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CARDIFF BRICK AND TILE WORKS. W ATKINS and YACHELL beg to acquaint their Customers that Government having remitted the Duty on. BRICKS, they have determined to give the Public the whole advantage of the re- mission of this Tax, and to render their BUILDING BRICKS, which have hitherto been charged 28s. per thousand, as low as 22s., and other descriptions of BRICK, and TILE at proportionate prices, for which they refer to the quotations subjoined. They take this opportunity of stating that the superior construction of their new premises will enable them to supply Bricks and Tiles equal to any that can be manufactured. £ s. d. £ s. d. per 1,000 per 1,000 Building Bricks 1 2 0 Pan Tiles 2 10 0 Best Front do 1 7 0 Plain Tiles 1 5 0 Hollow do 1 14 0 DRAINING PIPES. £ s. d. £ s. d. per 1,000 per 1,000 1 Inch bore 0 11 0 24 Inch bore 1 14 0 Ii do.. 0 13 0 3 do 1 18 0 n do 0 15 0 4 do 3 0 0 11 do 0 19 0 o do 3 15 0 21 do. 1 8 0 6 do. 5 0 0 Terms.—Three months' credit, or 2¿ per cent. discount for cash. Offices at the Athenaeum, opposite the Town-hall. Cardiff, April 12, 1850. HENRY RUSSELL'S LAST NEW COMPOSITIONS. IN 3D. SHEETS, IN DAYIDSON' S MUSIC A L TREASURY," FOR THE FAMILY PIANOFORTE. MR. DAVIDSON having the exclusive right, by assignment, to publish Cheap Editions of Mr. Russell's Compositions, all others are spurious and incorrect. The Old Arm Chair, the only Edition containing the entire of Eliza Cook's Poem, and embel- lished with a full-length Portrait of the Authoress-There's Room Enough for All, the Emigrant Song—When is a Man less than a Man—Time is a Blessing, the Early-Closing Song—The World is on the Move, with a full-length Portrait of Mr. Russell—There's a Good Time Coming, Song and Chorus-The Wife's Dream-The Main Truck—Man the Life-Boat—Tubal Cain—The Maniac—The Gambler's Wife—Mad Girl's Song, &c., 6d. each. New Editions (the only authorised ones) of the Ivy Green- Woodman Spare that Tree—A Life on the.Ocean Wave—Some Love to Roam—The Sea King's Burial-Little ,Fools and Great Ones—and also the following, the words of all of them being by Eliza Cook:—The Fisher Boy-Old King Time—The Old Mill Stream—I'm Afloat-The Rushlight-The Spirit and the Stream —The Old Farm Gate all 3d. each. RUSSELL'S SONGS FOR THE SABBATH.-9 Pieces, the Poetry by Charles Mackay, LL.D., Eliza Cook, and others, hand- somely bound, price 2s. 6d., or the Pieces separately in 10 Three- penny Sheets. The Spider and the Fly, the Little Gay Deceiver, and All to Extinguish the Greens, as sung- by Mr. Russell, 3d. each and all the Negro Melodies sung by Mr. Russell and others, Song and Chorus, two for 3d. Published by DAVIDSON, Peter's-hill, London. Sold in Car- diff by EVANS, PRINCIPALITY Office, ARNOLD, and JONES; of whom may be had Gratis, Catalogues of above 600 Pianoforte Pieces. Vocal and Instrumental, all in Threepenny Sheets. A GREAT BLESSING. BUPTURES EFFECTUALLY CURED WITHOUT A TRUSS!—DR. DE ROOS still continues to supply the atmcted with his celebrated cure for Single or Double Raiptures, the efficacy of which, for both sexes, and all ages, is now too well esta- blished to need comment. It is perfectly free from danger, is easy in application, causes no pain, confinement, or inconvenience, and will be sent free, with full directions, &c., rendering failure im- possible, on receipt of 6s. 6d. by cash or post-office order, payable at the Holborn-office. Dr. De R. has a great number of old trusses, left behind by per- sons cured, as trophies of his immense success, which he will readily give to those who need them, after a trial of his remedy. Hours Ten till one four to eight (Sundays excepted). N.B. All letters of inquiry should contain two postage stamps. In every case a cure is guaranteed. Address-Walter De Roos, M.D., 35, Ely-place, Holborn-hill, London. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. r-V HE following steam vessels are intended to JL sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to f' ujNvy |\ and from Dublin, Shamrock; Cone, Juverna and Sabrina; Waterford, Victory and Rose Tenby, Osprey (Tuesdays) and Phcenix Mil- ford,. Pater, and Haverfordwest, Osprey; Carmarthen, Phcenix; Swansea, County and Beresford; Newport, Swift and Dart; Cardiff, Star and Prince of Wales, as under- mentioned during MAY, 1850:— FROM BRISTOL « c MAY- 111 1 §S5>I I § ? | a ,5s £ HI A o p £ H £ g 60 ° £ Wed 1 8 am 8.