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PONTYPOOL. ON Mondny last, the mallagcrie of Mr. George Wombwell's visited this town, much to the delight and amazement of the curious, both old and young. BAPTIST MISSION:—The inhabitants of this town and Aber- sychan are anxiously looking forward to next Sunday, when it is expected that the Rev. J. Clark, formerly- a missionary in Africa, will preach, in the morning at., Abersychan and in the .evening at Crane-street chapel, Pontypool. THE REV. LEWIS POWKLL, of Cardiff; preached two most excellent sermons on last Sunday, at Sardis chapel,.Pontypool, to a crowded audience, who listened to his sermons through- out with the greatest interest. NARROW ESCAPE.—Oh Saturday, the 10th instant, while Mr. Ebenezar llees, of Tredegar, was playing on his harp before a festive procession, at Abersychan, the wheel of the vehicle broke off, leaving Mr. Rees and the, driver to fall to the road, but, fortunately, he received no harm, and the "lame driver" as well escaped unhurt. BLAENAU G W E N T.—Wo ET MY OF IMITATION.—We are informed on good authority that John Conway, Esq., and the proprietors of Abertulery Tin Works, have very kindly offered all their work- men at this place, carriage free, for them to go to Newport, or Bristol to purchase goods once in each month. We are ghid to hear also of this Company, that they never pay their workmen, but in the coin of the realm. This reflects much to their credit while the Truck system of paying the operatives is so generally and injuriously practised by the other masters surrounding them. CWMTILLEKY COI.I,IKRY.—We understand that Thomas Pro- theroe Price, Esq of Brecon, the propriecor of the above Colliery has made up his mind to-pay his cottiers,and other workmen wor- king at the said place, weekly in the coin of the fealm, which is a very unusual thing at the other collieries of- the neighbourhood. The benefit of such a wise and just determination, will ufelt throughout the place but no one will be benefitted thereby more than Mr. Protheroe himself. TIN-WORKS AT ABKKTU.I.ERY.—We find that these works are to be considerably enlarged, by the spirited proprietors. A new forge is to be erected in connection with the tin works, the foun- dation of which has uet'n already cut, and that Mr. tiudgeu, the famous engineer and the proprietor of the Union foundry Llan- hiletti, has become a contractor for the whole works, by whom the work is to be completed as soon as possible. The new forge and two tin-mllls arc to be 130 feet by 60 feet, with two other buildings of smaller dimensions, and will be capable of turning out 1,000 boxes of tin per week, when the erections are completed, and we are informed that MT; Hichard Budgcn, ihe contractor, has engaged Mr. John Wlide Surveyor of Ebbsv Vale works, to superintend-the erection oi those buildings. The forge and the tin-mills are to be worked by the power of two steam engines, which are to be made at the foundry of the contractor. .The present mills are worked by the power ol a very large water- wheel, these works will be of import-Hit improvement- in the pLica. ABERSYCHAN. — On the 10th instant, the true tvorite Society, of the White Hart Inn, held their Annual Festival, and after the members met at their Club-room, they formed themselves into a a procession, with all the regalia used on such occasions, and Mr. E. Rees, the harpist of the Ivorites, in a carriuge before them, playing some of his favourite Welsh airs." When the proces- si m armed5' at5 1'isga. Chapel, Talywauri; the Rev. William Thomas, the Minister of the place delivered a most eloquent ser- mon oil the occasion, from Luke Kith chapter and 8th verse, which ■WAS listened to throughout by the members, with attention and interest. After the ciose of divine service they returned to the White Hart Iiln, where they were regaled with- an excellellt dinner, by Miss Harries: TALYWAU-JJ.—On Saturday the 10th instant, the members of the Friendly Benefit Society, held at the White Horse Tavern, met at their Club-room, for ttie purpose of celebrating their Anni- versary. The members who have increased in the short period of eight months, to fitly four in number, attended divine service, at Pisga Chapel, where they heard a most impressive and appropriate sermon delivered by the Rev. W. Thomas, and when they returned they were''entertained at an ample dinner provided for them- by Mr. Jones, SOCIETY FOR PUOPAGATIOST OF THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS. —A public meeting was held at t he town school-room, on Thurs- day evening week, on behalf of the above venerable insutudoii. The chair was occupied by Evil. Phillips, Esq., who, in a most I\ppropnäe speedl, lntruÜueu(i the proceedings of the meeting; it was with much regret he had-to allude to the absence of many who ought to have been there upon so interesting an occasion. The'Rev. Mr. Davies,. Phillips, and Horwood, made appropriate addresses. T-he Chairman then called upon the deputation, | the Rev. Mr. FuHer, missionary, from Thorotd,Western Canada. who, in a long, and interesting speech, laid before the audience the claims of the society, It reall y was a treat to listen to counts so interesting, respecting the spread of the gospel in foreign parts, and the truly devotedness of those men whom God has used ii3 instruments in proclaiming, salvation to a lost world. The collection was as good as could have been expected from the attendance. POLICE.—SATURDAY, AUGUST 10.—[Before E. II. Phillips, Esq., and lev; D. Jones Clark. Mary Ami Williams and Thomas Williams were charged by Charles Meredith with an assault. Ordered to pay 7s. 6d. ex- penses. Jesse King was summoned by Thomas Davies for non-payment of wages due to the plaintiff. This case was settled out of court. Frobyii and Farr was charged by a foreigner with an assault whilst playing skittles at Pontypool. They were ordered to pay 16s. expeiices, or be committed for seven days. Johii Roberts was charged*by Mr. Owen, the younger, with an assanlt. Ordered to pay 8s. 6<1. costs, William Carpenter was summoned by Thomas Prosser for wages. Settled out of court.




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