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J. M. PORTER, THE ESTATE OFFICE, (! Colwyn Bay. TO LET FURNISHED. RHIW, COLWYN BAY. Contains 3 Entertaining-rooms, 6 Bed-rooms, Dressing-room, and all usual offices or would be let unfurnished for a term, with or without 9 acres of land. TAN-Y-BRYN. Contains Dining, Drawing, and Music rooms, 9 Bed-rooms, Dressing-room and usual Offices, also 2-stalled Stable, Loose-box, Coach-house, &c. A Small Detached House, containing 2 Sitting- rooms, 5 Bed-rooms, and the usual Offices. Five minutes from Beach. TO LET UNFURNISHED. BRYN EITHYN. Containing Dining, Drawing, and Morning- rooms, 9 Bed-rooms, 2 Dressing-rooms, and all usual appurtenances Two-stalled Stable, Loose- box, &c., and Coachman's-rooms. A commodious Lodging House, situated in a firstclass position and containing 4 Entertaining and 12 Bed-rooms, and Offices also for Sale. FOR SALE. A small, comfortably arranged, well built house, situated outside Colwyn Bay, and containing 2 Sitting-rooms. 3 Bedrooms, Bath-room, Kitchen, &c., with Outbuildings and small Garden. 154-52 J. R. Barnwell, Late with Messrs W. f F. BROWN & Co., Chester. CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND FUNERAL FURNISHER, GLASS & CHINA DEALER, "The Argyle," Abergele Road, COLWYN BAY. DRAWING, DINING, and BEDROOM SUITES. Sideboards and Cheffoniers, Oilcloths and Linoleums, Bedsteads and Bedding, Spring and Wool Mattresses, and a great variety of all kinds of FURNITURE at prices not to be equalled. Breakfast, Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Services, and a large assortment of Glass and China. Paper Hangings-New Season's Patterns from i-id. per piece. 2 Furniture carefully Removed by Road or Rail at Moderate Charges. ESTIMATES GIVEN. Old Turnit-are Re-Upholstered. Note the Address:— "THE ARGYLE," Abergele M., Colwyn Bay. 157- MISS HUGHES, DRESS AND MANTLE MAKER, Salop House, Rhw Bank Avenue, Colwyn Bay. Ladies' own Materials made up. Good Fit and Finish. Moderate Terms. 166-13 For Sale. TO BE SOLD—HOUSES in Greenfield Road, Colwyn Bay, each containing two Enter taining rooms, nine Bedrooms, Bath with hot and cold water, Kitchen, Scullery, &c. Apply to Mr. O. Lloyd, Pendorlan villa, Colwyn Bay. HAY.—For Sale, a small Stack (about 7 tons) of very prime Meadow Hay, harvested without a drop of rain.—Apply to Evan Jones, Colwyn Bay College. 169- To be Let. ME1RION GARDENS, Colwyn Bay.— Primrose Hill to be let, containing 3 en- tertaining rooms, 13 bedrooms, kitchen, back kitchen, wash-house, bath, lavatory, &c. Rent ^40. Enquire next door. 165 ■■ 11111 Wanted. WANTED, Furnished House at Colwyn Bay, 5'or 6 Rooms, with garden for June, July, and August. Terms reasonable.—S. 11 Linnaeus Street, Hull, Yorkshire. WANTED, A STRONG LAD as Apprentice to the Saddlery.—Apply, Jones, Lancas- ter House, Colwyn Bay. 170-3 STRONG LAD wanted to look after pony and s spring cart, to solicit and take out orders for a grocer shop at Conway. Live out, state wage. Address by letter, X," Weekly IVews Office, Conway. 171-2 To be Let Furnished. TO BE LET FURNISHED.—Gorphwysfa, Gyffin, Nr. Conway.—3 Sitting Rooms, 5 Bedrooms, large Kitchen, usual domestic offices and field at back.—Apply, Mr Jones, Shop, Gyffin, Conway. 139- TO BE LET FURNISHED.—3 Bedrooms, (4 beds), Sitting Room, Kitchen, and Scul- lery. Pleasantly situated near the sea, and close to the Station. Apply at the Office of this paper COMFORTABLE and well furnished Apart- ments for the winter months, Sitting rooms and one or two Bedrooms. Terms very moderate. Address, H. H., at the Office of this paper. 