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PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION EXECUTED AT TUB OFFICE OF THE "PRINCIPALITY," NORTH STREET, CARDIFF, WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH. Orders from the Country (both in Welsh and English) promptly and. punctually attended to. Advertisements and Orders received for the London and Pro- vincial Newspapers. AN OUT-DOOR APPRENTICE WANTED. PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1848. ■ (11 & 12 Vic. c. 63.) NOTICE. WHEREAS, in pursuance of the Public Health Act, 1848, the General Board of Health have directed THOMAS WEB- STER RAMMELL, Esq., one of the Superintending Inspectors appointed for the purposes of the said Act, to visit the Town of CARDIFF, in the County of Glamorgan, and there to make public inquiry, and examine witnesses with respect to the matters following; that is to say,- The sewerage, drainage, and supply of water. The state of the burial grounds. The number and sanitary condition of the inhabitants. The local Acts of Parliament (if any) for paving, lighting, cleans- ing, watching, regulating, supplying with water, or improving, or having relation to the purposes of the said Act. The natural drainage areas. The existing municipal parochial or other local boundaries. The boundaries which may be most advantageously adopted for the purposes of the said Act. And other matters in respect whereof the General Board of Health is desirous of being informed for the purpose of enabling them to judge of the propriety of reporting to her Majesty or making a provisional order with a view to the application of the said Act, or any part thereof to the said Town. Now, therefore. I, the said THOMAS WEBSTER RAMMELL, do hereby give notice, that on the Fourth day of JULY now next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the TOWN-HALL, I will proceed upon the said inquiry, and that I shall then and there be prepared to hear all persons desirous of being heard before me upon the sub- ject of the said inquiry. Dated this Thirteenth day of June, 1819. THOMAS WEBSTER RAMMELL. TO CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, AT A GREAT BARGAIN, AN excellent DRUG and STATIONERY BUSINESS, situ- ate in a leading thoroughfare in a populous and fast improv- ing Town in Glamorganshire. Capital required, about L200. For further particulars, apply to A. B., PRINCIPALITY Office, Cardiff. To Travellers in the Drapery Trade. A GENERAL Manchester and Silk House in London is open to treat with a Traveller on commission, who is well ac- quainted with the Drapers in North and South Wales. Apply by letter to W. and T, Devas & Co., 24, Lawrence-lane, London. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS, WANTED immediately a YOUNG MAN, who has a tho- rough knowledge of the business, and can give satisfactory references. Apply to J. E. Price, Draper, Merthyr. PEMBROKESHIRE AND CARMARTHENSHIRE, VERY VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT FREEHOLD ESTATES, COMPRISING FAMILY RESIDENCE, SEVERAL VALUABLE FARMS, &e. MR. GEORGE GOODE Is favoured with instructions to submit for SALE by AUCTION, at the RUTZEN ARMS INN, in the town of NARBEUTH, OJI THURS- DAY, the 12th of JULY, 1849, rilHE under-mentioned important and valuable FREEHOLD JL ESTATES, which will be sold in Lots, as follows;- PEMBROKESHIRE AND CARMARTHENSHIRE. Parish of Llandyssilio. LOT I. THE BRYN A YRON ESTATE.