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NEWPORT. MONUMENT TO Slft CHAIUXS MORGAN.—The monument to ti E late Sir Charles Morgan Bart., in Bassaleg Church, is now fixed in its place at the North side of the Chan-eel. It is from the studio of Mr. J. Evan Thomas, aud is plain and simple, but of excellent workmanship it is carved in statuary marble, and being Italian in; design corresponds thusmucl1 with I he style of the architecture parts of the Chancel itself, which bears evident traces of the Italianizing so much in fashion in the last century, and from which so many of our ancient gothic churches have suffered. The design consists of an arch and mouldings with a cherubim-carved keystone, between pilasters which support a rich cornice. On the pilasters the family arms are emblazoned in a series of pannels which from their rich culolFing furm a pleasing contrast to the lustrous whiteness of the marble, the whole effect being rich as well as chaste. We doubt whether any monument more ornate, would have so good an effect. the interior of the church itself being of the plainest possible description. The monument to the late Lady Morgan, which occupies the next place nearer the Kd window, contains some good sculpture. NKWPOKT AND POMYPOOL itkit.w,,Y. We understand tha' there are some hopes of this line being at length brought into practical operation. It is now proposed with every prospect of its being realised to lay the sleepers and rails,on the portion already completed, and erect a station at the G. te, without waiting for the extension to the Docks, For this boon the in- habitants of Newport and l'ontypool are, we believe, indebted to the energetic management, of CraWshay Bailey, We should hardly doubt that an increased dividend, would ensue to theCanaI Company fr-in tl)is resolution. It is no,wc-uelleve, yet decided what route the extension to the Dock will take. BAKvAlm'sPAXOHAL\Thjs thoroughly Yankee affair, the gigantic panorama of the Missisipi, and Ohio Rivers, said to be three miles long, is likely lo meet with success in Newport. "Very tolerable audiences have attended to see this picture of,lic wonders QAI the Fa,; West.' ,C. TUB' DOCK.—The Dock is by no means full at present, but Newport can certainly boast of some very large vessels. I/10 Brandon, Hartley, aud one or two more are very fine ships. l!le form, r is of 1,600 tons, and is loading with rail-iron, of which she will take, as is easily understood, an inordinate.quantity. SHOP FRONTS.—Altering and beautifying shop fronts seem the order uf the day in Newport, and in every direction we perceive new and stylish erections springing up in the room of the od dIrty and tasteless abortions. We may point to those of Mr. Phillips, Druggist; Mr. Watkins, Hatter; Mr. Hugh Morgan, Butcher, with its neatly carved brackets and marble slabs, as steps in the riht direction. We are glad to notice that the shops at the cor- lIer of the Railway entrance, arc also to be beautified a little, and hope something creditable will be the result, the site being 'eonspicous. Tiii; barque Esther Frances of this town, arrived at Falmouth last Sunday, from Havannah, sixty-one days' passage, under the charge of Mr. Durnpac>\ the mate. It appears that Mr. Michael, the master, was handcuffed by the crew on June 14, being six days after leaving llavannah, and has thus been confined to his cabin ever since that date. An alleged charge is made that lie attempted to poison some person or persons on board, by mixing, what is described as extract of lead, with some water in a jug, to which Mr. Shaw, a passenger, the mate, second Ilwte, and a cabin boy had access. A magisterial investigation is h ing made into this x tinordinary affair.



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