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-n_ NEWPORT- GWASTAD BRIDGE.—A new Bridge is about to be erected at the Marshes Gate, in the room of the present mean and incon- venient structure. The new biidge is to be the full width of the roads on each side and on the level with them, and the plans show a neat and substantial erection. It is to be built under the superintendence of Benjamin James, Esq., the County Surveyor, and tenders will be advertised for immediately. It is estimated to cost from £ 500 to £ 600. MALPAS CHURCH.—This neat and handsome structure is now completed, and is generally admired. No day is yet fixed for the consecration, but we believe it will take place about the 25tli inst. THE WEATHER.—The late rains have been rather unfavourable for the hay, but we have not heard of much being spoilt about Newport; otherwise no more desirable weather could be wished for. The wheat looks remarkably well everywhere, and as there is now every appearance of warm and genial weather setting in, we may hope for at least an average harvest. LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE OF THE NEW INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, IN DOCK-STREET. These proceedings commenced yesterday (Thursday) by a public breakfast, which was laid out in the large room of the Town-hall, which had been gaily decorated with flags and evergreens. Between two and three hundred ladies and gentlemen sat down. The breakfast was admirably served, forming a strong contrast to the dinner given r, 9 on another occasion by the same body. After due honour had been done to it, the liev. Mr. Barfield, pastor of the chapel, ad- dressed the meeting and gave a short and succint history of the endeavours of the congregation, lasting over many years; to provide a new and more commodious structure, in the place of the present mean and inconvenient building. He then called upon Mr. Lewis, who, in his speech, gave a statement of the financial prospects of the new building, by which it appears that, in additon to 1:1,123 in hand, the promises in which it was s'lfe to calculate give about f500 more and he concluded by stating that there was little doubt that the new building would be completed with but a trifling debt in reserve. The llovs. Messrs. Gillman, Rees, Owen Owens, Alien, &c., on behalf of the different dissenting bodies of Newport and its neighbour- hood, delivered addresses expressing their sympathy and good wishes with the undertaking. The company then adjourned to the site of the new chapel, in Dock-street, where the founda- tion stone lay ready slung on the front facing the street. On a brass plate resting on the stone was engraved the following in- scription —" The foundation stone of this chapel was laid by Joseph Corsbie, Esq., 11th July, I S50." A hymn having been i given out and sung, the Rev. Mr. Barfield addressed the com- pany. explaining the principles of Independence and the inten- tion of the new structure, and concluded an eloquent and lucid discourse by stating the unanimous wish of the Hope" con- gregation that Joseph Corsbie, Esq. should lay the first stone. Mr. Corsbie, having responded to this request, spread the mor- tar with the accustomed ceremonies, and the stone was duly lowered in its place. After prayers from Messrs. Gillman and Barfield the proceedings terminated. We have already given a description of the new chapel in former papers suffice it, therefore, to say that it will be a creditable and handsome structure and an ornament to the town of Newport.