{- apa 8J am Thur 2 9Jam 9 ami 8| am 9 am Fri. 3 9.4 am 10 am' 9_i am 94 am Sat. 4 110Jam' 10% ami 10 am .,10 am Mon 6 1 pm 13 noon Tees 7 2 pm 2 pm!2 pm 2 am; 2 pm 2 pm Wed S 3 pm, j. 3 pm 3 pm Thur !) Ij pm -4 £ <amj 4 am 3J pm l'ri.10 1J pm OQ 5 am! 44 am 4 pm Sat.H 5 pm, m 6 ami 5-i am' 5h am w. Mon 15 » 74 am 84 .am Tues 16 7 am 8 am 8 am 0 Si am! 8 am 9 am Wed 17 84 am 5 SJ am 64 am OBiurlS !0Jam 10 am: 9t am 104 am Fri. 19 104 am P 11 am 104 am 11 am Sat.20 12 noo 114 am 11| am .12J pm Mon 2'-2 21 pm 3 pm Tues 23 31 pm 3 pm:3 pm! 34 am' pm 4r pm Wed.21 4 pm ,| ,4| pm 8 am Thur25 5'j pm 6 am; 4 pm C.J am Fri 26 51- pm 6 am *5J am 7 am Sat, 27 7 am 7 am *6$am 7i pm MOD 29 7J am S am Tues 30 74 am 74 am "4 am 8 am, am 8.4 am 3VIon 1 6 am, 9 £ am 11 am Tues 2 9 am 9 amj 9 am|-l2noon| 114 am FOR BRISTOL FROM ? • § « 3 S§ J? 3 'S 5 M S O MAY. 3 g S S S <2 S § 'S I" a I 3* a | I « £ w d Wed 1 6i am 7 am Tliur 2 7 pm 10 am 7J am 7 am Fri. 3 7 am 10 am 4 pm 10 am 7^ am 74 am Sat. -1 11 am 84 am 84,am Mon 6| 10$am 11 am Tues 7] 10 amjlOjpm 24 pm 124 pm 121 pm Wed Si 1 pm 14 pm Thur 9 5 am *3-j am 2j- pm Fri.Id 1 pm 5 am oa 5| am *3| pm 3 pm Sat.11 4.^ pm 1 am |-j 6" am *4 pm 4 am MonlS » 54 am 7 am MonlS » 54 am 7 am Tues 16 9 am 9 am fiI, 91 am 6lam 7 am Wed 17 pS 6| am 8 am Thai-IS .„ g 10 am 73 am 9. am Fri.19 11 am 12 pm lOJam 6 pm ts 10J am 84 am 10 am Sat.2n X pm 10J am 12noon 21 fiI Mon22 124 pm 2J pm Tues23 ll^am 4 pm 4 am 2 pm 3 pm Wed 21 2f pm 4 pm Thur25 6 am 34 pm 41 pm Fri 26 7 am 64 am 7 am 4 pm 54 pm Sat 27 74 am 1 am 7 £ am 4| pm 64 am -23 Mon 29 54 pm 6J am Tucs3 9 am 8 am 9 am 6| am 7 am Mon I. 54 IJm: 6 am Mon 1[ 54 pm"6 am Tues 2,94 am 9 am 94 am jjjtf pm" 6j am Passengers can go from Bristol and Mcrthyr and back on those days, having three hours to spare in Merthyr. NOTICE.—From 1st April and during the summer, the Juverna will leave Bristol for Cork on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays. Cglf The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- ance of passengers and goods.—Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.-Horses and carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing: All Goods for Shipment must be alongside before 4 o'clook in the afternoon. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all' goods, packages, parcels, &c.. should be addressed-For Swansea and Cardiff, to Messrs. W. and H. Hartnell, at their warehouse, corner of St. oil the Quay, instead of Clare-street-hall and Bull-wharf; andE. T, Turner, 12, Quay-street; anl for New port, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. AGENTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rees, Haver- fordwest illr. Palmer, Milford; Mr. Bowen, Pater Mr. John N. Smart and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. W. R, Harvey and Mr. C H. Bevan, Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe; Mr. Thoniaa Baker, Lynton; Mr. Robert Stacey. Carmarthen; and lr. R Jones, Newport. <0 E E',t Ll D, FOR EVERY FAMILY IN THE KINGDOM !-TO LADIES HOUSEKEEPERS, AND CONNOISSEURS IN TEA. LA VENO BENO! LA VENO BENO is Four times the strength of Tea; and by using it therewith, a SAVING OF 75 PER CENT, is effected, besidso having a tar Superior Beverage. It is the essential part of the Leaf of an Exotic Plant, which was discovered in the year 1842, the discoverer first being confirmed in his knowledge of its great utility and excellence, also by the receival of a variety of interesting Testimonials in its favour from persons of distinction, as well as from Physicians and Chemists of high repute. The exquisite Flavour of LA VENO BENO so remarkably resembles that of the Finest Tea, that when a portion of it is used with Tea, it greatly heightens and improves the Flavour and Strength of the infusion. Its properties are an admirable adjunct to Tea for it not only soothes and invigorates, but absolutely strengthens the Nervous System, and has not the least tendency to prevent sleep; therefore it should be used by all debilitated and aged persons; and it is strongly recommended to the Public generally, as an article of real excellence.