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CONVEYANCE FROM MAVEEFORDWEST to SWANSEA DIRECT IN ONE DAY. TJ/UtOM HAVERFORDWEST, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 3 starting from the Swk-i Ixx, at Eight o'Clock, A.M., and rom the CAMERON ARMS, SWANSEA, Monday, Wednesday, and i' rid ay, at the same hour. WILLIAM JAMES, Proprietor. LONG ASHTON SCHOOL, NEAR BRISTOL. PRtCIPAL-Mr. JOHN KEMP, assisted by Resident Masters, of high attainments. Hp HE STUDIES embrace the Classics, Mathematics, Surveying, I Chemistry, French, German, and all the accomplishments of a liberal English Education. The promiuent feature of this Establishment is to givo on tho most moderate terms, consistent with Gentlemanly treatment, such a course of varied instruction as is necessary for admission into the Universities, the Naval and Military Colleges, and for the examina- tion preliminary to receiving commissions in the Army, as well as for Professional and Commercial pursuits. The greatest attention is devoted to the Religious, Intellectual, and Physical developement of the Pupils. The premises are admirably adapted for Scholastic purposes, and are situated in the most healthy and delightful part of Long Ashton, which has long been celebrated for the picturesqueness of its scenery and the salubrity of its climate. A Prospectus, with Terms, &c., will be forwarded on application. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. ON AND AFTER JULY 22nd, THE following CHARGES will be made for the CARRIAGE of MERCHANDIZE PACKAGES, which will be conveyed Daily by the 7. a.m. Up, & 7 30. a.m. Down Trains. These Charges include Collection and Delivery within the Com- pany's limits, in the Towns and Villages contiguous to the Railway. WEIGHT up TO 12 la to 24 2tr to 4 49 MUllS AND AIL liS. MILES. MILES. UPWARDS. —. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Up to 28 lbs. Weight 0 6 08 0 10 10 29 to 56 Ibs." 07 09 0 11 11 57 to 84 lbs. 08 0 10 10 12 85 to 112 Ibs." 0 9 0 11 1 1 1 3 113 to 140 Ibs." 0 11 11 13 15 141 to 168 lbs. "10 12 14 16 169 to 196 lbs. 1 2 1 4 1 6 19 197 to 224 lbs. 1 4 16 18 2 0 Hats and other light articles, and Packed Parcels, will be charged 50 per cent. in addition to the above rates. The Company will not undertake to forward any Parcels by the Trains, which arc not delivered at the Offices at the various Stations, half-an-hour prior to the time at which the Trains are appointed to leave. NOTICE. By the Act 8 Vic. cap. 20, it is enacted that No person shall be entitled to carry or to require the Company to carry, upon the Railway, any Aquafortis, Oil of Vitriol, Gunpowder, Lucifer :Matches) br any other goods, which in the judgment of the Com- pany may be of a dangerous nature and if any person send by the Railway any such goods, without distinctly marking their nature on the outside of the package containing the same, or otherwise giving notice in writing to the Bookkeeper or other Servant of the Company with whom the same are left at the time of so sending, he shall forfeit to the Company Twenty Pounds for every such offence and it shall be lawful for the Company to refuse to take any parcel that they may suspect to contain goods of a dangerous nature, or require the same to be opened to ascertain the fact." FREDERICK CLARKE, Superintendent. Chepstow, July 12, 1850. — — BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL -ac THE followingsteam vessels ai-e intended to JL sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol:-to and from Dublin, Shamrock; Cork, Juverna and Sabrina; Waterford, Victory and Rose Tenby, Osprey (Tuesdays) and Phienix Mil- ford, Pater, and Haverfordwest, Osprey; Carmarthen, Pltwttix; owansea, County and Bercsjord Newport, Swift and Dart; Cardiff, Stclrand Prince of Wales, as under- mentioned during AUGUST, 1850 :— FROM BRISTOL TO AUG. Dublin. Cork. Watcrlord. Tenby. Milford, I'ater, and H'wtFt. Carmarthen. Swansea. Cardiff. Newport. I Thur 1 11 pm 11 pm 11 am lojm !0 £ m Fri. 2 114am! 11 Jam 12 no 11 m 11 m Sat. 3 112.