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Circulation—TMrty-five Thousand! THE FAMILY FRIEND, A MONTHLY PERIODICAL, UNRIVALLED IN CHEAPNESS, INTEREST, ANT) USEFULNESS, Price Twopence, Thirty-tico Pages, beautifully printed, and stitched in a wrapper, in neat Magazine form. 8 soon as the FAMILY FRIEND appeared, it was recognised r s .oiuething new iu literature. Its superiority to the great cheap publications became at once apparent} and hence, 0 the Fourth Number was issued, the circulation rose to THOUSAND, and is still rapidly increasing. Upwards o. hundred newspapers reviewed the work in most favourable terms, all concurring in the opinion, that it is a publication which its icati to every Family in the kingdom." matter comprises Essays, Tales, Poems, Sketches, Papers on cC. &c. Light and cheerful in ics literature, it is nevertheless yeculiarlv instructive, and of a high moral tone. But its cuiet ais- t.s2u'shinst features are these—that it contains suojeets ot interest for evn-y member of the family, from the grandfather to the cmld a ad that it blends with entertaining matter mucii valuable prac- tical instruction upon Household and General DJmestic Aimirs. "liverv number contains a tale, an article upon practical science, an historical or scientific paper, addressed to young people, by '()I' scielltihc '• V unt Mary," or by Grandfather Whitehead," a mass of useful re.XH,)ts and proscription, (this department being edited by a or THE MEDICAL FKOFESSION) Original Illustrated Designs iu Fancy Needlework (by the celebrated MRS. WARREN) Instruction and"Advice for the Gardener, Housewite, Naturalist, &c Various humorous matters, such a3 Anagrams, Arithmetical other Problems, Enigmas, Conundrums, Rebuses, Practical Purples, Chess Problems, &c. &c., for family pastime. Already the Work has supplied valuable matter upon pleasing ■pursuits-—such as the Culture of i lowers, the Preservation of Fevers in Winter, the Preservation of Birds, Eggs, Insects, Shells, Mosses & and an interesting series of papers upon the Preservation of Sea Weeds" is' now going on. Thus it con- tributes to make Winter Fire-side Evenings, and Summer au- dHfings, alike agreeable and instructive. The Work commenced January 1, 18^9, and a number nas ap- peared every succceding month up to the present. Subscribers are strongly advised to order the whole of the h=> numbers at once (Price 2d. each), that there may be no d tHculty in procuring them hereafter. London: Published bv lIoultOl). and Stoneman, 60, Paternoster- v«w- Sold bv Herbert Jones, Brewster, Ivey and Pearse, Morris a::d'Jenkins,"Swansea; Hibbert, and Thomas Neath; Kecs, and Brown Llancllv White, Merthyr; Bird, Webber, and Owen and Roberts, Cardiff; and by all booksellers m the Kingdom. WASHIHG-DAY NUISANCES I HE effectually abolished by following HAltPEll TWELYE- f\ TIIEE3' celebrated WASHING DIRECTIONS, which to.Vch how to accomplish a Family Weeks' V/ ash before breah- fx7t, for less than Sixpence, without a Washerwoman, making Washing Days—the dread of married men—as quiet as other days. Only two articles are required, costing about 2jd., which are war- ranted not to injure the fabric. The Mothers Magazine for February, 1849, page 91, says, A e have great pleasure'in testifying to the correctness of the advertise- ment respecting 'Mr. Twelvetrees A ashing Directions,' as we confess we were agreeably surprised at the result of the piocess. Ti e linen was rendered beautifully white in its colour—and as 110 robbing was required at 'the tub,' the washing which formerly <K»-uoied twelve hours was over before breakfast. All who desire to be comfortable on Washing Days should lose no time in sending to Mr. 'iwolvetrees for the plan. The Pamphlet may be had of every Bookseller for 2s. 6d., or of HvKi'.I'it TWELVETREES, Publisher, li, Now Millman-strcet, Foundling, London, for 31 stamps and a directed envelope. None arc aniline without the Gold Cover and Proprietor's name. See all the leading journals in the Kingdom for testimonials. Agents wanted in every town in Wales. AGENT FOR CARDIFF.