—Infused with Tea, it is useful as a Beverage to per- sons afflicted with Asthma, Indigestion, Nervous Affection, and general debility. N.B.—LA VENO BENO sits perfectly easy on the Stomach; more so than any other Beverage. The following are a few of the distinguished Testimonials received in favour of LA VENO BENO, Patronised by the Nobility, Gentry, and Middle Classes. Andersonian University, Glasgow. THIS is to certify that I have made a careful chemical analysis and trial of the article called LA VENO BENO. I find that it possesses many useful and beneficial qualities.—When infused with Tea, it has the property of very materially increasing the Strength and improving the Flavour of that Beverage; and, as it has also the power of rendering a less quantity of Tea necessary. the use of LA VENO BENO must obviously prove highly eco- nomical. It is of a pure Vegetable nature. (Signed) "FmWERTCK PENNY, M.D. January 13th, 1849. Professor of Chemistry." 31, Fleet-street, and 85, Lord street, Liverpool. "LA VENO BENO has been subjected to careful chemical analysis and trial by me, and I find it to be of purely vegetable origin. When infused with Tea, it very considerably improves its Strength and Flavour and from its agreeable properties, it will be found a valuable adjunct to that highly esteemed Beverage. "II. SUGDEN EVANS, for June 18th, 1849. EVANS, SONS, and Co., Chemists." "No. 1, Richard-street, Anderston, Glasgow. "My Dear Sir,—Last night I received from you an invoice of goods to the value of £48 6s. 7d. On Wednesday, the 24th inst., I received one Box containing 106 dozen and 4 small Packets. This morning I received two Boxes, containing 26 dozen large Packets, and 127 dozen and 7 small Packets. I shall send a letter of credit on Messrs. Coutts and Co., Bankers, for E45 to-morrow. I will thank you to prepare another £100 sterling worth for me with as little delay as you possibly can. I am, my dear Sir, -very sincerely yours, January 31, 1849. THOMAS LEITCH." Piiistone-street, Sheffield. "Dear Friend,-LA VENO BENO gives general satisfaction. I have contrasted it with several descriptions of Teas, and there is none to be compared with it. Its Strength and Roughness in the mouth is just the thing for the Sheffield people. The Sale has greatly increased. I am establishing a connexion that will be per- manent. I remain your sincerely, December 13, 1848. C. RHODES." Bethel House, Toddington "Dear Sir,—I am happy to inform you that the Sale of LA VENO BENO is increasing here. Its merits are now developing, as our Medical Gentlemen are strongly recommending it. It gives general satisfaction and those persons who have used it will not now take their Tea without it. It imparts a peculiarly rich and delicious Flavour to all Teas with which it is used thus producing a most grateful, economical, and nourishing Beverage. I am, Sir, yours very respectfully, December 16. 1848. "W. WOOD." It is recommended by DOUGLAS MACLAOAN, M.D., 66, Fre- derick-street, Edinburgh, for its strengthening and tonic pro perties. DIRECTIONS.—With every Two Tea-spoonfuls of Tea infuse One Quarter of a Tea-spoonful of LA VENO BENO. Smaller or Larger Quantitios may be-used. Sold by respectable Grocers, Chemists, and General Shopkeepers, in Town and Country, in Tinfoil Packets, THREEPENCE, SIX- PENCE, arid ONE SHILLING each. Sold by J. B. HOPKINS, Cardiff, Wholesale Agent for this District. DELIVERED 'CARRIAGE FREE TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. _) ;;).. THIS Establishment was, commenced in the year 1830. Its successful progress during 20 years has gratified our anticipations. The patronage of the Public has elevated its position to one of the largest in the Trade. Our main object has been, and still is, to supply the Public on TRADE TERMS. Great and assuming as' such an undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to do Business on a Wholesale Scale, it is necessary to have wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our locality was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, where space and accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade to any extent, but without those merciless and enormous expenses inseparably attached to retail shops in prominent situations, whereby an extravagant profit is rendered necessary. Hence it will be seen that we are in a position to supply the Public on the best and most economical terms—in fact to supply: at first hand, by which all intermediate profits are saved. The immense variety of Teas now imported into this country, demands the most scrutinising caution. In this we have considerable advantages, as from the extent of our trade we are enabled to employ a qualified and experienced Person, whose sole duty is that of carefully selecting, tasting, and appropriating Teas for consumption. The following are our present 'i UV"UI,IJ.VU. Black Teas. s. d. Common Tea 2 8 (The duty on all being 2s. 2|d., renders comment on the quality of this Tea unnecessary.) Sound Congou Tea. 3 0 (A good, useful Tea for economical and large consumers.) Strong Congou Tea 3 4 (A Tea very much approved of.) Fine Souchong Tea 3 8 (Pekoe flayour. Strongly recommended.) Fine Pekoe Souchong 4 0 (This Tea is more in repute than any other it is a very superior Tea.) Finest Pekoe Souchong 4 4 ]is is a high class Tea..) Finest Lapsang Souchong ,i. 5 0 (This is a rare Tea, very. scarce, of an extraordinary flavour.) „ Green Teas. s. d. Common Green 3 0 Young Hyson 3 4 (This will mix with the 3s. Black.) Fine Young Hyson., 3 8 (We recommend this with the 3s, 4d. Black.) Superior Young Hyson 4 0 Fine Hyson 5 0 Gunpowder Tea 4 4 The Finest Young Ilyson, 5 0 (This is fit for any use.) Fine Shot Gunpow(ler 6 0 The Finest Gunpowder Imported 7 0 Coffees. The Coffee market is very uncertain-prices changing daily. We quote the present prices:— -1 s. d. ( Fine Cdylori Coffee 10 Fine Plantation' (recdmmended) 1 2 Finest Java Coffee (superior Coffee) 1. 4 s. d. F inest Cuba Coffee (strongly recommended) 1 6 Finest Mocha Coffee 1 8 Our Coffee is roasted by the latest improved patent machinery. Much.discussion having recently taken place-in Parliament about Chicory, we are induced to keep on sale the best imported, at 8d. per lb., for those who prefer its admixture. Having briefly alluded to the principle oil which we "conduct our business, we respectfully solicit the attention of Hotel Keepers, Schools, and all Large Establishments, who will derive considerable, advantages from these ct),rangemeitts. -NOTE. TEAS ARE DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ANY PART OF ENGLAND, when the quantity ordered exceeds six pounds but the carriage of Coffee is not paid unless accompanied by Tea. Returning our best thanks for past favours, we refer to our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your further patronage and recommendation." r. <- 2, Bucklersburv, Cheapside. r. MANSELL, HORNE & CO ií' Goods not approved lwill be excltangecl free of expense. ONE AGENT IN EVERY TOWN APPOINTED UPON GIVING APPROVED REFERENCES. THE TRIUMPHS OF MEDICINE. -— nnilE MEDICINE which has wrought the most wonderful cures, and which has conferred upon families an incalculable amount of |_ benefit, is the justly celebrated. WORSDELL'S VEG-'ETABLK RESTORATIVE PILLS, prepared solely by JOHN KAYE, Esq., of Dalton-hall, near Huddersfield. The overwhelming mass of facts which has gone forth fro:n time to time demonstrate that, for purifying the blood, removing obstructions, causing the fluids to flow in their natural order, "aiding digestion, relieving the head from oppressiveness, and imparting health, and vigour to the whole system, so that it may perform all its fun:ctions withton.e.and energy, no remedy so-effectual for the removal of pain and disease. was ever presented to the notice of the public. No person can take them without deriving benefit, and that in a short space of time, Unlike other medicines, they are harmless in their nature, while powerful in their operation. It is impossible, in the space of an ordmary advertisement, to give more than a very