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THE BEGGAR'S SONG. I am a merry beggar, A beggar I was born, Tossed about the wide world, From evening till morn A plaything of the tempest, A brother of the knight, concluerer, a conjuror, When Itis merry star-light Oh! nothing can withstand me, Whenever I do stoop, Prom the warm heart of the housewife, To the chicken in the coop; From the linen of the ladt, To the larder of the knight, All come when I do conjurc, In the merry star-light! I pav no tithes to parson, Tho' I follow like his clerk For he takas his tenths by daylight, I take mine in the dark I pay the king no window-tax From some it may be right, But all I do beneath the blue, 13 by merry ftar-light I I roam from lane to common, From city unto town, And I tell a merry story, To gentleman or clown; Each gives me bed or victuals, Or ale that glitters bright, Or-1 contrive to borrow them By merry star-light! Oh, the tradesman he is rich, sirs, The farmer well to pass, The soldier he's a lion, The alderman's an ass; The courtier he is subtle, sirs, And the scholar he is bright; But who, like me, is ever free In the merry star-light!

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