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THE DRAPERY TRADE. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, in the Town of NARBERTH, Two active, well-educated youths as APPRENTICES. Apply to JAMES WILLIAMS, London and Manchester Warehouse. >?:\rh?rth. Anvil 8, 18-50. CARDIFiF BRICK AND TILE WORKS WATKINS and YACHELL beg to acquaint their Customers i Y that Government having remitted the Duty on BRICKS, they have determined to give the Public the whole advantage of the re- mission of this Tax, and to render their BUILDING BRICKS, which l ave hitherto been charged 28s. per thousand, as low as 22s., and other descriptions of BRICK and TILE at proportionate prices, for which they refer to the quotations subjoined. They take this opportunity of stating that the superior construction of their new premises will enable them to supply Bricks and Tiles equal to any that, can be manufactured. £ s. d. <' £ s. d. I per 1,000 per 1,000 Building Bricks 1 2 0 Pan Tiles 2 10 0 "Best Front do. 1 7 0 j Plain Tiles 5 0 Hollow eLo 1 14 0 ) DRAINING PIPES, £ s. d. £ s. d. per 1,000 per 1,000 1 Inch bore D 11 0 2J Inch bore 1 141 |0 1 i do. 0 13 0 3 do 1 18 0 I .1 do 0 1a 0 4 do 3 0 0 is do 0 19 0 j 5 do 3 15 0 :!J do 1 8 0 6 do .500 Terms.—Three months' credit, or 24 per cent. discount for cash. Offices at the Athenscmn, opposite the Town-hall, Cardiff, April 12, 1850. EMIGRATION TO ^y§||k FROM NEW YORK CARDIFF. TO Sail, on or about the 25th APRIL, 1850, the fine, fast-sailing, coppered, and copper fastened, A 1, British built Ship "FLORA," WILLIAM PETHERBRIDGE, Commander. This splendid Vessel will take but a very limited number of Passengers; therefore, to secure a Berth, an early application will be necessary. s:r- For terms, apply to the Commander on board to R. COltY & SON, Ship Brokers; or to J. N. KNAPP & Co., Ship Brokers, Newport, Mon. Seduction OF FREIGHTS BETWEEN BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. THE PROPRIETORS OF THE STEAM SHIPS Prince of Wales, Star, Desirous of affording every accommodation to the Public of Cardiff, Merthyr, and vicinity, beg to inform them that an Important Reduction Of the Freights charged on Goods conveyed by their Packets from Bristol to Cardiff, will shortly take place, SgH" Schedules in course of printing. BUTE DO cE: ^RTCK COMPANY, r A ill- proprietors of the above BRICK and TILE Manufactory beg i to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff, and the Public generally, that in consequence of the duty being taken off BRICKS, they are now enabled to reduce their prices to the following rates:- £ s. a- ¡ £ s. d per 1,000 Gutter Bricks, 3 inch Good Building Brick. 1 2 0 Bore per dozen 0 2 6 Lest front Bricks and 1 Pantiles per 1,000 2 10 0 Well Bricks 1 7 0 Plaintiles do.. 1 5 0 Hollow Brici-is, 13 by Ridge Tiles per dozen 0 3 0 4A by 3, for Parti- Skylight Tiles do.. 0 3 0 tions, &c. 1 14 0 Flooring Squares do..036 DRAINING PIPES, 12 INCHES LONG. £ s. d. £ a, d per 1,000 per 1,000 1 Inch bore 0 11 0 4 Inch bore 3 0 0 1 i do 0 13 0 5 do 3 15 0 l.j do 0 15 0 S do 0 0 2 do 1 2 0 9 do.. per dozen 0 4 6 2' do 1 14 0 10 do. (octagon) do. 0 10 0 3 do. 1 18 0^ DRAINING TILES, ROUNDS and FLATS, at Reduced Prices. Three months' credit, or n discount for Cash. Orders received at the Manufactory, Eastern side of Bute docks, or of Mr. RICHARD STOWE, MANAGER, 17, Trinity-street, Cardiff. Cardiff, 8th April, 1850. MILLICENT-STREET BRITISH SCHOOL-ROOM, CARDIFF. JOHN STEVENS, M. D., OF BRISTOL, Author of Medical Reform," will deliver a Course of Four Lec- tures upon the NEW AMERICAN Herbal Methods of Curing Disease, IN which he will develop a New Theory and System of Medical Practice. So PLAIN that common sense may clearly under- stand so SAFE that any one may with propriety administer; and so EFFICACIOUS that all ordinary Diseases may be speedily and effectually cured by it. The first Lecture to commencepnTues- dav, April IS, and the Course to be continued on each suc- ceeding Tuesday until finished. First Lecture on Indigestion of the Liver, Spleen,.ec. Third, on Con- sumption, Asthma, Colds, &c.; Fourth, on Scrofula, Scurvy, and Diseases of the Skin. Doors open at hnlf-past 7, for 8 precisely. ADMISSION: Reserved Seats, Gd.; Front Seats, 2d. The whole Couise to be illustrated by an extensive collection of Diagrams of the Human System, and the herbs used in the New Practice, N.B.