brief sample of the thousands of Testimonials which have been received from all parts of the kingdom :— STOMACH COMPLAINT. SIR,—Having received the following unsolicited testimony in favour of Worsdell's Pills, I feel it is but just to forward, it to you. I am, Sir, yours respectfully, Lutoii, January 24, 1850. JOHN JORDAN. JOSEPH JUGGINS; of Market-street, Beds, says he had been labouring for thirty years under a complaint in the Stomach, which he attributed to lying on the damp ground whilst serving in the army under the Duke of Wellington at the battle of Waterloo. He had taken medicines in abundance, and incurred great expense in hope of relief, but the pain and sickness gradually increased, and he had given up all hope of a cure, expecting his disease would carry him to the grave. A short time ago he was recommended to try Kaye's Worsdell's Pills: after taking' two boxes, to his asto- nishment and gratification, the pain, which had been his constant companion for so long a period, was so greatly alleviated that, buoyed up by hope, he persevered iintil he had taken six boxes, which effected a complete cure and, although now fur advanced in life, he enjoys a state of health which he has been a stranger to for the last thirty years. ERYSIPELAS. Siit,-I beg to inform you that my wife, Grace Venning, was afflicted with Erysipelas, from which she has been perfectly cured by persevering, for a short time, in the use of your Pills and has had no return of the complaint. GEORGE VENNING, Farmer. Linltenhorne, near Callington, Cornwall. SEVERE LIVER COMPLAINT. EDWARD ROBERTS, of Dunford-bridge, near Holmfirth, was most severely afflicted for nine months with a liver complaint, and was pronounced incurable by his medical attendant; but, seeing an announcement of the good effected by Kaye's Worsdell's Pills, he began to take them and, by the use of less than three boxes, he has been perfectly cured. INDIGESTION. ISAAC BAILEY, 26, Regent-street, Oldfield-road, Salford, suf- fered severely from indigestion for twelve months; and though under treatment by two medical men, he received no benefit. He procured one box of Kaye's Worsdell's Pills, by taking which a complete cure was effected. Mr. CHARLES ADAMS, farmer, of Chcdderton, near Bungay, suffered from indigestion and extreme debility for seven years, during which period he was attended by two medical gentlemen. He was said to be in a consumption, and no hopes were given of his recovery. He determined, however, to give the Vegetable Re- storative Pills a fair trial. He experienced great relief from taking the first box and, to his great surprise and comfort, perseverance in the use of them restored him to perfect health. Mr. JAMES NOBLE, of Brampton, Cumberland, writes:—My wife was very ill some time ago of pain in her stomach, sickness, loss of appetite, and general debility. I had frequently taken your Pills myself, and always derived great benefit, so that I had hopes tJiey might do her good. I purchased a small box, and by the time she had taken them she was quite restored. Indeed I am so fully persuaded of their utility, from what I have felt and seen, that I have resolved not to take any other medicine while I can get them. AGEN1 CARDIFF J. F. ARNOLD, Angel-street. MERTIIYR TYDFIL It. JONES, High-street. INFLAMMATION OF THE LUNGS. JAMES JORDAN, coal merchant, Broadwall, Lambeth, was for five months affected with inflammation of the lungs. Ho obtained advice from two eminent medical men, but without relief. At length he tried Kaye's Worsdell's Pills; and, after taking three boxes, he was perfectly cured. DROPSY. Mrs. DODD, Seal-street, Liverpool, was so dreadfully swollen with dropsy, that her legs were almost as large as her body, and her face so swelled that her eyes could scarcely be seen. She had also a violent cough, attended with spitting of blood. After the faculty had pronounced her incurable, she was restored to perfect health, in a very short time, by the use of these Pills. SCROFULA. ROBERT WO ASTER, High Wycombe, received a very remarkable cure. He says :—" I was affiictecl for ten years with scrofula in the leg and knee. Doctors did all in