—A most desirable Property, with capital Residence, extensive and well-arranged Farm Build- ings, together .with 109 A. ZIt. 5r. of very rich and productive Mea- dow, Arable, and Pasture Lands, situate in a highly picturesque country, within the convenient distance of 5 Miles of the Market and Post Town of Narberth, and izitersected by the road leading from that place to Cardigan and other leading thoroughfares. This very admirable Estate (which is only a short distance of the river Tave, so celebrated for its Trout and Salmon Fishing), is now in the occupation of the Rev. E. Thomas, and held by him under a Lease granted in the year 1836, for the term of Twenty-one years, at the low annual Rent of JL92. The Tithe Rent-Charge and Parochial Rates arc exceedingly moderate. LOT II. PEMBROKESHIRE, Monaclogddu Parish, The desirable FREEHOLD FARM, with good House and Farm Buildings, called DYFFRYN FULBRO, otherwise DYF- FRIN FILBRO, now in the occupation of Mr. Stephen Davies, as Tenant-at-will, containing by admeasurement 72A. 2R. 20P. of g)od Meadow, Arable, and Pasture Land. Tithe Rent-Charge £1 16s, LOT III. All those several Tenements called RATSHOLE WEN, and I'YNON WEN, together with the Fields called PARK-YET, PARK-CANOL, and PARK-YRYNNIS, now in the several oc- cupations of Paul Phillips, Daniel Owen, and Stephen Davies, as follows :— A. It. P, Ratshole Wen, Paul Phillips 15 0 30 Fynnou Wen, Daniel Owen, Tentuit-ut-wili., 31 2 2 Thme Fields, Stephen Davies, Tenant-at-will 22 1 8 69 0 0 N.B.—The Tenant of Ratshole Wen claims a promise of a Lease for his own Life, aged 60. Tithe Rent-charge on those several holdings, 14s. 5d. LOT IV. All that desirable Farm, called PANTYRIG, together with the Tenement of W A UNFACH, now in the several occupations of Mr. Daniel Davies, and Mr. John Phillips, containing together 62A. On. 6r. of capital Lands, divided as follows:— A. IL. r. E s. d. Pantyrig, otherwise Pantyrhig, Daniel Davies, Tenant-at-will 58 2 6 50 0 0 Waunfach, John Phillips 3 2 0 3 10 0 Total 62 0 6 53 10 0 N.B.—John Phillips claims promise of a Lease for Two Lives, himself, aged 60, and David Phillips, aged 26. Tithe Rent-charge on both holdings, El 6s. Od. The valuable and extensive right of pasturage on the Common Lands in the parish of Monachlogddu, renders property in that parish very valuable. The Rent-charge in lieu of Tithes is unusually low, the Poor and other Rates are moderate. Particulars, with Lithographic Plans, are now preparing, and wi.i be ready for delivery on or before the 20th of June, to be ob- tained by application at the Offices of Messrs. Evans, Powell, and Co., Solicitors, Haverfordwest, and at the Offices of Alr. George Go. de, Land Agent and Auctioneer, Guildhall-square, Carmarthen. The different Tena-its will show the Estates. FURNIT'URE EMPORIUM, HILL-STREET, NEWPORT. JONES and TAYLOR beg to acquaint the public that they have taken to the above Business, formerly carried on by the late Mr. SAMUEL JONES, and recently by his Widow, Mrs. MARY JONES; and in soliciting the patronage of their extensive connexion, and others, they assure them that no exertion will be wanting on their part, to uphold the well-known character the above Establishment has maintained during a period of upwards of 33 years, by the manufacturing of articles of the best description, in the most modern design, and of best workmanship and finish which, they trust, cannot fail to secure (as to their predecessor) an unusual share of public patronage. Among the present stock in their show and ware-rooms, will be found a great variety of splendid sideboards, cheffioneers, extensible and other dining tables, loo and card ditto, in rosewood and mahogany, sofas, couches, lounge, and other chairs, in rosewood, mahogany, and other woods, bedsteads, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing and chimney glasses, dressing and wash tables, mahogany and and painted, with chairs to match, and every article of furniture required for the most complete furnishing. Floor and oil-cloths, mattings, carpctings, and hearth rugs, always on hand. Every article of furniture made on the premises, of well-seasoned materials. MARY JONES avails herself of the present opportunity of returning her most