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FREEHOLDS FOR THE PEOPLE. PROSPECTUS OF THE CARDIFF FREEHOLD v: LAND SOCIETY. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE: Messrs. Lewis Williaiiis, Castle- Messrs. R. Davies. field House. J. E. Ritchie. John Batchelor. I J. B. Hopkins. Sydney Batchelor. E. Kenway. W. T. Edwards., M.B. R.Gory. David Evans. J.T.Barry. J. Coleman. THE grand objeets of this Society are—to improve the social, promote the moral, and exalt the political condition of the unenfranchised millions. In the Prospectus issued by the Birminghom Freehold Land Society, of which this is nearly a fair transcript, it is stated. That the first and second edition was issued with diffidence on account of several valued gentlemen of our body apprehending that the objects could not be achieved for the sum and in the period stated. Time, the impartial arbiter of events, has decided in favour of the pleasing and encouraging statements as at first made by our Secretary, and justifies us in their reiteration. The Committee, therefore, again proclaim the fact—' that a Freehold Qualification for a County Voter can be obtained in five years by the payment of Is. 6d. per Week.' This has been done-One hundred and ninety-five allot- ments of Freehold Building Land, (averaging £ 19 each, or four years and nine months subscriptions,) have been made to our mem- bers their value being established beyond doubt, some having been let off on Building Leases for 99 years, at 50s. per annum-in no case less." Persons residing in the various surrounding villages or towns JÎ)åy become members of this Society-, and will possess all the privi- leges of resident Members. Parties joining this Society are allowed, in time of depression of trade, &c., to suspend their subscriptions without incurring fines, or they may withdraw from the Society altogether. No person can join for more than six Shares, and these he may have altogether in one allotment, if he so pleases, or have only part of them on the same Estate. Each Member is charged only from the time he enters, conse- quently no arrears have to be paid. Membars can pay any amount in advance, the same being equal to any given number of contributions j and when they have re- ceived their allotments, may pay the remainder, and be immedi- ately released from the Society, instead of being obliged to mort- gage to the Trustees. The mode of allotment is as follows :—When an Estate is pur- chased, the Surveyor makes a plan of it, and divides into suitable lots these lots (supposing there are one hundred of them) would then be offered to the members good upon the books, according to seniority of membership, until a sufficient number of Shareholders have signified their wish to take the shares of the land to be then allotted.; each Shareholder's name would then be written on a piece of paper, specifying whether the Member was drawing for one or, more lots of land; the Member answering to the first name drawn out would take No. 1 lot of land, as shown by the plan the second would take No. 2 lot; and should the third name be that of a plural Shareholder (say for two Shares), he would take lots Nos. 3 and 4, and so on. The payments to this Society are not increased after the Member has had his Land allotted to him. The small sum charged as pre- mium for prior advance, is paid by the same rate of contribution after he has paid the amount due foihis allotment; and when this is done the Member has his Deed of Conveyance handed to him, with a receipt endorsed on the Mortgage, free, of charge. Any Member, at any time after the Mortgage has been effected, can pay any sum he pleases towards the redemption of the Deed, and thus by voluntarily increased payments shorten his connexion with the Institution. The Members of this Society are