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GAS PIPES. TO IRON FOUNDERS. milE PONTYPRIDD GAS LIGHT AND COKE COM- I PANY are prepared to receive TENDERS for about 2,200 YARDS of IRON PIPES, varying from Six to Two Inches in Diameter. SPECIFICATION of the Weight and other Particulars maybe obtained upon application at the Office of Mr. HENRY BOWEN, Engineer, Gas Works, Cardiff'. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tender for Iron Pipes" to he for- warded, on or before the 19th Day of AUGUST instant, addressed fcutlie Chairman of the Directors of the said Company, Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. MONTAGUE GROVER, Secretary, TO BE LET WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, the Long Established and well-known CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, POSTING AND COMMERCIAL HOUSE. The whole of the Effects to be taken at a Valuation. For further Particulars apply to the EXECUTORS at the above Hotel. Cardiff, July 29, 1850. ADMISSION FREE. OPEN EVERY EVENING, THE BUTE SALOON, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. Proprietor, Mr. W. TAYLOR. 1R TAYLOR most respectfully begs leave to inform his [yl Patrons, Friends, and the Public generally, that no expense hasoeen spared to render the Entertainments of his Saloon worthy the attention of the lovers of harmony; and in order further to add to its attractions, he has engaged the following talented company —Miss E. CLIFFORD, of the Liverpool, Dublin, and London Concerts. This much admired Sentimental and Characteristic Vocalist will appear each evening, and sing most of the popular oungs oftlie day, Miss E. GUEST, the Morning Star. Mr. T. EVANS, the laughable comical Extravaganza and Buffo Singer, late of the Royal Concerts, Belfast and Dublin. Mr. J. F. VAN J3RAMER, the great Juba Dancer. The Concert will be under the direction of Mr. J. BEALE, Pianist. Doors open at Seven o'clock, the Performance to commence at balf-past. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL HHHE followingsteam vessels areintendedto J- sa-il from Cumberland Basin, Bristol:—to //4, f/m f\ j\ and from Dublin, Shamrock; Cork, Juvema <l\mj KJTV. and Sabrina; Waterford, Victory and Rose; Mfjja Tenby, Osprey (Tuesdays) and Pheenix Mil- ford, Pater, and Haverfordwest, Osprey Carmarthen, Phœnix; Swansea, County and Beresford; Newport, Swift and Dart; Cardiff, Star and Prince of Wales, as under- mentioned during AUGUST, 1850 :— FROM BRISTOL TO t i a AUG. | g jB 1 a | Cardiff, | a u i « sgs | _x | i'hur 1 11 pm U pm 11 am 10$m 10^ m Fri. 2115am Illjam 12 no 11 m 11 m Sat. 3 13} af 1 pm 13 £ af 12 no Mona. 3af 21 af Tues6. 31 pm 3.J pm 3J pm 4 am 4 i am 4 af 31 af Wed 7 5 af 5 af 5 af Tuur 8. 7 am 5t m 5 at 6 m Fri. 9 7 am 7 am 61 am 6.1 am 7 am 64 m 6 af 7m6 £ af Sat.111 "J am 8 am 7 £ m 8 m Mon 12 9 pm 8i m 81M Tues 13 9 am 9 am 9 am 10 am 9J m 9i m Wed.14 10 am 10 m 10 m Tiiurl5 lolpm loapm 11 am 10im 11 in J'ri 16 12 no .11 1 pm 13 no lli m Sat 17 1 af 124pm X af 12.J af -18 Mon 19 3 af 21 af Tuc,- 20 3t pm 3t pm 2.1 pm 4 am 4i am 4 af 3 af Wed 21 af 44 af 4 af Thur22 6 am af 6 m Fri.23 5 £ af 5^ pm 6 am 6 am 6J am 6 mG af 6in"6af Bat.24 7 am 7 am 6 £ m af 7 m ilon 20 7J m 8 m Tues 27 8 am 8 am 8 am S am 9 am 8 m 8J m Wed 28 8$am Si m 9 m Thur29 9J pm 10 am 9 m 91 m Fri 30 10 am 10 am 9$pm 10 am,9| m 10 m Thur29 9J pm 10 am 9 m 91 m Fri 30 10 am 10 am 9$pm 10 am,9| m 10 m g&t 31 KHamj 11 amllojm 11 m FOR BRISTOL FROM -S | |- IJ | | | | 0 Cardiff.0 1;/1 Jhur 1 11 am 9 m. 9 m Pri .2. 