-Dr. STEVENS may be consulted gratis, at Mrs. Black- lock's, Great Frederick street, Cardiff, on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS, from Ten till Four o'Clock, where all the Books and Medicines may be had at all times. ""rmBSETTRADS J. AND J. GRANT AND CO,, FN returning their sincere thanks to their numerous Customers 1 and Friends in the counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth, and the surrounding districts, for the liberal patronage with which they have been favoured since they commenced business iq Cardiff, beg to announce they lately imported a very large Stock of firstri\ate TIMBER from North America, where they have extensive Esta- blishments for the lust Twenty-one Years. They have a large supply of QUEBEC Yellow and Red Pine—Oak, Elm, and Birch Tim- ber* and Railway Sleepers—Pine and Spruce Deals, and Lathwood. &o. Also, Dalhousie Yellow Pine, of very large size, and reckoned the finest, soundest, and the most durable from North America, and much superior to the best Quebec Yellow Pine. They have also imported from MEMEL a large quantity of Timber, Deals, and Lathwood, &c., &c., all of prime quality and keep on hand Slates an,i Bricks of the best description. J. and J. G. and Co., from being extensively engaged in the Wholesale Trade, are enabled to sell at remarkably low prices, but at the same time assure their numerous Customers and the Public in general, that all the goods imported or sold by them arc of the lost quality. In addition to their Establishment in Cardiff (which is situated between the North end of the Bute Dock and the Old Canal), J. and J. G. and Co. have also opened commodious Branch Yards in Merthyr and Aberdare; and trust by strict attention to business, as well as the interests of the Public, to merit a continu- ance of the favours of their friends, and a fair share of the Public patronage { SOTIC K I MANCHESTER HOUSE, 26, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. D. PHILLIP,S BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Cardiff and the neighbourhood, that he has just returned from the London and Manchester Mar- kets, with a choice Selection of Goods. The STOCK embraces all the novelties of the present seasou, consisting of SHAWLS, in a great variety; PRINTED CASHMERES, DE LAngS, SATINETTS, ORLEANS, Cobourg CLOTHS, PRINTS, PARASOLS. &c. Also a Large Assortment of WOOLLEN GOODS of every description. Men's BEAVER and PARIS HATS, of the newest shapes. Boys' and Men's CLOTH CAPS, very cheap. A very Larse Selection of STRAW and FANCY BONNETS, all the present Fashions. A LARGE STOCK OF FAMILY MOURNING. Business is conducted on the London System-ONE PRICE on Y. WEST-OF-ENGLAND TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 10, SMITH STREET, CROC-KIIERBTOWN, CARDIFF. 7 WILLIAM LEWIS. TAKES this opportunity of,informing his Friends and Patrons that he has just received a Large Assortment of. GOODS suitabl0 for the coming Season, which he will be happy to submit to their inspection. W. L. has also to add, he has engaged a practical Cutter, who, in the Trousers and Waistcoat Department, will defy competition. P.S. All Orders punctually attended to at the Shortest Notice. HIGH CORNER HOUSE, DUKE-SXREETTOAUDIFF. D. W. JONES • BEGS most respectfully to tender his best thanks to his Friends and the Public in general for the kind patronage which has been so liberally bestowed upon him since his commencement in business, and embraces the present opportunity