130 SACKVILLE HOUSE TO BE LET from September. Apply to Mrs. Gaskell, Sack- ville House, Abergele road, Colwyn Bay. 130 COLWYN BAY.—Furnished house to be let, cheap. Good position and extensive view. Five minutes from Beach and Wood. Apply, W,' Office of this paper. 165- BOWDEN HOUSE, Abergele Road, near the Dingle, Colwyn Bay, to be let Furnished or in Apartments. 170- COLWYN BAY, N. WALES. TO BE LET FURNISHED for the Summer months, or for a longer period, the charm- ingly situated House, known as "Tan-y-Bryn," built and occupied by Mr. Ellis Lever, to whom application may be made. There are three Entertaining Rooms overlooking the Bay, eleven Bedrooms (14 beds), Bath Room, Linen Closet, Music Landing (two grand pianos and excellent organ). Good Kitchens, Butler's Pantry, and the usual offices. Gas throughout the house, and water supply of the best. There is a Conserva- tory, and the grounds are tastefully laid out and well stocked with shrubs and flowers. The drainage and sanitary condition of the house all that could be wished. The situation of the house is not only the most picturesque but one of the most healthy in North Wales. 168— ,Oa.DBT' W's COCOA. Of full strength; of a highly ew, I nature, free from added starch and SI: Health. to Sales by Mr F. A. Dew. Mr F. A. DEW, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, MORTGAGE BROKER, LAND AND HOUSE AGENT, Llewelyn Chambers, Conway Road, COLWYN BAY. Ten years ( including five years' articles) with two of the largest firms of Auctioneers and Land Agents in England. The Offices occupy the most prominent and central position in Colwyn Bay, thus affording unequalled publicity to all Auction Announce- ments. AUCTIONS of Freehold Property, Building Land, Household Furniture, Books, Plate, Farm- ing Stock, &c. VALUATIONS for Probate, Mortgage, Busi- ness Transfer, and Tenant Right. MORTGAGES ARRANGED. Persons desirous of letting their houses fur- nished during the coming Summer are invited to communicate particulars. Also Owners of Property wishing to dispose of Houses by Private Treaty. Personal attention given to every detail of business entrusted to Mr DEW'S hands. FIRE, LIFE, AND GENERAL INSURANCE AGENT. 120- FOR SALE. FREEHOLD.—Several very choice PLOTS of BUILDING LAND also a large selection of Superior RESIDENCES, suitable for occu- pation or investment in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. TO LET. FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED.— Several Houses in good positions in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. Rents varying according to accommodation. Full particulars of F. A. DEW, AUCTION & ESTATE AGENCY OFFICES, LLEWELYN CHAMBERS. 134- COLWYN BAY TRADE PRICE LIST. WORTHINGTON & Co, Ld. (Burton-on-Trent). PRICES OF ALES IN CASKS (CARRIAGE PAID). INDIA PALE ALE "E." Barrel (36 Gallons) 60s. Kil. (18 Gallons) 30s. Fir. (9 Gallons) 15s. INDIA PALE ALE "XE." Barrel (36 Gallons) 54s. Kil. (18 Gallons) 27s. Fir. (9 Gallons) 13s. 6d. MILD ALE. Brl. Kil. Fir. "C Mild Ale 60s. 30s. 15s. "B" „ 54s. 27s. 13s. 6d. "A" „ 48s. 24s. 12s. "—" „ 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. S" „ 36s. 18s. 9s. STRONG ALE. Brl. Kil. Fir. G" Strong Ale 84s. 42s. 21s. "F" 72s. 36s. 18s. "D" „ 66s. 33s. 16s. 6d. LIGHT DINNER ALE. Brl. Kil. Fir. INI