} af 1 pm 12.Jaf 12 ny Mon 5 3 af af Tues fi 3J pm 3.} pm pm 4 am 4^ am i af 3J af Wed 7 5 af 5 af 5 af Thur 8 7 am 5| m 5 af 6 m 4 Mon 5 3 af af Tues fi 3J pm 3.} pm pm 4 am 4^ am i af 3J af Wed 7 5 af 5 af 5 af Thur 8 7 am 5| m 5 af 6 m I'ri. 9 7 am 7 am 6J am 6.} am 7 am m 6 af 7m6ja'f Sat.j'^ "4 am S am 74 m 8 m Mon 12 9 pm 84 m 84 in Tues 13 9 am 9 am 9 am 10 am 94 in 94 m "NVed.14 10 am 10 m 10 no sThurl5 lOiprni 104pm 11 am 104m 11 m 1'ri 16 12 no 1 pm 12 no 114 m Sat 17 1 af 12Jpm 1 af 12J af Mon 19 3 af 24 af '"Tues 20 24 pm 34 pm 2} pm 4 am 44 am 3 a I Wed 21 14 af 44 af, i af '*Thur22 j 6 am af 6; m Fri.23 5| af 5J pui 6 am 6 am 6.J am 6 m 6 al 6mJ6af Sat.24 7 am 7 am 6j m 64 af 7 m "Mon 25 74 m 8 m 'Tues27 8 am 8 am 8 am S am 9 am 8 m 8J m Wed88 84 am m 9 xn Thur29 9j pm 10 am 9 m 94 ni .Fri 30 10 am 10 am94 pm jlO am 9J m 10 m Sat 31 104am '11 amllojm 11 m FOR BRISTOL FROM AUG. Dublin. Waterford. Tenby. Haverford- west. Milford. Carmarthen. Swansea. Cardiff. Newport. ^Thur 1 11 am 9J m 9 m 2 I pm 1 pm 7 pm 12 no 94 m 94 m £ at. 3 H pm 12 no 14 pin 11 m 11 m Mon 5 l} af 1J af 4 Mon 5 l} af 1J af Tues 6 124 no 8 am 5 am 24 af af 7 64 am 4 am 3 af 3j nt Thur 8 6 am 44 m 4 af 4| af 1'ri. 9 8 am 7 am 74 am 5 m 54 af 6m54af 7 Gi am 4 am 3 af 3j nt Thur 8 6 am 44 m 4 af 4j af 1'ri. 9 8 am 7 am 74 am 5 m 54 af 6m54af Bat.jo 9 am am amj7| am 6 in 6 af Mon la 7 m 7 in TuealJ 10 am 2 pm 10 nl 8 in 8 m "Wed 14 lliam am 84 m 84 m Thurl5 114am 9j m 9 m Fri 16 j pm 11 am 7 pm 12 91 in 10 m Sat 17 2 am 12 noj 2 pm U4m 114 m Mon 19 IJ af 14 af Tues 2o 12J no 5 am 24 af 24 af Wed21 an) 4 am 3 af 34 af Thur22 6am4taf 4 af Fri.23 7 am G4 am 64 am 44 af 4J af 54m 44 fiat 24 8 am 2 am 6 am 7 am 5 m 5 af 5 af Mon 26 6 m 6 af Tue»2J 9 am 12 no 9 am 64 m G4 m Mon 26 6 m 6 af Tue»2J 9 am 12 no 9 am 64 m G4 m Wed2S 10 am 74 am 7 in — 7 m Thur29 94 am 74 m 74 in Fri 30 11 am 114 nt 10 am 5 pm 104 m Si m 8 m Sat 31 104am ll| m 9j m 9 m NOTICE.—From 1st April and during the summer, the Juverua will leave Bristol for Cork on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays. Ø" The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- ance of passengers and goods.—Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. All Goods for Shipment must be alongside before 4 o'clook in the afternoon. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all goods, packages, parcels, &c.. should be addressed:—For Swansea and Cardiff, to Messrs. W. and K. Hartnell, at their warehouse, corner of St. Stephen's-avenue, on the Quay, instead of Clare-street-hall and Bull-wharf; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; ani for New port, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. AOKNTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rees, Haver- fordwest; Mr. Palmer, Milford; Mr. Bowen, Pater; Mr. John N. Smart and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. W. R. Harvey and Mr. C H. Bevan, Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe; Mr. Thomas Baker, Lynton; Hr. Robert Staceyj Carmarthen; and Mr. Jt Jones, Newport. TO SOLICITORS, MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS. WANTED B Y an active YOUNG MAN, aged 20, a situation as CLERK, in a Counting House, or Merchants' Office, or in any similar capacity, where he would make himself generally useful. He has been engaged this last Three Years in an Accountant Office. His services would be very essential to a Solicitor holding a situation as secretary of a Poor Law Union, having had some experience in the working of union accounts. Testimonials, which will bear the strictest investigation can be given. Apply, by letter, addressed to A. B., Post Office, Chepstow. T A F F VALE RAILWAY. ALTERATION OF PASSENGER TRAINS. ON and after MONDAY, JULY 29th, 1850, the Times of De- parture and Arrival of the PASSENGER TRAINS will be as follow, until further Notice:— UP TRAINS.