1 pm 1 pm 7pm 12 no 9 £ m 91 m sat. 3 1^ pm 12 110 11 pm 11 m U m Mon 5 Ii af 1J af Tues 6 12J no 8 am 5 am 21 af 21 af Wed 7 61 am 4 am 3 af 3j nf Thur 8 6 am 41 m 4 af 44 af fri. 9 8 am 7 am 71 am 5 m 51 af 6m51af F,at lo 9 am g| am 61 am 7| am 6 m 6 af JI Mon 12 7 m. 7 m Tues 13 10 am 2 pm 10 am 8 inM Wed 14 U^am 9 am 84 m 81 m Thuria lUam9| m 9 m I'M 16 l pm 11 am 7 pm 12" no 91 in 10 m Sat 17 3 am 12 no 2 pm Him llk m 18 Mon 19 I af 14 a/ Tues 20 121 no 5 am 21 af 21 af ^ed2l 6J am 4 am 3 af 31 af Thur22 6 am 4i af 4 af I'ri.as 7 am 6f am 1.. 61 am 4i af 4^ af 51m 41 Sat 24 8 am 2 am 6 am 7 am 5 m 5 af 5 af 26 6 m 6 af Tues 27 9 am 12 no 9 am Ilk m 61 m Wcd2S 10 am 71 am 7 m — 7 m Ttiur29 9;^ am 71 m, 71 m £ n 3d II anvlll nt 10 am 5 pm 104 m S.J m 8 m fot 31| 10|am 11^- m 9j m 9 m NOTICE.—From 1st April and during the summer, the Juverna will leave Bristol for Cork on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays. The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- ance of passengers and goods.—Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages to oe shipped two hours before sailing. All Goods for Shipment must be alongside before 4 o'clook in the afternoon. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all goods. packages, parcels, &c.. should be addressed:—For Swansea and Cardiff, to Messrs. W. and H. Hartnell, at their warehouse, corner °f St. Stephen's-avenue, on the Quay, instead of Clare-street-hall and Bull-wharf; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; an i for New port, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, HotwelIs. AGENTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rees, IJaver- jprdwest; Mr. Palmer, Milford: Mr. Bowen, Pater; Mr. John N. and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. W. R. Harvey and Mr. C H. Bevan, Cardiff'; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe; Mr. Thomas jpaker, Lynton; Mr. Robert Stacey, Carmarthen; and Mr. R $ones, Newport. THE RAILWAY HOTEL, CAEDIFF —— Is Pleasantly and healthily situated, within three walk from the centre of the Town, having on each side aefobed Vi. in front a well-laid romantic view of the WELSH t4e TAFF VALE RAILWAY STATION, and is the only convenient Hotel in Cardiff for the transit of Passengers intending to go by the BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS ANI) SOUTH WALES RAILWAY to and from which an OMNIBUS is continually running. Families and Gentlemen visiting this neighbourhood will find this a quiet and comfortable House, combined with moderate charges. -ilorses, Plys, &c., &c.; Shillibier's Patent Funeral Carritge, let on hire; good Stabling and Lock-up Coach-house. J. W. cannot let this opportunity slip by without thaiikino, his numerous friends for their kind support and begs to state that his OMNIBUSES will leave the above Hotel for the Bute Docks, at the undermentioned times, and also the Bute Docks for the Railway Hotel. The Omnibuses will pass through all the principal Streets in Cardiff, and will set down Passengers at the Railway and Steam Packet DUPABTUBB FBOM RAILWAY HOTEL.