of°announcin» to them that he has just returned from the London and other Markets, where he has.made very extensive purchases of the most new and splendid assortment of Goods f: oceiit designs and expressly for the present season, the whole of which have been purchased for ready money, thereby effecting a considerable saving (being upon all his.paymonts). lie therefore has not the slightest hesitation in asserting that no house in Cardiff' can surpass him in cheapness and quality. WEST OF ENGLAND CLOTHS, DOESKINS, Sp., IN GREAT VARIETY. DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. W.15qmas, HAYINGF just returned from London and other Markets, begs most respectfully to call the attention of the Public generally, who r: are about to purchase their SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, to his new and well-assorted STOCK OF LINEN AND WOOLLEN DBAPEKY, SILK MERCERY, &c„ Which he has taken the greatest care to select for the ensuing seasons, and feels assured that it will be worth the notice of the most economical buyers. An immense lot of lute-string Bonnet Ribbons, in all colours, from 3 Ad. and upwards. Plain and Fancy Cot- tagers, in all colours, from Gd. Printed Delains in all the new styles, from 4d. Fast colour Dresses (full lengths), 28. Gel. each. Shawls in great variety. About 40 dozen of Straw and Fancy Boniiets i from Od. each. 50 dozen of Men's Prime French Hats from 3s. 6d. each. Broad and Narrow Cloths, in every new colour, Fancy Vestings, Cotton Cords, Moleskins, Hosiery, Gloves, Lace, Haberdashery, &c. &c. &c. VISTTES AND MANTLES OF EVEBY DESCRIPTION. Mary Daniels, Mary Evans, and Ann Evans. TF Mary Daniels, who in the year 1828 was the wife of Joshua 1 Daniels, of some place (unknown) in the county of Cardigan,— Mary, daughter of Mr. Evans, then of Poppin's-court, Fleet-street, London,—and Ann, daughter of Mr. Evans, then late of Guildford- street, in the county of Middlesex, or either of them or their legal personal representatives, will apply to Mr. J. G. Langham, of U ckfield, Sussex, solicitor, they may hear of something to their advantage. CAP,,DIF, F ..Steam Navigation Company, ( CAPITAL, £ 10,000; IN 2,000 SHARES OF £ 5 EACH. DEPOSIT, El PER SHARE. PROSPECTUS. FN consequence of the great amount of traffic now carried on be- |_ tween the ports of Cardiff and Bristol, and the probability that the traffic between these ports will mach increase, it has been de- termined to place upon the station two first-class Steamboats of 100 q. n'se power each. A Company is intended to be immediately formed for the pur- pose of carrying into effect the above undertaking, which.will be placed under the management of a body of Directors, to be elected by the Shareholders. It is unnecessary to make any observations upon the advantages that must result to the Public as well as to the Shareholders from the proposed enterprise. The fact that the Port of Cardiff is the only existing outlet for the Maritime Trade of Merthyr Tydfil, Dowlais, Aberdare, Newbridge, and other places with the Port of Bristol (from which there is Railway and other means of transit,to all parts of the Kingdom) and that the accommodation at present afforded for the carrying on of that trade is inadequate, and in other respects objectionable, justifies sanguine expectations being entertained that the projected undertaking will be productive of an ample return to Shareholders, as well as great benefit and conve- nience to the Public. Arrangements will be immediately made for the construction of two new Steamers, of the best possible quality, adapted in every respect for the station and the opinion of the Shareholders will be ascertained as to the propriety of procuring on hire two Steamers to perform the work, until the new Steamers arecoillpleted. When the requisite preliminary arrangements are completed, a further announcement will be made, and a meeting of the Share- holders called for the purpose