-WEE, K DAYS: FROM CARDIFF. h. m. Mail a. m. 8 40 p.m. 1 30 p.m. 5 45 ARRIVAL MERTHYR. h. m. a.m. 10 0 p. m. 3 0 p.m. 7 20 AB.VL. ABERDARK. h. m. a.m. 10 5 p.m. 3 0 p. m. 7 20 SUNDAYS: I li.m. Mail a. m. 9 0 p.m. 4 0 h. m. a.m. 10 35 p.m. 535j h. in. a.m. 10 35 p.m. 5 35 DOWN TRAINS.—WEEK DAYS: I FROM MERTHYR. I h. m. a.m. 6 40 p.m. 1 15 Mail p.m. 4 30 h. m. a. m. 9 0 Mail 'p. m. 4 0 FROM ABBRDKRE. h.m. a. m. 6 35 p.m. 1 10 p.m. 4 25 SUNDAYS: h. in. a. m. 8 55 p. m. 3 551 ARRIVAL CARDIFF. h. m. I a. M. 8 5 p.m. 2 40 p. m. 5 55 h. m. a. m. 10 35 p. m. 5 35 All the Trains leave CARDIFF DOCKS. fifteen minutes before leaving Cardiff, and arrive at CARDIFF DOCKS, ten minutes after their arrival at Cardiff Station. First, Second, and Third Class Passengers, are taken by all the Trains. For further particulars, see the Company's hand-bills. LONDON TIME is kept on all the Stations on this Railway, which is twelve minutes and a half earlier than Local Time. BY ORDER, GEORGE FISHER, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. Cardiff, July 24th, 1850. CURES FOR THE UNCURED i 7 7 HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. +—, AN EXTRAORDINARY CURE FOR SCROFULA, OR KING'S EVIL. Extract of a Letter from Mr. J. II, Alliday, 209, High-street, Cheltenham, dated the 22nd of Januarg, 18.50.1 To Professor HOLLOWAY, Siit,-My eldest Son, when about three-ears of age, was afflicted with a Glandular Swelling in the neck, which after a short time broke out into an Ulcer. An eminent medical man pro- nounced it as a very bad case of Scrofula, and prescribed for a considerable time without effect. The disease then for four years went on gradually increasing in virulence, when besides the ulcer in the neck, another formed below the left knee, and a third under the eye, besides seven others on the left arm, with a tumour between the eyes, which was expected to break. During the whole of the time my suffering boy had received the constant advice of the most celebrated medical gentlemen at Cheltenham, besides being for several months at the General Hospital, where one of the Surgeons said that he would amputate the left arm, but that the blood was so impure, that if that limb were'.taken off it would be then even impossible to subdue the disease. In this des- perate state I determined to give your Pills and Ointment a trial, and after two months perseverance in their use, the tumour mdually began to disappear, and the discharge from all the ulcers perceptibly decreased, and at the expiration of eight months they were perfectly healed, and the boy thoroughly restored to the blessings of health, to the astonishment of a large circle of ac- quaintances, who could testify to the truth of this miraculous case. Three years have now elapsed without any recurrence of the malady, and the boy is now as healthy as heart can wish. Under these circumstances I consider that I should be truly ungrateful were I not to make you acquainted with this wonderful cure, effected by your medicines after every other mQans had failed. (Signed) ALLIDAY. CURE OF ACUTE RHEUMATISM OF FOUR YEARS' STANDING. Extract of a Letter from Mr. John Pitt, Dudley, 19th Jati., 1850. To Professor HOLLOAVAY, SIR,—It is with the greatest pleasure that I write to thank you for the benefit I have received from your Pills and Ointment, which have completely cured me of the Rheumatism, under which I suffered for this last four years, at times I was so bad as hardly to be able to walk. I had tried every kind of Medicine that was recommended without receiving any benefit. I at last thought I would give your Medicines a trial, and purchased from Mr. Hollin, Chemist, of this Town, two ljoxes of Pills, and two of Ointment, and in three weeks, through them and the blessing of God, I was restored to health and strength, and am now as well able to walk as ever I was in my lite, 1 am well known in this parish, having been sixty-five years in it, with an exception of ten years I served in the 24th Regiment of Foot. (Signed) JOHN PITT. CURE OF A BAD LEG OF MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS' STANDING. Mr. Barker, of