—Mr. E. JONES, High-street. DIOCESE OF ST. DAVID'S. CONFIRMATION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rnilAT the LORD BISHOP of ST. DAVID'S, intends to hold I a. CONFIRMATION at the following times and places, viz :— Monday June -1th at Mydrim, at 11 O'Clock. Ditto at Trelech-ar-Bettws, at 3. Tuesday 5th at Llanarthney, at 2. Wednesday 6th at Carmarthen, at 11. Thursday 7th at Lhiadiio, at 2. Friday 8th at Llangadock, at half-past 10. Ditto at Llandovery, at 3. Saturday 9th at Brecon, at 2. Monday 11th at Crickliowell, at 2. Tuesday 12tli at Michael Church Eskley, at half-past 2. Wednesday 13th at at 2. 14th at ijuiitll, at 11. Ditto. at Rhayader, at 3. Friday 15th at Llanbadarn-fawr, at 11. Saturday" Kith at Kerry, at half-past 11. Monday 18th at Aberystwyth, at 11. Tuesday 19th at Aborayron, at 11. Wednesday 20th at Llanddewi-Brefi, at 2. Thursday 21st at Lampeter, at 11. Friday 22nd at Llandyssil, at 2. Monday 2oth at JAIDWELL} at 2. T uesdav 26th at Lianell} at 11. Wednesday 27th at Ystradfelty, at 2. Thursday 28th at Ystradgynlais, at 2. Friday 29th at Llanrhidian, at 2. Saturday' 30th at Swansea, at half-past 11. Monday* July 2nd at Lar.gharne, at 2. Tuesday 3rd at Tenby, at 11. Ditto „ at Pembroke, at 3. Wednesday 4tli at Castlemartin, at 2. Thursday 5th at Milford, at 11. Friday 6th at Haverfordwest, at half-past 11. Saturday 7th at Narberth, at half-past 11. Monday* 9th at Ncweastle-Emlyu, at 2. Tuesday'' 10th at Cardigan, at 2. Wednesday 11th at Newport, at 2. Thursday 12th at Fishguard, at 2. Friday 13th at St. David's, at 2. By desire of the Bishop, VALENTINE DAVIES, N. P., Dy. Registrar. llciiistiv, Carmarthen. 19th April. IS 19.. DENTAL SUliGEIlY. I'OU itT liEN'lTI YEAH Of ATTENDANCE. ATTENDANCE AT CARDIFF ON THURSDAYS. Mr. L. Mosely, Surgeon Dentist, of 30, Berners- street, Oxford-street, London, [ | AS the honour to announce to his Patients, the Nobility, j 1 Gentry, Clergy, and the residents generally of Cardin and \icinity, that he is now making his usual periodical visit to the Principality, and that he may be consulted on all relating to Ins profession, at his private apartments, the Cardiff Arms. Attend- ance from one to ii Mr. L. M. woidd wish most particularly to call attention to nis peculiar and economical method of Fixing Artificial leeth, whereby a great saving is effected. They are fixed from one to a complete sef; they never change colour, and assimilate so closely to the teeth remaining iu the head, as to defy detection. Ihey arc gua- ranteed to ausvvcr every purpose of mastication and articulation, ami are fixed without extracting the stumps, and are worn upon the most tender gums with ease and eomiort. Mr. L. M ■ would wi.ii most particularly to call the attention of the clergy, and public sneakers generally, to* this his own peculiar and economical method of fixing teeth, as he can promise a fail and perfect restoration ot the voice, and complete pronunciation. Natural and artificial teeth fixed, from one to a complete set, at wi-ices to suit all parties.. •„», Decayed Teeth restored (farst removing the cause of decy, run- out which no stopping will answer) with a perfect ami wmte com- position, which will always retain its colour, ana enureiy supersed- ing the necessity of extraction. Sealing, Extracting, and every operation pertaining to cfentai 'Children's teeth regulated. Constant attendance at town residence, No. 30, Lerncrs-su'eet, Oxfoid-street, where patients can always be attended, and letters addressed will meet with immediate attention. Cardiff, May_23,_18i9. Postponed from May 19th, to Juno 2nd. LLAXCAKVAX. FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Mark Marks, ON- S ATURDAY (to morrow), JUNE 2xn, 18W, at Two o'clock "in the afternoon, at the CROSS KEYS, CARDIl'l' (subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced), 1 LL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- Jfc 1IOUSE with Stable, Garden, and Orc.iard attached ami also all that piece or parcel of PRIME LAND adjoining, con- taining together, by estimation, nearly sixteen acres situate 111 t Village of Moulton, in the parish of Llancarvan, m tne County G:;rnor?an, and late in the occupation of Mr. llliam JenKins, the Proprietor, unless previously disposed of by private contract, Oil application to Mr. G. S fSritAWSON, Surveyor, Cardiff The Orchard is walled round, and well stocked with fruit-trees. The land-tax on three acres adjoining the houso, and.indu-tang it, the Garden, aud Orchard, is redeemed.













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