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LQNDGN CaRl, EXCHANGE. MONDAY. -A considerably quantity of rain fell during market- hours this iiioriiiiig; which failed, however, to impart activity to business. There was a small show of wheat by land-carriage samples from the neighbouring counties. Tho niiller3 conducted their operations very cautiously but several parcels being taken for shipment coastwise, a fair clearance was made at prices quite equal to those current on this day so'nnight. Several samples of new wheat were exhibited, the quality of which was not by any means fine, the berry being small and thill; the weight was, how- ever, good -gay 62 to (34ibs. per bushel; the prices asked were con- sidered too high by the millers, and, small as was the quantity, it was not all sold. Having a very thin attendance of country buyers the transaction in foreign wheat were not extensive; importers were however firm, and good qualities were not-cheaper than on Monday List. The sale for flour was slow, and secondary sorts of French scarcely sold so well as last week. English baricy wis very scarce, and the reports respecting the crop of this grain being less favourable than previously, foreign was held firmly at late rates, but the business done was not extensive. Malt was the turn dearer. There were scarcely any oats fresh up coastwise, and the arrivals from abroad were not so abundant as of late. The large dealers manifested no disposition to purchase beyond what they required for immediate use, and the trade was slow at about last Monday's currency. Beaus moved off in retail at about previous prices. Peas were quite as dear as before. New maples brought 27s. to 28s., and white boilers 29s, to 30s. per qr., and in some cases Is. to 2s. more may have been paid for superior quality. Nothing of interest transpired in floating cargoes of wheat or Indian coru. WHEAT— s. s., iissex and Kent, white. 4 i to 5n Ditto, reel 43 41 Nri'lk., Lncln., & Yrk.,red 41 44 Ditto, White 43 46 Irisli, red Ditto, White — — ihltu;y, El1g1ih- .\1alting and distilling 23 25 Chevalier 26 27 Grilidiiig 19 21 MALT— Essex, Norfolk,and Suffolk 44 48 Kingston Ware, and town 48 04 OATS.— Essex and Suffolk 16 17 Lincolnshire & Yorkshire (Polands) IS 19 Ditto, feed. 16 17 Devon & vVst. Cntry., feed 14 lii Northumberland & Scotch, feed 18 ,,22 Dundalk, Newry, & Belfast, potato. 16 IS Limerick, Sligo, and West- s. s port, potato. 16 to 19 Ditto, feed 1 17 Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Youghal,& Channel, blls. 14 15 Ditto, white 14 IC Gal way 12 „ 14 BKANS — Mazagan 24 26 Tick 25 28 Harrow 28 3d I'.geon, Heligoland ,28" 30 Windsor 25 27 Long Pod 25 28 l'EAS- Non-boilers 24 26 White, Essex & Kent, boils. 26 28 Ditto, fine Suffolk 29 32 Maple 27. 2S Hog and grey 23 27 t'l.oua (persackot 280lbs.)— Best marks 3 „ 40 Norfolk & Suffolk, ex-ship t., 933 ttVK 21 23 WEDNESDAY.—Only 3,070 quarters of foreign wheat have come to hand this week. Fine dry parcels moved off steadily, at full rates of currency. In the middling and inferior kinds comparatively little business was transacted. We were scantily supplied with all kinds of barley. In malt next to nothing was doing. There was rather more inquiry for oats. the supply of which was but moderate and prices were well supported. Beans, peas, Indian corn, and iiour were quoted as dear as last week.









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