No. 5, Graham's-place, Drypool, near Hull, had ulcers on his leg from the age of eighteen until upwards of eighty, and although for many years he had sought the first advice in the country, nothing was found to cure them. He very often suffered, most excruciating pain for long periods together, which incapaci- tated him from attending to his business. He had given up all hopes of getting a cure, when at last he was persuaded to try Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which he did, and however won- derful it may appear, the leg was thoroughly healed by their means, and by continuing to use the Pills alone after his leg was well, he has become in health so hale and hearty as now to be more active than most men of fifty. i N.B.—The truth of this extraordinary statement can be vouched for by Mr. J. C. Reinhardt, 22, Market-place, Hull. February 20th, 1850. CURE OF A DESPERATE CASE OF RINGWORM, OF SIX YEARS' STANDING. Lima, 13th of November, 1849. One of the most eminent Surgeons in Lima (the Capital of Peru) had a child covered with Ringworm for more than six years; in vain he exhausted all his art in his endeavours to effect a cure. Not succeeding, he consulted among his brethren, the most celebrated medical practitioners of the city, but nothing was found to do the child service. When he was persuaded by Mr. Joseph P. Hague, the English Chemist and Druggist, residing at No. 74, Calle (Ie Pa- lacio, to try Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which was done, and after using six large Pots of the Ointment, with a proportion of the Pills, the child was radically cured, to the surprise of the whole medical profession. The name of the parent, from motives of delicacy, is withheld. The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment in most of the following cases:- Bad Legs Chiego-foot Fistulas Sore-throat Bad Breasts Chilblains Gout Skin-diseases Burns Chapped hands GlandularSwellings Scurvey Bunions Corns (Soft) Lumbago Sore-heads Bite of Mos. Cancers Piles Tumours chetoes and Contracted and Rheumatism Ulcers Sand-Flies Stiffjoints Scalds Wounds Coco-Bay Elephantiasis Sore Nipples Yaws Sold by the Proprietor, 244, Strand, (near Temple-bar,) London, and by all respectable Vendors of Patent Medicine throughout the civilised world, in Pots and Boxes, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 0d., Us., 22s, and 33s. each. There is a very considerable saving in taking the larger sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of Patients ftro affixed to each Poi or D EMIGRATION a TO AMERICA. The Splendid A. 1. Coppered and Copper-fastened English-built Ship "HOPE," ^650 TONS BURTHEN, JOHN GILL, COMMANDER, To SAIL on the 10th of AUGUST, 1850, From BRISTOL direct to NEW YORK, The only English-built and First-class Ship on the birth in this Port for New York. THIS Ship possesses superior accommodation for Cabin, Inter- mediate, and Steerage Passengers, having a full poop, com- modious and good height between decks, well ventilated, having twenty side Ports for the admission of light and air. The Sleeping Berths and other fittings will be constructed for the convenience, comfort and health of the Passengers, in the same manner as the Java, fsvhich gave such general satisfaction to the Emigration Officer, the Passengers, and all persons who visited her. Great care will be taken that pure Water and Provisions of the best quality, will be provided for the use of the Passengers, according to the Act of Parliament This Ship has just returned from Australia, having been engaged by the Government Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners, for the conveyance of Emigrants to that Colony, and Captain GILL obtained the most satisfactory Certificates from the Government Agent as to his attention to the comfort and health of the Passen- gers committed to his care. No Charge for Passengers' Luggage. For Freight, or to secure berths in First Cabin, Second Cabin, or Steerage, apply to WILLIAM DOBBIN, Licensed