—8h. 40m. a.M.; llh. a.m.; 12h. 20m. p.m.; 2h. p m ■ 3h 30m N M • 5h 45m N m DEPARTURE FBOM BUTE DOCKS.—9h. 20m. a.m.; llh, 35m. a.m.; 12h. 50m. p.m.; 2h. 30m. p.m. J 4h. 5m. p.m.6h. 15m, p.m. Fares i—Threepence Inside, and Twopence Outside. Railway Hotel, Cardiff, Aug. 7, 1850. J. WINSTONE, PROPRIETOR. DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. THIS Establishment was commenced in the year 1830. Its sueepssfSil on -u Thepatronage of the Public has elevated its position to one of the largest in the Trade OuJmaiJobjlrt supply the Public on TRADE IERMS. Great and assuming as such an undertaking- ANWNVT TN hi been and still is, to a Wholesale Scale, it is necessary to have wholesale appliances. In oonfSmitv wi h thS. ;?! 1 to do Business on thoroughfare, where space and accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade ™ & }'G expenses inseparably attached to retail S40I)S in prominent situations, whereby an extravagant profit is rendered necessary. Hence its will be seen that we are in a position to supply the Public on the best and most economical fact to supply at first hand, by caution. In this we have considerable advantages, as from the extent of our trade we are enabLTtn emnW n « vx /U°!i scrutl.nlslnf solc 4utr u Uut of cwMly sdccti°e'and Black Teas. s. d. Common Tea 2 8 (The duty on all being 2s. 21 d., renders comment on. the quality of this Tea unnecessary.) Sound Congou Tea 3 q (A good, useful Tea for economical and large consumers.) Strong Congou Tea 3 41 (A Tea very much approved of.) Fine Souchong Tea 3 5, (Pekoe flavour. Strongly recommended.) Fine Pekoe Souchong 4 0 (This Tea is more in repute than any other; it is a very superior Tea.) Finest Pekoe Souchong 4 4 (This is a high class Tea.) Finest Lapsang Souclwng "I 5 0 (Ihis is a rare Tea, very scarce, of an extraordinary flavour.) n „ Green Teas. d. Common Green ••••••••♦•,■»3 Q Young !Iyson 3 4 (This will mix with the 3s, Black.) Fine Young Hyson, g 8 ( We recommend this with the 3s. 4d. Biack.) Superior Young Hyson 4 0 Fine Hyson 5 0 Gunpowder Tea 4 4 The Finest Young Hyson 5 0 (This is fit for any use.) Fine Shot Gunpowder 6 0 The Finest Gunpowder Imported 7 0 Coffees. The Coffee market is very uncertain-prices changing daily. We quote the present prices;- Fine Pkntation^ecommended)'" 1 2 Finest Mochf (strongly recommended) 1i Finest Java coffee (s^emr coffee).{ i 8 nr 1. J* v. Qur Coffee is roasted by the \atest improved patent machinery M»oh having ,ec»Uy «« p.aee 8d' Having briefly alluded to the principle on which we conduct our business we resnectfullv snbVJt tlio „fnuv carriage of Coffee is not paid unless accompanied by Tea. 1 tit} ordered exceeds six pounds but the and ^commendation^ "k8 paS' C"S' °UI °' basima' 28 3 "torr indueement for your further patronaft 2, Bucklersbury, Cheapside. MANSELL, HORNE & Co. P.S. Agents are appointed in every Town and Village. Respectable Persons only will be treated with. liHUDDLAN ROYAL EISTEDDFOD AND NORTH WALES MUSICAL FESTIVAL, NOTICE. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the RHUDDLN" ROYAL EISTEDDVOD is unavoidably POSTPONED until the 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th days of September, in conse- quence of the Gloucester Musical Festival taking place on the days appointed for the holding of the Royal Eisteddvod, By order of the General Committee, RHUVONIAWC, Committee Room, July 13, 1850. Assistant Secretary, TAFF YALE RAILWAY COMPANY, GENERAL HALF YEARLY MEETING. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the next GENERAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the PROPRIETORS of this Company, will be held, pursuant to Act of Parliament, at the p WHITE LION HOTEL, Broad-street, Bristol, on FRIDAY, the SIXTEENTH day of AUGUST next. The Chair to be taken at Two o'clock precisely. WALTER COFFIN, Chairman, NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, That the Books kept for the Registration of Transfers, will be closed from THURSDAY, the EIGHTH day of AUGUST next, until after the holding of the said General Half-yearly Meeting. T E- RENWAY, Cardiff, July 29, 1850. Secretary. THE CARDIFF STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY'S FAST SAILING STEAMER "TALIESIN," (I). DAVIS, COMMANDER) IS intended to ply between CARDIFF AND BRISTOL during the Month of AUGUST, 1850, as follows:— CARDIFF, BRISTOL, FROM THE BUTE DOCKS. FK.OH BATHURST BASIN. CARDIFF, I BRISTOL, Thursday 1 9.1 morning Friday, 2 11 morning Saturday, 3 11 ditto Monday, 5 2j afternoon Tuesday, 6. 2 afternoon Wednesday, 7 44 ditto Thursday, 8 5 morning J Thursday, 8 5 ditto Friday, 9 5 afternoon Saturday, 10 7 morning Monday, 12 7 morning j Tuesday, 13 9 ditto Wednesday, 14 84 ditto 00 Thursday, 15 l04 morning Friday, 16 11 ditto Saturday, 17 1 afternoon Monday, 19 2 afternoon Tuesday, 20 4 ditto Wednesday, 21 3 ditto Thursday, 22 5 ditto Friday, 23 5 morning Friday, 23 54 ditto Saturday, 24 5 ditto Saturday, 24 6 ditto Monday, 26 6 morning I Tuesday, 27 71 morning Wednesday, 28 7 ditto Thursday, 29. 9 ditto Friday, 30 84 ditto Saturday, 31 lO ditto FARES.-Cabin, 3s.; Deck, Is. 6d. To and Fro from Carcliff-8th, 23rd, and 24th. FARES TO AND FRO.-Cabin, 4s; Deck, 2s.-Children half-price. For further Particulars apply to Mr. THOS. JOHN, Agent, Packet Office, on the Wharf, or at the Bute Docks, Cardiff'; or to Mr. R. H. JOHNSON. Clare-street Hall, Marsh-street, Bristol. Goods hauled to and from the Packet at the Company's Expense. N ii.—No fees to Porters, NO T ICE, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Partnership which subsisted between me, the undersigned GEORGE TISSING- TON and ISAAC WILLIAMS, as Coal Proprietors and Workers, has been DISSOLVED since April last, and stands now Dissolved, and that I have no connexion with ISAAC WILLIAMS. Dated this 5th day of August, 1850, V. R. JUST FOUR DAYS MORE AND POSSITIVELY NO LONGER. BAKVARD'S PANORAMA OF THE MISSISSIPPI, "VTOW EXHIBITING at the THEATRE, CARDIFF, will be 1.1 opened for FOUR DAYS more, and positively close on IUESDAY EVENING, August the 14th. Exhibition every evening at a quarter past Eight, and on SATURDAY and TUESDAY at half- past Two. Banvard's Grand Moving Panorama of the Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers. Exhibited by special command before her Majesty the QUEEN, H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT, and the Court and Royal Family, at Windsor Castle, and at the Egyptian Hali, Piccadilly, for a year and a half, where it was