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-'",..'.'.'MONEY MARKET._\-'




LONDON CORN EXCHANGE. MONDAY.—At this morning's market we had rather an increased show of wheat by land-carriage samples from the neighbouring counties, still the quantity altogether was not large. The condition was generally fine, and the qmLlityof the greater proportion of the supply satisfactory, but the improvement in the weather rendered millers unwilling to buy, and the trade was excessively dull. The arrivals of wheat from abroad were not large; there was, how- ever, a decidedly less inclination to purchase. The demand for flour was slow, and some difficulty was experienced in effecting sales of Norfolk household at last week's rates. French was also less in re quest. Barley of home growth being scarce, realised quite as much money as before. The inquiry for foreign was not so active as of late; sellers were, nevertheless, firm, and good heavy grinding qualities were certainly no cheaper., Malt was held with increased firmness. The fresh arrivals of oats coastwise were unimportant, and the receipts from abroad were likewise moderate. Beans were sought after, and handsome samples of English were Is. per qr. dearer. Egyptian were held fully as high as on this day week. Peas of all kinds commanded quite as high prices as before. Indian corn was, in consequence of the advices from Ireland, held for some further advance. WHEAT— S. S. Limerick, Sligo, and West- s. a Essex and Kent, white. 40 to 41 port, potato. 16 to 18 Ditto, red| 39 41 Ditto, feed 15 „ 16 Nrflk., Lucln., & Yrk., red 37 40 Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Ditto, White 40 42 Youghal,&Clonmel,blk. B" 14 Irish, Red. — — Ditto, white 14 15 Ditto, White Galway 12 13 BARI,XY, English- BEANS- Malting and distilling 23 25 Mazagan. 22 24 Chevalier 26 27 Tick «4 26 Grinding. 19 21 Harrow 27 28 HUT- Pigeon, Heligoland 28 „ 30 Essex, Norfolk,and Suffolk 44 48 Windsor 24 26 Kingston Ware, and town 48 54 Long Pod. 24 27 OATS.— PEAS- Essex and Suffolk 16 17 Non-boilers 23 24 Lincolnshire & Yorkshire White, Essex & Kent, boils. 25 27 (Polands) 16 18 Ditto, fine Su.ffolk 26,,28 Ditto,feed. 15 17 Maple 24 26 Devon &Wst. Cntry., feed 14 ,,]6 Hog and grey 23 25 Northumberland &Scotch,. FI.OVR (persackof 280 lbs.)— feed 17 „ 22 Best marks 32 37 I>undalk,Newry>&Belfast, Norfolk & Suffolk, ex-ship 27 32 potato. 16 17 KYIS 20 „ 22 W IKDN B st.,LY. -Notwithstanding that the supply of English wheat on offer in to-day's market was limited, the demand for that grain, owing to the thin attendance of buyers, ruled exceed- ingly inactive,, at prices barely equal to those obtained on Monday, and a clearance was with difficulty effected. The imports of foreign wheat have been confined to 3,310 quarters. Selected qualities were mostly disposed of at full rates of currency but, in some in- stances, the middling and inferior kinds were rather lower to pur- chase. We had a steady inquiry for all kinds, of barley, and last week's quotations were well supported. The malt trade was steady at fully last week's prices. In oats, only a moderate business was transacted. Holders, however, were firm. Beans, peas, and Indian corn were quite as dear. In flour, very little was doing.






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MERTHYR.—MAY 21. ,s. d. s.…

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