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MEJRTIIYH. THE DISTIN FAMILY.—This celebrated musical family gave a concert at the Bush Assembly-rooms, on last, Thursday night. Besides the father and three sons, they were accompanied by Miss O'Connor and ilir. J. Willy, the pianist. The programme of their performance contained some choice music, and they played the pieces set down with great beauty and skill. Miss O'Connor, without possessing a powerful range of voice, sang some ballads very sweetly. The madrigal, "D"wn in the Flow'ry Vale," in which the Messrs. Distia and Miss O'Connor sang, was raptuously encored, and so was a Singing Lesson, sung by Air. T. H. Distin and Miss O'Connor. The performance of Cod Save the Queen, was very Hue and citective. Altogether it was a vel-yfine musical treat, arid it gwe us gleat pleasure that it was so well attended by most of the leading people of the town and neighbourhood. Diurii BY or three %veiit !o liz.,tlic in the Talf, below the iron bridge, iii this town, when one of them, a son of James Torey, master at the Castle Inn, slipped out of his depth, and before assistance could be hill, was drowned. Dr. Marsh tried every means of resuscisation for about four hours, but without success. An inquest was held before' Morgan, Esq., deputy coroner, upon the bo.ly, and; a verdict of. Drowned y b:.itiiiilg,returiie(l. CHEAP Niiws-i'APEits.—We have been provided by-a friend with a sight of a veritable California newspaper, and assuredly, except the price, it is no bad specimen of typography. Its title is the Aita California, about half the size of the PRIN- CIPALITY, and appears to Oc well edited. It contains a long list of shipping announcements, and a couple of advertisements. But the price—ye penny papers sigh for it-ju,cents. per copy, equal to 2s. Id. English money. HELtGlOUS REVIVALS.—The Mormonites seem, if we may judge from the seal with which they follow out door preach- ing, to be exerting themselves to try to make hay whilst the sun shines. During the fine weather they are to be heard in several parts of the town expounding with much fervour the doctrine of Joseph Smith and his followers. In addition, we had on Sunday a couple of gentlemen in the matket place, wearing their beards long, and looking very Jewish, expoun- ding some peculiar doctrine, but to what particular Church they belong, we have not yet found out. BUILDING.— We are happy to see that agreat deal of the ground hear St. David's Church, belonging to W. Thomas, Esq. of the Court, is given out for building. Already there are several cottages in the course of erection, and when in ad- dition, there will be the Workhouse and the Town-h dl. We do not speak too sanguinely we hope in thinking the trades connected, therewith will be talerably well employed during the ensuing autumn.





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