of deciding upon the steps necessary to be taken for perfecting the management of the Company's affairs. Cardiff, 6th April, 1850. GREAT EXHIBITION OF INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS, 1851. H. R. H. PRINCE ALBERT, K.G., Prcsidont AT a PUBLIC MEETING, held at the GUILDHALL, CARDIFF, the following Resolutions were passed: — CHARLES Y ACllELL, EsQ., MAYOR, in the Chair Resolved—That this Meeting views with feelings of unmixed satisfaction the determination arrived at by her Majesty's Commis- sioners, to reject the very advantageous Contract offered them by Messrs. Mundav, and to let the success of this great undertaking rest solely upon public sympathy and support. Resolved—That this Meeting recognises the urgent necessity of at once communicating the amount of Subscriptions likely to be raised in the town and neighbourhood, in order that the magnitude and character of the Exhibition may be determined upon, as well as the extent of public accommodation, and the charge of admission, all of which will necessarily be regulated by the amount of Subscriptions; and that, therefore, a Subscription be now organised and commenced. Resolved—That C. C. Williams, Esq., be appointed Treasurer, and that Messrs. Towgood and Co., the National Provincial Bank of England, and the South Wales and West of England Banking Company, be requested to receive Subscriptions. (0 The Mayor having left the chair, it was moved and carried una- nimously,— That the best thanks of this Meeting are due to Charles Yachell, Esq., for his kind attendance this day as chairman. SUBSCRIPTION LIST. £ s. d. J £ s, d. The Mayer of Cardiff. 30 0 0 Messrs. Towyood and T. W. Booker, Esq. 25 0 0.. Co.?., 5 0 0 Walter Coffin, Esq. 5 0 0 Mr. John Bird. 1 1 0 Sir George Tyler 2 2 0 Mr. W. Yachell, .Tun.. 110 J. Bruce Pryco, Esq.. 2 2 0 Mr. C. W. I)avi(IL 1 1 0 E.P.Richards, Esq.. 5 0 0 E. Evans, junr., Esq.. 110 Rev. AV. Bruce, rector I A,Miller, Esq 1 1 0 of,St. Nicholas. 100 Mr. W. P. James. 1 0 0 Rev. T. Stacey, rector Mr. W. H. Davies. 11 0 of Gelligaer. 1 1 0 Mr. W. Bird ,11 0 Evan David, Esq. 2 2 0 Mr. Hugh Bird. 110 C. F. Bernard, Esq. 11 0 Messrs. Warren and Batchelor Brothers. 2 2 0 Denroche 110 Mr. Henry Webber 10 0 Mr, John Lloyd, 110 [A CA.RD.] D A V I D LEWIS, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Agent, 0 HCGH-STREET, MFLRTHYR TYDFIL. JUST ARRIVED. A CARGO of PRIME WHITE POTATOES, per GRATI- TUDE," from ROUEN. Also, a small lot of Superior CUP POTATOES, per MARY AND ELIZABETH," from PONT L'ABBI. Apply to G. C. BAYLIS, Cardiff, April 4, 18/50. Wharf. T, MERLONS, MONMOUTHSHIRE. i TO CAPITALISTS. A ilOST desirable opportunity now offers for purchasing a com- pact and valuable Estate at ST. MELLOWS, seven miles from Newport, and five from Cardiff—the two great and increasing ship. ping ports of Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire—and within a very short distance of the South Wales Railway. MR. CORNELIUS EVANS HAS BEEN FAVOURED WITH INSTRUCTIONS TO Sell by Auction, At the WESTGATE HOTEL, NEWPORT, on WEDNESDAY- the 8th'day of MAY, 1850,. at Five for Six o'clock in the afternoon (unless disposed of in the meantime by private contract, of which due notice will be given), all that excellent FREEHOLD MES- SUAGE FARM-HOUSE, with a Barn and other suitable and convenient Outbuildings and Lands, with a capital Orchard and Garden, situate near the beautiful and salubrious villasre of St. Meilons, called PWLL-Y-PLWCA.