viewed by over half a million persons. This magnificent PANORAMA of the Three Largest Rivers in North America pourtrays accurately the River, Forest, and Prairie Scenery of the Great West, passing through nine States of the American Union, and 12 degrees of latitude, from the Rocky Moun- tains and Yellow Stone Bluffs of the Missouri, and Cincinnati, the Queen City of the West, on the Ohio, to the City of New Orleans- on the Mississippi, near the Gulf of Mexico; being by far the largest painting ever executed by man. It shows life on the Great Vestern Waters; the thriving Cities and Towns; the early Settler's Hut, or Log Cabin; the manner of clearing the land for cultivation; Indians Hunting Buffaloes; a Burning Forest; the immense Prai- 1W°: T? ffSS'' /pr?SS Swamps the singular Steam Boats, Flat Boats,, Rafts, and other Water Craft of the Mississippi; a Prairie on Fire; Indian villiage by moonlight, &c., all combining to form a most instructive and entertaining Exhibition. "The scenery of the magnificent Rivers in question is given with striking fidelity, and we are presented with, not only the features of the country, bnt with abundant pictures of human life as found on the Great Western Waters.Bath Chronicle. •'•VJ[hiA.-Panor<?1ma beautifully executed. No one can pay a visit to this excellent Exhibition without receiving fully as much instruction as amusement. It is a valuable means of conveying a knowledge of distant scenery, far more forcibly than by lectures or book- "-Bristol Times. The Press, metropolitan as well as provincial, have been unani- mous in their commendations of this Exhibition, and no one who visits it can fail to be impressed with the conviction of its excellence and that the praise bestowed upon it has been richly deserved! The Panorama is a life-like illustration of a voyage through these Great Rivers of the Western Continent, and we sincerely advise REA'/ERS N0T T0 OM'T °PP°I'tunity of witnessing it."—Bath The PANORAMA will be exhibited in Cardiff positively but Four Days more. Admission .-Boxess, 2s.; Pit, Is,; Gallery, 6d. 1>.<;scrl,pti1v.c Lecture will be given a3 the Painting moves before the Audience. Pamphlets, containing a description of the Panorama, and the places and scenes exhibited on it; with the adventures of the Artist, and -.iiec(lotes of the Backwood3, for sale at the door- PnrcE SlJ¡:P¡\'Ç. -7 SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. NOTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the next Half-Yearly General or Ordinary Meeting of the Proprietors of this Com- pany, will be held, pursuant to the Act of Parliament, at the PADDINGTON STATION of the Great Western Railway, on WED- NESDAY, the 28th day of AUGUST next, at One o'Clock, for the general purposes of business. The Chair will be taken at One o'Cloek precisely. The Transfer Books will be closed on the 14th of August, and, will not be opened until after the said Half-Yearly General Meet- ing, on the 28th of August. By Order, FRED. G. SAUNDERS, SECT. South Wales Railway Offices, 449, West Strand, London, August 6th, 1850. IMPORTANT DISCOVERY. TANNER'S DINNER PILLS. A MILD and EFFECTUAL MEDICINE, for Indigestion and Stomach and Liver Complaints. These Pills will be found one of the best medicines ever offered to the Public: