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DENMARK. The important intelligence of the conclusion of peace between Prussia and Denmark has been forwarded from Berlin in the following telegraphic despatch:—"July 2.— Peace with Denmark has this day been concluded, on tho conditions of the reservation of mutual rights, and of the competency of the confederation in the matter of the war with Holstein." Prussia, it is said, undertakes to obtain, within three weeks, the adherence of the other German powers and there is no doubt of her obtaining that assent from all the powers of the North of Germany, thereby precluding any renewal of the blockade. By a secret article of the former treaty, Prussia withdraws her troops, the Danes at the same time promising that they will not call in the military aid of any: of their allies, and Prussia stipulating to prevent the march of free corps from Ger- many. By signing-such a treaty, Prussia, on the part of herself and Germeny, abandons the Schleswigers to their fate, her only excuse being that all the other powers of Europe were banded in favour of Denmark, and thereby encouraging Denmark to grant to Schleswifi no terms oi independence to which absolute incorporation was not preferable. While the parties themselves were negotiating at Berlin, the great Powers or their representatives were deciding the question over their heads, as it were in Lon- don 1 lie German papers have been for some time talking of this Protocol, which was initiated on Thursday in Lon- don, and signed by the representatives of Russia, France, and England. It expresses in the first place a desire (and the desire of three such powers is pretty much of an orderc that the integrity of the dominions of his present Danish Majesty should be preserved. In the second place, the Protocol approves of "tho" negotiation which the King of Denmark has entered into for the purpose of bringing about this result. These negotiations are known to imply the resignation of his claim as heir to the throne of Den- mark by the Prince of Hesse, the setting aside the claims of the families of Augustenberg and Glucksberg-, and the nomination of the Duke of Oldenberg to be the sole heir of all the present dominions of the King of Denmark, Russia resigning certain claims, in right of the Holstein Gqttorp branch, to a portion of the dutchies. The other parts of the Protocol promise to aid in the conclusion of peace, and to secure the power of sanctioning the arrangement above alluded to, by solemn recognition. Sweden, and of course Denmark, have signed this Protocol. But Prussia refuses, and the Austrian envoy has referred to his Court for powers and counsel.-Daily News.


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