their power to relieve me; and I koptmy bed for twenty-five weeks, trying various sorts of pills, nntments, cerates, and tll I could hear of, but all in vain. While my knee was greatly swollen, and I knew not how to bear the pain, I determined to try Kaye's Worsdell's Pills. I did so, and a pleas- ing change took place immediately. I persevered till I had taken: eight boxes, and I have been quite well for some time. I can stand or walk, and am able to work hard for fourteen hours per day. I have not been so well for many years." SORE LEGS. Mr. W. WAHMINGTON, of St. Columb, Cornwall, was afflicted with a very sore leg for upwards of thirteen years, during which time he tried every possible means to obtain a cure, but to no pur- pose. He at last heard of the Vegetable Restorative Pills, and purchased a box lic., is upwards of fifty years of age and although lie has taken but three boxes in the whole, his leg is perfectly healed, and the once affected leg is the better of the two he has since travelled thirty miles per day. COMPLICATION OF DISORDERS. SIR,-I send you the case of Mrs. PAGE, of Bexhill, who has been afflicted with a complication of diseases for many years. She suffered greatly from dropsy, liver complaint, and spasms, and though she employed many doctors, at a great expense, she ob- tained little or no relief, and began to despair of a cure. Provi- dentially hearing of Kaye's Vegetable and Restorative Pills, she determined to test their efficacy, and after taking a few boxes she was so far recovered as to be able to walk four miles and back. The water has been driven from her chest, and she enjoys better health than she had before done for years. E. WINCHESTER. Chapel-house, Ileathfield, Sussex. IMPORTANT CAUTION. Be careful that you are not imposed upon by spurious imitations the genuine have the words WORSDELL'S PILLS, by JOHN IeA YE," engraved on the Government Stamp, and, as a further protection, Mr. Kaye's coat of arms and a fac-simile of his signa- ture are printed on the directions wrapped round each Box, and to imitate which is felony. Sold in Boxes at Is. LId., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each by all medi- cine venders. 's FOR NEWBRIDGE Rev. GRIFFITH JONES. POX-xyrooL WM. GOLDING, Booksceller 1 ,TJ1,1,5 clay is published, iu foolscap 8vo, price 5s"cloth 1<W" 1. r1 'HE MAN OF GOD a Manual for Young Men c'onteni- GennSr Pt ?r Christian Mimstry. ByjJOHN TYNDALE, of Ixeorge-street Chapel, Oxford. In a few days will be published, Second Edition, foolscap 8vo 2s. 6d. cloth, 2. nnHE CRISIS OF BEING: Six Lectures on Religious rpTTTTar ^eC1?2n- A 1?00k for YouilS Men. By the Rev. D. 1 HUM AS, of Stock well. •? mm' 1°' p,vic.e 6(1-. Revised, with Notes, 3. nnHE DIoSENlERS: their Grievances and their Policy X Reprinted from the Eclectic Review for May, 1849. Now ready, in foolscap 8vo, price 5s. cloth, with Portraits of the most distinguished Friends of Liberal Education iu Ireland 4. f | THE PAST and FUTURE of IRELAND; indicated by L lts Educational History. Dedicated, by permission, to the Right Hon. Sir R. Peel, Bart., M.P. Its style is correct and elegant, its sentiments enlightened and noble, its tone healthy, and its whole tendency is to diffuse liberal and just views, such as are peculiarly needed, and fitted to benefit the people of Ireland at the present time. We heartily recommend it to the perusal of all our readers. "-Logi(loitdeiry Standard. G Third edition, royal 12mo, 5s. cloth, U1 ZLAf I' \S CHINA. A Journal ofThree Voyages alone the Coast of China. By CHARLES GUTZLAFF, D.D. ■XVlt^ a»I»itl'oduet(iiy Essay 011 the Policy,Religion, &c., of China. By the Rev. W. ELLIS. In ISnio, neat cover, Is. Gd., cloth, 2s. 6. mHE UNVEILING of the EVERLASTING GOSPEL: J1 "with the Scripture Philosophy of Happiness, Holiness, and Spiritual Power specially addressed to the Ministers and Church of God at the present Crisis. Third edition, in 18mo, limp cloth, Is., 7. THE SECRET DISCIPLE encouraged to avow his Master, JL By the Rev, J. WATSON. What concord hath Christ with Belial ?" e^ust published, in foolscap 8vo., price 5s. cloth, 8. A HISTORY of the INQUISITION, from its Establishmen XA_to the present time. With an Account of its procedure andJN arrative of its Victims. London: WAltD and Co., 27, Paternoster-row. CROS SKILL'S PATENT ROLLER. TT^OR Rolling Spring Wheat, Growing Crops, Grass Lands, P Compressing Soft Soil, and Crushing Clods. Prize Patent Wheels, Carts, and Waggons—awarded 30 sovs. Prizes at Norwich.