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AVIS AND JENKS, Sign Painters, Glaziers, and General Ornamentists, FREDERICK-STREET & LEWIS-STREET, CARDIFF, PRESENT their grateful acknowledgment for the kind and P liberal Patronage they have received since their commence- ment in business and beg to assure their friends it will be their every endeavour to produce excellence of workmanship, combined with Moderate Charges. Venetian and Wire Blinds made to Order and Repaired. TO BE LET WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, the Long Established and well-known CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, POSTING AND COAIMERCIAL HOUSE. The whole of the Effects to be taken at a Valuation. a For further Particulars apply to the EXECUTORS at the above Hotel. Cardiff, July 29,1850. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the next Half-Yearly General or Ordinary Meeting of the Proprietors of this Com- pany, will be held, pursuant to the Act of Parliament, at the HADDINGTON STATION of the Great Western Railway, on WED- NESDAY, the'28th day of AUGUST next, at One o'Clock, for the general purposes of business. The Chair will be taken at One o'Clock precisely. The Transfer Books will be closed on the 14th of August, and will not be opened until after the said Half-Yearly General Meet ug, on the 28th of August. By Order, FRED. G. SAUNDERS, SECY. South Wales Railway Offices, 449, West Strand, London, August 6th, 18aQ. r I G RAT ION TO B A L T I 1\1 0 R E, UNITED STATES, DIRECT FROM THE BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. To sail on or about the 28th Instant, THE FINE NEW ,IL AMERICAN SHIP N A R It A G A X S E T T," 1000 TONS BURTHEN. JOHN EDMONDS, COMMANDER. rpIIIS FINE SHIP has very superior Accommodation for I Passengers, and the Captain will make arrangements here litifora sailing, tor Aheir Free Transit to any port or place in the United States. 4 articulars aipply to yil. PARIty AND BROWN, Ship Brokers, Cardiff SUNDAY SCHOOLS IN WALES. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION MAGAZINE FOR AUGUST, PRICE ONE P E, Lvtv Y, CONTAINS a Narrative of Mr. CHARLES REED'S VISIT to • some of the WELSH SUNDAY SCHOOLS, with the usual variety of Essays, Poetry, Reviews of Books, Sunday School Intel- MONTHLY^0"3 PartS °f 'England' &c- 11 is PUBLISHED Llyfrau at Wasanaeth Ysgolion Sabbothol. ^Egwyddorig o'r Iaith Gymreig neu y Llyfr Cyntaf i Ddechreu Dysgu Darllen. Pris 12s.. y Cant. ^^2-d^0'rIait^Gymreig; neu y Llyfr Cyntaf i Ddechreu Dysgu Darllen, Pris 16s. y Cant. LL YTHYRENAU YR EGWYDDOR, A GWERSI UNSILL, Ar lyrddau. Pris 8s. y Cant. LLÝFR Y DOSPARTH CYNTAF. At Ddarllen, Sillebu, ac Egwyddori. Pris 8s. y Cant. HOLIADAU AR LYFR Y DOSPARTH CYNTAF i Athrawon. Pris 12s. y Cant. ^kYFR, YR AIL DDOSPARTH. At Ddarllen, Sillebu, ac Eg- wyddon. Pris 8s. y Cant. HOLIADA U ar lyfr yr AIL ^TARTII i Athrawon. Pris 16s. y Cant. LLYFR Y TRYDYDD DOSPARTH. At Ddarllen, Sillebu, ac Egwyddori. Pris 12s. y Cant. HOLIADAU ar lyfr y TRYDYDD DOSPARTH i Athrawon. Pris 30s. y Cant. These may also be had in English on the same terms. PUBLISHED MONTHLY, PRICE ONE PENNY. NOTES on the SCRIPTURE LESSONS, for 1850, for Sunday School Teachers, and published a month in advance throughout the PUBLISHED MONTHLY, PRICE ONE