— containing about 35 acres more or less of Arable and Pasture Lands, all (accepting about 10 acres) in a ring fence, and now let by the year at a very low. im, proving rent. The tea. acres may be sold separate, thus affording an advantage- ous opportunity to parties whose lands adjoin. The House and Outbuildings are substantial aDd commodious, and were built within a few years at a considerable cost. The Farm and Premises are surrounded by lands belonging to Sir Charles Morgan, Col. Tyhte, and Sir Digby Mackworth, and the neighbourhood around is proverbial for its healthfulness, fer- tility, and delightful scenery. Within a short distance also is the river RHYMNU, celebrated for its Salmon, Sewin, and Trout. The premises may be viewed on application to the tenant, Mr. Win. Thomas, at Pwll-y-Plwca, St. Meilons, and for further parti- culars apply to the Auctioneer, at his offices, Great Dock-street, Newport; or to Mr. C. G. BAiyER, Solicitor, Seaton, near Ax minster, IJevon. Newport, April 9th, 1850. DiSCOYEKL TANNER'S DIMES PILLS. A MILD and EFFECTUAL MEDICINE, for Indigestion and Stomach and Liver Complaints. These Pills will be one of the best Medicines ever offered to the Public: harmless and simple, yet thoroughly efficacious in removing Indigestion—known ug by a sense of fulness and pain in the stoziiaciiift, r meals, flatulence, spasmodic affections of the chest, giddiness, inactivity and languor, sense of fulness in the throat (popularly called the rising of the lights), loss of appetite, and sometimes great craving for food, sick- ness after meals, heartburn, drowsiness, sick headache, sour belch- ings, rumbling sensation in the stomach or bowels, restlessness at night, startling and fi-igltful dreams, sometimes great moaning in the sleep, and sense of weight and oppression upon the chest, un- pleasant taste in the mouth in the morning; the tongue frequently covered with a yellowish fur, shooting pains from the stomach to the shoulder blades, pain in the side, yellewness of the eyes and skin, weight over the oyes and back part of the head, loss of me- mory, dizziness and dimness of sight, ringing noise in the ears, and great depression of spirits. They correct the morbid state of the liver and organs subservient to digestion, promote a due secretion of bile, speedily remove habitual costiveness, destroy worms, relieve the constitution of gouty matter and other impurities, and restore the frame to a healthy state. These Pills have been used by the Proprietor in private practice, for the last ten years, with extraordinary success. They are suit- able for the most delicate females, and are well known by hundreds who have derived from their use the greatest benefit. They do not require confinement; moderate exercise will promote their benefi- cial C, ffects; seldom acting on the bowels until several hours after taking them, and then almost imperceptibly; [tsa gentle aperient they will be found to answer admirably. Tanner's Pills are tonic and carminative, promoting a kindly warmth in the stomach and bowels, and give tone and vigour to the whole system. In all cases it cannot be expected that one or two doses will effect a cure they must be steadily persevered in for several days, and then the most successful results will show themselves. Prepared and sold at H. A. TANNER'S CHEMICAL AND DRUG ESTABLISHMENT, KINGS WOOD-HILL, near BRIS- TOL and Manufacturer of the deep orange colour incomparable ANNATTC, or Chee. e Colouring. Price7Jd. per box; family boxes, Is. and 2s. each. Considerable saving in purchasing the Is. or 2s. box. Wholesale, agents for Bristol—Messrs. T. and A. WARREN, Wholesale Druggists, Redcliff-t.reet. Agent for CARDIFF—Mr. G. PHILLIPS, Chemist, Agent for the Alliance and Argus Fire and Life Insurance Offices. Agent for NIIWPOILT-MR. E. J. PHILLIPS, Chemist. Agent for SWANSEA, Mr; W. M. BREWSTER. j TO THE INHABITANTS of BRISTOL and HATH, and the Nooility, Clergy, Gentry, Families in die West f E ;gland, the Midland Counties, ti.mtli Wales, and ;h South of Ireland EYRE AND COMPANY'S TEA* ESTABLISHMENT, 43. WliNE Si'RKEI, BRISTOL. jpIiiS Establishment was opened in May IS for the purpose of supplying the Public wi;h Teas and Coffees (carefully selected the tin ee great markets) of the first Quality, and at the smallest Profit beyond the original cost of importation; we thus renduc-ed the price to consumers about One-fifth, or Twenty