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TENBY. THE Pembrokeshire Herald says the arrival lists of the various hotels and public institutions in this highly favoured watering place are beginning to present such an array of names as to give promise of gaiety the like of which has not been known for many a long year. Everything seems to conspire in the working together for the good of the inhabitants. The South Wales Hail way being open so far as Swausea, affords an easy mode of transit. No less than four coaches, besides other conveyances, come in and go out of Tenby in the day -in fact, the scene in High-street recalls to mind the good old mail- coach times, which, although superseded by timepieces of a superior order, afford some pleasure in looking back upon. A varied string of amusements has already been given to the public, the last of which were Womb well's Menagerie, and the Female American Serenader. which drew full audiences and evidently, from the fact of their repeating their entertainments each time with increased success, gave much satisfaction. An excellant brass band is engaged, and commenced playing (during the day) on Monday. Various improvements have been made under the Sanatory Act, the approaches to the Sands, hitherto objectionable, being now cleared of all that gave rise to complaint., a new drive has been formed, which connects the upper and lower Pembroke roads and the proprietors of two fine steam packets are making the necessary arrangements for a series of pleasure trips from the harbour to the places of interest in the neighbourhood, particulars of which we believe, will be announced in a day or two. The races, under the stewardship of W. II. Powel, Esq., of Maesgwyn, and John Leach, Esq., of Pembroke, we understand will take place about the middle of September and judging from the liberal support afforded and the general satisfaction given on former occasions, we have no doubt that the same happy results will attend them this year.

_------THE LA fE SIlt ROBERT…

(From Friday's Gazette.)