PENNY. CLASS MAGAZINE, A RELIGIOUS MIS- CELLANY designed especially for the Senior Scholars and Cougregations1"8 °U1 ools' with the rising Youth in our PUBLISHED MONTHLY, PRICE ONE PENNY. SCRIPTURE TEXTS for Elementary Classes, for every Sunday Morning and Afternoon m the Month, printed with very We ld^o^&f per lOO Monthly with the Scripture Notes. Price ld., orBs. per 100. IN NINE PENNY NUMBERS. THE SUNDAY SCHOLAR'S OWN TUNE BOOK. A NEW POCKET EDITION of the UNION TUNE BOOK TREBLE PART ONLY, containing 371 Tunes, doSfprice if • cloth, gilt edges, Is, 4d. rrxn, ttWt.IN WrEE.N PENNY NUMBERS. Tm«NTRnew Pocket Edition, containing IN TWENTY-NINE PENNY NUMBERS. THE UNION TUNE BOOK, a new Pocket Edition, containing 371 Tunes, arranged for Four Voices, by T. "———' &c,, cloth, 3s. half-bound calf 3s. 6d. IN THIRTY-ONE PENNY NUMBERS ¡ THE UNION HYMN BOOK FOR SCHOLARS, contamir.T 291 Hymns and Tunes,, arranged for -EAUR VOICES, fapund VT clojth, 3s. j half-bound calf, 3s. 6d. I I Just Published Nos. 1 to 5, to continued. THE JUVENILE HARMONIST: being a Collection of T ines and Pieces for Children, arranged for Two Trebles and a Bass, by THOMAS CLARK. Price Id. London Sunday School Union Depository, 60, Paternoster-Row. 1- I THE RAILWAY HOTEL, CARDIFF, < IS pleasantly and healthily situated, within three minutes' walk from the centre of the Town, having on each side detached Villa- in front a weU-laid Nursery Ground—a romantic view of the WELSH MoUNTAiNs—adjoining the TAFF VALE RAILWAY STATION, and is the only convenient Hotel in Cardiff for the transit of Passengers intending to go by the STEAM PACKETS AX i> SOUTH WALKS R ILW A Y; to and from which an OMN BUS is continually running. Families and Gentlemen visiting this neighbourhood will find this a quiet and comfortable House, combined with moderate charges.—Horses, Flys, &c,, &c.; Shillibier's Patent Funeral Carriage, let on hire good Stabling and Lock-up Coach-house J. W. cannot let this opportunity slip-by without thanking his numerous friends for their kind support and begs to state that his -OMNIBUSES will leave the above Hotel for the Bute Docks, at the undermentioned times, and also the Bute Docks for the Railway Hotel. The Omnibuses will pass through all the principal Streets in Cardiff, and will set down Passengers at the Railway and Steam Packet Stations:- DEPARTURE FROM RAILWAY HOTEL.—8h. 40m. a.m.; llh. a.m.; 12h. 20m. p.m.; 2h. p.m.: 3h 30m p m • 5h 45m nm DEPARTURE FROM BUTE DOCKS.—9h. 20m. a.m.; llh. 35m. a.m.; 12H. 50m. p.m.; 2h. 30m. p.m.; 4h. 5m."p.m. 6h.']»m.'p.m. Fares. nreepence Inside, and Twopenc,e Outside. _„ J. WINSTONE, PROPRIETOR. Railway Hotel, Cardiff, Aug- 7, 1850. DELIVERED CARRIAGE F R E E TO ALL PA JITS OF ENGLAND. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES, V TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. IPHIS Establishment was commenced in the year 1830. Its successful progress during 20 years has gratified our anticipations. 