not confined to the town or country. Non-residence will not disqualify a Voter. Entrance Fee, One Shilling per Share. Temporary Offices, PRINCIPALITY Office, High-street, Car- diff, where Parties desirous of becoming Members may register their names. I BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM- NAVIGATION COM PA BfY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. f I ^HE following steam vessels are intended to rrjp<'fe JL sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to and from Dublin, Shamrock; Cork, Juverna Ml 1 and Sabrina; Waterford, Victory aad Rose; Tenby, Osprey (Tuesdays) and Phcenix; Mil- ford, Pater, and Haverfordwest, Osprey; Carmarthen, Phcenix; Swansea, County and Beresford; Newport, Swift and Dart; Cardiff, Star and Prince of Wales, as under- mentioned during MAY, 1850:- FROM BRISTOL _■ rrt 'Q d » ■5 • o. w 1f | I _MAY. js •§ :§&.? g § Cardiff. £ ° « t » s;«w -| I Wed 1 8 am p 8| xn 8| m Thur 2 J.m 9 am S§ in 9 m Fri. 3 9 £ am 9J am lo am 9| m 9-1 m Sat. 4 lOiam lOjam 10 m 10 m -5- Mon6 1 af 12 noo Tues 7. 2 pm 2 pm 2 pm 2 am 2 am 2af 2 af Wed 8 3 pm 3 af 3 af Thur 9 41 am 4 m 4 3J af Fri.l0 4i pm 4J pm 44 am 5 am 4% m 4 £ af 4 af Sat.11 5 pm 6 am 5j m 5 af 5 m 12 Mon 13 6 m 6 af 7 m Taes 14 7 am 71 am 8 am 7t m 61 af 71 m Wed 15 8 am 7i am 7 £ am 8 m 8 m Thur 16 8} pm 9 am 8J m :8 £ m Fri.17 9$tub 9iam 10 am 94 m 9 m Sat IS lOjam 11 am lOino 10 £ m 19 Mon 20 1 at .12 noo Tues 21 2 pm 2pm 2 pm 2 am 2 am 2 at 2 af Wed.22 3 pm 3 ai 3 af Thur 23 4. am 4 m 4 af 3J af Fri 24 4ipm 41 pm am 5 am 41 m 41 af 4 af Sat 25 -5 pni .w. 6 am 51 m 51, af 51 m -26- Mon 27 64 m f af 6i m a"uc»-28- 7 am 7 am 7J am "7 m 6| af ? m Wed 29 am 7J am 7 £ am. 7J m 7$m Thur 30 8} am 8 m 8 m JM.318J am S £ am 8J am 9 am 84 m 84 m FOR BRISTOL FROM I 15 "2 § ei -w MAY' I I I |i I a 1 Cardiff' I p cd Wed 1 64 m 7 m Thur 2 7 pm 10 am li m 7 m Fri 3 tl am 10 am 4 pm 10 am 74 m 71 In Sat. 4 9J am 11 am 84 m 84 m 5 Mon 6 loam lit Tues 7 10 am 34pm 24 pm l'ijaf 124 af Wed 8 4J pm 2 pm 1 af It af Thur 9 5 am 34 m 3 af 24 af Fri. 10 4 pm 5 am 12 pm 54 am 34 m 3 ai 3 Sat 11 64 am 41 am 6, am 4 m 31 af 5 12 Mon 13 5 m af 6 m Tues 14 S am b am 81 am 51 m 54 af 6m Wed 15 7 am 6 m 61m Thur 16 7 pm 9 am 7 m 7 m Fri.17 11 am 10 am 4 am 10 am 74 m 8ui Sat IS 10 am 11 am Srm "9 m' 19 Mon 20. 101im II m Tues21 10 am 3 pm 24 am Iaf 124 af Wed22 44 pm 2 pm 1J af It af Thur23 5 am 3 £ m af 24 af Fri 24 4 pm 5 am 114pm 6 am 34 m 3 af a af Sat 25 6t am 44 am 6 am 4 m 31 af 5 m -26 Mon 27 5 m 5 af 6 m Tues2S 8 am 8 am 11 5, n It af 6 m Wed 29 7 am m 6j m Thur30 7 pm Så am 6 m m Fri.31 9 am lfl am 4 am 91 am 6l m 7 m NOTICE.—From 1st April and during the summer, the Juverna will leave Bristol for Cork on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays. '$fl¡ The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- ance of passengers and goods.—Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. All Goods for Shipment must be alongside before 4 o'clook in the afternoon. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay; Bristol; where all goods packages, parcels, &c.. should be ad(iressed:For Swansea and Cardiff, to Messrs. W. and H. Hartnell, at their Warehouse, corner of St. Stephen's-avenue, on the Quay, instead of Clare-street-hall and Bull-wharf; and E. T. Turner, V2, Quay-street; an for New port, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. AGENTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rees, Haver- fordwest Mr. Palmer, Milford Mr. Bowen, Pater Mr. John N. Smart and Mr. W. Poekett, Swansea? Mr. W. R, Harrey and Mr. C H. Bevan, Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe; Mr. Thomas' Baker, Lynton; Mr. Robert Stacey, Carmarthen; and M/. R. Jones, Newport. Jones, Newport.



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