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I PONTYPOOL. BLAENAU GWENT.—EXAMINATION OF THE BRITISH SCHOOI,. —On Friday evening, the 2nd inst., the annual examination of the above school took place at the British School-room, in this town, William Walter Phillips, Esq., sen., took the chair, who, in a very appropriate and impressive address, introduced the proceeding of the meeting, which was very well attended. He then called upon Mr. T. B. Smith (the master) to examine a class of little boys, who read very properly from the second lesson-book, a lesson on useful animals; the replies given to the several questions, proposed by the master on this lesson, showed that they had been well taught; then another lesson, in English history, was read by another class of boys, and was very rigidly examined by one of the monitors of the school; the questions proposed by the monitor, and the bold and accurate answers given by the class, quite astonished the audience, and most certainly reflected much credit on Mr. Smith. The Rev. Stephen Price, Baptist minister, Abersyehan, was called upon to examine the whole school in Scripture history, which he' did very minutely and at some length. Classes in astronomy, grammar, arithmetic, and geography, were then examined, and the answers were very creditable to the children. Specimens of plain and ornamental needle-work were shown, which reflected much to the credit of Mrs. Smith, the governess of the female classes, and numerous articles were sold at the meeting. The whole school joined in singing several pieces of music at intervals. The most deserving boys and girls were rewarded. Both the chairman and the Rev. T. Thomas, President of the Baptist Institution, Ponty- pool, addressed the meeting at the close. Thus terminated the proceedings of the evening; they gave great pleasure to every one present, and it is to be hoped that the valuable advantages of this school will be esteemed by the inhabitants of the town, GAltDDIFFAITH.-On Saturday, the 3rd inst., the true Ivorite' Society, denominated Cyfrinfa, Mereh Gwent, Undeb Dewi Sant," held their annual festival at the Flandburg Arms Inn, Garnddiffaith. After they met at the club-room, which was de- corated in a masterly manner by Mr, Morgan Powell, they formed a procession, with flags and banners and all the regalia of the order, accompanied by Mr. Ebenezer Rees, the excellent harpist of Tre- degar, who played several Tonau Cyinreug," on the way to the English Wesleyan chapel, Abersyehan, when the Rev. Lewis Williams, Wesleyan minister, preached a most impressive and appropriate sermon in Welsh, from 1st, Cor. 13th chap., and the last clause in the second verse. At the close of the service the procession returned to the Handbury Arms, where all the members were liberally regaled by an excellent dinner, provided by Mr. and Mrs. Jones. The evening was spent convivially, and all separated in good time, WESLEYAN REFORM.—The Rev. Mr. Everett paid a visit to Abersyehan last week, where he was kindly received by the reform party. They held a meeting at the Noddfa Baptist chapel, which was freely lent on the occasion. The meeting was well attended, BLAENAU GWENT.—ACCIDENTAL DEATH.—On Wednesday, the 31st ult., as a servant man of Mr. Daniel Rogers, of Arel Farm, in the parish of Aberystruth, named William Williams, aged 22, was driving a team of horses, with a wagon carting hay on the said farm, the shaft of the wagon came in contact with the left side of his breast, squeezing him between the shaft and a post in such a way that his ribs were pressed in upon the heart, and other severe bodily injuries received. He was extricated as soon as possible, but the vital spark had fled in a moment; he was a faithful servant and bore a very good character. An inquest was held on his body on the following day, at the Oddfellow's Arms, before H. W. Brewer, Esq., the deputy-coroner, and a very in- telligent jury-Mr. Daniel Rogers, foreman; when several wit- nesses were examined. After a brief deliberation, the Jury returned the following verdict, that the said William Williams was accidentally killed by the shaft of the wagon,"




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