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CARDIFF. THE CARDIFF STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY commenced business on Tuesday last. On Sunday, a large number of tiic directors, and some few friends, engaged the Cardiff Castle steam tug, and went to meet their newly-purchased bout, the Taliesin. They came in sight of her some short distance down the Channel and both vessels arrived at the pier head about seven o'clock in the evening. The Taliesin is not so large as the present boats, but is a fast-sailing vessel, and possesses good accommodation. On Tuesday morning, at four o'clock numbers were seen making their way towards the station of this vessel, and the strains of the Cardiff amateur band who accompanied them, doiibiless awoke many from their slumbers, who perhaps would otherwise have none other event to memoralize the day, save the fact of bein" induced to rise a little earlier than usual to discover the why and wherefore of such a proceeding. By the time named for starting numbers of persons had assembled at the pier head, and a goodly concourse of passengers had also taken possession of the decks of the vessel, and;shortly after half-past four her ropes were hauled in, her engines set to work, andlslie, for the first time, left Cardiff pier amidst the loud cheers of both passengers and spec- tators. She had not proceeded far however before a misfortune occurred, and she was brought to a stand still. Upon investigation it was discovered that something connected with her boilers ha got broken. This proved a great detriment to her speed, but however she reached Bristol between eight and nine o'cloc The breakfast, on-board which was of a good and substantial des- cription was partaken of by all without charge. Having enjoyed themselves in Bristoljthe passengers, composed chiefly of directo", and shareholders in the new company, proceeded" towards the vessel for the purpose of returning home, but alas! their intelltioll were frustrated, for the Taliesin was found to be quite incapable of accomplishing a journey home; andthesequel was that the sup- porters of the Taliesin had to return home in the opponent vessel, the Star. Mr. Clements, the captain of that boat, who is well known for his great courtesy and kindness to all who might favour the Star with their patronage, immediately upon seeing the situation of the opponentshareholders, &c., stepped out of his way, and accommodated in the most welcome maimer all who chose to avail themselves of the opportunity of returning in his boat, at the same time allowing them- the advantage of their return tickets. For this act of kindness we hear it is the intention of the directors and1 shareholders of the Cardiff Steam Navigation Company to present Mr. Clements with a testimonial as a proof of their value of that gentleman's pleasing behaviour in so trying an hour. The Taliesin however is not quite crippled for she returned on Wednesday, with a full cargo of goods, It is true she requires some small repairs, but with little trouble she will again be fit for active service and from what we hear of her capabilities for "running," she will make shorter passages to and fro this port than any other vessel which has been upon the- station. No doubt great inconvenience and disappointment will be felt by the shareholders and the public, by this unforeseen accident; although it is stated that had the engineer been more mindful of his duties it would probably have been avoided. For such misconduct we believe he and his men have been discharged, and there is every appearance of another and a good start being made, and before one twelvemonth has elapsed the directors and shareholders will find to their pleasure that their speculation in the Cardiff Steam Navigation Company has proved what many Z3 expect it will,—a pecuniary and thriving concern. [An esteemed correspondent who was on board; informs us, since the above was in type, that the whole misfortune was caused by the flying.OF three or four rivets. He proceeds thus -I'here is much credi due to our respected friend, Mr. W. Cooper, He exerted him-elf more than we could have expected When left alone we under- stand he never left the boat the whole of the night until he saw every thing all right, and brought her home in first rate style from Cumberland basin to Cardiff Docks with a good cargo, in two hours and forty-five minutes, I am sure the directors would have. sacrificed all their own comfort and pleasure, and brought their company back the same night had they have known her capabilities,. FOREIGN ARRIVALS. The Arminia, from Memel, has arrived in Cardiff, this week, with a cargo of timber deals for the bridges over the Taff and Ely;; the contract for the supply of the timber for which has been taken by the Messrs. Grant, of this- town. We understand another vessel is expectod to arrive with a similar cargo for the same purpose. ARRIVED:—The barque Eldon, Gillespie,- from Quebec, July 9th, with 10'pieces of oak, 20 ditto of elm, 100 ditto red pine, 18 ditto heckmatae, 400' ditto yellow pine, 170 deals, and G fathoms lathwood. for Batchelor Brothers; ON Monday last a man in the employ of John Calvert, Esq., named Edwin Young, who was entrusted by his master with bank notes, amounting to £100" for the purpose of getting them changed, has absconded from Newbridge, taking with him the whole of the property. He was formerly in the employ of the Taff Vale Railway Company, and has since been the superintendent of police for the borough of Carmarthen. He was seen on the day lie absconded oil- the Merthyr and Abergavenny mail, and on his way to the latter place. A handsome reward has been offered for his apprehension. APPOINTMENT OF CONSUL. The following appeared in Tuesday's Gazette :—The Queen has been pleased to approve of Mr. David Brown as Consul at Cardiff for his Majesty the King of the Belgians. FIWERAI OF Siit ROBERT PERL. Tuesday being the day appointed for this solemnity, most of the respectable trades- men of this town observed it by partially closing their shops, and the bell of St. John's Church, by the direction of thu Mayor, tolled through the day. WE call attention to Mr. Iliggs's Lecture at the Town-h. 1", ofi Monday next, on the Chemistry of Domestic Life. Air. Higgs is the patentee of the Sewerage Apparatus, at Cardiff Gaol, which has been so much admired, and is master of the object on which he is going to lecture. PORTRAIT OF THE REV. J. RICHARDS, PONTYPRIDD. Our attention was directed a few days ago, to a portrait of the above estimable minister of the Baptist denomination,, painted by Mr. Marks of this town, and which is to be presented to t'ie rLv. gentleman by a member of his admirers. The likemss's d* mirable, and the work is highly creditable to the artist. i