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BRIDGEND. WESLEYAN CHAFET,.—The anniversary rn connexion with the above place of worship was held on Sunday last, when sermons were preached by the Rev. Mr. Trethewey, of Cornwall. SERIOUS ACCIDENT.-On Monday evening last, as Mr. Thomas Morgan, butcher, was returning from Southerndown in a spring cart, he was thrown out so violently as to' be insensible for some time. Several labourers in an adjoining field seeing the accident, hastened to his assistance and placed him in a cart, offering to drive him .home, but he would notlallow them, stating that he was able to do so himself. He had not proceeded far before he was thrown out again, and when brought home, and medical assist- ance called, it was found that two ribs were broken, besides being very badly braised. He is at present in a fair way of recovery. It is to be hoped that this will be a caution to persons driving fast when in a state of liquor. DR&T-H By BUIINING.-Oll Sunday morning last, between the hours of ten and eleven o'clock, a girl, the daughter of Lewis Richards, potter, near this town, was so badly burnt as to cause her death the day after. It appears that the mother was gone to chapel, leaving the girl and her father at home the father had not left the house many, minutes to go into an adjoining field, when he heard a piercing scream from the house. He imme- diately jumped over the hedge, and beheld his daughter in flames, rolling herself in a quantity of mud,with the view of extinguish- ing the fire. Medical aid was immediately called in, but of no avail; the sufferer soon gave symptoms of death. ON Saturday evening last, Mr. John Thomas, fmm Merthyr, gave an evening concert of sacred music, at theTown-hall. The attendance was far from being namerous. He also gave another concert on Monday evening last, which was no better attended. The singing on these evenings was far from what we expected—better having been heard at the Notter chaptl. It ap- pears that Mr. Thomas has singers with him that never appeared before in public, and it is to hoped .they will not appear again until they have practised a little more.—[We are surprised to see such an erroneous account of this concert in our contemporary the Herald.ED.]

----', MERTHYR.'