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IX ATTENDANCE PEIUO!>ICALL T. MR. YOUXG. SUUGEOS-DENTIST, (Of No. 1, Belmont, Clifton,) BEGS most respectfully to announce, that from the very gratif>- iufY success which has attended las monthly visits to Nvv\- voRT ulxd CAIUJIFF; chcriny the last three years, he nas been in- duced to extend his journeys, so «« to C* M^reet,aShips"w.aon May, the "5th ;Vr. MoaRisox JACK'S, Ilatter So. 6 Comn^^stroot, Newport, on Wednesday, July the 31st; Mr. i Angel-street. Cardiff, on Thursday, August the 1st;_and at Mi. JOHN IIooi'Hit DAVIS'S, Iligh-stveet, >rerthyr, on 1 ndaj, Au^u.t rhe •A.d: and periodically on the first Tuesday, ednesdav, lhul^ day~aud Friday, in every Month, v.lien he may be consulted on ? S& successful practice he is enabled to guarantee cli cases of a mechanical nature undertanen by lum the -<ik liiiiiiship and finish of which he will engage shall be uusurpassed bv anything to be obtained in London or 1 aus. i V' 'Mr." YOUNG'S references combine many of tnc mosi disfattgmshwl Families and leading Medical Men of the Neighbourhood and he very high confidence hitherto reposed m his proicssioiial skill. No. 1, Belmont, Clifton. n f .1 -y JJ "Where it is practicable, Mr. TLOUXO would feel.Bicatlj obliged by parties desirous ot consulting him leaving their names at either of the above addresses) previous to the day of Mr i s visit as the increased demand for his attention Will not otacnust allow him sufficient time to get through nis ousmess m a daj V. R. FOR JUST SIX DAYS, & POSITIVELY NO LONGER B iN I" A lt D'S PAN Oil AM A OF THE MISSISSIPPI, mo he EXHIBITED at the THEATRE, CARDIFF, com- S meueiuR on WEDNESDAY EVENING, JLL\ olst, at Eight o'clock, and closing TUESDAY EVENING, August 6th, at Eight o'clock. Day Exhibitions ou Saturday and Tuesd-iy unci noons, at half-past Two. Evenings, at Eibht o'clock. Doors open half-an-hour previous. Banvard's Grand Moving Panorama. of the Mississippi. Ohio, and Missouri Rivers, Inhibited by special command before her Majesty the Qufkn, H.R.II. PiiiNCH ALBERT, and the Court amlltoyal x aimly, at i-.idsor Castle, and at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, for a year and a lndf, where it was-viewed by over half a million persons. Thismagnilicent PANORAMA of the Three Largest Itivers in North America pourtrays accurately the Itiyer, Forest, and Prairie Scenery of the Great West, passing through inne States of the Viuericati Union, and 12 decrees of latitude, from t.ic Itocky Moun- tains and Yellow Stone Blurt's of the Mis miri ami Cincinnati, the Queen City of the West, ou the Ohio, to the City of New Orleans, on the Mississippi, near the Gulf of Mexico; being by far the Largest Painting ever executed by man It shows life on the Great Western Waters the thriving Cities and lowns the early Settler g Hut, or Log Cabin the manner of clearing the land for cultivation Indians Hunting Buffaloes a Burning Forest; the immense Prai- ries f Grass; Cypress Swamps; the singular Steam Boats, rlat Boats, Rafts and other Water Craft of the Mississippi; a Prairy on Fire; Indian Village by Moonlight, &c., all combining to form a most instructive and entertaining Exhibition. The scenery of the magnificent Rivers in question is given v, ith fctrikiug fidelity,1 and we are presented with, not only the features of the country, but with abundant pictures of^ human life as found 0:1 the Great Western Waters."—-Hath Chronicle. This Panorama is beautifully executed. No one can pay a visit to this excellent Exhibition without receiving fully as much in- t-truction as amusement. It is a valuable means of conveying a knowledge of distant scenery far more forcibly than by lecturcs or books.—Bristol Times. The Press, metropolitan as well as provincial, have been unani- mous in their commendations of this Exhibition, and no one who visits it can fail to be impressed with the conviction of its excellence, and that the praise bestowed upon it has been richly deserved. The Panorama is a life-like illustration of a voyage through these Great Rivers of the Western Continent, and we sincerely adsise our readers not to omit the opportunity of witnessing it." -DatI< Journal. The PAXOHAMA will be exhibited in Cardiff for Six Days only; AS it goes to Mcrtliyr at the end of that time. Admission .Boxes, 2s.; Pit, Is.; Gallery, 6u. fi A Descriptive Lecture will be given as the I auorama moves before the Audience. Pamphlets, containing a description of the Panorama, ancl the places and scenes exhibited on it; with the Adventures of the Artist, and anecdotes of the Backwoods, for sale at the door.— Puicn SIXFEXCK. -1 r=