sinccre and thankful acknowledgments, for the very liberal patronage conferred upon herself and her late husband, Samuel Jones anil in now retiring from the business, in favour of her son, and Mr. Taylor, of Cheltenham, she trusts the like kind support of her friends and the public will be extended to them. Hill-street, Newport, June, 1849. CLIFTON HOTWEILS. FAMILIES and GENTLEMEN visiting this NEIGHBOURHOOD, or PASSING THROUGH by the Great Western Railway, will find the YORK HOTEL, DOWRY SQUARE, near the STEAM PACKET LANDING PLACE, a very comfortable quiet House, combined with moderate charges, &c. Omnibuses to and from the Great Western, Exeter, and Birmingham Railways. Good Stabling. Lock-up Coach Houses. Private Flys' Britzskas, &c. N.B.—No charge made for Private Sitting-rooms. „ +1 M. K V V ♦ • WILLIAM ST00KE, Proprietor. F amines would greatly oblige by sending a line per post previous to their arrival. PAPER HANGING. 1 A. BEVAN, PAINTER, PAPER HANGER, &c., PATENT PLATE AND CROWN GLASS WAREHOUSE, VNo. 5, CASTLE-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to announce to the Gentry, Clergy, Tradesmen, and other Inhabitants of this Town and its Neighbourhood, that he has iust received SEVERAL THOUSAND PIECES of PAPER, of the NEWEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE DESIGNS, from the London and Birmingham Houses; and that he has made his purchases upon such terms as enable him to supply the Public at very Reduced Prices. Patterns forwarded on Application. Experienced Workmen sent to any Distance. Cardiff, April 18th, 1849. J. J. PURCHASE, SEN & COMPANY, AUCTIONEERS, ACCOUNTANTS, BROKERS, COMMISSION, GENERAL, AND ESTATE AGENTS, Castle-street, Castle-gate, CARDIFF, and George-street House, BATH. J J. PURCHASE, SEN., & CO., most respectfully and urgently direct public attention to their system of business guaranteeing implicit confidence, punctuality, and despatch in all transactions of the various branches committed to their charge, studiously persevering to deservedly merit the honour of a large share of patronage. A personal acquaintance with importers of commerce throughout the United Kingdom, places them in a position to effect business on most advantageous and economical terms. 24, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, Hi GRANT I) EGS most respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public that he is now SELLING OFF the whole of his well-selected Stock of Watches, Clocks, Husical Boxes, Jewellery of every Description, Plate and Plated Wares, anc} Lo? Cargo Books, together with a large assortment of CABINET and IANCY GOODS, TABLE and lAIsCY CUTLliiR^, PERf'CMERY, &C., &c. The whole of which he is disposing of at a very great reduction. 1 ° P.S.-H. G. t-cikes the present opportunity to return his grateful acknowledgments to his numerous Friends and Supporters for all past favours and assures them it shall be his constant study to merit their future patronage. All work in the above business executed on the premises at the shortest notice at very moderate prices. May 31, 1849. QUALITY THE TRUE TEST OF CHEAPNESS. THE OLD-ESTABLISHED TEA AND GROCERY WAREHOUSE, A& No. 15, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. (LATE SILAS PHILLIPS.) TEAS. s. d. Excellent Black Tea, strongly recommended 4 0 Rich Pekoe Flavour, and very strong. 4 8 The very Best 5 0 Fine Green 4 0 Young Hyson 5 0 Pearl Gunpowder 6 0 The Finest 7 0 COFFEES. s. d. Good Useful Coffee 1 0 Fine Plantation, an excellent article 1 4 Rich Mountain, Mellow Flavour 1 8 Ileal Old Ioeha 2 0 T IVY'S COCOAS and CHOCOLATES, Fancy and Plain. BUTTER; Gloucester, Cheddar, and American CHEESE; mild Wiltshire BACON HAMS, TONGUES, PICKLES, SAUCES, &c., .all of the very best quality, and at extremely low prices. RICHARD CALDICOTT, Proprietor. MONMOUTHSHIRE. SALE OF FIIEEI-IOLD AND COPYIIOLD ESTATES. ALUABLE FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATES, in the parishes of Mamliilad, Goitre, Llansaintfracd, Llanfihangel, > nigh Usk, Llanthewy llytherch, Llanellan, and Trevethin, 0 To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. William Davis, At the C11 OWN INN, PONTYPOOL, Oil SATURDAY, 30th JUNE, ] tions of sale to be then and there produced, and in the following, or Lot I.