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POLICE MONDAY, AUGUST 5.-[Before his Worship the Mayor and C. C. Williams, Esq.] Elizabeth Payne was summoned for non-payment of pitching and paving in front of her house, the Aberdare Inn, in Lewis-street. She pleaded great poverty, but the Magistrates told her that as she belonged to the property it must be paid. The house is let to a tenant, and the Magistrates suggested that the tenant should pay the debt out of his rent. Mr. Watkins informed the Bench that she possessed other properties which brought in a good income. The money had been owing eight years. Ordered to pay i:0 a quarter. Mrs. Edwards appeared to show the possession of the potatoes stated last week to have been stolen from Mr. Williams's garden. Mr. Bird appeared for the woman. A man of the name of Lewis, who sold the potatoes, stated that he had dug them from his own garden. He brought a sample of his own growing, which, when mixed with those found in the woman's possession, could not be distinguished. Dismissed. Richard Bryant was complained against by Mr. Watliin-s for evading the usual market toll by selling in the street. The defend- ant admitted the charge, but said that he had been in the habit of paying toll to the market every week, but was not aware that he was not allowed to sell in the streets. Fined in the mitigated penalty of Is. and costs. Catherine Collington was charged with stealing moneys from a black man, namedW Ill. Lester, a seaman on board the Manchester barque. She stopped him on Friday night, between eleven and twelve o'clock, near Bute-street, picked his pocket, and ran into a house. Upon being followed and aceused of the robbery by a policeman, who threatened to take her into custody, she said, I won't be locked up for a few shillings, I would rather give up the money." P. C. Nash said that he was present and heard her admit the theft. Committed for trial. John Leary for creating a disturbance when drunk in St. Mary- street and Landore-court, on Sunday evening, was fined os. and tosts. THURSDAY, AUGUST 8.—[Before his Worship the Mayor and C. C. Williams, Esq.] John Heury, a lad, was placed at the bar. Mr. Stoclcdale in- formed the Magistrates that he had been detained for having in his possession a shawl, which he said lie had found at the bottom of the feeder, near Bradley-lane bridge. Henry's attention was at- tracted to it whilst passing that way, and on getting it out a stone was rolled up in it, as if for the purpose of sinking it. The Magis- trates discharged the boy, but requested the press to make it known that a shawl was in the possession of Mr. Stocicdole, which any person claiming and proving as their own might have by applying at the station-house. ASSAULT.—John Long complained against James Price for an assault committed at the Happy Return public-house, in Lewis- street. From the appearance ot complainant's face, who is a spare man, there was no doubt he received a severe thrashing. The de- fendant in the case was the landlord of the public-house in question, and the complainant went into the house for the purpose of drink- ing. In one of the rooms was a navigator-looking fellow with a prostitute, who volunteered a conversation with compfciinant. Some words ensued, and blows passed between men in the room, when defendant took off his coat, and commenced an attack upon Long, who it appears had made a remark upon the conduct of certain parties drinking there. The defendant said that the dispute arose out of a lack of money to pay for beer that had been drunk. A witness named Philip Herbert was called, who deposed that he e&w Price turning Long out of his house, and in doing so saw Long stride ince two or three times. The Mayor said he happened to be passing at the time, and he saw Long coming out of the house in a most fearful condition; in fact, he) appeared to be almost butchered, and the defendant following him in the most ferocious manner. The house he, the Mayor, had heard was of notorious character, and had been for a long time a pest to the neighbourhood. He was pained to see a young man in the prime of life living upon the prostitution of others, and he should certainly make an example of The decision of the Magistrates was that Price be fined JE3 and cost, or one months' imprisonment. Jo/m Jones was summoned for selling certain articles called vegetables, from a truck in Bridge-street, on Saturday morning last. The defendant stated that his trade was so small, that to pay for a stall in the market would run away with nearly or the whole of his profits. The case being considered to be proved by the Magistrates, he was fined in the mitigated penalty of 6d. and ex- penses. Martin TToskins, alias Punch, was summoned by Ann Anthony a masculine looking woman, for all assault. From the statements of the complainant, it appeared that ou last Monday night week, she was Coining up Bute street corner, about a quarter past eleven o'clock, and, on passing the door of her lodgings,she asked her land lady a question. Punch, who was talkingto the woman, without a previous remark, struck complainant a blow, which knocked her down. She never struck him, or in the slightest degree assaulted him. Witnesses from the house in Whitmore-lane, where com- plainant resided, were called, who corroborated complainant's statements. The defendant in defence said, that his wife had been indecently assaulted by Anthony, and that was the cause of his behaving in the manner described. No witnesses, however, were produced, or could any evidence be procured that such an assault had been offered. Fined 5s. and expenses, or fourteen days' im- prisonment, The Mayor expressed his utter disapproval of the conduct of Hoskins in many cases, and warned him as to his future conduct. Charles Dyke was charged with stealing a sovereign from Charles Collins, while near the Hayes bridge. Mr. It. Reece appeared for the prisoner. It appeared that Collins was passing over the bridge when the prisoner and his companions came up and asked prosecu- tor to toss for a sovereign. He refused to do so, and on being chaffed" that he had no sovereign in his pocket, he was induced to take one from his pocket, which was, on being produced, taken from him. The prisoner then went into a public-house and was followed by prosocutor.whcn he was given into custody, after having spent a portion of the money. The prisoner said that the sovereign was given him by Collins, and finding there was a fuss about it had paid 16s. 6d.—the remaining portion-over to Mr. Stockdale. The Magistrates dismissed the case, ordering that the difference be made up.


















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