Passenger Broker, Emigration Office, 31, Prince-street, Bristol. By whom First-class English Ships will be dispatched Monthly during the Season. DR. LA'MERT ON THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURITY. With forty coloured engravings on steel. Just published, and may be had in French or English, in a sealed envelope, 2s. Gd.; or post free from the author, for forty-two stamps. QELF-PRESERVATION: A Medical Treatise on the Phy- kj siology of Marriage, and on the Secret Infirmities and Disorders of Youth and Maturity, usually acquired at an early period of life, which debilitate the physicial and mental powers, diminish and enfeeble the natural feelings, and exhaust the vital energies of Manhood; with Practical Observations on the Treatment of Nerv- ous Debility, whether arising from these causes, close study, or the influence of tropical climates; local and constitutional weakness, syphillis, stricture, and all diseases and derangements resulting from indiscretion; with forty coloured engravings, illustrating the Anatomy, Physiology, and diseases of the Reproductive Organs, explaining their various structures, uses, and functions, and the injuries that are produced in them by solitary habits, excesses and infection, By SAMUEL D., 37, Bedford-square, London, Doctor of Medicine, Matriculated Member of the university of Ediuburgh, Licentiate, of Apothecaries' Hall, London, Hon. Member of the London Hospital Medical Society, &c. Sold by Kent and Richards, 52 Paternorter-row Hannay, 63, Oxford-street; Starie, Titchborne-street, Haymarket; Mann, 39, Corn-hill; Gordon, 146, Leadenhall-street, or free by post, for forty-two stamps, from the author's residence, who may be con- sulted personally (or by letter) on these disorders daily, from ten till two and from five till eight. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OF THE NEW REMEDY, Which has never been known to fail. A Cure effected or the Money returned. DR. DE ROOS' CONCENTRATED GUTT.E VIT^E has, in all instances, proved a speedy and permanent cure for every variety of Disease arising from Sclitary Habits, Youthful delusive Ex cesses, and Infection, such as Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, &c., which from neglect or improper treatment by Mercury, Copaiba, Cubebs, and other deadly poisons, invariably end in some of the following forms of secondary symptoms; viz., pains and swellings in the bones, joints, and glands, skin eruptions, blotches, and pimples, weakness of the eyes, loss of hair, disease and decay of the nose, sore throats, pains in the side, back, and loins, fistula, piles, &c., diseases of the kidneys and bladder, gleet, stricture, seminal weakness, nervous and sexual debility, loss of memory, and finally such a state of drowsiness, lassitude and general prostration of strength, as, unless skilfully arrested, soon ends in a miserable death. In the prevention and removal of the foregoing symptoms, and a a restorative of manly vigour, whether deficient from early im- prudence, or residence in hot climates, &c., this medicine has obtained an unparalleled popularity. From its properties in removing leucorrhoea or whites, head- ache, giddiness* indigestion, palpitation of the heart, dry cough, lowness of spirits, barrenness, and all disorders of FEMALES, it is admirably adapted to that class of sufferers, as it not only purities and strengthens the whole system, but it creates new, pure and rich blood, and soon restores the invalid to sound health even after all other remedies (which have usually a depressing tendency) have failed in this lies the grand secret of its universal success. Sent securely packed, to any part from the Establishment only, price lis. per Bottle, or four quantities in one large Bottle for 33s., with full Instructions Jor Use, onl.eceipt of the amount by Post Office Order, payable at the Holborn Office. PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, Rheumatism, Gout, Debility, Indigestion, Stricture, Gleet, c; DR. DE ROOS' COMPOUND