-A valuable freehold farm, called Pantyscawn, situate in the parish of Mamliilad, midway between the market towns of Abergavenny and Pontypool, consisting of a substantial stone-built farm house, with barn, stable, and other farm buildings attached, and about 5811.. Or. 3-fp. of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, in the occupation of Mr. William Moseley, as yearly tenant, at the low rent of 50. N.B.—A valuable vein of paving and wall-stones, much in re- quest of late years in the neighbourhood, is now opened upon this lot, which is let at £ 10 per annum and any quantity of lime may be obtained at the kiln jclose at hand, on payment of a small acknowledgment to the lord of the manor. Lot 2. A desirable freehold farm, called Penystairs, adjoining lot 1, and situate in the parishes of Goitry and Mamliilad com- prising a substantial stone-built farm house, with barn, stable, and outbuildings attached, and about 40a. 2r. lOp. of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood laud, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Jones, as yearly tenant, at the low rent of £ 37. N'.B.~Th,e.1;? is an extensive right of sheep walk upon the ad- joining hills, appendant to the foregoing lots which has hitherto been a source of considerable advantage to the tenants. Lot 3.—A very desirable freehold farm b called Llanynant, situate in the parishes of Llansaintfraed, Llanvihan«-el, juxta Usk, and Llanthewy llytherch; comprising a stone-buiFt farm house, with barn, stable, and slieds attached, and about 36a. Or. 27p. of arable, meadow, and pasture land, now in tile occupation of Mrs. Ann Jones, as yearly tenant, at £ 40. Lot 4.—A compact freehold farm, called Skibbor ON-l'O, ill the occupation of Mr. Walter Harris, as yearly tenant, at .£4:.°, situate in the parish of Llanellan, on the upper side of, and within a short distance from the Brecon and Abergavenny canal; consisting of an excellent stone-built house, with barn and other outbuildings detached, and about 19a. lr. lp. of rich arable and pasture laud, in a ring fence. Lot.5.—A substantially built malthouse (capable of wetting 100 imperial bushels of malt at one time), lately occupied hy Messrs. Middleton and Co., and now 011 hand, with malt.>ti-r's dwelling house and garden adjoining, and a close of rich meadow land, con- taining about la. 2r. lop. in front, wit 11 barn and stables thereon, situate in the parish of Trevethin, within a quaiter of a mile of the town of Pontypool, and near to the iron-works of C. H. Leigh, Esq., partly occupied by Mr. David Lewis, butcher. Lot 6.—A close of rich pasture land, adjoining lot 0, on the lower side of, and within a short distance from, the canal, and Mr. Leigh's 49, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, subject to condi- such other lots, as shall be determined on at the place of sale;- forge and rolling mills; containing about Ia. 2r. lop., now in the occupation of the said David Lewis. Lot 7.—The White Hart Inn, well situated in the centre of the village of Abersychan, having spacious club rooms, and every con- venience for carrying on an extensive business as a commercial house; together with brewhouse, stables, and other outbuildings attached now and for many years past in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Harris, being in the immediate neighbourhood of the British, Pentwyn, Yarteg, and Golynos iron works, and within a short distance of the terminus of the Newport and Pontvpool Rail- way. Lot S.