1 The patronage of the Public has elevated its position to one of the largest in the Trade. Our main object has been, and still is, to jsupply the Public on TRADE TERMS. Great and assuming as such an undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to do Business' on a Wholesale Scale, it is necessary to have wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our locality was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, where space and accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade to any extent, but without those merciless and enormous expenses inseparably attached to retail shops In prominent situations, whereby an extravagant profit is rendered necessary. Hence its will he seen that we are in a position to supply the Public on the best and most economical terms—in fact to supply at first hand, by which all intermediate profits are saved..The immense variety of Teas now imported into this country, demands the most scrutinising caution. In this we have considerable advantages, as from the extent of our trade we are enabled to employ a qualified and experienced Person, whotfe sole duty is that of carefully selecting, tasting, and appropriating Teas for consumption. The following areour present Quotations*.— ( Black Teas. s. d. Common Tea 2 8 i,ju duty-on all being 2s. 2id., renders comment on the quality of this Tea unnecessary.) Congoti Tea. 3 0 (A good, useful Tea for economical and large consumers.) Strong Congou Tea 3 4 ( A Tea very much approved of.) p l ine Souchong Tea 3 8 (Pekoe flavour. Strongly i-ecommended.) Fine Pekoe Souchong 4 0 (This Tea's more in repute than any other; it is a very superior Tea.) Finest Pekoe Souchong 4 4 (This is a high class Tea.) Finest LapsangScneehQng 5 0 (This is a rare Tea, very scarce, of an extraordinary flavour.) Green Teas. «. a. Common Green •. 3 0 Young Hyson 3 4 (This will mix with the 3s. Black.) Fine Young Hyson 3 g (We recommend this with the 3s, 4d. Blftck.)' Superior Young Hyson 4 0 Fine Hyson 5 0 Gunpowder Tea 4 4 Tfye Finest Young Hyson 5 0 (This is fit for any use.) j Fine Shot Gunpowder g 0 The Finest Gunpowder Imported. 7 0 Coffees. I The Coffee market is very unpertain-prices Phangiug daily. We quote the present prices s. a. Eine Ceylon Coffee 1 0 Pine Plantation (recommended) 1 2 Finest Java Coffee (superior Coffee) 1 4 j Finest Cuba Coffee (strongly recommended) 6 Finest Mocha Coffee 1 8 Our Coffee is roasted by the latest improved patent machinery. Much discussion having recently taken place in Parliament about Chicory, we are induced to keep on sale the best imported at 8d per lb., for those who prefer its admixture. Having briefly alltide(I to the principle on which we conduct our business, we respectfully solicit the attention of Hotel Keepers Schools, amd all Large Establishments, who will derive considerable, advantages from these arrangements. — NOTE. TEAS ARE DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ANY PART OF ENGLAND, when the quantity ordered exceeds six pounds; but the carriage of Coffee is not paid unless accompanied by Tea. p Returning our best thanks for past favours, we refer to our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your further patronage and recommendation. 