per Cent., and at every subsequent decline in the Market we have uniformly made a corresponding reduction in our selling prices. The r, cent fluctuations in value suggest the pro2>riety of our new waiting upon you with a new Pi ice Current. A large assortment of the NEW SKASON'8 TEAS have arrived and wnile many chops exhibit improved culture by the Tea-farmer, combined with superior skill in manipulation and perfect cure of the leaf, yet greater vigilance rlian usual will be required in selection this season, as the cunning Chinese have dressed up the inferior and lower grades of Black and Green to resemble the choice Pekoe and rich Hyson kinds; while some of the true Teas are imperfectly cured and smokcy, technically called" tarry. Fine and medium qualities of Congous have never been a better purchase than at the present time but common and lower kinds of Black Tea are relatively dear. In arranging the following list, which will repay your attention, we have been"particular in recom- mending those goods only that y such»recommendation. BLACK 'j HAS. s. d. Congou kind, not useful Tea., 2s. lOd. to 3 0 Common Congou, mixed leaf 3 2 Good strong full-bodied Congou 3 4 Preferable ditto, Souchong flavour 3 6 Good strong blackish leal Congou, brisk flavour (recom- mended) 3 g Fine wiry-leaf Congou, rich Pekoe flavour 3 10 SUPERFINE CONGOU, handsome wiry-leaf, strong aud rich Pekoe Souchong tlavoll"(recommendcu) 4 0 Try this against anything for which you may have been charged 4s. Sd. FINE LAPSANG and IMPERIAL SOUCHONG, 4s. 6d. to (recommended) 4 8 Assam Souchong, strong rough flavour Tea 4 8 Rich Scented Caper, good to fine", 3s. lOCi. to. 4 0 Plain Caper, in Catty boxes, not"useful Tea. 3 .1 Rich Scented and Choice Orange Pekoe, small wiry leaf, 4*. to 4 S Good plain Orange Pekoe, a pungent Tea, 3s. 4a. to 3 6 We have reserved two chops of Tea. which merit special notice; bé'Í!ig the pick of the new season's import FINE STOUT CONGOU, ex John Bibby-a Tea possessing extra- ordinary strength, ripe Pekoe flavour (recommended).. 4 2 The FIN EST CHO P,e.c Asia, Bristol import, strong and rich ripe Pekoe flavour, combiningsireogth with flavour, in an extraordinary degree, bauds jme wiry leaf (recommcn e. 4 4 GREEN TEAS. s. d. s. d. Common Twankay, bright leaf. 2 10 to 3 0 Superior Twankay, palish leaf 3 4 3 6 GOOD and TRUE HYSON, brightest leaf (lecom- mended) 4 0 4 4 Preferable Hyson, palish leaf 4 8 5 0 Fine Hyson, brightish even leaf frecommended).5 4 6 0 SUPERFINE HYSON, small even curly leaf (recom- mended) 6 g Hyson Young Hyson, rich cowslip flavour, small bright even leaf (recommended). 7 0 Young Hyson, Canton kind 3 0 3 4 Good Young Hyson, brightish leaf, strong 3 8 4 0 Preferable ditto ditto 4 4 4 8 Superfine YOUNG HYSON, rich and strong (recom- mended) 5 0 Finest Oathable, rich delicate flavour, small pale wiry leaf (rec:>iamcnded) 6 0 Impel ial round leaf. Gunpowder kind 3 6 4 0 Superfine Imperial, iieli (,uiipow(icrlfitvour-(r,com- mended), 6 0 GunpowrlerCanton kind, bright leaf, strong 3 8 3 10 Superfine Gunpowder, palish even leaf, strong (iccom- mendedj 4 0 4 4 Fine Gunpowder, rich and full flavour, brightish leaf (recommended) 5 0 5 4 FINEST GUNPOWDER, small pearly leaf, very lich flavour, choice kind (recommended) 6 0 Oolong, Flowery Pekoe, Ning Yong, Padrse, rich scented, and other flavouring and strengthening Teas. To large Families, Hotels; and Establishments of magnitude, we recommend Boxes or Chests of Tea, as ot iyinaily imported. The advantage of the tare and overweight is considerable, amounting es sometimes to three pounds in a full sized chest, and proportionately on smaller packages. Where required, the packages shall be for- h warded direct out of the bonded warehouses, either from London, Liverpool, or this Port. COFFEE. For three or four years past the for Coffee were notoriously unremunerative to the Growers, but having now become a favourite article of wild and reckless speculation, piices have advanced to an unsafe position. At the opening of the year 1849 good ordinary Ceylon Coffee sold freely at 29s. per cwt., but the present market price for the same quality is 63s.