RENAL PILLS Are a certain cure for the above dangerous complaints if recently acquired, as also all diseases of the kidneys and urinary organs gene- rally, whether resulting from imprudence or otherwise,' which if neglected invariably result in symptoms of a far more serious cha- racter, and frequently an agonising death.. By.their salutary action on the acidity the stomach, they correct bile and indigestion, purify and promote the lieual secretions, thereby preventing the formation of stone in the bladder* and establishing for life the healthy functions of all these organs. They have never been known to fail, and may be obtained of Mr. J. W. White, Chemist, Guild- hall-square, Carmarthen; Shum, Chemist, High-street, Brecon; Philip Price, Post-office, Bridgend; H. Webber, Guardian Office, Cardiff; Walter Thomas, Chemist, (opposite the Angel,) Merthyr; W. Williams, Chemist, High-street, Cardigan 0. E. Davies, Chemist, and Joseph Potter, Herald Office, Haverfordwest; R. C. Treweeks, Chemist, Pembroke; Thomas Evans, Chemist, High- street, Swansea; Mr. E./J. Phillips, 20, High-street, Newport; and through most Medicine Vendors, price Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per box, or sent free on receipt of the price in postage stamps, by Dr. De Roos. Lasting benefit can only be, reasonably expected at the hands of the duly qualified practitioner who, departing from the routine of general practice, devotes the whole of his studies to this class of diseases, the lamentable neglect of which by ordinary medical men, and their futile attempts at cure by Mercury and other equally dan- gerous Medicines, have produced the most alarming results. Sufferers are invited to apply at once to DR. DE R-, who gua- rantees a speedy and perfect cure of every symptom without hin- drance from business, change of diet, &c., in comparatively few days, or return the money. Country patients wishing to place themselves under treatment will be minute in the detail of their cases; and to prevent trouble no letters from strangerswiU be replied to unless they contain JE1 in cash, or by Post Office Order payable at the Holborn office, for which Advice and Medicines will be sent. Patients corresponded with till cured. At home for consultation daily, from ten till one, and four till eight (Sundays excepted). Post-office Orders payable at the Holborn office to Walter de Roos, M.D., So; Ely-place, Holborn, London. Read Dr. DE Roos' CELEBRATED WORK THE MEDICAL ADVISER, The 64th Thousand of which is just published, containing 144 pages, illustrated with numerous beautifully coloured engravings, de- scriptive of the anatomy and physiology of the generative organs of both sexes in health and disease; also chapters on the obligations and philosophy of Marriage diseases of the male and female parts of Generation; the only safe mode of treatment and cure of all those secret diseases arising from infection and youthful delusive ex- cesses with plain directions for the removal of every disqualifica- tion—the attainment of health, vigour, &c., with ease, certainty, and safety. 3fay be obtained in a sealed Envelope through most Booksellers, or of tho Author, 2s., or (free J by post for 32 postage stamps. [OPINIONS OF THE PRESS.] Extract from the Medical Gazette and Times.—" Fortunately for our country a remedy for these deplorable complaints is at last found and we hail the time as not far distant when such diseases shall be comparatively unheard of we hope all persons so afflicted will lose no time in availing themselves of Dr. de Iioos' skill." This work is indeed a boon to the public, as it has the two-fold advantage of plainness, and being written by a skilful and duly qualified man, who evidently well understands his subject."