2, Bucklersbury, Cheapside. MANSELL, HORNE & Co. Agents are appointedin every Twn and Village. Respectable Persons only will be treated icith. TAFF VALE RAILWAY- ON and after MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, 18|0, the Times of Departure and Arrival of the PASSENGER TRAINS will be as follows until further notice. LONDON TIME is kept at all the Stations on'this Railway, which is 12t Minutes earlier than Local Time. UP TRAINS. DOWN TRAINS WEEic DA-ra. SUNDAYS. WEEKDAYS. SUNDAYS. § 12 3-4128 1 2 3 4 1 2 B STATIONS. g STATIONS. .2 > )FAIL. MAIL. MAIL. :S h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m, h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m. S a. in, a. m. p. m. p. m. a. In. 11). m. S e a. m. a. m. p. m p. lll. a. m. p. m. CAHDIFF DOCKS 825 1 15 5 25 8 45 3 45 MERTIIYR. 7 45 1 40 5 30 9 10 4 10 11 CAltDipr S 840 1 3.01 5 40 9 0 4 0 2\ Troedyrhiew 7 53 0 1 48 5 38 9 19 4 Iv 4^ Llaud&ff. 848 1 38! 5 49 9 10 4 10 7 Incline Top 8 11 2 6 5 53 9 40 4 40 „• .••, £ ?§ 1 4^| 5 56 9 18 4 IS 8 ABERDARE JUNC..8 21 2 16 6 3 9 50 4 50 8 rn V V11 •••••• 90 1 511 6 2 9 24 4 24 11$Newbridge. 8 31 t j? 2 26 6 1310 C o 0 12 freforest 5. 9 12 2 3:6 14 9 38 4 38 12.J Treforesl 8 36 J-G 2 31 6 18 10 6 5 6 13 Newbridge. 9 17 2 8| 6 19 9 43 4 43 16J Taff's Well 8 48 C.S 2 44 6 30 10 20 5 2It 16.J ABERDARE JUNC. 9 27 2 18j 6 30 9 55 4 55 18 Pentyrch 8 54 g 2 49 6 35 10 26 5 26 17j Incline Top £ 9 37 2 28. 6 40 10 5 5 6 20] LlandafF 9 1 2 2 56 6 42 10 34 5 3t 22] Troedyrhiew 9 52 2 46] 7 0 10 25 5 25 23 J CARDIFF 9 10 3 5 6 50 10 45 5 45 24| MERTHYR 1100 2 55; 7 10 10 36 5 35 244 CARDIFF DOCKS 9 20 5 15 10 55 5 55 ffl or 1 6BER; ^UI!C; 0 ol n I 23l 6 10 °l 5 0 16^ MILL-SXRKET 7 30 „ 1 25(5 15 8 55 3 5. Mountain Ash 8 35 9 45 2 36 6 51 10 16 5 16 2^151 ABERDARE.. 7 45 9 0 1 40 5 30 9 10 4 lj? "2 § ?M ^beraman 80 9 52 2 42 7 0 10 25 5 25 -§ g Ui Treaman. 7 49 9 4 1 44| 5 34 9 15 4 j g 22| Ireaman 8 46 9 06 2 46 7 410 29 5 29 3 g i3j Aberaman 7 53 9 7 1 48| 5 37 9 19 4 1^ f,BEED/EE '• 8 50 10 0 2 50 1010 3o 5 35 5 W 12 Mountain Ash 8 1 9 13 1 56 5 44 9 28 4 28 3 0 7 20 10 45 5 45 8 ABER. Jux 8 15 9 25 2 10| 5 58 9 45 4 4J, N. B.-The SOUTH WALES RAILWAY TRAINS arrive at Cardiff, at the following Times WEEK DAYS From CHEPSTOW for SWANSEA, at oh. 45m., and 8h. 23m., a.m., 1h. 5m. 5h. 20m. and 8h. 35m., p.m. Irom SWANSEA for CHEPSTOW, at 9h. 31m., and llh, 51m. a.m., 4h. 18m. 7h. 7m., and 9h. 18m. p.m. SUNDAYS—From CHEPSTOW for SWANSEA, at 5h. 45m., and 8h. 8h. a.m and 8h. 8m. p.m. OJ From SWANSEA for CHEPSTO W, at 9h. 31m. a.m., 7h. 7m., and 9h. 31m. p.m. FARES; UP. Isit Class 2d class 3d class DOWN. 1st Class 2d class 3d class s. d. s, d. s d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Cardiff Docks to Cardiff. 0 4 0 2 0 0 Merthyr to Troedyrhiew 0 6 0 4 0 3 Cardiff to Llandaft 0 8 0 4 0 3 Incline Top tie Aberdare) » n n Pentyrch I 0 0 # 0 0 Junction 16 10 08 Tail's Well J 3 1 J 0 8 Newbridge and 1 0 n „ « » • I > « IU 4-J T Aberdare Junction and < 'cr Pentyrch 3 0 2 4 If, ^Incline Top x LlandafF. 3 6 2 8 1 9 i. roedv IJllOW v.- i i» Cardiff 4 0 3 O 2 •> Merthyr -i -j 3 a 2 () Cardiff to Cardiff Docks 0 4' 0 2 O 0 Merthyr 3 a 2 () Cardiff to Cardiff Docks 0 4 0 2 0 0 Mountain Ash. 3 4 2 o 1$Merthyr to Mountain Ash, Abera-1 on if 10 Aberaman, Treaman, and J J 0 „ man, Treaman, and Aberdare ..< Aberdare | 4 0 0 £ J On SUNDAYS To and Fro Tickets will be issued at all the Stations, at One Half the Usual Fares. 1. To and Fro Tickets are not transferable, and only available for the day on which they are issued. First, Second, and Third Class Passengers are taken by all the Trains. 