- Prize Portable Farm Railway, will pay its cost the first year, &c., &c'. On receipt of six penny postage stamps, a new Illustrated News- paper and Catalogue wiH be sent gratis per post, with full particu- lars of the newest and best Fiel(i, Road, and Barn Implements, now kept in Stock, for delivery from Hull by water or rail to all parts of the ltiugdom. Address—Mr. CROSSKILL, Iron W^orks, Beverley. DENT'S IMPROVED WATCHES AND CLOCKS. T? J- DENT, Watch and Clock Maker by distinct appoint- Pi ments to the Queen, H. R. H. Prince Albert, and H. I. M. the Emperor of Russia, most respectfully solicits from the Public an inspection of his extensive STOCK of YvrATCHES and CLOCKS, embracing all the late modern improvements, at the most economical charges. Ladies' Gold Watches, with gold dials, | jewelled in four holes, 8 guineas; gentlemen's, with enamelled dials, 10 guineas; youths' silver watches, 4 guineas. Warranted accurate-going lever watches, jewelled in four holes, 6 guineas. E. J. DENT, 82, Strand, 33, Cockspur street, and 34, Royal Exchange (Clock Tower Area). BELL'S HEW PATENT LIQUID CEMENT IS READY FOR USE, simple in its application, and -<My ONE-EIGHTII the cost of oil paint. For beauty it is pre- eminent over all other materials used on the fronts of houses, giving, the exact appearance of fine cut stone; can be used at once on fresh Roman cement, or other plastering; is particularly calcu- lated for country'houses, villas, or gate entrances that have become soiled or dingy, which may be beautified in any weather at a tri- fling cost.-Sold in casks of one, two, or three cwts., at 8s., 15s., and 21s. each, casks inclusive. BELL'S PATENT MINERAL PAINT, more permanent and not half the cost of any other paint; invaluable as a coating for all kinds of wood and metal work, roofing, felt, leaky roofs, spouts, gutters, doors, sheds, railing, all kinds of out-door work requires no preparation, and will dry in a few hours.—Brilliant black, 2s.; rich brown, 2s. 9d. per gallon. Light colours proportionately cheap; and as they will keep for any length of tiae, well calcu- lated for exportation. G. BELL & CO. 2, Wellington street, Goswell street, London. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OF THE NEW REMEDY, Which has never been known to fail. A Cure effected or the Money returned, -h •TVR. DE ROOS' CONCENTRATED GUTTiE VITiE has, JLJ in all instances, proved a speedy and permanent cure for every varietyjof Disease arising from Solitary Habits, Youthful delusive Ex- cesses, and Infection, such as Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, &c., which from negicct or improper treatment by Mercury, Copaiba, Cubcbs, and other deadly poisons, invariably end in some of the following forms of secondary symptoms; viz., pains and swellings in the bones, joints, and glands, skin eruptions, blotches, and pimples, weakness of the eyes, loss of hair, disease and decay of the nose, sore throats, pains in the side, back, and loins, fistula, piles, &c., diseases of the kidneys and bladder, gleet, stricture, seminal weakness, nervous and sexual debility, loss of memory, and finally such a state of drowsiness, lassitude and general'porstration of strength, as, unless skilfully arrested, soon ends in a miserable death. In the prevention and removal of the foregoing symptoms, and as a restorative of manly vigour, whether deficient from early im- prudence, or residence in hot, climates, &c., this medicine has obtained an unparalleled popularity. From its properties in removing leucorrhoea or whites, head- ache, giddiness, indigestion, palpitation of the heart, dry cough, lowness of spirits, barrenness, and all disorders of FEMALES, it is admirably adapted to that class of sufferers, as it not only purities and strengthens the whole system, but it creates