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GLAMORGANSHIRE MIDSUMMER SESSIONS, 1850. The Police Committee will meet at Pyle Inn, on Thursday, the 27th June, 1850, at 11 o'clock, and the Finance Committee at noon on the same day. A special general sessions will also beholden at Pyle Inn, on the same day, at one in the afternoon, to consider the ex- pediency of holding future Quarter Sessions at Cardiff and Swansea, instead of at Cardiff, Cowbridge, Neath, and Swansea, with a view to decrease the expenditure of the county. MINUTES OF BUSINESS FOR TUESDAY, JULY, 2,1850.— OKDEHS. OF THE DAY.— I. To consider any communifcition from either of Her Majesty's Secretaries of State or War, the Houses of Parliament, or the Lord-Lieutenant of the County. 2. Thl) keepers of the prisons to make their quarterly reports, and a certificate how far the rules of such prisons have been com- plied with. S. 14, 21. 3. The Visiting Justices to make their report in writing of the state and condition of each prison. S. 23. 4. Two or more Justices to be appointed visitors for each pri- son. S. 16. 5. The Surgeon's Journal to be laid before tho Court, and signed by the Chairman. S. 33. 6. The quarterly accounts of expenditure to be produced, signed by the Visiting Justices, of each prison, to be signed by the Chairman. 7. To receive the report of the Finance and Audit Committee. 8. To examine and pass all such bills and demands on the county, as shall be laid before the court in conformity with the rules of the court. 9. To order a county rate for the ensuing quarter. 10. To audit the accounts relating to police force, and generally to make such orders under 2 & 3 Vict. c. 93, and 3 & 4 Viet. c. 88, as may be deemed requisite. 11. To order a police rate, 12. To pass the accounts relative thereto, and to order a rata for the purposes of the Act. NOTICES FOR SESSIONS.—That a question relating to the ex- penditure of the County Roads Board will I)c,put to the Chair- man of such Boards. To revise the rule with respect to allowi ance of costs on appeals. That the chairman, be requested to communicate with the Government with a view of obtaining a reduction of the amount of annuity payable to the Publio Works Loan Commissioners on account of;tlie late turnpike trusts and also of the rate of interest payable oil loans niado. to this county.

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