2. Childien under 10 years of age in the First and Second Class Carriages, Half-price 3,11 d under three years of age in the Thir.J Class carriages, free; and of 3 years and under 12 years of age at half the charge for an adult Passenger Each Third Class Passenger will be allowed to take nalf-a-hundred weight of Lugg.age, not being Merchandize or other articles carried for hire or profit. 3. No Passenger will be allowed to change his Ticket after having once taken it, or ride beyond the distance stated upon such ticket, or re-book himself upon the journey, or ride in a superior class carriage, than that for which his ticket was taken. 4. Passengers and others infringing the Company's Bye Laws, .or any Act of Parliament, will subject themselves to the severest punishment. 5. Passengers are to observe, that the Station doors at Cardiff, Merthyr, and Abt-rdare, will be closed at two minutes before the starting time of each train; and that the doors of each Intermediate Station will be closed upon the Arrival of the Train at th.! Platform. 6, Parcels may be booked at the Railway stations, the charge for which will be, for Parcels 141bs. and under, to all stations, 6d. and above 141bs. and not exceeding, 1 cwt., Is., including all expenses for Carriage, Porterage, and Delivery. ■ an °5S "^tended to be sent by Railway, must be delivered at the Station half an hour before the departure of t!i tram, for which they are intended, or they cannot be forwarded until the next train Cardiff, August 21st, 1850. CAPITA L IN VE STMENT. To Let for SB Years any quantity of Building Ground. THE Houses will be immediately taken for a time by Coal Proprietors, and 10 per cent, can be realised on the ^ntlay. Apply to the Proprietor D. J. LLEWELLYN, Esq., Can iff. IMPORTANT DISCOVERY. TANNER'S DINNER PILLS. A MILD and EFFECTUAL MEDICINE, for Indigestion and Stomach and Liver Complaints. These Pills will be found one of the best medicines ever offered to the Public: harmless and simple, yet thoroughly efficacious in removing Indigestion—known by a sense of fullness and pain in the stomach after meals, flatulence, spasmodic affections of the chest, giddiness, inactivity, and langour, sense of fullness in the throat (popularly called the rising of the lights), loss of appetite, and sometimes great craving for food, sick- ness after meals, heartburn, drowsiness, sick-headache, sour belch- ings, rumbling sensation in the stomach or bowels, restlessness at night, startling and frightful dreams, sometimes great moaning in the sleep, and sense of weight and oppression upon the chest,°un pleasant taste in the mouth in the morning; the ti.ngue frequent]) covered with a yellowish fur, shooting pains from the stomach to the shoulder-blades, pain in the side, yellowness of the eyes and skin, weight over the eyes and back part of the head, loss of me- mory, dizziness and dimness of sight, ringing noise in the ears, and great depression of spirits. They correct the morbid state of the liver and organs subservient to digestion, promote a due secretion of bile, speedily remove habitual costiveness, destroy worms, relieve the constitution of gouty matter and other impurities, and restore the frame to a healthy state. These Pills have been used by the Proprietor in private practice, for the last ten years, with extraordinary