new, pure and rich blood, and soon restores the invalid to sound health oven after all other remedies (which have usually a depressing tendency) have failed in this lies the grand secret of its universal success. Sent securely packed, to any part from the Establishment only, price 118. per Bottle, or four quantities in one large Bottle for 30s., with full Instructions for Use, on receipt of the amount by Post Office Order, payable at the Ilolbom Office. PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, Rheumatism, Gout, Debility, Indigestion, Stricture, Gleet, c. DR. DE HOOS' COMPOUND RENAL PILLS Are a certain cure for the above dangerous complaints if recently acquired, as also all diseases of the kidneys and urinary organs gene- rally, whether resulting from imprudence or otherwise, which if neglected invariably result in symptoms of a far more serious cha- racter, and frequently an agonising death. By their salutary action on the acidity of the stomach, they correct bile and indigestion, purify and promote the Renal secretions, thereby preventing the formation of stone in the bladder, and establishing for life the healthy functions of all these organs. They have never been known to fail, and may be obtained through most Medicine Vendors, price Is. lgd., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per box, or sent free on receipt of the price in postage stamps, by Dr. De Roos. Lasting benefit can only be reasonably expected at the hands of the duly qualified practitioner who, departing from the routine of general practice, devotes the whole of his studies to this class of diseases, the lamentable neglect of which by ordinary medical men, and their futile attempts at cure by Mercury and other equally dan- gerous Medicines, have produced the most alarming results. Sufferers are invited to apply at once to DR. DE R—, who gua- rantees a speedy and perfect Cure of every symptom without hin- drance from business, change of diet, &c., in comparatively few days, or return the money. Country patients wishing to place themselves under treatment will be minute in the detail of their cases and to prevent trouble no letters from strangers will be replied to unless they contain E I in cash, or by Post Office Order payable at the Holborn ofiicc, for which Advice and Medicines will be sent. Patients corresponded with till cured. At home for consultation daily, from ten till one, and four till eight (Sundays excepted). Post-office Orders payable at the Holborn office to Walter de Roos, M.D., 35, Ely-place, Holborn, London. Read Dr. DE RODS'CELEBRATED WORK. H THE MEDICAL ADVISEU, §1 The 64th Thousand of which is just published, containing 144 pages, Z!1 illustrated with numerous beautifully coloured engravings, de- scriptive of the anatomy and physiology of the generative organs of both sexes in health and disease; also chapters on the obligations and philosophy of Marriage diseases of the male and female parts, Of Generation the only safe mode of treatment and cure of all those secret diseases arising from infection and youthful delusive ex- cesses; with plain directions for the removal of every disqualifica- 1 tion—the attainment of health, vigour, &c., with ease, certainty, and safE ty. May be 6btaiiied in a sealed Envelope through most Booksellers, or of the Author, 2s., or (free) by post for 32 postage stamps. [OPINIONS OF TEE PRESS.] Extract from the Medical Gazette and Times.—" Fortunately for our country a remedy for these deplorable complaints is at last found and we hail the'time as not far distant when such diseases f shall be comparatively unheard of; we hope all persons so afflicted will lose no time in availing themselves of Dr. de I.loos' skill." This work is indeed a boon to the public, as it has the two-fold advantage of plainness, and being written by a skilful and duly qualified man, who evidently well understands his subject. "-Daily Times. This is a work of superlative excellence, and one we should re- commend to the perusal of all; in fact it is quite essential to those of either sex who contemplate marriage."—Record. Address-WALTER DE ROOS, M.D., 35, Ely-place, Hoi- t boru Ilill, J i