Light Dinner Ale 42s. 21s 10s. 6d. "S3" 36s. 18s. 9s. Bottling Agent for Conway :— J. C. SMALLWOOD, BLUE BELL HOTEL, CONWAY. The attention of the public is especially drawn to the India Pale Ale E in bottle. Families supplied with all qualities and sizes in cask. 164—26 D. WYNNE ROBERTS, GENERAL DRAPER AND MERCHANT TAILOR, 16, Castle Street, Conway. Open on Wednesdays (during the season) until 8 p.m. 170- KRONOS HOUSE, (Adjoining the Post Office), Queen's Buildings, Station Road, COLWYN BAY. Messrs. MERRIDEW & Co., (From Coventry, Established 1857), WATCH MANUFACTURERS, GOLD AND SILVERSMITHS, Etc., Etc. Beg most respectfully to announce to the Resi- dents and Visitors of Colwyn Bay and Neigh- bourhood, that they have purchased the above premises, and laid down their plant for the Manufacturing and Repairing Departments, and whilst returning sincere thanks for the kindly patronage already accorded them, they hope that by skilled work with strictly moderate charges, and punctual attention to all commands entrusted to them, to merit a continuance of their patronage and support. One of the largest Stocks and Cheapest Houses in North Wales, particular attention being given to Presentation Articles in endless variety and style. Messrs. M. & Co. have added their Machinist and Cycle Works to these premises. Any type of Machine built to order. A large stock of New and Second-hand Cycles for Sale. Agents for the principal Makers. REGISTERED OFFICIAL REPAIRERS TO THE C.T.C. (CYCLES ON HIRE). 165- JOHN ROBERTS, Poulterer & Greengrocer, 18, BERRY STREET, — CONWAY. — 0: Fresh Butter, Eggs, and Home-cured Bacon always on hand. A large quantity of clean Feathers now in stock, at 9d, per lb. 157- ggSP FOR THE COMING SEASON, NOVELTILIS IN MILLINERY. STYLISH HATS AND BONNETS, TRIMMED AND UNTRIMMED, AT MISSES THOMAS'S, "7, T C-X ST., CON-W- -A.Y- 157- DANIEL ALLEN. Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Undertaker, &c., 6 & 7, STATION RD., COLWYN BAY. Dining room and Drawing room Suites, from £ 6 15s. Bedroom Suites (including Wardrobe), from ^5 os. Carpets and Rugs. Linoleums and Mats. Bedsteads and Bedding. Special attention is paid to the Upholstery and Bedding Department. Old Furniture Re- upholstered and Re-polished equal to new at the most reasonable prices. ESTIMATES GIVEN. FURNITURE CAREFULLY REMOVED BY ROAD OR RAIL. Cabinet Works, Ivy Street. LIDBETTER & LONGMAID, Family Grocers, Bakers, and Provision Merchants, Abergele & Belgrave Roads, COLWYN BAY, Sole Manufacturers of Montgomerie's Patent Malt Bread. Finest Danish, Irish, and Welsh Butters. Special Agents for Colombo Ceylon Tea, 2/- lb. Families waited upon for Orders daily. 157- TAILORING! LEWIS BROS.' NEW SPRING AND SUMMER STOCK OF WOOLLENS! SPLENDID VARIETY TO CHOOSE FROM. STYLE AND FIT GUARANTEED. SPECIALITIES Our Noted 10/6 Trousers. Black Worsted Coat and Vest for 30/- Tweed Suits to measure from 35/- READY MADES :-Our Stock of Ready Made Clothing is replete for the coming Season in ,Men's, Youth's, and Boys' Clothing. WE MAKE ALL MEN'S READY MADES ON THE PREMISES. Extension of Premises at LEWIS BROS. which will enable them to keep a larger Stock in all Departments. ADDRESS :— Bradford House, Colwyn Bay. 163—46 CARPET YOUR WALLS — WITH Paper Hangings — FROM R. E. JONES and BROS., Central Library, 8, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY, AND I Rose Hill Street, Conway. I LARGE STOCK. QOOD QUALITY. REASONABLE PRICES.