success. They are suit- able for the most delicate females, and are well known by hundreds who have derived from their use the greatest benefit. they do not require confinement; moderate exercise will promote their benefi- cial effects; seldom acting on the bowels until several hours after taking them, and then almost imperceptibly as a gentle aperient they will be found to answer admirably. Tanner's Pills are tonic and carminative, promoting a kindly warmth in the stomach and bowels-, and give tone and vigour to the whole system, In all cases it cannot be expected that one or two doses will effe.ct a cure; they must be steadily persevered in for several days. and then the most successful results will show themselves. Prepared and sold at H. A. TANNER'S CHEMICAL AND DRUG ESTABLISHMENT, KINGSWOOD HILL, near BRIS- TOL and Manufacturer of the deep orange-colour incomparable ,ANNATTC, or Cheese Colouring. Price 74 per box; family boxes, Is. and 2s. each. Considerable saving in purchasing the Is. or 2s. boxes. Wholesale agents for Bristol—Messrs. T. and A. WARREN Wholesale Druggists, Redcliffe-street. Agent for (,Alt I' IFF-MR. G. PHILLIPS, Chemist, Agent for the Allianee and Argus Fire and Lite Insurance Offices. Agent for NEWPORT—Mr. E. J. PHILLIPS, Chemist. Agent for STVA-NSEA—Mr. W. M. BBEWSTER. TOWN OF CARDIFF. TO BE LET With Immediate Possession, in one of the best localities in Hit- above daily-improving town, A N Old-Established GROCERY and PROVISION CO> L1- CERN, commanding a steady and lucrative Business, STOCK IN TRADE and FIXTURES tu be taken at a Valuation. N. B. The above Establishment is of more thaii years standing, and has consequently created a very extensive connexion, and it is at the present moment in a very tnrivi. condition. Rent moderate, and the Stock reduced to an east- taking. Apply to SAWYER AND SON, AUCTIONEES AND APPRAISER HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENTS, Cardiff. ¡ THE CARDIFF STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY'S :a FAST SAILING STEAMER "TALIESIN," (D. DAVIS, COMMANDER) IS intended to ply between CARDIFF AND BRISTOL duriu- the Month of AUGUST, 1850, as follows:— 41 CARDIFF, FROM THE BUTE DOCKS. Thursday 1. 94 morning Saturday, 3. 11 ditto Tuesday, 6. 2 afternoon Thursday, 8 5 morning Friday, 9 5 afternoon Monday. 12 7 morning Wednesday, 14 8 ditto Friday, 16 11 ditto Monday, 19- 2 afternoon Wednesday, 21 3 ditto Friday, 23 5 morning Saturday, 24 5 ditto Monday,26 6 morning Wednesday, 28 7 ditto Friday, 30 8 ditto BRISTOL, FROM BATHURST BASIN. Friday, 2 H morning Monday, 5 2j afternoou ,v ednesclay, 7 4 4 ditto Thursday, 8 5 ditto Saturday, 10 7 morning Tuesday, 13 9 ditto Thursday, 1.5 10^ morning Saturday, 17 1 afternoo^ Tuesday, 20 4 ditto Thursday, 22 6 ditto Friday, '23 5} ditto Saturday, 24 6 ditto Tuesday, 27 1\ morning Thursday, 29 9 ditto Saturday, 31 10J ditto FARES.—Cabin, 3s.; Deck, Is. 6d. To and Fro from Cardiff—8th, 23rd, and 24th. FARES TO AND FRO,-Cabill, 4s; Deck, 2s.-Chl-Idi-en half-price. For further Particulars apply to Mr. THOS. JOHN, Ag<n<, Packet Office, on the Wharf, or at the Bute Docks, Cardiff; oT t,) Mr. R. H. JOHNSON. Clare-street Hall, Marsh-street, Bristol,. Goods hauled to and from the Packet at the Company's Expeasv; N. B.—No fees to Porters.