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MEIiTHYiL EXPEDITIONS JUSTICE.—Our readers will recollect that in our police report last, week there was an account of the committal of one Wilde and Margaret Williams. During the examination of the witnesses a fellow named Henry Jones, calling himself a labourer, was actually detected picking pockets, having fa-ken from the pockets of one woman, several sixpences. This was acting on the idea, we presume, that justice was blind, but she, did not prove scr in this case, as the fellow was immediately taken, conclusive evidence given, and forthwith committed. BANTAHD'S PANORAMA.—This Exhibition, which has attracted so much notice from the metropolitan press, will not come here so we find, owing to their being no building capacious enough to exhibited it. This is to be regretted, as it is universally allowed by those who have seen it, to be one of the most wonderful things even from that won.derful country, America. TUB weather, which was ,feared to be turning wet and bois- terous, o:i Sunday, has, we are happy to say, become beautiful and cheering. There are no general symotoais about here yd of the potatoe blight, neither do we hear of any in the neighbour- haod. The .late rains have brought a plentiful supply of water to the works, of which some, espectaliy about the hills, were deficient. An inquest was held on Saturday last, before John Morgan, Esq., deputy coroner, at Newbridge, on the body of Mary Thomas., aged five. From the evidence, it appeared the de- ceased's clothes had taken fire, and she was butnt so severely that death was the the result after a few days of great suffer- ing. Verdict accordingly.





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