harmless and simple, yet thoroughly efficacious in removing Indigestion—known by a sense of fullness and pain in the stomach after meals, ftatulenceL spasmodic affections of the chest, giddiness, inactivity, and langour. sense of fullness in the throat (popularly called the rising of the lights), loss of appetite, and sometimes great craving for food, sick. ness after meals, heartburn, drowsiness, sick-headache, sour belch ings, rumbling sensation in the stomach or bowels, restlessness n night, startling and frightful dreams, sometimes great moaning the sleep, and sense of weight and oppression upon the chest, un- pleasant taste in the mouth in the morning; the tcngue frequently covered with a yellowish fur, shooting pains from the stomach to the shoulder-blades, pain in the side, yellowness of the eyes and skin, weight over the eyes and back part of the hpad, loss of m*e mory, dizziness and dimness of sight, ringing noise in the cars, and great depression of spirits. They correct the morbid state of the liver and organs subservient to digestion, promote a due secretion of bile, speedily remove habitual costiveness, destroy worms, relieve the constitution of gouty matter and other impurities, and restora the frame to a healthy state, These Pills have been used by the Proprietor in private practice, for the last ten years, with extraordinary success. They are suit- able for the most delicate females, and are well known by hundreds who have derived from their use the greatest benefit. They do not require confinement; moderate exercise will promote their benefi- cial effects; seldom acting on the bowels until several hours after taking them, and then almost imperceptibly as a gentle aperient they will be found to answer admirably. Tanner's Pills are tonic and carminative, promoting a kindly warmth in the stomach and bowels, ana give tone and vigour to the whole system. In all cases it cannot be expected that one or two doses will effect a cure; they must be steadily persevered in. for several days, and then the most successful results will shovr themselves. Prepared and sold at H, A. T"ANNER!S CHEMICAL AND DRUG ESTABUSHMENT, KINGSWOOD HILL, near BInS. A XTAT'ANManui?cture^,°,f tlle dceP orange-colour incomparable ANNAT1C, or Cheese Colouring. Price 7 per box; family boxes, Is. and 2s. each. Considerable saving in purchasing the Is. or 2s, boxes. Wholesale agents for Bristol—Messrs, T. and A. WARREN Wholesale Druggists, Redcliffe.street. Agent for CARDIFF-Mr. G, PHILLIPS, Chemist, Agent for the Allianee and Argus Fire and Life Insurance Offices. Agent for NEWPORT—Mr. E. J. PHILLIPS, Chemist. Agent for SWANSEA—Mr. W, M. BREWSTER, AR WERTH YN NGHAERDYDD GAN PHILLIPS KERNICIf THOMAS MORGAN COLEMAN EVANS BRADLY M'CARTHY JAMES A chan bob CYFFERIWWR Cyfrifol yn y Dywysogaeth. Pawb ag ydynt yn prisio Bendithion Iechyd, a wnant yo dda i gymmeryd PELENI TEULUOI, SYDENHAM. Gwrthwynebwchddynesiad afiechyti.Mae ei attal yn well na'i wella." PELENI IECIIYD TEULTTOL AGORIADOL A GWRTHERIOL S Y D E N H A M, I WYR A GWRAGEDD, y HOLLOL LYSIEUOL. WED1 eu parotoi, trwy gyfarwyddyd y Meddyg enw'og hwnw yr„lny'l 511 gyfiawn a gyfenwid, Tad Meddyginiaeth ddiweddar." Y Peddyginiaeth fwyaf werthfawr rhag Bolrwymedd, ac Achwyniadau Geriawl, Gwalldreuliad, Gwynt-chwyth, Anhwylderau