-The market-house, adjoining and communicating with lot 7, being the only one in the immediate vicinity of the before- mentioned iron works, now in lease to John Griffiths, Esq. Lot 9.—Two cottages, opposite the last-named lot, in the oc- cupation of Mr. Samuel Weare and Mrs. Lane, with that valuable frontage ground in the centre of the village of Abersychan, and on the side of the Canal Company's tramroad. Lot IO.-TNi-o very desirable parcels of building ground at the back of the last-named lot, and having frontages to the roads lead- ing from Abersychan to the British, Pentwyn, and Golynos iron works. Lot 11. Glansychan House, with garden and lawn in front, and good coach house, stables, and pigsties, together with an enclo- sure of rich pasture land at the back, containing altogether about 4a. 2r., now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Peai-ce, surgeon. • close of land, partly meadow and partly arable, ad- joining luts 11 and 13, and containing about 2a. 2r. 37p. Lot 13.—Another close of strong arable land adjoining the last- named lot, andcontainillg about la. lr. 3p. Lot 11.- Another close of pasture land abutting on the upper end of-•Glansychan premises, containing about la. 2r. Lot lo. A parcel of rough ground, formerly underwood, sepa- rated from lot 14 by the Monmouthshire Canal Company's tram- rond, containing about 2a. lr. 15p., having a very valuable quarry of building stone now opened thereon, and being, from its situa- tion, well adapted for building purposei. N .B.-The foregoing lots, from 4 to 15 inclusive, are copvhold of the manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn, wherein the fine is fixed at one year's rent. The respective tenants will show the lots, and further particulars may be had on application to Mr. WILLIAM MORGAN, Solicitor, Abergavenny; or to Mr. WILLIAM DAVIS, Laud Agent. Usk. WAUNTREODA FLORICULTURAL SHOW. THE PUBLIC are most respectfully informed that tie WAUNTREODA FLORAL and HORTICULTURAL SHOW, in consequence of the unfavourable state of the weather. has been postponed, and will be held on Tuesday, the 19th inst WILLIAM LEWIS, Hon. Sec. Wauntreoda, June 8, 1849. THEATRE-MESMERISM. E, SSRS. DAVEY and JACKSON, whose Mesmeric Lectures and Demonstrations have been so favourably received hi most of the principal towns on both sides of the Bristol Channel, and whose uninterrupted success during the last few months at Swansea, Merthyr, and their respective neighbourhoods, has been the subject of almost weekly notices in nearly all the respectable journals of South Wales, beg to inform the nobility, gentry, and inhabitants generally of Cardiff and its vicinity, that they purpose delivering the two concluding Lectures of their first course on Mon- day and Tuesday next, June 18th and 19th, 1849. For syllabus of lectures, experiments, price and time of admis- sion, &c., see hand-bills. WELL WORTHY OF NOTICE. To Tea Dealers, Grocers, and Others. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, AN OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS in the above line, doing a good ready-money trade, situated in Angel-street, Cardiff. The Stock and Fixtures to be taken at Valuation. Apply to Mr. Llewellyn, on the Premises. KEWTON, KEAli BRIDGEND. To be Let, A COMMODIOUS and WELL FURNISHED HOUSE, suitable for a genteel family, at the healthy and pleasant bathing-place of Newton, near Bridgend. Apply to Mr. BUKNELL. SUFFOLK ROAD DISTRIBUTION, SHEFFIELD. MR. BRIDGES begs to inform his Friends and the Public 1,1 that above OXE THOUSAND SHARES have been sold within the last six days; and in order to give the public an opportunity of taking the remaining Shares, he has postponed the final Distribu- tion of the Valuable Property from Juna 4th, 