—Daily Times. This is a work of superlative excellence, and one we should re- commend to the perusal of all; in fact it is quite essential to those of either sex who contemplate marriage.]Word. Address-WALTER DE ROOS, M.D., 35, Ely-place, Hol- bera Iiill, London. CARDIFF FURNITURE EMPORIUM, WOMANBY-STREET, (IMMEDIATELY ADJOINING THE GLOBE INK.") SAWYER AND SON, XT' VER mindful of the kind patronage extended to them sineo fTi the opening of the above Establishment, are again Induced thus publicly to acknowledge to their many supporters, their most sincere and unfeigned thanks; and trust, by an undeviating ad- herence to an honourable and strict course of business, coupled with a determination (not to be superseded by any other similar undertaking) in the vending of the various descriptions of Goods comprised in their extensive Stock, at the lowest remunerating prices possible, that they will continue to merit that flattering share of public confidence and support which has already been so liberally bestowed upon them, and which it will be their constant aim and most anxious desire to deserve.—A Large Stock of NEW CABINET and other GOODS now on hand, suitable to every class of the community. No matter whomsoe'er they be, Whether of high or low degree,— The humble peasant and the 'squire Alike may have what they desire; 'Tis really so, and truly said, From lowly flock to featherbed. Thus stands the stock,—here's clocks and ease& And mirrors bright for pretty faces With lustres, too, beyond compare, And gems of virtue rich and rare Yea goods, forsooth, of every class, In plated metal, copper, brass, And all such things that taste admiros. As strictly what a house requires. Let every one then come and view Choice manufacture cheap and new, As sofas, couches, sideboards, chairsi- And settees single, or in pairs, In rosewood season'd well and dry,. Or Spanish rich mahogany Of London make the very best, < And therefore worthy public test. Carved cheffioneers, and tables too, From telescope to card and loo; With carpetings and druggets wide,. And requisites for fire-side; Folish'd iroiig, brasses, fenders, And every item comfort renders; Hearth rugs and ottomans there are, With rich cut-glass and earthenware. Here's window-blinds of every shade, All lengths and sizes ready made Curtains, poles, and bell-pulls too, In rich brocade of any hue Vester lights and chimney-glasses, Which no other houses surpasses; In brief, here's all things from a broom' In KITCHEN up to DRAWING ROOM. Neat painted washstands, drawers, chairs*. Tables and such things for iip-stairs Millpuffs and mattresses, a host, With bedsteads, plain and carved four-post, French, half-tester, cupboard, camps, And nursery cots, and safety lamps Wardrobe, bcdsteps, lounges too, And toilet suites of willow blue. As to the humbler goods, and price,. 'Tis quite astonishing how nice And cheap they are, and strong, And almost purchased for a song So say the million—who denies it ? The better judge is he who tries it Who then, we ask, will lack a day, Ere to our Mart he bends his way ? SAWYER AND SON SOLD BY PHILLIPS, MORGAN, JAMES, CARDIFF. EVANS, BRADLEY, PHILLIPS, KERNICK, late Vachel, M'CARTHY, NEWPORT, And every Chemist and Druggist in the Principality. All who value the Blessings of Health would do well to take SYDENllAM'S FAMILY PILLS. Meet Approaching Disease."—"Prevention better than Cure." DR. SYDENHAM'S APERIENT ANTIBILIOUS FAMILY PILL OF HEALTH, FOR BOTH SEXES, ENTIRELY VEGETABLE, Prepared from the Prescription of that eminent Physician, Dr. SYDENHAM, who was justly styled the Father of Modern Me- dicine." A MOST valuable remedy for Costive and Bilious Complaints, Indigestion, Flatulency, Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, Drowsiness, Loss of Appetite, Dimness of Sight, Pains and Giddi- ness of the Head, Worms, Piles, Gravel and Dropsical Complaints, Spasms, and Lowness of Spirits, also a great Purifier of the Blood. It is important and worthy of remark, and very much to the honor of the eminent Physicians as well as the Medical Profession in general of our country, that one of the most extraordinary and exalted characters of the age, Louis Phillippe, ex-King of the French, has always had recourse to the remedies of the late gifted and celebrated