, JOINER, AND CABINET MAKfcJK. House, Shop, and Office Fittings made to order. FUNERALS FURNISHED, &c. 57- MORRIS, BILL POSTER Under the Local Board, and appointed by the Denbighshire County Council. TEGID HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. —: 15 PRIVATE BOARDS. :— 145- The People's Boot Shop IS JOHN WILLIAMS', THE Great Boot Provider for Colwyn Bay and Neighbourhood, for many years. Large Stock at Lowest possible Prices for Cash. 12,Station Rd., Colwyn Bay. Mrs. FOX, Scientific Dress Maker, Primrose Hill, Colwyn Bay. Ladies' own materials made up on moderate terms. 154-52 PITMAN'S s HORTHAND. PRIVATE TUITION GIVEN. For terms, etc., apply to W. H. WILLIAMS, M.P.S., OAKFIELD HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. 25°—


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