y Cylla a'r Coluddion, Syrthni' Colliad Chwant Bwycl, Gwendid Golygon, Dolur a Syfrchmdod yn yn y Pen, Llyngyr, Clwyfy Marchogion, y Graianwst ac Anhwvl- derau Dyfrglwyf, yr Wrwst, ac Iselder Ysbryd, ac y maent hefycl yn dra effeithiol at Buro y Gwaed, Mae yn bwysfawr ac yn deilwng o sylw, ac yn Hawer o glod i'r Meddygon enwog, yn gystal a'r GeIfydclyd Feddygol yn gyffredinol trwy y wlad, fod un o'r pcrsonau mwyaf ardderchog ae hynod yr oes, sef Louis PHILIPPE, Brenin y Ffranood gynt, vn gwnepl defnydd o Feddyginiaethau y diweddar ddawnus ac hygfed Dr SYDENHAM. JO PELENI TEUEUOL DR. SYDENHAM ydynt wedi coel eu parotei yn ffyddlon a gofalus gan y Perchenogpresennol er ys mwv na 30 c flyneddoedd ac y maent wcdi ennill y gymeradwyaeth uchelaf oddiwrth bob graddau o'r bobl. Y darpariad gwerthfawr hwn a gynnwys y cydgyssylltiad goreit o'r meddygiaethau Uysieuol agor- iadol mwyaf rliinweddol a tliiiion yn eu gweithrediadau ne uid oeft eisieu aros yn y tv, na newid yr ymborth, tra fyddo yn gweithredu. Yinarfer cymmedrol a gwaith a gynnydda ei effeithiau daionue Gellir ei gymmeryd unrhyw amser pan fyddo y coluddion y rhwyrn, neu a gwaew ynddynt, neu pan fyddo y cylla yn anhwylut' a dylai Peleni Sydenham gael eu cymeryd gan bawb, o bob oedran a sefyllfa, gao eu bod yn rhwyddhau treuliad ymborth, yn <*wrth ne weithredu effeithiau glythineb, yn dwyn y cylla i hwyl a gweith- rediad iaohus, yn symud pob anhwyldeb perthynol i'r peiriannau treuliadol, ac yn cyssylltu rhinweddau agoriadol a chryfhaol, yr hvn a arweinia i iechyd, a hen oedran. Rhoddir cyferwyddiadau digonol ar yr amlen a amgylchyna bob blwch. hefyd tystiolaethau o rinweddau y PeIeni hyglod hyn oddi- wrthFeddyg enwog mewn ymarferiad a chymmeradwyaethmawr yn Mrysto a Clifton, a dynion ereill o'r cyfrifoldeb uchelaf. BLYCHAU BYCHAIN, Is. 14c. a 2s. 9c.-BLYCIIAU TFT* LUOL, 4s. 6c, ac lis. Mae ennill mawr wrth brynu y Blychau Teuluoi. A Barotoir ganyr Unig Berchenog, "J.REES,No. 1 St. James'is Place, Kingsdown, Bristol;" ac a werthir, trwy bennod'iadj gan bob Fferyllydd a Gwerthwr Meddyginiaethau Breiniol yn Mrvsto Clifton, a thrwy yr holl Deyrnas Gyfunol. 7 3 ^reimK8!^ Tmrl aty c^™7ddiadauhyniV cymmervd.- bwvtf LndTVyS f C.ylla' a.Gwall-dreulhul o herwydd lawr i giniaw Belen i gael ei chymmeryd wrth eistedd i Bele°r!rf aC Anl!w>'lder yn y Cylla-Dwy neu Dair o yn bo en us U c^nimerJr^ ar unrhyw amser pan deimlir y cyfryw BoJrwymedd-Cymmerer un neu ddwy Belen, wrth fyned i'r gwely. —C vmmpvpr T°U a° Anl,1Tyl(lel) I11 y Cylla trwy yfed i ormodedd rhyw amser arllh' nGU Peleu wrt!l f>'lled iV gwelJ', neu un- Coll Archwaeth-Cymmerer Un Belen awr cyn ciniaw a swper. Bele^nost Wyu °raU Geriwl a Gwelwder Gwynebprycl-Un Belen nos a borcu. yn\dUys™rolWSt~C'ymmerer Dwy Beleu yu y nos» ac Ua 711 boreu, fel^gweiAredant^711^"1111 Bden hWJrborW4W^m»K R 1 fydd°y Cylla a'r Coluddion' attan 6 hwyl, cyra- hanner Pelen> yn 01 eu Wran. RIIYBYDD-Gofynel, am" SYDENHAM'S FAMILY PILI, OF HEALTH;" a bydder yn ofalus rhag''prynu^inrhvw Belem ■ I en\va_u cyffelyb, gan fod dynion diegwiddor yn gwne> d oyi njgion I dwyllo y wlad, trwy werthi rhyw cJfei^gymmysgiadau o neiddo eu hunain, yn lie PELENI gwir w'erthfaiivr^Jj.Ji. SYDENHAM xviiaia 2 Brymvyr fod yn ofalus i weled fodyYleii>v- Jr BICISTOLJ ar Stciwijpy Llywodr%