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MEHTHYR. FiRE, SUPPOSED TO BE THE WORK OF AX IXCEXDJ.UIY.— About one o'clock on last Thursday night, a fire was discovered in a thatched roof belonging to the Frwd Gmoi farm near the Ccfen, the property of Nash Edwards Vaughan, Esq., in the occu- pation of Mr. Thomas Williams. Instant alarm was given and the Cefen inhabitants lost no time in hurrying to the spot. It was fortunately, by a little dexterity, soon extinguished, and it reflects the highest credit on the residents of that small place, that they showed such alacrity in rendering assistance. The whole pre- mises were at one time in imineut danger. As yet there is no eiue to its origin, but the general belief is that it was done will- fully. A curious incident took place in connexion with it. The old woman of the house, on the first alarm, thrust a watch into a hole in the wall, and after the fire had ceased, went to seek for it. For a considerable time her search was completely fruitless. Oh, where is my watchF she cried out, oh, where is it 0 seemingly having forgotten the danger she had run in lamenting the loss of her watch. Fortunately it was discovered, to the great joy of the old lady. TEMPERANCE PXC-NIC IT VA YNOR. Several friends of the Temperance cause enjoyed themselves at a pic-nic, at the above place, last week. The party went off very agreeably, but some wickedly-disposed individual got hold of the cart which had carried their provisions, and threw it into the river. It was con- siderably damaged, and was not got from there without a great deal of trouble and some risk. The fool was known to some of those present, and had he been taken before a magistrate", it is not improbable he would expiate his foolish act by a dance -.oil the treadmill- whieh, doubtless, would after all be the best cure for such fool-hardy conduct. TREMENDOUS THUNDER STORM.— An awful storm of thun- der and lightning passed over Tredegar and its neighbourhood on Monday last. The rain came down in torrents, and the lightening was very vivid, but we did not hear of any damage having been done. THE hay harvest around this place is progressing greatly, and large quantities have been secured in excellent condition. The crop is not very heavy, except upon early-kept lands. The recent rains have improved all kinds of garden produce beyond Anticipation. INQUEST BEFORE JOHN MORGAN, ESQ., DEPUTY CORONER.— At the Horse and Groom, on the body of William Powell, aged 70. The deceased got up and sat on the bed and complained of difficulty of breathing. He fell heavily upon the floor and when taken up was quite dead. Verdict, Died from disease of the heart."




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_------THE LA fE SIlt ROBERT…

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