—an advance of than 100 per cent! The partial failure of the crops at Java and Brazil, and the great scarcity of Colfee on the Continent prayed by the fact of con- tinued and large exports from hence, notwithstanding the present enormous prices, give great confidence to speculators, who insist that the world's production will be inadequate for the consumption of the year. The estimated stocks of Coffee in Europe exhibit a deficiency of 18,000 tons. We are not amongst those who think the present high rat es will be long maintained. The tendency of high prices is to check con- sumption on one hand, and on the other diey oirer strong temptation to shippers and importers to hurry to market with fresh supplies experience also suggests the propriety of receiring with suspicion the reports of the alleged very great deficiencies of produce and im- ports. With early and unexpected a; rivals, combined with a reluctant and hand-to-mouth" demand for the home trade, we anticipate lower prices. COFFEES. s. d, Common Ceylon Coffee X 0 Good Ceylon Coffee, strong 1 2 Fine Plantation and Costa (recommended) 1 4 FINEST PLANTATION, Mountain growth, rich and mellow flavour Coffee (recommended). 1 6 Superior fiue old Rio and fine Jamaica. 1 7 Good Mocha 1 7 CHOICE RICH OLD MOCHA, picked (recommended).. 1 8 GAUTIOH. The enhanced Price of COFJTEE having already the effect of in- creasing the amount of adulteration, this is the proper time to apply the tests for detecting the adulteration in Ground Coffee, which wo published three months ago. We cannot omit mentioning an important fact to Consumers, that while Common Coffees have advanced so extravagantly, the better a.,trlft2?,3s! kkitfls have only partially partaken of the advance.' Fine Coff es, therefore, being only a few shillings per cwt. higher than common sorts, are relatively by far the cheapest. SPICES, &c. In Spices, as in Teas'and Coffees, our special object has been to ensure quality and for this purpose we purchilse them in bond, which is the only security against the tricks of Spice Jobbers." In fixing the price to each article, we have strictly adhered to cur peculiar plan, of charging only a small per centage on the current I market rates. The following plan for the delivery of Goods having proved so satisfactory to onr distant connexion, we shall continue to adopt it:- All orders for Tea, the value of L 2 we agree to deliver carriage- free if within Fifty Miles of Bristol; if 1;5 or upwards, to any dis- tance witnin One Hundred Miles; and beyond this distance, half tile carnage to any part of the Kingdom will be allowed. This arrangement, and the facility of remitting money by Post-Office Orders, will render this Market a still more desirable medium of I' supply to all large consumers in England, Wales, and Ireland. 1 Kims Cash on delivery of Goods. To muties residing in the Country, if accompanying their Orders with aA respectabL reference in Bristol, a remittance on receipt of the Goods will be equally sa- tisfactory. BATH.—We have made arrangements for the collection of Ordc-rti once a week in this City, and for the delivery of Goods by our own Vans, carriage-free. We shall be happy toreccive instruction'; from F amihes desiring' to be waited upon. Orders collected, and goods delivered by our own Vans, every Monday, in the following districts :—Horfield, Charlton, King- weston, Stoke-Bishop, Eastfield, Henbury, Shirehampt iii, Dunl- ham-DoWi), "Westbury, Hallen, Lamplighters. All Orders ior Bristol, Clifton, and the neighbourhood, given before Four o'clock, will be delivered the same day. Your obedient Servants, EYRE and COMPANY, 43, Wine Street, Bristol. Tea, Coffee, and Spice Merchauia BONDED STORES, CLARE-STREET HALL, January, 1350