Doctor Sydenham. Dr. Sydenham's Family Pills have been faithfully dispensed by the present Proprietor for more than thirty years, and have ob- tained from all grades of the community the highest reputation. This valuable preparation contains a happy combination of the mildest and most valuable aperient vegetable medicines, and re- quires neither confinement nor alteration of diet during its use. Moderate exercise increases its good effects. It may be taken at any time when the bowels are costive or uneasy, and in obstruc- tions or stomach complaints; and Sydenham's Pills should be taken by persons of all ages, as they assist digestion, correct ex- cesses of the table, give a healthy action and tone to the stomach, remove all complaints to which the digestive organs are subject, and combining tonic and aperient properties, will lead to health and cheerful old age. The most delicate females will find these, Pills beneficial to their general health. Ample directions will be found in the wrapper which surrounds each box; also testimonials of the virtue of these celebrated Pills, from an eminent Physician practising extensively in Bristol and Clifton, and individuals of the highest respectability. Small boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. Family Boxes, 4s. 6d. and lis- On the Family Boxes there is a considerable-saving. Prepared by the Sole Proprietor, J. REES, Bristol; sold, by appointment, by all the respectable Chemists and Dealers in Patent Medicine in Bristol, Clifton, Bath, and throughout the United Kingdom. Attention to the following method of taking them is strongly re- commended.- Sense of Fullness in the Stomach, and Indigestion from feeding too heartily-One Pill to be taken sitting down to dinner. Sick Head Ache and uneasiness of the Stomach-Two or three Pills to be taken at any time when troubled with these complaints. Costivcticss-Oùe or two Pills may be taken at bed-time. Head Ache and Stomach Complaints from drinking freely—Two or three Pills to be taken at bed-time or any other period. Loss- of Appetite—One Pill to be taken one hour before dinner and supper. In Bilious Complaints and Sallow Complexions—One Pill to be taken night and morning. Gouty Habits—Two Pills at night and one in the morning oc- casionally. Eruptive Face-One Pill night and morning for a fortnight, according to their operation. FOR CHILDREN—Where the Stomach and Bowels are out of order, a Pill or half of one according to their age. CAUTION.—Ask for SYDENHAM'S FAMILY PILL OF HEALTH, and be especially particular you do not purchase any Pills bearing similar titles, as unprincipled persons too often attempt to foist nostrums of their own, instead of the truly valua- ble SYDBNHAM PILL." Deafness and Singing in the Ears effectually Cured, without Pain or Operation. The application of this wonderful discovered remedy to the cars of those afflicted with deafness for 40 or 50 years; enables them to hear a watch tick at arm's length. TTvR. JAMES VERBRUGAN, Surgeon Aurist, and consulting 1/ Surgeon to the Infirmary for the Cure of Deafness, begs to otter this valuable discovery to the public from benevolence rather than gain, and will forward it to anyipart, carriage free, with full directions, packed in a small case, on receipt of five shillings in postage stamps or money order, directed to Dr. James Verbrujan, 6, Beaufort Buildings, Strand, London. This is not one of the usual Quack Advertisements, the effect produced on the application Of this remedy being honestly and truly magical, painless in its use, even to an infant, many of whom, born deaf, together with grown up persons who had not heard the human voice for fifty years, nave, after using this remedy, enjoyed the society of their fellow creatures. Dr. V. daily applies it, and has cured thousands in his private practice, and also at the Ear Infirmaries, in the presence of the most eminent physicians, who have been utterly astounded at the cures effected. N.B.—No Agonts; to insure the genuine, apply to Dr. V.