1849, to Thursday. July. 5th, 1849, but no further delay can be possibly allowed." Post-ofiice Orders, one guinea value and upwards, may be made payable to, and prospectuses had of any of the following parties (if by post with stamps enclosed): Mr. HENRY BRIDGES, Proprietor, 63, Suffolk-road, Sheffield: Mr. GEORGE DAWSON, Music Saloon, Norfolk-street, Sheffield; Mr. JOHN BRIDGEFORD, Printer, „41.rTTT,_ Mulberry-street, Sheffield; Mr. SAMUEL THOMPSON, Confectioner, ,f „r., 0,rTrT, High-street, Sheffield; or to Mr. M. SMITH, Agent, 4, Corporation-street, Market-street, Manchester. June 1st, 1849. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. 1—. rPHE following steam vessels are intended to JL sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to aiJd from Cork, Hose, or Juvcrna and Sabrinu Waterfowl, Victory and Rose, or Tor ridge'; Tenby, Osprey (Tuesdays) and Phauix Mil- ford, Pater, and Haverfordwest, Osprey; Car- marthen, Phwnix; Swansea, County and Beresford; Newport, Swift and Usk; Cardiff, Star and Prince of Wales, as under-men- tioned, during JUNE, 1849 :— FROM BRISTOL TO JUNE. "I & "5 5 | § '-p 5. 0 £ B & 6 z v t-1 i; v: Co) c: 8 1' rid ay 1 pm' 2 pin 2 pm 2.J am |2.i pm 2 ora Saturday. 2 3 pmj 4 am 'M pm 3 pr.i "• "• ••• i4l l,m 5 a:a iuesttay u 5 pm 54 am 54 anl am 54 pin 51 a 5 n \\echicsday C 5 jm 6 am 6 am! 6 am 6 pm 6 a fi'u lhursday. T: 7 am" 6* am 6A a G p 8 7 am ••• 7 am j6* am 7"a 6A p Saturday a 7i am -,h am Si am l7{ am 7.J am Monday. ii SJ am Si am Juesday .12 9 am 9 am 9 am! !9.l am 9 am 9 a<a Wednesday 13 10 am jlO am |I0am! 0ain 10 am 10 am Wednesday 13 10 am jlO am j i)() {lIU,O UIr. ¡IO aIll 10 am lhursday. 14 Ill am '11 am H am triday 15 12 noon 1 pnl 112 noon 12 noon Saturday i pm |Jpm pm l Monday .IS 3 pm! ;3'. pm 3 pm Tuesday .19' 4 pm 4 pm 4 pmj J4A am ;4.{ pm 34 en Wednesday2oI 4 pm 5 am pm ju'a P Thursday.21 6 am 6 am1 7 am 6 pm i6i a 6 •• Friday 2'2| 1 am 7 ;im ,33 a:n i;\i C- p. Saturday .23j "i am ;sj am '7), am S am Monday .2.) 9 pmj 9 am .9 um Tuesday .20 10 am 10 am 10 am' ;10 am 9| am 10 am \Vednesday27 11 am 103 ami UU am Thursday.2S 1 am ,ll.f am! m am Friday 29 12J pm|12noon 112 no.! 1 am il2? pm 12'"m>i Saturday .30 IJ pm 2 am pmi { FOR BRISTOL FROM .§ <2« "5 Jj t « | JUNE. _g „ | | E Friday 1 3 pm 2 pm 10 pm! 3 am 121 pm 1 Saturday. 2 4J am 4.3 A;N Monday 4 G.J am 4 am am 3 Tuesday 5 4 pm 7 .,m 6 Wednesday C f-j P TliU'sday. 7 S am 151 am ani J)ln 3"'1 £ Friday S S am 7 am oi -•» J" ?.a 3 P Saturday.y 9_am 2J_on,| 53 aV^a:^ 10"am {J| z J™: Wednesday 13 s3 c'i '• Thursday. 14 111"^ 9j Friday 15 2 pm Ij pmll am 8 pm;ll am 12} pra loj am 101'am Saturday. 10 2jvm 2"am 11.5 am lljam Monday' .IS n i-pK* ig: Timrsdav.2I Pro » |P &• 8' T"ira G"aM •_ oj am o an. b am oj am CI am Monday .2.5' Th-aivrl-iv "<>ol •" iu am 83 am 9 am l'vidiv' 5ol c'" 12noon 10 am lo am Safurday 30' qi'" 12110011 8 pm L™ am 11 huauaaj. 30j 2J am 21 am II3 ;.m 12nocn tSjy, The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- ance of passengers and -Feiii ale stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages *0 be shipped two hours before sailing. b Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all eoods packages, parcels, &c., should be addressed:—For Swansea and Cardiff, to Vv. 13, Owen, Bull Wharf, Redcliff-street and Clare- street Hall, Marsn-street; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; and for Newport, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. AGENTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby Mr. J. Rees, Haver- fordwest; Mr. Palmer, Milford I\Ir. Bowen, Pater Mr. John N. Smart and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. W. R, Harvey and Mr. A. Hmgston Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe; Mr. Thomas TiUcrj Lynton; Mr. Robert Stacey, Carmarthen; and Mr. IIt Jones, Newport.