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THE PEOPLE'S APPEAL, LORDS of the Isles, ye have halls of pride, And the shads of our woods lies green and wide. Ye hold the stores of our hidden mines, Oar moorland wastes, and our mountain pines,—■ And the wealth that each deep old river pours Through a thousand valleys—all are yours; Ye own the land, and ye claim the sea, But hoill-let the people's bread be free! Free as the wide earth pours her store From age to age and from shore to shore, With a truth still found in the faithful soil, For the sower's trust and the reaper's toil: Free as waves in the summer light, O'er sunny slope and o'er boundless plain, 1 The wealth of the yet unfathered grain,- Growing in silence day and night, As it grew in the world's far youth- ere yet The spoiler's seal on its gold was set,- And grows unchanged through the bonds and fears That crowd on these weak and waning years. We have seen the corn wave's golden swell Where the pride of the forests glory fell,— We have heard the sweep of its breezy tone, ■■■■<-■ O'er storied temple and tower o'erthrown. It waves where the battle's graves are green, It grows where the peasant's hearth hath been And safe the light of your homes may be,- But Lords of the Isles, let our bread be free Their have been fair towers wrapped in flame By brands'that from dying homefires came,- And blades have reeked with the reddest stain In hands which the sickle plied in vain. Brearl for the young were they not born To the hope of that first heritaget Bread for the famine cry of age It hath gone up to the God of corn, From hamlet huts and from crowded marts, from weary hands and from withered heart*, With a fearful tale of bar and ban Laid on life stores by brother man. Bread for the living [-Fields have spread Their harvest glory above the (lead Let it gladden the homes of toiling men Till the lig-lit of their lost years comes again I -Lord3 of the Isles heap up your hoards From all that the mart or mine affords,- As wrecks are heaped in the gorgeless flea: but spare our bl'Cad,-lt its course be free! Edinburgh- F. BROWN.

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